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Default Re: Chevrolet India : The Way Forward

The three cars we currently have are all new purchased, but in yesteryears I have gone through many second hand cars including Tata estate and Esteem. My father has also purchased quiet a few second hand cars.
Till date we have also used our cars till very high mileage yet maintained them very well till the end, 1.9 Lakh Km in one Innova, 1.67 lakh km in second Innova, and 3.25 lakh km in Indica
No use of X-Trail as seating is not high , enough and I dont trust Nissan service.
My requirement is High seating, Automatic transmission, and UK pattern control stalks.
I am facing back and neck problem due to posture in my Polo, and need a quick change. Ecosport being petrol is not affordable for my daily use, so options are limited.
Once a proper option is found Polo will be used by my sales staff.
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I don't think just launching new or Indianized cars at aggressive prices is the solution for Chevrolet here. Neither is simply bringing in their 'Phoren' products as is, because first, they specialize in pickups, and huge gas-guzzling SUV's, which are a no-go here, and second, though their portfolio would look strong with international names on sale, they would be expensive and people would still keep buying Marutis and Mahindras over them just because they would appear better deals.

And they did have some really good international level cars on sale here. The Captiva, Cruze, Beat, etc were all world class cars. What happened to them? They all tanked eventually. I bet the Chevy think tank wouldn't have dreamt these would do so badly.
The Captiva was a real CR-V killer (if the CR-V hadn't chose to commit suicide) with a diesel, monocoque platform unlike Endeavors and Fortuners, and seven seats. But it sold just around fifty units last year! That's half the sales of even the Renault Koleos!
The Beat had the funky styling, features and even a frugal diesel. Yet it doesn't do a fourth the numbers of a WagonR, because it's underpowered and not the most spacious. While no car in it's segment really is.
The Cruze was a proper stonker. But a D-Segment sedan here is expected to be both 'luxurious' and 'premium'. The Cruze was neither. The (89 BHP) Corolla and Laura made it struggle.
Were any of them really bad? No, they weren't. But they still failed to make any mark.

Problem is, none of these cars really stood to show India what Chevrolet meant. It was always the wrong cars that Chevrolet stood for. Not that people here think badly of GM as they do of Tata. Thing is, people hardly think of it at all!! Chevrolet here is too closely associated with the Tavera, and earlier with cars like Optra and the Spark. And they all are pretty obsolete in the current market scenario. Now that's not a relation someone would be really fond of. All their sub-brands like Opel and Daewoo shut shop long ago. And none of their recent cars are pioneers in any segment. So there was hardly anything to associate Chevrolet as a company with. And they hardly tried to change things. They did have the advertisements, but they were mostly ordinary, only having money and mileage figures on top, failing to attract the eye of the people. Otherwise, with a good brand presence, even slightly average products would have managed to pass off, if they were not really bad in any one department.

If they would have gone the Volkswagen or Mahindra way with marketing in India (who both took serious efforts to ensure they would be firmly related with 'premium' and 'rugged' respectively), they would have at least been on people's minds always, rather than being in a somewhat irrelevant position, in which they are now. So much so that someone out for a new car almost never thinks 'Chevrolet' among his top choices. Staying relevant would have made a comeback far easier. One breakthrough car, and they'd have been back in talks, like what happened with Renault. Now, they need to be very careful they shouldn't be associated with the wrong kind of cars.

GTO was right in pointing that they are in a similar position as Tata. But the path to recovery for them is even harder than Tata. Tata still is a well-received brand, one that our people can connect to. They also understand the Indian consumer much better than GM appear to. Just one or two great cars, and they'd be off to a start.
GM on the other hand, first need to get noticed, form a unique identity for Chevrolet, tap the right segments (eg, fighting with MS and Hyundai in the low end segment would be fruitless, there simply isn't any room for GM over there), get the right cars in, market them well, and only then hope for a chance.

First thing that they need to do for it is to rebrand the Tavera as an Isuzu or something for the taxi market (Which actually also gives them an opportunity to de-spec it and make more money out of it). It's the volume product in their stable, and they can't afford to stop producing it, but the Chevrolet brand simply cannot take any further beating due to such an outdated car with such a prominent presence in the taxi segment. In fact I'd day it's the Tavera that hurt Chevy more here than the Enjoy. 'Chevrolet' should only focus modern passenger cars from here on. As for the Tavera, it would sell in the taxi market - with any badge, or no badge as well. In the private car market it never sold much anyway. So won't matter.

Similarly the futures of the Sail twins should seriously be reconsidered. And contrary to what people say, I personally think they didn't fail because they were Chinese. The average Joe won't know they are. They failed because they were simply too bland and unexciting, and didn't excel in any particular way. Comprehensive facelifts is the best option for them currently, as completely shelving them off would mean also mean no presence in an important segment. If the Sail sedan in particular manages to be more exciting, have better insides, and makes its presence felt, it can be a rival to the Etios, or a very decent option for people who hate the compact sedans.

One segment that's wide open for them though is the 10-20 lakh SUV segment. There is already the well kitted but fake S-Cross, way overpriced Creta, agile but cramped Ecosport, decent Duster-Terrano, bulky but refined Storme, largely overdone XUV, and the slightly overdone Scorpio. None perfectly appeal to someone seeking a proper urban SUV.
Now if GM could get in something like a Trax (obviously rebranded for our market!!) with a competent price tag, and a punchy enough engine, - it looks pretty convincing too - it has the potential to do wonders for Chevy. It can be the perfect sweet spot between the Duster and the Creta. It could also become the new face of Chevy here, till more cars come along.

There is also the Spin MPV, but I don't think it'll generate enough volumes on it's own against the Ertiga and Lodgy to be brought in and built here. (Though it is quite big, and not really ugly for an MPV). Neither do Chevy have any first mover advantage. So it may not be very effective for them in the long run, and would most likely face a similar fate to current Chevys. Though having it around won't do any harm either.

The all-new Cruze is confirmed to be arriving here, and that's another really good step. So is the Trailblazer. They are really quality cars, and the little that would sell of the latter especially, would still mean better promotion for the Chevrolet badge. And such cars would also earn them respect among the 'gully experts' in our country. In other words, better word-of-mouth promotion. Something that GM really need right now.

All in all, their launches should all MATTER from now on. No more of good cars that just don't matter. The ones that don't, and are part of their plans here, may be brought in as part of a 'lesser' brand, like what Nissan have done with Datsun. (GM always have someone like Isuzu for the job). They also need far more direct and creative advertising, to reach out to people. More activity on social networks could be a very good idea, as these social networks influence the opinions and perceptions of people a lot these days. Also, as someone else mentioned earlier, 'befriending' the press also is a great idea. Also they should try winning over Team-BHP.
{NO ONE can buy us!! *thumps chest in pride* }
Look at Hyundai and Mahindra, who despite such strong sales, appear to keep publishing 'Advertorial Features' in magazines every now and then.
Thankfully, the service isn't much of a problem for Chevrolet, which is one big plus on their side. So people shouldn't expect horror stories like Skodas or Mitsubishis here.

More than market share and profits, what Chevrolet really need is a really strong image. They need to ensure that Chevrolet as a brand should get right back into the scene, and become a household name, like Honda or Toyota. And for that they need genuine and high quality cars. A solid C-Segment sedan later in the game, good large hatch against the Jazz (hint, the Sonic), possibly even a more premium sedan slotting above the Cruze, ie something like the new Malibu, can be options to keep the brand in the good books of the people here.

They certainly have the potential to come back, being one of the most recognized brands in the world. They are still just down. Not out (like Force or Premier).
And yes, a bit of Cadillac or Corvette spice into the equation could make things really exciting!
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Default Re: Chevrolet India : The Way Forward

I think the Cruze did decently well and they could have continued with the momentum if they had launched the new Cruze last year itself. They have missed an opportunity here. The new Cruze won't come until next year and thats way too late in the day. The SAIL twins were obviously a bad idea and the Sonic and Aveo would have been a better bet.
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Default Re: Chevrolet India : The Way Forward

I am on the lookout for an SUV, recently I visited the Chevy showroom at Goregaon West. I was totally surprised by the attitude they had towards a person who had come to enquire for the Captiva, which is currently the most expensive vehicle in their stable.

Cannot imagine how others get treated and to top it up they didnt have even the price list which he searched for 10 minsutes and then had the audacuty to tell me that no one enquires about Captiva hence we do not keep the brochures and price list. One thing for sure is that they have lost a customer for life...
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Default Re: Chevrolet India : The Way Forward

Meanwhile motorbash reports from the SIAM Annual Convention in Delhi;


Chevrolet has teased the Indian version of new Beat hatchback which has already been confirmed for launch in 2017.
Ever since the Next-Gen Spark (international name of Beat) was unveiled, it was expected to make its way into India as well,
however, a report confirmed that we will get our own version of the car
and true to that story the silhouette of the new 2017 Indian Beat
resembles the current production version but has a few traits of the international model.
Name:  New2017ChevroletBeatTeaserPicIndia752x440.jpg
Views: 2343
Size:  64.9 KB

Here are a few key pointers which we can notice..
  • As a first the 2017 Beat retains the tall-boy design of the current car.
  • The sweptback headlamps are all-new and do NOT resemble the international version (nor the current version on sale)
  • The muscular bonnet creases have been retained.
  • The nose carries heavy resemblance with the international version. It gets a sleeker grille but a bigger air-dam.
  • Fog lamp housing also appears to have a resemblance with the international Beat.
  • The tail lamps also are bulged out, like the international version.
  • Roof-rails are absent in the teaser pic. They are not present in the international version as well, however, form an intrinsic design element of our current version of Beat.
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Default Re: Chevrolet India : The Way Forward

Chevrolet to enter the CUV segment.

Chevrolet GEM-B SUV” is the Codename for Creta/Duster rival, could launch in 2018.

The Chevrolet GEM-B SUV will be based on a new platform, this platform is set to spawn compact SUV, compact sedan and may be a premium hatchback and a Hyundai Creta rivals
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Default A Prescription to Revive GM-India

The Plan:
  • To increase volume share from 1.04% to 5%, which entails increasing average monthly sales from approx. 2300 currently, to 10,500 units per month.
  • A 2 year time-line to implementing the above might sound preposterous, but is do-able based on the strategy advocated below.
The Action Plan is broadly categorized under S&M and PRODUCT MODIFICATIONS. The Underlined Thought-Trains in the synopsis below, are further elaborated onward.

  1. Squarely Target the Indian IT Sector comprising 3 Million+ qualified buyers
  2. Target the first time car buyers and HASTEN them to a purchase decision by offering FREE DRIVING TRAINING AND LICENSE as a part of the purchase.
  3. Actively target the Female component of the IT Market with the Free Driving License Offer, supported by a BTL Ad Campaign Positioning a Chevy as a way to A SAFER TRIP HOME
  4. Make first time car ownership a truly hassle-free experience with a Proprietary App based SERVICE AT THE DOOR-STEP Business Process
  5. Focus on the major IT Hubs of Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi and Pune, and go all-out after the IT Info-parks and Campuses of Major Companies, providing special, COMPANY SPECIFIC CUSTOMIZATION for volume purchases
  6. Reach out to IT companies grappling with high Employee Turnover with CARS AS PERKS TO IMPROVE EMPLOYEE RETENTION
  7. Cruze is a standout product in the Chevy range that can be revived on its own merit. Besides a test drive, a VIRTUAL REALITY APP AND WEB-PAGE that compares the Cruze with its main competitors can serve to communicate the product better.

  1. Alter the Vehicles to fit an IT Ecosystem with a TABLET BASED INSTRUMENT PANEL and Proprietary Apps
  2. “DYNAMIC”, HIGH GROUND CLEARANCE VERSIONS of Beat and Sail UV-A, with Larger wheels and ground clearance.
  3. ACCESSORIZING with Special Paint Schemes, Designer Wheels and add-ons to target the youth market
  4. Introduce Hybrid Versions of Beat and Sail / Sail UV-A, with the novel, low-cost, low-complexity, LOW SPEED ASSIST HYBRID MECHANISM.


The quest for a car usually begins AFTER the target customer attains driving proficiency and a LICENSE. Till that point, it is merely an ASPIRATION. Shifting the Sales Pitch to target an ASPIRANT, by offering FREE DRIVING LESSONS leading to a DRIVING LICENSE can expand the target market for entry-level cars in the Chevy range and present a short-term competitive advantage.

How it works:
  • Largely BTL and web-based targeting of potential prospects WHO ARE NOT YET DRIVING
  • Offering them a Chevy Product, based on their buying capacity, and rolling in the Driving Lessons for free.
  • Shifting the Training Paradigm by providing preliminary lessons in a Video Game-like VIRTUAL DRIVING ENVIRONMENT mounted on a Mobile Platform. The aspirant can opt for a location close to her residence and the Virtual Training Vehicle (Comprising multiple Virtual Kiosks) can be parked at a comfortable distance that is safe and suitable to access even after work hours and after sundown.
  • Based on the aspirant’s performance in the VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENT, she is scaled up to training IN THE VEHICLE SHE HAS OPTED TO PURCHASE. For example, if she is buying a Chevy BEAT, her on-road driving training will be in the BEAT.
  • Proprietary Mobile App based lesson scheduling and Video Monitoring of entire training process to ensure safety and standards of the program.


The constraints of public transportation, particularly at odd hours have led to a substantial increase in crimes against women. Car Ownership can be promoted as a SAFER ALTERNATIVE for Women.
Women being less car-crazy can be weaned away from spec-comparisons and influenced by distinct safety and utility features exclusively available with the Chevy Range
  • “Hot-wiring” the car for continuous, online monitoring and threat detection with a rudimentary, GM OnStar type functionality
  • The first car range in India with the option of Dash-board cam’s for road AND car interior recording
  • Option of a High Pitched alarm that can be activated in an emergency
  • Priority Concierge and Assistance for Female Buyers, with dedicated call-centre support


In an Industry-first, Chevy can offer an App Based Car Service Protocol that DOES NOT require the owner’s physical presence:
  • The process is initiated either by the Car Owner logging in an SMS Service Request, or through the Chevy Service Smartphone App or by Phone
  • The Service Executive (from the Dealer) and the Car Owner authenticate each other (the service person using a proprietary Hand Held Terminal and the Car Owner using his Smartphone). The owner inputs the vehicle location and either speaks out service requirements (which are duly recorded) or selects from a pull-down list
  • The Service Executive is guided to the vehicle location through GPS on his proprietary device. He does a walk-around, videotaping the car’s exterior and uses the master-key to open the car and similarly inspect the interior. The software will permit the service advisor to HIGHLIGHT any damage to the vehicle’s exterior or interior, which is duly validated online, by the Car Owner.
  • A SECURE BAG will be latched to the front head-rest, for storing any valuable items inside the car, a video record of which will be maintained.
  • The service person will conduct a physical and electronic scan of the vehicle and immediately beam a Service Cost Estimate to the Owner, which he will pay through the Smartphone App, for the servicing to commence.
  • In short, without the owner of the vehicle being in the vicinity, the vehicle will be safely handed over to an authorized service person through the use of the PROPRIETARY HAND-HELD-TERMINAL
  • It would be best to deploy 2 person teams manning a Mobile Service Unit that can handle routine service requirements like Fluids and Filter Change, Wheel Alignment and Balancing, and water-less cleaning.
  • The user-app will handle the scheduling of the service, therein planning the route for the service vehicle to take.
  • A target time of 30 Minutes for a Minor Service per vehicle and two 8 hour shifts spanning 6AM to 10PM will ensure adequate asset utilization and low unit overhead per vehicle serviced.
  • The core objective of providing SERVICE AT THE DOOR-STEP, without wasting the owner’s time or intruding into his schedule can thus be met.


In a third world market like India, a car is a luxury. Car ownership is a matter of pride, and may also enhance the credibility of the Company that funds, subsidizes or gifts cars to its employees.
In the current fleet-sales approach, a Chevy sold to IBM would be visually identical to the one sold to Accenture. Fleet sales possibilities can be enhanced by CUSTOMIZING the vehicle and DIFFERENTIATING it for the fleet buyer:
  • As in a New Package Design for an FMCG company, a design team from GM / Chevy will liaise with the fleet buyer, for example, Accenture, to present an Accenture Look to the fleet being purchased. This may involve a special Paint Shades or Design Overlays to it; Custom Alloy Wheels and possible add-on’s like faux spoilers and front grill modifications. (imagine the Accenture Logo in Silver, on a full-Black-painted Beat with oversized wheels and rims)
  • The car will thus be Accenture Branded, and will serve as a moving billboard for Accenture. This can be one of the selling points.
  • Also, it will be a symbol of achievement internally, for the employee being given an Accenture Branded Vehicle. This can spur performance among other employees.
  • Another selling point will be that Fleet car swill be covered by the ON SITE MAINTENANCE ROUTINE discussed above.
A customized, snazzy looking Chevy Product, with a high-brow name endorsement on it will also serve to enhance the Chevrolet Brand Perception among the highly impressionable IT crowd in their twenties.


One of the MAJOR issues facing IT companies in India is the high employee turnover, at times exceeding 30% per annum. The Chevy range can be pushed to the major IT companies as a part of a Car-Pooling scheme for promising new employees:
  • The company, (Infosys, for example), which has over 30,000 new employees joining them every year, will offer an internal scheme to employees whereby Employees who are a part of a team, or have a mutual affinity based on race or ethnicity will be clubbed into groups of 3 or 4.
  • Each group will be assigned a vehicle subsidized by Infosys, with a template governing its use (as to who gets to drive it, when. Etc)
  • Chevy will offer the Driving Lessons and License assistance, On Site Car Maintenance and Company Specific Vehicle Customization as a part of the package.
For a youngster out of college and into his first job, access to a car is a major incentive. It can spur his performance and be a factor in curtailing employee turnover.


Cruze is a standout product in the Chevy Indian arsenal. Not many in its target market would have felt its acceleration and comfort. It is disheartening to note a daft, underpowered Toyota Corolla selling almost 10 times the monthly volume of the Cruze in India.
  • In an Industry first, an online Advert for the Chevy Cruze will let the user VIRTUALLY COMPARE the car with its competition, much like a Car Simulation Game.
  • The user will select the car from a pull-down list, to compare with the Chevy Cruze and then select the drive sequence. It could be (Pulling Away from a signal) or a (High Speed Cruise) or (A winding road)
  • The default VIRTUAL VIDEO will show the Cruze from various perspectives, performing vis a vis the competitor vehicle selected. The user can also invoke a specific view like (Rear View from the Cruze) or (Front View from the Competitor Vehicle) or (Bird’s Eye View)
  • Before the user leaves the screen, he will be given brief intro about the tremendous Global success of the Cruze and its ease of ownership in India (with the Service at the Doorstep APP and process)
  • He will be invited to TEST DRIVE and feel first-hand, the prowess of the Chevy Cruze.


Youngsters in general, and the IT centred Market in particular, can be better targeted by offering Gadgets and Gizmo options that cater to a wired lifestyle:
  • A PIVOTING TABLET interface can be designed to be the key user interface in the vehicle. When it is pivoted toward the DRIVER, it will offer vehicle specific information like the Speedometer, Tachometer, Fuel and Temperature gauges. But when the tablet is pivoted toward the PASSENGER, it will connect to the network and offer Social networks and Chat platforms to the person in the passenger seat.
  • GPS and Entertainment will be active in either position. The Social and Chat platforms will be visible to the Driver, when the vehicle is stationary.
  • But the essential difference in the PIVOTING TABLET INTERFACE is that it can be configured to access the Intranet and the Cloud preference of the fleet buyer (Accenture, for example), thereby serving as an extended work platform.
  • For example, the Tablet can be a part of a net meeting with the project group the user is a part of, or link to his notebook computer through Wi-Fi. It will be particularly suitable and effective in the instances of Car-Pooling scenarios discussed earlier and can be used as a selling point.
  • The Tablet will come pre-equipped with 3G/4G connectivity, the user subscription being handled by the Fleet Buyer or the User.
I have suggested a low cost, PIVOTING Tablet instead of a LENTICULAR LCD, due to cost reasons.


SUV’s are a high growth segment in India and a the lack of a Small SUV in its range presents a significant product gap for Chevy.
  • For the time being, before the Trax or Adria are launched, it may be worthwhile to SPEC UP the Beat and the Sail UV-A for minor off-road positioning:
  • It can be a low complexity makeover with revised Bumper Mouldings with prominent Fog Lamps for an aggressive look, Roof Rails to present a larger appearance and Upsized Tires and Wheels.
  • Cosmetic side decals and a ribbed PVC underbody protection can turn the Stock vehicles into an aptly named DYNAMIC variant.


The bad traffic situation in major Indian cities would have a significant % of low speed and crawl situations. Vehicle Mileage being a KEY DETERMINANT in purchase decisions, Chevy can make inroads into the Small Car Market in India (and in developing markets worldwide) through a Low-Cost Hybrid tailored to crawling traffic situations in cities.
  • The conceptual framework for a Low-Cost Micro-Hybrid is as follows:
  • The technology relies on powering the vehicle at first and second gear speed ranges solely through an Electrical Drive comprising a Motor / Generator mounted at the OUTPUT end of the gearbox.
  • The Electric drive is powered by a Low capacity storage with plug-in charge and regeneration capabilities.
  • The vehicle moves from standstill on Electric Power and is PHASED IN to the Automotive Engine based power through a rugged Suspended SPROCKET mechanism.
  • In effect, the Automotive Engine drives the vehicle ONLY after it attains COASTING speed.
  • As in a conventional Hybrid, the vehicle will be powered electrically during CRAWL situations and will REGENERATE during braking episodes.
  • The system intelligently engages the Motor / Generator to the Automotive Engine when the Storage Batteries are below a low-charge threshold
  • The above system, though a crude interpretation of a Hybrid, will permit a high fuel mileage vehicle for city use. The electric drive will obviate the need for a clutch, thereby reducing cost and complexity.
  • Further, the government can be lobbied for tax and excise subsidies, thereby reducing the acquisition cost of the Chevy Low Cost Hybrid vehicle.
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Default Re: A Prescription to Revive GM-India

I just have two points to the prescription:
1. Get new cars - like the Malibu - Do start making Right-hand-drive versions - they can be sold in UK, Australia and New Zealand as well. Also get the flagship products like the Camaro or Corvette.
2. Improve service.
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Default Re: A Prescription to Revive GM-India

In a third world market like India, a car is a luxury...
Seriously? If that's their starting point, I am sure they have just made an equally "luxurious" mistake.

More than 50 models in their lineup and here we are, with 3 or 4 old models. And how do we revive it? With a tablet. Their management is a lot of exemplary idiots.
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Default Re: A Prescription to Revive GM-India

What else can you expect if your every car is doomed.
1. Spark - No one really aspires to buy a Spark these days.
2. Beat - It is a good car but the competition has gone way ahead and poor Beat is still stuck some 2 or 3 years back.
3. Sail / U-VA - Slowly and steadly Indians are loosing interest in Chinese stuff and in fact sales of these both were never in good numbers.
4. Tavera - It got a good response from taxi segment but again Innova literally slaughtered every other competitor.
5. Cruze - A good car but a lone warrior cant be of much help alone.
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Default Re: A Prescription to Revive GM-India

To be honest, I don't care what GM does. As a customer who pays hard-earned money, I want to see a manufacturer show commitment and dedication. If they don't show it, I vote with my wallet and walk away.

Unlike their American counterpart Ford, GM doesn't seem interested in India as a customer base, but only as a manufacturing hub. I respect GM's decision (its all a matter of prioritizing energy and investment), and I will take my money to another manufacturer who is committed to India.

And trust me, there's no dearth of committed manufacturers in India. Even Maruti and Hyundai - who can easily rest on their laurels - aren't sitting idle but are moving aggressively. Fiat has abysmal sales but are working on mind-share with their Abarths. Ford's going to bring in the Mustang as a halo product, and they are also offering a strong menu of mass-market cars. Tata and Mahindra work relentlessly in upping the VFM tag, and VAG works hard in equalizing pollution levels across the world (they also offer good technology like DSG/TSI ).

As customers, we should not be working out strategies for manufacturers, they need to do it themselves (note: this is different from enthusiasts/fans wishing for favourite cars, and having 'what-if' conversations). If GM wish, they need to meaningfully engage with the buying public (open surveys, targeted discussions with forums, etc.). If anything, its the dealers who should be applying pressure on GM, as they're the ones who stand to lose on their investment.

To me, as a member of the buying public, GM doesn't really factor in as a potential seller of cars. I may not be able to get my ideal dream car, but I have adequate choices with other manufacturers. My apathy towards GM is only matched by GM's apathy towards India.

@KANNURAN: Don't read this as a criticism of your post. You have raised good ideas and some out-of-the-box ones. Let's see which manufacturer is quickest to take some of those through to fruition. I'm not holding my breath for GM, though.

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Default A Prescription to Revive GM-India

I think part of the problem with GM has to do with the fact that half of GM-India is owned by Chinese (SAIC I think). So there is a problem. GM does not want to share its trademarked technology and design element of expensive and good cars with the Chinese. That's why they are concentrating on only rebadged cheaper / Chinese cars (MUVs).

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Default Re: Chevrolet India : The Way Forward

Strong rumour that the Trident group has initiated pulling out of their extensive tie-up with GM in Bangalore. I understand that they have already shut their Mysore Road setup and Airport Road (Manipal Hospital) / Kalyannagar (ORR/Manyata TP) may follow in some time.

This will leave only KHT (Jalahalli Cross, Yeshwanthpur) and Kropex (Hosur/Hosa Road). Hope someone else fills the void else its another nail in the coffin for existing GM owners like me and a death knell for new ones!
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Default Re: Chevrolet India : The Way Forward

Related thread: http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/indian...-progress.html (General Motors CEO Mary Barra in India to review progress)

Similar aspects of GM were discussed in that thread too.
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Default Re: Chevrolet India : The Way Forward

Can Arvind Saxena drive General Motors out of the rut?

Alan Mulally, the celebrated former chief executive of Ford Motor Co., famously used colour codes to do business reviews. The idea brought accountability at Ford and helped Mulally turn around the beleaguered American car maker.

Far from Detroit, the idea seems to have struck a chord with Arvind Saxena, president and managing director of General Motors (GM) India Ltd. For Saxena, the colours are red, yellow and green. Red denotes trouble, yellow stands for in-progress and green is acceptable.

Around 20 months after he joined the Indian unit of the American company, Saxena, 58, claims that all the indices are green. The firm’s performance is acceptable across areas such as production, quality, vehicle sales and after sales, he adds.
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