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Default Excellent Service by WheelsWisdom

I had an opportunity to use Wheels Wisdom managed car service recently for my brotherís car.

My brother drives a Honda City Automatic. He is currently abroad on work and the car was not regularly used. I was driving the car for around 10Kms every week to ensure the car is in good condition. But his apartment parking has rat problem and the rats had damaged the auto transmission wiring when it was parked. The engine was starting, but the car was not moving and the ďDĒ light was flashing.

Though I take care of all my familyís cars myself, this time I was hard pressed for time and could not get it fixed myself.

I had read about Wheels Wisdom and heard good feedback about them. I decided to take their help and called up Sandeep Mohan, who runs Wheels Wisdom. Had a good chat with Sandeep and booked an appointment for the next day. The technical adviser Jeffrin called me prior to get the details and also arranged for a flat bed tow.

The next day, Jeffrin arrived bang on time. He had a look and confirmed my suspicion of damage to auto transmission wiring. He ensured the car was towed to the Honda Service Centre. On complete diagnosis, it was recommended to replace the entire wiring harness costing 11K. Since the wiring harness was not in stock and was on back order, it would have taken at least 10 days for it to arrive. In the meantime, I was offered an alternative to have the wire soldered properly and the damaged connectors replaced. I accepted the repair solution offered as I did not want to car to be stationary at the service centre for so long. The car was fixed and dropped back to my residence.
Total cost came to 2300/- plus the 2500/- towing charges.
Though I was ready to have the harness replaced, it is always good to hear a cheaper working solution. I have had bad experience with almost all Honda ASS in Bangalore and I am sure the Honda Service Centre would not have offered this alternative if I had approached them directly.

Overall I am a very satisfied customer of Wheels Wisdomís managed car service. I highly recommend Wheels Wisdom. This is of great help to people who are short on time and need a helping hand to ensure they do not get fleeced by the service centres.

Note: I am not affiliated nor associated with Wheels Wisdom in any way, this is a review of my personal experience with them.
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Any good options for Pune-kars?
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Default Re: Wheels Wisdom - helps you reduce potential problems with your car

So there's one more layer of people to go through, and one more level where things can go wrong.

These people are apparently going to police the ASCs and force them to produce quality work for one's car.

And who polices the policeman, when he is essentially playing / preying / poaching on the trust deficit between the customer and ASCs, to turn a profit?
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Default Re: Wheels Wisdom - helps you reduce potential problems with your car

I think it's obvious that policing wouldn't work with any ASC, if at all it would make matters far worse.

And if you're going to police the policeman, then you don't need these services either.

The only thing to do, would be for those interested to have a discussion with them and if convinced, take a call.

Haven't used their services as they are available only in Bangalore.
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Default Re: Wheels Wisdom - helps you reduce potential problems with your car

We do have a thread on this where few members have posted some feedback.

http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/indian...cing-cars.html (Indian Apps that help you with the purchase / servicing of cars)
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Default Re: Wheels Wisdom - helps you reduce potential problems with your car

Remember how the SA gives you a list of things that you must do at each service; and on some push back, he says, "you can probably get this done at the next service" and puts in an "advice" for it in the final bill.

I think this is what these guys will do.

The website reeks of marketing gimmicks.

Regardless of the value proposition, there will be some people who will fall for it for the "peace of mind" in knowing that the SA isn't taking them for a ride.
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Default Re: Wheels Wisdom - helps you reduce potential problems with your car

If what I think is right, the real benefit seems to be more inclined towards the mediator and not the customer. There is bound to be a planned strategy behind this business that isn't worth discussing here. To each their ideas and execution but a knowledgeable car owner knows to handle things himself.
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Default Re: Wheels Wisdom - helps you reduce potential problems with your car

I would distinctly separate out speculation, from reviews based on first hand experience. If the latter are anything to go by - and there are a couple of threads in the forum including my own (http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/indian...e-centers.html (Skoda Non-Dealer Service Centers)) - these guys are quietly changing the industry. I know that sounds far fetched, but that's my humble opinion, and I'm serious. I think we should let the threads collect first hand experience, as those provide real value to those seeking credible information prior to taking a decision to use their service or to not to.


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Default Re: Indian Apps that help you with the purchase / servicing of cars

Folks, I tried out the Wheels Wisdom "CAR SERVICE AT ACTUALS" deal. My Quanto vehicle is still under warranty and hence, I opted for this service. The other options were to get it serviced at Multi-brand service locations, where perhaps the rates might be little less. The service charges of Wheels Wisdom needs to be paid upfront when doing the booking.

One reason for me trying out Wheels Wisdom was that after shifting to a new office, my orginal dealership was miles away. They had another workshop near Hoskote, but going there to get the service done was going to be a night mare. I got a call from the Wheels Wisdom Service Advisor a day before the service. Mr. Jeffrin was the service advisor who was assigned for my car. He was prompt in arriving at the pick up point, and I was also ready with a list of issues. One major difference I found in Wheels Wisdom (when compared to directly dealing with the dealer) is that I am getting a service advisor at my door step. In the previous cases, the dealer did send in a driver and he invaribaly used to ask me to just prepare a list of complaints in a sheet of paper and hand it over to him. Then I also need to explain things in detail to the service advisor at the dealership.

My vehicle saw its last servicing around 8 months back. It covers a distance of around 70kms every day, so some bit of wear and tear was natural. The cost of service came up to around Rs.9000 (around 1000 was just the various taxes). But I did notice that the dealer had not billed in any unwanted stuff. In my experience with the dealer, the service advisors out there always used to exagerate problems noticed in the vehicles and "recommend" replacement of lots of items. When the vehicle left the work shop, it was like I already got a list of other repairs to be done. That did not happen with Wheels Wisdom. Mr. Jeffrin had noticed some issues with my clutch plate, but he categorically said that it can be repaired in another 2-3 months time. Rather than create a panic in my mind, he did clearly tell the upcoming problems, but also gave a decent time line by which I need to address it. The dealership service advisors never did this.

My Quanto's intercooler (what ever that means) had again started leaking. This was the 2nd time I need to replace it (after driving for around 68,000kms). The dealer did not have the item in their stock. How ever Wheels Wisdom and Jeffrin did the neccessary follow ups and called me when the spare part was ready. Without charging me a paisa extra, the vehicle was once again picked up, and the intercooler replaced. And as a small icing on the cake, got a free vehicle wash and clean up as well.

Overall I was happy with the services offered, and would go to them for further services & repairs as well.
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Default Re: Indian Apps that help you with the purchase / servicing of cars

Mods, I think this thread is mostly about Wheels Wisdom reviews and should be labeled as such to improve relevance within the forum. At the moment it is misleading as the label reads 'Indian Apps that help you with the purchase / servicing of cars', while as far as I know, Wheels Wisdom does not operate an App.

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Default Re: Indian Apps that help you with the purchase / servicing of cars

A colleague had used Wheels-wisdom to get his Rapid repaired/serviced. So, thought of giving them a try for my Ritz.

Got a call a day before the service and even though I had booked a 8AM appointment, the service advisor (Anil) asked if he can come earlier. I agreed, knowing that most of these guys never show up on time anyway.

Was surprised to get a call at 7AM notifying me that he's reached my place. One could see that this guy is enthusiastic about his work. Perhaps, a bit too enthusiastic. but in a world full of disinterested people, over-enthusiasm isn't such a bad thing.

I had some small problems (blown fog light, a little bit of rough idle), and routine service. We take a short drive, and I told him about a "kat-kat" sound my car makes on sharp right turns. When I had talked about this at the Maruti workshop, I was told - "CV joint issue, will replace when things gets worse". This is where Anil made a difference - he root-caused the problem to a minor alignment issue that was causing the tyre to touch something when steering was turned to extreme right. Overall, I'm happy that I didn't have to replace a working drive-shaft.

I don't think this service is targeted towards those who are knowledgeable about cars and can spare the time to get their cars serviced. But, for me, the time saved and not having to argue with SA on the futility of things like "injector cleaning" was worth the money they charged.

I wish them well!
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Default Re: Indian Apps that help you with the purchase / servicing of cars

I used the Wheelswisdom service last week and came back mightily impressed.

What worked:
1. Very knowledgeable, enthusiastic & highly professional tech advisor at your doorstep to check your car, hear out your issues and explain things
2. Saves you time (doorstep collection & delivery - right on time)
3. Saves money (this i feel might not be universally applicable to every case. Depends on what your car needs at that point in time)
4. Peace of mind (Imagine this - If I had a friend who owns a garage, and if I give my car for service there, how would I feel. It is exactly that feeling, that feeling of assurance that you are in good hands, that is what I had after interacting with these folks)

What could work better:
1. Pricing (1500 for handling 1 service is still a barrier to try out something entirely new like this for a normal individual. I wouldn't mind doing this now after my first experience, but for a first timer it is tough. I still took the plunge after going through all reviews here and on FB)
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Default Re: Indian Apps that help you with the purchase / servicing of cars

in my opinion this sounds like a good deal, especially for tata car owners. Even if you are technically minded, I think 1.5K is worth the headache you can save from
1. travel to and fro to service centers, especially if the good ones are far away from you
2. need to follow up countless times to ensure that your car gets serviced, and that *all* issues are fixed
3. doing a proper PDI before taking delivery of the car
4. if issues are pending, then you would need to leave the car there and come back again, when they have been resolved.
5, obviously all the ripoff services they'll do & the redundant service charges that they add.

yes, for someone not used to servicing their cars, getting their head around the 1.5k charge might be tough, because hey, why should you pay more for what you should be getting in the first place? but with car sales being loss leaders while service centers become the profit centres, and authorized service/spares remains a monopoly, then these guys are like the agents who can help you navigate the system, and more than saving money, ensure that the car is serviced properly, and delivered to you in good condition

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Default Re: Indian Apps that help you with the purchase / servicing of cars

Just noticed there's a comprehensive post on Wheels Wisdom experience written by Rajeevraj here: http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/bangal...bangalore.html (Service Assist - Managed car servicing from WheelsWisdom.com (Bangalore))

I think it is the most comprehensive so far - very detailed and balanced.

Meanwhile, as I was researching the Internet for the latest on car servicing companies in Bangalore, I stumbled upon bumper stickers on Wheels Wisdom's web site. While the intent here is clearly marketing, have to admit, I'm impressed by the messages. See here: https://www.wheelswisdom.com/product...mper-stickers/. They did offer a complimentary bumper sticker at the time of delivery of both my cars the last time. I think they still do that, but now the stickers are available for purchase by anyone who wants it.

Meanwhile, has anyone tried other companies like Pitstop, Bumper, Auto Tygr, 21 North, and so on? A stark contrast I noticed between Wheels Wisdom and all the others is that none of the others offer car servicing at Authorised Dealerships. The guys at Wheels Wisdom seem to offer service carried out both at dealerships as well as Bosch car service. The other stark contrast I noticed is, Wheels Wisdom does not have a single negative review. I've scraped all review sites - Facebook, Google, Mouthshut, as well as our forum. I know it is not possible to get reviews deleted on these sites, or on our forum. So appears they're on to something!


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Default Re: Indian Apps that help you with the purchase / servicing of cars

I used the services offered by Wheels Wisdom for my Sonata (2.4 GDI, Transform, 2012) yesterday and have come out a happy customer. Below are the details of my experience.

Why choose WW:
  • Recently moved to bangalore and hence do not have an existing relationship with any service centre/advisors here.
  • Time crunch. Difficult to pull off a day for service from the hectic work schedule.
  • Have read good reviews for WW for quite some time.

We all love our cars (a bit more than warranted ) but that requires time which with our busy lives is sparse. What if somebody could take care of our car during servicing, the same way we would have for a fee.

My Ask For the Service:
  • Airbag alert on dash (I was sure this was due to the rat manifestation around my parking spot in the apartment)
  • Bluetooth pairing on the HU stopped working.
  • Folding ORVM making a screeching sound which folded/unfolded.
  • Regular service.
  • Request for quote for clutch overhaul.

I booked the service package for my car along with desired dates which cost me 2000/-. The car was picked up precisely on time as promised by Vinod who was very courteous and attentive in understanding the issues that i reported to be addressed. I received regular updates on each issue that was reported.

Airbag Alert: WW confirmed that the issue was due to a wire cut somewhere near the bumper, the team was working to find the exact problem area and fix the issue. They finally detected and soldered the damaged wired and added additional insulation for the that part of the harness.

Bluetooth: The Hyundai technicians worked to fix the issue but ran out of time on day 1. The WW guys called me up and mentioned that they would like to continue the next day for the problem, i could either keep the car overnight at the service centre or could drop the car and pick it up again next morning. I opted for the former. The next day the technicians tried more but the problem could not be resolved, finally they mentioned that the HU would have to be sent to Chennai for further investigation. I postponed this fix for Jan.

The pickup, drop, communication from WW thru the whole process was transparent and forthcoming. They did not charge me for the wire harness soldering which was a pleasant surprise.

Yes, initially i thought that the fee was high but in the end, i now feel the fee was absolutely worth it.
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