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View Poll Results: Your Car of the Year 2015?
Renault Kwid 692 29.28%
Datsun GO+ 3 0.13%
Ford Figo 140 5.92%
Tata Bolt 45 1.90%
Ford Aspire 153 6.47%
Maruti Baleno 330 13.97%
Honda Jazz 101 4.27%
Mahindra TUV300 109 4.61%
Renault Lodgy 7 0.30%
Maruti S-Cross 122 5.16%
Hyundai Creta 557 23.57%
Chevrolet Trailblazer 6 0.25%
Mercedes CLA-Class 50 2.12%
DC Avanti 10 0.42%
Land Rover Discovery Sport 38 1.61%
Voters: 2363. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 19th December 2015, 08:26   #271
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Default re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2015. EDIT: It's the Renault Kwid!

Voted for KWID
Renault have created a product that suddenly has become the benchmark in the segment and caters to what the 'customer of the segment' wants at a price point which is truly exceptional. (price point being the key). It has almost everything going for it, the looks, the presence, the features that would appeal to customers, decent spec, good claimed FE.

The segment where Kwid is, is where the volumes are in the Indian context. Some ~40K+ of cars sold every month (alto, eon etc etc) are in this segment and alto is the undisputed king of this segment. Eon etc have tried but have not been able to event make a dent in the alto sales. Now Renault could have gone a Eon way and hoped to make a dent but look at what happened to Datsun. No impact -- both in sales and the people perception/hype (That also matters). With Kwid, they have from ground up changed how cars are perceived in this segment and that to me is the key. They may not be able to make a dent in Alto sales but it is the Eon etc that will get impacted and there is no reason why Renault can't ship 10+ copies of this car for next year or so. Agreed that service, reach, capacity etc are still grey areas but Kwid does represent a "disruptive" product that is truly made for the India context and not a cut-copy-paste product from some market into an Indian context.

Other cars that crossed my mind:

Creta: OK car but for the price point it has nothing much to offer except that it looks nice and has some dozens of variants/engine combinations to choose from. For me, it does not push the boundaries of thinking, design, etc for it to be Team-BHP CoTY. It's a car that was sold in other countries and Hyundai has just brought it here. Having said that, Creta must be for sure making tons of money for Hyundai as the margins in such products are higher than what it would be for Renault in Kwid. In my view, it's a blockbuster product for the company but for an automobile enthusiast it offers nothing earth shaking for the segment/price it is in.

Figo/Aspire combo: Great cars, again close to being bench marks in their segments with great diesel engines, DCT gearbox etc but still not WoW to being CoTY contenders. If they had gone bold with 1.0 Eco-Boost engine + DCT gearbox -- at a reasonable price point, then yes, they would have had my vote. But as of now they are just good cars.

Baleno: For once Maruti lost the premium hatchback game to Hyundai with i20 line of cars. Maruti. For a long time depended on Wwift to their answer to the i20 variants but the ground slipped beneath their feet in this segment and they were suddenly looking at having zero presence in the premium hatchback segment. People now thought of Swift to be a mass hatchback car and not necessarily premium. So, Maruti is playing catchup in this segment with Baleno and for once is undercutting price-wise with the segment leader and out-kitting feature-wise.
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Old 19th December 2015, 12:43   #272
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Default re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2015. EDIT: It's the Renault Kwid!

Lots of good cars launched.

S-Cross with the 1.6 engine, lovely car with a good engine, dynamics & build. Misses on AWD,
Trailblazer - That figure of 500NM results in goosebumps along with classic lines & that, it is a CBU. No 4WD, big minus.
Jazz - Good city runabout & a Honda petrol.
Creta - If I just had to buy one car.
Kwid - *The* small car, lets see what Renault does with it.

Just one thing, whatever Datsun cars I have seen, all of them had either of the doors having crumples/deformation. If there is one car I wouldn't vote for, it would be this.
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Old 19th December 2015, 13:03   #273
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Default re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2015. EDIT: It's the Renault Kwid!

Voted for Renault Kwid, for the much needed fresh breath of air in terms of design, value for money and equipment that it has brought to the A segment. A very unique and capable product it is .
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Old 19th December 2015, 13:18   #274
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Default re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2015. EDIT: It's the Renault Kwid!

Update on the voting trends:

1. Kwid has been increasing its vote share regularly and is at a all time high. I expect as voting goes on, Kwid will only increase its vote share on the way to be voted as COTY
2. Creta has maintained its vote share and seems to be well posed to take the runners up position as there is a considerable gap to 1st and 3rd
3 & 4. Ford twins are 1 vote ahead of Baleno! This is the most interesting battle and reminds me of the F1 season this year. Merc winning everything and others fighting for best of the rest

Another update will follow when a new pattern emerges or after a few days!
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Default re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2015. EDIT: It's the Renault Kwid!

Well well well. How time flies!

This year its a lot more difficult for me compared to last year when the Tata Zest was an obvious choice.

My choices this year were narrowed down to 3 cars:
1. Renault Kwid
2. Maruti Baleno
3. Hyundai Creta

All the 3 cars have been runaway successes. But after a lot of thought, I have given my vote to the Kwid only for the following reasons:
1. Its in the segment that is most appropriate to our market.
2. Renault is a new brand compared to the other two who have tasted success with most of their offerings. So I will give them the due credit here for showing imagination and courage.
3. The Kwid brings a lot of new things to the table, be it extremely different SUVish looks, space, features and a very attractive price point.
4. It has managed to create a flutter in a segment which has been single handedly been dominated by Maruti for years and only known by Maruti Alto. The Eon, Nano, Micro Active, Spark etc have only been fighting for the second spot and never really challenged the Alto.

So I vote for the Kwid.
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Old 19th December 2015, 18:08   #276
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Default re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2015. EDIT: It's the Renault Kwid!

In my opinion it was the Mercedes CLA with that beautiful design and a much better ride. It was the car that surprised me the post this year.
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Default re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2015. EDIT: It's the Renault Kwid!

Ford Aspire Is The Best Car In Terms Of Engine Power And Mileage And Value For Money Wonder Why People Are Voting For Cheap Car Kwid Which Has Nothing Substantial Except For Its Looks And Entry Price . After A Long Time Ford Has Broken Its Norms On Focusing One Model At A Time And Brought Segment Best Compact Sedan Having Best 1.5 Diesel Powerful And Efficient Engine Coupled With Aston Martin Looks... Love U Ford Aspire
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My vote goes to the Ford Figo 1.5 Diesel. It has the power, looks and over all standard at an affordable price. The handling is average. Though I am dissatisfied that it does not have ABS + EBD as standard across variants, I hope in near future Ford will go that way. Anyway, Figo has the safety features in top variants ( which Kwid doesn't have and so it didn't get my vote.) Baleno is also a good car, but I have lingering doubts about its low weight ( in comparison to its size) and certainly there is nothing "premium" about the car ( and so it didn't get my vote).
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Old 20th December 2015, 12:11   #279
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Default re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2015. EDIT: It's the Renault Kwid!

Voted for Renault Kwid, The S-cross being the close second.

Datsun Go+: The Go interiors dont work for me.

Figo-Aspire: Great on paper, but on the road the car hardly looks new, the Sail like rear for the Aspire is to blame here.

Bolt: Zest any day over the Bolt.

Baleno: VFM but safety aspects a concern. i20 with limited features still a better buy.

Jazz: No VFM feel, irritants like Magic seats only on Top variant.

TUV 300: Good one from mahindra, not a game-changer though. Poles apart from the Ecosport. Ecosport still stands.

Lodgy: Good car, Great Discounts.

Creta: Standing next to an i20 Active this car seems too small for an SUV.

S-cross: I liked the Body type, not pretending to be an SUV. Decent engines and Maruti A.S.S. made it quite desirable to me.

Trailblazer: Saw one in black, Looks monstrous. Will make you mistake the Santa-fe for the Creta. But you can count on GM to mismanage this one, first single variant, then limited stocks.

Dont have the pockets or understanding for Luxury cars.

The KWID wins very simply for being a good package and a better alternative for the Alto twins. Having the Initial bookings like it has had is a tremendous effort. Definitely a game-changer, bought on a lot of discounts at the Maruti showroom. Only if Renault can reduce waiting lines and rush in the 1.0 litre option.
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Old 20th December 2015, 12:59   #280
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Default re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2015. EDIT: It's the Renault Kwid!

I have voted for the quid as its a amazing car for the kind of money you are spending on it. Good space, beautiful looks, a decent engine all helps it's case.

With 70,000+ bookings already, it has made a huge bang in the market and has made a case for being the car of the year
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Old 20th December 2015, 20:16   #281
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Wink re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2015. EDIT: It's the Renault Kwid!

Saw the 'outback bronze' coloured Kwid at mysore road renault; the black rear bumper/wheel arches really goes well with this colour. It's greed if one asks more car for this money.
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Old 21st December 2015, 11:00   #282
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Default re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2015. EDIT: It's the Renault Kwid!

As for my vote, Confused between the Mahindra's TUV3OO and Maruti Suzuki's S-Cross.
The S-Cross is the first Maruti that I seriously would short list in-case of buying a new car. The 1.6 version was actually on my list 2 months back but then the high cost meant it was way out-of my reach and wasn't interest in the 1.3 version as I already have the FIAT Punto MJD in our family.

After the dull response for the Quanto, Mahindra got the basics right and the result is the TUV3OO. It looks macho with ample road-presence and as far as the my short observation the interiors look good. Haven't driven one but then going by the reviews it seems to be a better Mahindra to drive.Only let down being the 3-pot engine, as 3-cylinder now sounds too old For the efforts put by the Indian manufacturer, the TUV has my vote.

The Renault Kwid has taken an unassailable lead in the race to be the CAR OF THE YEAR-2016. However, my vote would definitely not go for it for the simple fact that I find all cars in this segment relatively unsafe. No doubt the Renault Kwid is far ahead of others in the segment but then it just doesn't make the cut in my case.
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Default re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2015. EDIT: It's the Renault Kwid!

Ever since the inception of the t-bhp COTY, I've been voting for the car that I would buy if I were in the market for it.

I've bought the S-Cross so the obvious vote would have been for it. But I think that Kwid has re-defined a segment, and how.. So my vote goes to the Renaul Kwid.
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Old 21st December 2015, 12:45   #284
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Default re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2015. EDIT: It's the Renault Kwid!

Voted for the S Cross as I was really, really impressed with the ride quality. Not to forget the awesome 1.6 engine and the MASS. This is a vehicle made for the lousy roads in Bombay and now with good discounts I feel it is worthy of the crown.

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Default re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2015. EDIT: It's the Renault Kwid!

Voted for TUV300. the only vehicles that I considered for this award were S-Cross and Kwid. Maybe the Creta.

S-Cross failed because if they are trying to sell it as a spacious, stable and fast GT-like car for Indian conditions, it needs more GC. I don't see it as anything better at taking bad roads than my 170-mm GC Palio in anyway. This is my personal feeling. 170 mm is like normal hatchbacks. It is the one thing that makes the car go off the list for tourers like me who don't want a 2-tonne SUV.

Kwid failed because when I went to see it and test drive it for my in-laws, I came back underwhelmed. The vehicle (mid variant) costs Rs 3.75 lakhs on-road in UP and the does not offer anything substantially more than the Nano which is a full lakh lower. If one adds a lakh over the Kwid, one gets a Bolt or a Figo base version with equivalent kit, much more space and more power. Neither does Renault seem to have stellar after sales experience.

The Creta was another possibility but I feel Hyundai has priced it too high.
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