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View Poll Results: Your Car of the Year 2015?
Renault Kwid 692 29.28%
Datsun GO+ 3 0.13%
Ford Figo 140 5.92%
Tata Bolt 45 1.90%
Ford Aspire 153 6.47%
Maruti Baleno 330 13.97%
Honda Jazz 101 4.27%
Mahindra TUV300 109 4.61%
Renault Lodgy 7 0.30%
Maruti S-Cross 122 5.16%
Hyundai Creta 557 23.57%
Chevrolet Trailblazer 6 0.25%
Mercedes CLA-Class 50 2.12%
DC Avanti 10 0.42%
Land Rover Discovery Sport 38 1.61%
Voters: 2363. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 24th December 2015, 13:40   #346
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Default re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2015. EDIT: It's the Renault Kwid!

Although I voted for the Creta, one cannot argue the fact that the Kwid makes a compelling case for itself.

Full marks to Renault India for conceiving of a car from the ground up to take on the might of the Alto in the A-segment. Not only is it a fresh and revolutionary design and a looker, but it has the technology to back up it's claim as an Alto-challenger. I request all those who are challenging the Kwid's claim of winning the 2016 Team-BHP Car of the Year, to check out the car in person and compare it to it's segment competition. For the first-time car buyers who are upgrading from their Splendors and Activas, the Kwid is a fantastic option - dare I say a better option than the Alto or even the Nano!

The engine is a delight to drive inside the city (although it loses a bit of steam on the highways, but still pulls at decent speeds), it's compact footprint helps in easy maneuvering through tight corners and parking spaces, there is enough space for a nuclear family, or even a 4+1 one, a boot which can take up plenty of your weekend luggage, and it's pretty light on your wallet when it comes to fuel economy and maintenance. Above all, you can't help but stop for a moment to notice and stare at the Kwid which has just zoomed past you, over the countless Altos & Nanos all around. Yes, it has fantastic road presence as well, which adds more to it's case.

Safety parameters are questionable, but in the segment the Kwid has come in to compete with, no other car is bulletproof. As is the norm, a driver airbag is offered in the topmost variant, same as the Eon range and the Alto range. At a time when new launches in the 10L+ OTR price range still don't come (shockingly) with even one airbag (Creta itself being a case in point), Renault deserves a salute for this.

(Need I remind that the Tata Safari Storme still doesn't come with airbags in 2 out of it's 4 variants?!)

Until and unless the government makes safety paramount for all 4-wheelers plying on the roads, car manufacturers will continue to cut corners in the budget segment. And for those car companies who have only recently started to give airbags or ABS as standard across the range, a gentle reminder that they were also guilty of launching their products in the past without these safety features, before the announcement of crash tests and mandatory safety features by 2017-18.

Coming back to the Kwid, I am very impressed by the overall package. It's a fresh, appealing design, has enough grunt to cruise through the city and the highway alike, can seat 4 in good comfort with acres of headroom & shoulder room, and the ride quality is quite supple. The only grouse I feel is lack of outright power from it's engine, which Renault will address next year in the form of the 1.0L version.

Renault needs to be more pro-active and ensure that the Kwid remains a bestseller in the future. Since they don't have a big car line-up, they can utilise 50% (or even upto 2/3rds) of their production lines exclusively for the Kwid so that they can meet the huge demand for the car and bring down the outrageous waiting periods. The Duster has seen a downward spiral in sales, and no other Renault car has market pull right now. This is the best time to use their resources to the maximum and make sure that the Kwid doesn't lose out on it's strong demand, both present and in the near future.

As for buying it, I am in the market for a new urban commuting car by mid-2016 for our family. Since news has come in that the Kwid 1.0L will have dual airbags & ABS as standard (SOURCE), it has jumped to the top of my list. I have already test-driven the Kwid extensively, and I am bowled over by the little Renault. If no other worthy alternatives are launched between now and the Kwid 1.0L launch, this car just might be the next one in our garage.

It's a revolutionary concept, and it's a true game-changer. Specially in the mass segment. Let's give credit where credit is due - the Kwid is a worthy winner.

Two cents for what it's worth, from a Creta owner.

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Default re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2015. EDIT: It's the Renault Kwid!

I didn't vote for quite a while as I couldn't make up my mind on which of the following three contenders deserved my vote - Renault Kwid, Ford Figo/Aspire and Hyundai Creta. All three (four actually) are fabulous products and are worthy of carrying the car of the year tag. If only I had three (or four) votes, I would have cast one for each of them!

Eventually, I decided to cast my vote in favour of the one that took forward the concept of safety among its direct rivals, and offered new safety features for the segment or price range.

The Kwid, with a driver airbag, offers the same safety feature list as its direct rivals (Alto & Eon) in its segment.

The Creta is the only one that has a variant with 6 airbags + ABS + ESP + TC etc. among its direct (i.e. 4m+ 5-seater monocoque) rivals. This certainly makes it eligible for my tie-breaking criterion. However, Ford's EcoSport (that belongs to sub-4m 5-seater monocoque category) also offers the same on one of its variants.

Which brings me to Ford's Figo/Aspire twins. These two have completely redefined their respective segments in terms of safety by offering something that none of their direct rivals (or even those from sub-segments below) have - the superb surround-safety concept of 6 airbags (apart from ABS) on their Titanium+ variants and 2 airbags + ABS + ESP + TC etc. on their Titanium AT variants.

Among the twins, my choice was easy - Ford Figo hatchback, simply because it is more affordable than its sub-4m sedan sibling!

So in the end, my vote eventually went to the most affordable car with 6 airbags & ABS (or 2 airbags & ABS & ESP & TC, depending on the variant) currently on sale in the country!

Hearty congratulations to the new Ford Figo for getting my vote, and a heartfelt thank you to Ford for making superb safety features affordable to more and more people!

Apart from my personal winner and leading contenders, congratulations to the Renault Kwid, Hyundai Creta and Maruti Suzuki Baleno for taking the top three places so far, as it looks like this order may not change before the close of this poll!

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Default re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2015. EDIT: It's the Renault Kwid!

Unlike the last few years, this year we have so many products that are unique compared to the competition.
a) Renault Kwid - The A segment stunner with bold looks. Every time when I see it on the road, it feels like a bigger SUV than an Alto competitor. Though the sizes are not so big when seen close by, the view it presence while on the road is really nice.
b) Hyundai Creta - Hyundai came with a minor version of Santa Fe, with a lot of niceties, and took the market straight away! Duster, Terrano and Ecosport were the sufferers of this Creta phenomenon. One cannot disagree the fact that many Sedan buyers were lured into buying Creta due to its appeal.
c) Maruti S-Cross - Maruti tried to reinvent itself in million rupee segment with Nexa, and gave us S-Cross. Though only moderately selling model, it contains a number of features. One who goes to buy a Diesel hatchback at 10L can surely consider this at 11.5L (Zeta variant) as this is huge.
d) Maruti Baleno - Second attempt of Maruti in its Nexa, and it is a runaway success! Pure VFM product, with a number of additions, compared to Swift. This is also large in comparison. Surely has a bigger stance than the Elite, and has neutral looks. This is bringing a good amount of footfall to the Nexa showrooms. While everyone where wondering what Maruti is trying with all those investments into Nexa, Maruti answered them with Baleno.
e) Ford Figo & Aspire twins - Ford surprised us with 6 airbags, 1.5L DCT engine and a lot of features that available in Ecosport in these cars. And the best part is these two cars are absolute VFM.
f) Honda Jazz - The big hatchback - with a City face. Available in several variant option, including automatics and diesel. Regeneration of Old jazz, with comfortable interiors.

All these were big releases this year, and many of them qualify to be Car of the year!
My vote goes to S-Cross for the DDiS 320 engine!
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Default re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2015. EDIT: It's the Renault Kwid!

Originally Posted by condor View Post
Met a friend & fellow T-BHP-ian yesterday and was looking at his Punto again. That tank like build quality !! More than reinforced my views about the Kwid that I had put up earlier.
I see two trends that are happening. One is that we are moving away from 'solid' 'tank like build quality'- Not talking about the crash ratings, just the feel you get when you sit in the car.

Earlier there were two camps- the Asian giants who focused less on build and more on cost, efficiency and fancy features and the Europeans and Americans who focused more on build quality and engineering.

Build quality and solidity is something low on the radar for the majority of the Indian buyers. So what we are seeing now is that the light builds from the Asians are going even lighter. Example : The Baleno and most of Honda's cars especially the Mobilio, the Datsun Range.

The unfortunate part is that the traditionally solid Americans and Europeans also seem to have decided that build quality can be compromised on in the interest of cost, features and efficiencies. So we have a Ford Figo and Aspire whose build and solidity is nowhere close to the Typical Ford (Ecosport or Fiesta) and we have Renault with the Kwid-Not a car one would associate with European solidity.

Fiat, VW and Skoda still seem to focus on the solidity of the build, but remains to be seen how long they will continue. VW's approach to their new compact sedan will probably show they way they are going.

The other trend that we are seeing is that we are starting to see ABS and Airbags as standard across most of the new launches. Maruti, which consistently used to give ABS and Airbags only in the top variant are now offering it as standard across most of their models, or at least as an option. Figo and Aspire come with 6 airbags in the top variant. Mahindra is also going that way with the TUV 300 and upcoming KUV100. The Kwid 1.0 coming next year is expected to come with ABS and Airbags as standard.

So in the 2015 car of the year, safety is standard in several of the contenders. I assume when the 2016 Car of the year comes around, all the contenders will have safety features as standard.

But whether the safety features can offset the trend of lighter builds is something only a crash test can show. As we know, Airbags are meaningless if the structure cannot handle a crash as expected.
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Originally Posted by Rajeevraj View Post
I see two trends that are happening. One is that we are moving away from 'solid' 'tank like build quality'- Not talking about the crash ratings, just the feel you get when you sit in the car.

Earlier there were two camps- the Asian giants who focused less on build and more on cost, efficiency and fancy features and the Europeans and Americans who focused more on build quality and engineering.
True, but this is not happening in all segments. For example, all reviewers say that Maruti S Cross and Ciaz are better built cars though overpriced. Same is the case with Ford Ecosport. Hyundai i20 is better built, though safety features like ABS and EBD and Airbags are not standard. Again Tata Zest seems a sturdy car.

Having said this, I must add that this separation of better/lightly built cars have no meaning unless we have crash tests and these so called weighty "better builds" prove their mettle. Till then every car can claim that it is "made of mettle."
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Default re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2015. EDIT: It's the Renault Kwid!

Just voted for the Creta.

I think this car did the most for creating genuine interest in the SUV segment. In my view it was a product that 95% of the SUV buyers did not have to compromise beyond a certain point in any of the features. Till this product you either got looks with low rent interiors and sparse features or you got handling with an underpowered engine, or you got looks, features but unreliable quality.

The Hyundai Creta delivered above average on all features and stellar in some. You got very high quality interiors and features, a smashing design that compromised a bit on macho looks. And with the Hyundai service network to back it.

Drive on,
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Default Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2015

Interesting. A 6% lead for the Kwid over the Creta. Both cars at almost two end of the price point spectrums. The Kwid complete value and the Creta in its top end version is expensive.
Kwid this year had no completion in its segment for the COTY. It would have been mighty close at the finish if the S Cross votes had been polled for the Creta.
Though I voted for the Creta, the Kwid looks like it will retain its lead and finish as the worthy winner. In fact I debated between the two for a couple of days before I voted.

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The kwid is undoubtedly the best looker in its segment and also the most economical. It will be a clear winner..I sincerely dont get it how creta was even nominated, no comments about hyundai's outstanding engines and refinement but I personaly do not have a liking for 'imitators'..hyundai has tried to make the creta look like the audi q3 and failed miserably..could have come up with a unique design.
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As quoted by many here, this year the choices are very limited and hence very difficult to vote full heartedly, under the option that I have to vote for one from the list available, I would vote for creta.
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Default re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2015. EDIT: It's the Renault Kwid!

Voted for Kwid. So refreshing change in the A segment with that macho looks and an option that matiz could not do in its time. Hopefully this time, we may have a competitor to Alto!!
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Voted for Kwid. It is a real game changer in the Maruti dominated A segment. A product so capable of making the industry leader to wear it's thinking cap again.
Well done Renault! A well deserving award and recognition!
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Default re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2015. EDIT: It's the Renault Kwid!

Have to give it to TUV300. Car of the year needs to add something new to the segment or stretch its boundaries, TUV does both. TUV is the first affordable automatic in the 'offroadable' vehicle segment. A 7 seater in sub 4m segment is another first.

Creta is sweet as well, just that I feel there are better 'bang for the buck' vehicles available. How I wish Maruti had added automatic in its S-Cross. Its a really neat car.
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Default re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2015. EDIT: It's the Renault Kwid!

Was in two minds between the Kwid, for finally being a blockbuster mass car to take the Alto head-on, and for doing what the Nanos and the Eons could never do, & the Creta. However in the end, I ended up voting for the Creta itself for the sheer freshness and quality it has brought into the market.

You know the market is maturing for the better when you have to think so much before a vote!
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Default re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2015. EDIT: It's the Renault Kwid!

Almost no changes since the last update. Seems like Kwid will be crowned the COTY in a couple of days!
Attached Thumbnails
Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2015. EDIT: It's the Renault Kwid!-picture1.jpg  

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Default re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2015. EDIT: It's the Renault Kwid!

Renault Kwid is my choice. Kwid has re-written the standards of the segment that was almost impossible for any other car. Be it the looks, space, price, features, efficiency, spare costs, etc. It is able to take a fight against the likes of Maruti Alto, a car that once termed un-challengeable. It takes a lot of grit to do the same.

Hyundai Creta was also on my mind, but it the price that made me change my mind. IMO, price of Creta was a deterrent. I feel it doesn't provide value for money. This is solely my opinion without any intention to offend Creta owners.
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