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Default Re: February 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Originally Posted by volkman10 View Post
Luxury segment sales led by Mercedes Benz,
I don't know about this data. For example, Mercedes adds up to 1085 sans the A, B Classes; Audi there's no A3; BMW there's no 1-series. So I assume this data is without the entry-level "luxury" models.

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Default Re: February 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Originally Posted by volkman10 View Post
March 28th is the launch date of Tiago, hence these indicate dealer dispatches for Test drive/display.
Not just that. Dealers will be stocking up to offer instant deliveries. Whichever customers decided to hold on for the Tiago have sure been waiting a long time!

Originally Posted by girishglg View Post
First look encouraging Kwid numbers there, but really speaking, it should be way up near the Alto numbers given its segment leading package. However really doubt if they will ever match the scale of the Marutis.
Not everyone wants to beat Maruti and it's not necessary for a successful product to be no.1 (you can be successful even at no. 2 or 3). Renault knows that it can't match the Alto (due to brand, network etc. etc.).

What Renault wants is their internal sales projections being met and the Kwid far exceeded that.
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Default Re: February 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

KUV100 is the only hatch apart from Maruti/Hyundai to have done so well in the B1/B2 segment. This is a tough segment to crack and every other big manufacturer has failed badly here !! So big cheers to Mahindra for this !

TUV300 needs some more marketing push and I think it will move up.

I wonder how the next generation Eon will look like considering and also wonder what Hyundai is planning to do next ! Kwid is beating Eon 3 months in a row now !

Creta at 8196 units is mind blowing. We Indians love a super hit product !

Endeavour at 400 odd units is doing really well considering how brutally this segment is dominated by Fortuner. Endeavour should enjoy its numbers for some time to come. Fortuner sales in triple digits for 3 consecutive months now.

Superbs aggressive price did not really help the sales number. I'm a slight bit disappointed here considering the overall package.
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Default Re: February 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Originally Posted by volkman10 View Post
Thanks Aditya for the data.

Luxury segment sales led by Mercedes Benz,

Mercedes -1085, Audi 990, BMW 640, Volvo 140, Porsche 25.

Figures of the luxury segment sales break-up!

Source: Auto Punditz
Why doesn't the Audi A3 feature in that list? I thought it would be doing some decent numbers given the positioning of the product or may be I am missing some information.
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Default Re: February 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Thanks for the numbers and the charts. Nice coverage.

Fortuner increase sales are a surprise, was expecting it to go down further considering new model is going to come soon.

Same with Innova, with the crysta showcased at autoexpo, the numbers should have taken a beating.

Creta is able to sell to the max capacity utilization.

I am surprised to see the dip in the numbers of Baleno, is it no longer a threat to i20 ?

KUV, though not so good looking is helping get Mahindra get in the numbers. It will be interesting to see the petrol vs diesel split here, given Mahindras new petrol small car engine.
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Default Re: February 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Datsun's getting a healthy jump in sales. Is it because of the new ad campaign they are belting out on TV?

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Default Re: February 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Thanks Aditya for the numbers.

Rated 5 stars !!

Once again Maruti and Hyundai marching ahead.
Wonder why the drop in City numbers. Did the stubborn dealership attitude finally begin putting off people?

Did a small analysis, trying to see how well the top 20 sellers contribute to the companies.
Maruti seems to have the most balanced portfolio, followed by Hyundai. Toyota numbers are skewed with Innova bringing ~48%.
Similarly, Bolero contributes 33% for Mahindra and City 37% to Honda.

But the most heavily skewed portfolio is of Renault, with 85% contribution of Kwid.

Name:  Capture.JPG
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Default Re: February 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Creta is clearly moving from strength to strength in the Cross Over segment. 8196 units sold in February which is 25% up from Jan figures. S-Cross also grew by the same percentage on a MoM basis, but the base was so less and hence does not pose any challenges to the Creta in near future.

Maruti needs ramp up of their NEXA reach across country to march towards the initially projected sales figure of 5K/Month from the currently 2.5K/Month for S-Cross
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Default Re: February 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Chevrolet has about 9 car models, 200 + dealers across the country. A quick calculation tells me, on an average, each dealer sold about 11 cars in a month.

Not to mention, the overhead costs + maintenance + other expenses to run a dealership.

50+ years in India and still this situation. How is Chevy going to survive in this market?
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Default Re: February 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Originally Posted by AkMar View Post
-123 Quantos? Where did they come from, out of the blue!
In Guwahati, Quantos are used by traffic police for surveillance. Not sure about other cities, but some others might be using them too. So, the abrupt jump might have to do with bulk government orders.

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Default Re: February 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Drop in the number for Celerio is significant, despite the discounts on offer for the entire month. It seems it is taking the hit from Kwid whereas Alto is unaffected. Once Kwid is launched with AMT & 1L engine, the Plain Jane Celerio should feel even more heat.

KUV100 numbers are a bit of surprise. Maybe the novelty factor working here. Else, such a sizeable gap between numbers of KUV and Figo is hard to understand with later being a strong enough product itself. With Aspire too moving downhill, Ford's Sales/Marketing has not covered itself with any glory.

S-Cross seems to be stabilizing in 2-3K range. Any other manufacturer will be content but Maruti would be disappointed. It should be interesting to know if sale of 1.6L has improved after price-drop.

And loved to see the Abarth's number going up.

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Default Re: February 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

This is the most eagerly waited posts on TBHP every month.
Rated 5 stars already.
Good to see Kwid doing good numbers. Finally Renault has a reason to be happy apart from Duster. With Renault launching Duster in AMT avatar lets see how does it bring the count to its stable.
Don't know whats wrong with Ford. Even though they have such good products (new Figo & Aspire) which should get them some numbers, they are losing out to other manufacturers.
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Default Re: February 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Figo Aspire selling less than 1K units in it's 6th month after launch, and that too when Ford actually came up with 1-2 TVC campaigns last month. IMO it's game over for Figo Twins in another 2-3 months unless Ford decides to 'FINALLY' wake up and work on increasing product visibility.

I felt the confidence was lacking right from the launch phase and Ford is happy with the export numbers it seems, it would become difficult for them to sustain profitability for dealers once new launches from Auto Expo start entering the market.

They went on dealer expansion spree last year, making spare parts available with external vendors all this for what? I read this article and wondered what kind of brand transformation are they undergoing!!
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Default Re: February 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Remault except for Kwid seems to be in Shambles. Have always been a fan of their quirky global models. But that seems to be missing from the models here in India. Would it not make economic sense to Renault to modify the lines for Micra/Pulse to churn out more numbers of Kwid. They do hope to do more numbers when the 1 Litre engine version comes. .
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Default Re: February 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

The Indian consumer of a decade ago, when it came to automobile purchasing was typically known as someone who'd ask 2 questions at first : 1) What is the city and highway mileage 2) What would be the service costs & resale for the vehicle. This is in no way an insult, the consumer wanted to know exactly the costs he/she is getting into and also extract maximum benefits from the ownership.

In just a decade, worlds have gone apart in terms of buyer mentality, branding & perspective of value. Its amazing what each of the brands were then and what they are now and it wont be silly to say that the pyramid is standing on its head now (with exception to Maruti as their sales are consistent).

Hyundai : They entered with a humble tall-boy shaped Santro and a rather low-slung Accent and they had the most sales with these 2 models. Others like the first gen Sonata, Elantra, Terracan & Tucson met with quick removals from the lineup due to low sales.. products that were perhaps too early for the time. Today they have tasted success with the Rs.8+ lakhs i20 and Rs.10+ lakhs Creta, with the other models like Grand i10, Xcent & Neo Elantra too selling in decent numbers within their segments.

Honda : They ruled the roost at a time when the German big 3 were absent for the most part from India, the Civic and Accord had reasonable success in the high-end market at a time when 20L+ budget was comparable to the 30+L of today. Even the Jazz was a pricing heavyweight for its time with a 9+L tag and the City had no competition at that time. The arrival and publicity of the German big 3 in the luxury league and also cut-throat competition from Hyundai with the Elantra & VW/Skoda with Jetta & Octavia signalled the end of Honda's premum badging as they swiftly removed Civic (though a good car and a segment first for its time) and Accord (an overpriced product). Then came the relatively de-engineered products like Brio, the new Jazz and Amaze. The new City too has been facing stiff competition and doesn't seem as well-built as the prev-gen City was.

Toyota : Almost a Honda story in repeat, they had the Corolla & Camry which occupied 2nd slot from Honda's Civic & Accord in terms of sales, I guess stiff competition from the likes of Superb & Passat ended the Camry story. The Elantra, Jetta & Octavia fought the Corolla away. Thus came the sub-10L products the Etios & Liva. Now their main income comes from the Innova & Etios which perhaps is split between commercial & private sales.

G.M : With strong products like Aveo, Aveo U-Va & Optra, Chevy seemed to have laid a good foundation, however poor marketing with perhaps low sales & customer support seems to have eroded all that away. The Captiva-catching-flames controversy has only worsened the situation. Its high time they bring in the American models quickly along with the newly face-lifted Cruze otherwise they are DONE.

Ford : Again, with strong products like Escort & Ikon, it seemed that Ford was on the right path with the first-gen Fiesta, however the Fiesta was never a segment leader and failed even with the latest model update. The 1st gen Figo while it had the greatest chance to ensure sales, suffered due to silly corporate decisions in terms of denying basic features like rear-power windows and fixing of a shiny pink dashboard instead. The current gen Figo & Aspire are not the usual Ford-tough-engineered products, but they do have a lot of practicality & space.. perhaps the competition is just too strong to compete with. Ecosport which is a no-nonsense vehicle in a segment of its own should do just fine though.

Every year, a more or less same pattern of sales have happened month-on-month and this year should be no different +/-10% varying if at all. Maruti will continue to hold its ground as will Hyundai. The interesting battle will be the sub-10L market of Tata vs Ford vs VW/Skoda as the 3 struggle to compete in various segments. Mahindra holds a niche which is unshakeable and that will continue.

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