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Default May 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis


1: Thanks to the team at Auto Punditz for sharing these sales numbers with us!

2: Only cars that sell 500+ units (and thus, the relevant ones) have been included in the gainers & losers chart.

3. These manufacturer-reported sales numbers are factory dispatches to dealerships. They are NOT retail sales figures to end customers.
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Default Re: May 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

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Default Re: May 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

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Default Re: May 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

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Default Re: May 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Thread moved from the Assembly Line (The "Assembly Line" Forum section) to the Indian Car Scene!
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Default Re: May 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Thank you, was eagerly waiting for this.

Innova, regardless of the price seems to be a big hit in the market.

Fortuner after a small drop got back.

Surprised that Ford sold less number of Endeavours in May. Bad market response already? Interestingly started seeing more Endeavours on the road from May !
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Default Re: May 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Thanks Aditya for the detailed report. Some inputs I captured.

The more things change, the more they remain the same. That’s what came to my mind after looking at the monthly figures. An all to familiar set of numbers. One thing that jumped out is that there is no Honda product in the Top 20. Don't recall that happening in a very long time.

Segment Level
  • Entry Segment: Last month I wondered if the Alto is getting hit by the Kwid. This month indicates otherwise. Alto continues it merry way with 20K units. Kwid surprisingly drops to 5K units, I assume it has something to do with maintenance downtimes as well as changes related to the poor NCAP numbers. Honestly, Renault cannot have such dips. The other surprises are the Eon dropping almost 50% to 3K+ units and the Datsun Go dispatches getting to 1000+ units. Wonder if Redi-Go also is grouped under this. Nano continues to drop.

  • Entry Premium Hatch Segment: Continues to be ruled by the Grand i10 and Swift. last month it looked like Alto's drop may be the Swifts gain, with Alto recovering, Swift settles close to its usual numbers. Tiago at 3K+ numbers. There were talks about unprecedented demand for Petrol variants which needs a production realignment. For Tata's sake hope these numbers improve. Considering the segment and the quality of the car, it should do 5-6K units. Personally don't think it will happen. Mahindra has a winner with the KUV consistently doing expected numbers. Surprisingly the Ritz picks up a bit.

  • Premium Hatch Segment: Elite continues to hold off the Baleno, but both blockbusters and dwarfs everything else. Polo in distant third place and surprisingly manages to outsell the Jazz by a tiny margin. Poor numbers from the Jazz, partially could be due to Honda's realignment to increase Petrol variant production. But in general looks to be a below average performer. Figo still struggling at ~1000 units. Nothing else new in the segment. Abarth falls to single digits which is sad considering the passion about the car.

  • Compact Sedan Segment: Dzire seems to have gained back numbers it lost last month. Xcent comes in distant 2nd maintaining ~4k units. Big drop for the Amaze and drops to 4th place behind the Zest which keeps steady with ~1500 units. Overall looks like a segment on the decline. Should see Ameo numbers next month. Etios chugs along with the taxi segment boost.

  • Sedan Segment: Ciaz emerges on top by a big margin. Partially could be due to Honda's realignment to increase Petrol variant production. But still City dropping to 3.5K units will be a worry and it is clear that Ciaz is strong competition especially with the SHVS Diesels which are way cheaper. Don't think the Vento/Rapid manual diesel sales have resumed. Which shows in the numbers. Another nothing much happening segment.

  • Premium Sedan Segment: Interesting how much of a name that Toyota commands in this space. The Altis rules and even the Camry outsells most of the other D1 segmenters. Octavia in 2nd spot.

  • Compact/Entry SUV's: The happening segment. Brezza continues its strong show with ~7000 units. Impressive, considering it is only diesel and there is no petrol or an automatic. Does overtake the more expensive Creta, but numbers wise Creta holds on well. Ford's push of the Ecosport seems to have run out of steam. Back to its usual 3K numbers. Scross continues to hold steady at ~2000+ units. More powerful TUV launch not reflected in the numbers yet. Still below 2000 units. Nuvosport seems to be another Dead on Arrival product. First month of full dispatches for the BRV. ~2.5k units seems to be on the lower side. Need to see how it shapes up. Innova Crysta all set to continue its blockbuster innings-7k+ units and back into the top 10. Slight drop from the Ertiga, but nothing major. Nothing new from rest of the backbenchers- Lodgy, Mobilio, Enjoy, Go+, Xylo, Terrano. Big list of MUV's and SUV's. mostly in low 3 digit numbers. Having said that, good options to have.

  • SUV's: Mahindra's XUV and Scorpio continue their usual numbers. Fortuner regain top spot over the Endeavour. 500 units seems to be the max Ford can deliver. XUV500 seems to have dropped a bit from its usual 3K+ numbers.

  • At the Manufacturer Level Maruti continuous to go from strength to strength. The fact that their premium vehicles-Brezza, Baleno and Ciaz are segment toppers is something that they will be very happy about. Looks like they have broken the premium car jinx to an extent. In addition it looks like business as usual in the lower segments. Happy times for Maruti.

  • Hyundai has been able to ward of Maruti's challenge against the i20 and Creta. Both maintaining their numbers along with Grand i10. The drop for Eon will be a worry though. Will need to be worried as to where the growth in numbers will come from.

  • Mixed bag for Mahindra continues, KUV100 seems to be a success, TUV is dropping and Nuvosport looks to be sinking without a trace. Volumes coming from the traditional sellers-but for how long is the question?

  • Renault was the new number 4 last month. But it was on the back of the Kwid. With Kwid dropping, Renault also drops. They should ensure that the pressure is sustained and there are no dip in dispatches. Will not take long for the customers to go back to the traditional choices.

  • Things seems to be getting worse for Honda with even the City dropping in sales. BRV seems to have started well but need to see how far it goes with its 7 seater and petrol/AT USP. Big drops for the Amaze and Jazz. personally feel that the focus on features and volumes at the cost of build quality and finish is slowly starting to hit them. No product in the Top 20 after a very long time.

  • Tiago becomes Tata's biggest seller. But at 3k+ units that does not mean much. None of their other products seem to be getting the traction they deserve. Hope the Tiago does not meet the same fate.

  • Toyota continues to reap the benefits in the premium segment. Crysta has been well received and Altis continues its reign. Wish they would focus more on good products in the lower segments also.

  • Need to see if Ford's new big Brand Management campaign will have any effect. For now they are in a very poor state. 1000 units of Aspire and Figo is difficult to believe.

  • Volkswagen is going all out marketing the Ameo. Launch price for the petrol is fantastic. No Diesel at launch is going to hit them hard. But would be an interesting product to watch. Anything in the 1500 range without impacting Polo or Vento will make VW happy is what I feel.

  • Datsun Redi-Go just launched. Honestly, absolutely nothing exciting about it. I will be surprised if it manages any kind of numbers and does anything good for Datsun.

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Default Re: May 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Thanks Aditya.
Muted i must say.
On the lighter side, from this month figures the following comes to my mind
  • Chevrolet : Beat-en
  • Datsun : Go-Go
  • Fiat : Ab-kya-arth
  • Honda : Be-Re-Ve
  • Nissan : Eval-uate
  • Renault : Dust-errr
  • Skoda : Oct-kya-kiya
  • Tata : Nano-Bolt
  • Toyota : Innova-tion
  • Volkswagen : Beet-le
No offence buddies.

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Default Re: May 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Just look at the Innova! 7200+ units! Wow. Back to hard hitting sales despite the ban for diesel engines in both Delhi and Kerala. A petrol engine option could really open up the market further!

What's happening at Honda? Total sales are not even half of their production capacity. Can't be due to less market demand as it is highly unlikely that the City will fall out of demand below the top 20 list in India. Lukewarm start for the BRV. Mobilio had done better after its launch!

That said, Maruti marketing team with the SHVS seems to be giving the City a run for its money. Ciaz is back on top and how! The increasing threat on diesels could spoil their party though! Baleno gets preference in production this month over Brezza and it shows! Both these cars could sell a lot more once the boosterjet range of petrol engines are launched.

Ford has been shouting from the rooftops ever since the Brezza was launched, spending 200 crores in the process as well. But sales aren't getting better. If Brezza manages to kill off Ecosport, Ford is in big trouble!

Speaking of money, Mahindra unnecessarily used it up for the Nuvosport launch. All it seems to have managed is to divert some sales from the TUV 3OO.
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Default Re: May 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Thank you for the most-eagerly awaited thread every month, Aditya.

My observations:

Maruti-Suzuki - Can't put a foot wrong.
The two new bestsellers, Baleno & Vitara Brezza, are rocking the sales charts.
Even a cut in production of old favorite Swift/Dzire twins hasn't dented their monthly sales much. (link)
Add to it all, the Ciaz has gone past City's numbers to take the crown in the C2-sedan segment this month.
Interestingly, out of the top 20 monthly bestsellers this month, a whopping ELEVEN are Maruti-Suzuki offerings!

Hyundai - Steady growth month after month.
The Grand i10 and the i20 twins continue their consistent performance to keep their foot firmly in the top 10 bestsellers.
The Creta sees a small dip but is still going strong at 7,000+ units, as is the XCent.
Eon numbers show a substantial dip. A sign of things to come in the form of the facelifted Eon soon? (link)

Mahindra - A new bestseller emerges in the form of the KUV100.
Bolero numbers going down. Could be to accomodate KUV production numbers, or maybe decline in rural demand.
Scorpio & XUV500 not as strong as they were 6 months back. Maybe their petrol siblings, due to be launched later this year, will add some much-needed numbers to those present figures. (link)
Worrying times ahead for the NuvoSport, if those numbers from launch are anything to go by.
Surprising dip by the TUV300. Advertised as robust and as a more practical option in the segment it vies in. Let's see how the 100PS version helps in sales' numbers in the days to come.

Toyota - What a strong showing by the Innova Crysta, despite facing bans in the Delhi/NCR region and Kerala. Goes to show how much people trust in the "Innova" nameplate and in the premium Toyota offering.
Expedite the new Fortuner too, Toyota. It's facing stiff competition from the Endeavour right now.
Liva going down, Etios sedan going up. Could be due to the boost in marketing in Tier-III cities. Sad to see one of the safest certified hatches in India perform so poorly. But then, the Etios twins were built to a cost and their age shows now. Time for their new-gen versions to carry the baton forward. (link)

Honda - Remarkable turnaround for the Jap auto major. Only this time, it's the other way around!
City numbers have drastically reduced, no doubt due to the increasing demand for petrols over diesels. Honda has admitted that it will take at least 3 months for production, vendors & supplies to re-align according to the market demand. Unsold City diesels lie in dealer stockyards, while City petrols have gone into waiting periods. Same case with the Amaze. (link)
Healthy surge in Jazz numbers. Still below the numbers Honda expects. The Baleno and the i20 twins are not relenting.
Start of the innings for the BR-V. Still early to comment how it will perform until it stabilises. Honda is seeing equal demand for the petrol & diesel BR-Vs - first signs of definite shift towards petrols in the SUV segment?

Tata - The lone bright light for the domestic auto giant is the Tiago.
Consistently clocking over 3,000 units for the second month in a row, and sitting pretty on over 20,000 bookings, Tata Motors is also plagued by supply issues since the demand for the petrol Tiagos is much more (think 80:20 ratio) than the diesel. (link)
Worrying numbers for the Nano. The Nano Pelican needs to come soon, to provide some respite.
Sad to see the Safari/Storme numbers go down so badly. This is one car which needs plenty of makeover soon. Maybe in the form of the JLR-inspired version, soon?
Future seems promising - with the Hexa MPV, the Kite 5 sedan and the Nexon all lined up for launches in the next few months. (link)

Renault - When you are dependent on one product in your portfolio, what do you do when it's sales start spiralling? To early to tell, but the Kwid needs better backup from the company. They have added an extra shift at their plant solely for Kwid production, but how this translates to meeting the 4-month waiting period remains to be seen. Also, the Kwid fared poorly in the G-NCAP tests recently, and perception carries a product too.
The Duster facelift didn't do much to it's sales numbers. Newer, better contemporary products have hit it badly.
The Lodgy isn't doing as well as it should, either. The Ertiga still remains the de-facto choice in this particular segment.

Ford - Figo/Aspire numbers down, and what is the company doing? Rolling out a 200-crore brand perception transformation campaign! (link) Two fantastic cars let down by an indifferent company.
Can someone tell them to weed out the main problems associated with a Ford car first (before sales, after sales service, costs, indifferent SA behaviour, etc.), before unnecessarily spending so much on a media campaign. Will it help? Chances are dim but let's see.
Even the mighty EcoSport is now facing the heat, especially from the Vitara Brezza.

Volkswagen - Dieselgate aside, the Polo is actually doing pretty decently. The Vento has dropped down to 3-figure numbers, and that should be a real worry. Don't throw out facelifted versions every 2 months, Volkswagen. Work on your cars and make them at par with competition.
That said, the Ameo has started with a fantastic pricing and should do well in the days to come. Let's see how much the 108BHP engine option adds to it's sales as well.

As for the rest, the less said the better.

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Default Re: May 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Trailblazer seems to be blazing nothing apart from Chevys pockets and is trailing in the list. Combined together, Chevy seems to have sold a little over what Ritz has sold for Maruti or how much the Etios has sold for Toyota

Inspite of a higher pricing bracket, the new innova seems to be a sales magnet selling more than all the other Toyota products put together. WOuld be good to see how the new fortuner would fare once its launched here. Probably now, the new endeavour could be eating into some of the fortuner's numbers
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Thumbs up India to lead global auto sales growth in 2016

While China dominates the world automobile arena with absolute volumes, It is India that is slated to lead the industry on the growth front according to Autocar UK

The compact SUV segment is fueling growth in India and according to the report the segment is expected to generate 3.25 lac units this year.

Name:  india.jpg
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China is also striving on the SUV craze as the market is shifting from sedans. Growth in 2016 will be slow paced at just 5.5% as compared to 2015. Last year, one million sub-compact SUVs were sold, almost twice as many as in 2014

Name:  china.jpg
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Name:  Rest.jpg
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Default Re: May 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Few observations from my side on the key players:

• Maruti has increased its lead and it is expected be seen in the coming months with strong bookings of its new kids – Vitara Brezza and Baleno.
Maruti Suzuki has now some new segment leaders.
Vitara Brezza becomes the leader in the UV segment , overtakes Hyundai’s Creta -Baleno crosses the 10k mark, takes on Hyundai’s Elite i20 (discarding Active volumes) RS variant could prop up Baleno’s sales numbers post October 2016.
Ciaz's takes the crown this month from Honda’s City in the C segment. Could be increased sales of Ciaz SHVS variant in Delhi added to Honda not geared up with the demand for City’s petrol variant.
Ertiga relinquishes its lead position to Toyota’s Innova Crysta. The sales of S-Cross seem to be settling at around 2-2.5k per month, Petrol variant could boost up this number.
The speculated to-be- discontinued Ritz is doing numbers which is many manufactures would be vying to have

• Hyundai continue its run with the success of Elite and Creta. Verna loses big time, time for Hyundai to bring the 2017 Verna. Eon and i10 is greatly impacted by KWID.

• Toyota’s Innova Crysta propels them to the 4th slot. Crysta also becomes the segment leader. All other cars see no great future. Facelifts might not help too.

• Volkswagen seem to be getting back to their original level with both Polo and Vento registering 50% increase in numbers with Ameo’s pricing out seem to be not helping with the anaemic 1.2L engine. The upcoming 1.5 TDI is likely to do the trick if priced sensibly?
Vento’s facelift could space out Ameo from Vento in features and pricing – Bring in
1.4 TSI engine for India too as petrol vehicles are gaining momentum in sales. Will
Vento more premium?

• GM and Fiat are in a similar position, but GM shows a bit of improvement due to its
Range of its portfolio.

• Mahindra's KUV100 holding well in sales while TUV loses momentum, NuvoSport as expected is dead on arrival. Most products from M&M shows declining sales.

• Renault fizzles out in total volumes, now in 7th position in total sales. One product dependence to be blamed. KWID drops in volumes- parts constraint? Kaptur and the 2017 Duster could bring them back in the game.

• Honda is the worst effected in the May sales, down in all its volume drivers. City taking the hit as the demand for diesel drops and unexpected demand from petrol buyers. Its new launch BR-V doing mediocre numbers, could stabilize at 1500/month going forward.

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Default Re: May 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

This dominance by Maruti is crazy! They have 14 models, and 11 are in the top 20!

So, if we were to take the 3 models which are not in the top 20, which are:
Ritz 2403 (marketed to taxi operators only)
S-Cross 2101 (most expensive Maruti)
Gypsy 169 (institutional sales only)
The total sales comes to 4673.

This is still more than Volkswagen/Skoda (combined), Chevrolet, Renault/Nissan/Datsun (combined), and Fiat. If these models were a different brand, it would rank 9th, just below Ford.
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Default Re: May 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Seems like a pretty good decent start for the new 2016-17 fiscal year! As always one of the most awaited thread on Team-bhp.


How did they suddenly managed to sell more than 1000 units of the Beat! It's getting quite popular among the urban cab operators, seeing a lot of Ola Micros and Mini having Beat. Recently, spotted a couple of Beats associated with Taxi For Sure too except this nothing worked for Chevrolet. The trailblazer was dead on arrival, same goes with the Cruze facelift, I can't believe the same vehicle used to do around 700-800 units a couple of years back. The Tavera works solely due to the fleet operators, one of the most popular cabs in Gujarat. Nothing can be said about the Sails twin and Enjoy, why do they even exist?


I quite liked the RediGo and hope it's able to shake up the market a bit but then again first time buyers are scared to take risk. Expecting it to settle at around 1200-1500 units each month though lovely pricing by the manufacturer, Definitely a much better product than the MS Alto 800 overall.


Most of the auto enthusiasts wants a Punto Abarth in their garage but all end up buying something different! Single digit sales for the vehicle, I just hope Fiat doesn't decides to pull the plug soon. Nothing to say about Linea or Evo.


This is utterly disappointing to see both the Figo twins are failing so miserably in our market. Both are such capable products! God Bless the Indian consumers and then they cry for the lack of options manufacturers provides these days. An excellent beginning for the Endy, Fortuner finally has a worthy competitor and Toyota can feel the same though I am quite sure Toyota will gain it's numbers as soon the next generation Fortuner arrives because when it comes to SUVs and MPVs, Toyota has won every battle till date.


The condition of Honda is getting worse by each month. Just 1400 units of Amaze and 3000 units of City! I know the production was less due to the changes at the plant but still City's sales are on a decline thanks to the Value for money proportionate Ciaz is, well loaded, good comfort and high on mileage. What more does an Indian consumer wants? The BR-V is going to die out soon, it's a new vehicle hence the popularity though I am quite sure it's going fall quite badly in the upcoming months. Polo outsells Jazz, enough said!


It's seriously amazing to see Hyundai selling more than 7000 units continuously from the last few months. I never expected consumers to shell out 15-16 lakhs on a compact SUV in our market which is so price sensitive. The Elite has settled down at around 10,000 units each month though a sudden boost in Grand i10's sales! Is it due to the special limited edition launch? The Xcent has settled down at around 4000 units though it's really good to see that the car is becoming quite popular among the fleet operators! Finally a better alternative than the age old Dzire Tours!


Mahindra should really consider pulling the plug of both Xylo and Verito Vibe. They are simply not going to sell anymore! It's life cycle is over. Thanks to so many alternatives now, people are shifting to other manufacturers and the sales of Bolero proves it perfectly. In the last 3 months the sales of the super popular workhorse has decreased by 3000 units! The KUV and Scorpio has settled 4000 and 5000 units respectively. The NuvoSport was dead on arrival.

Maruti Suzuki

I got so excited to see the dip in Alto's sales but it's back to around 20,000 units again thanks to the lame so called facelift the car has received. The Baleno has secured the second spot in the game and is following the Elite closely, will it be able to beat it? I don't think so! Even after being a capable product, I feel Elite is superior to Baleno due to it's better interiors, overall brand value (Snob value, a MS will always remain a MS No offense) and the better design though that's subjective. The Ciaz is doing extremely good for itself and well as I said earlier it's bound to do that! It's a perfect recipe of what an Indian family wants. I am clearly not understanding The Vitara Brezza has finally taken the first stop but then again I feel Hyundai Creta is the clear winner here due to the vast price difference both the vehicle has, the Brezza is ZDi+ is cheaper than Creta Top end by a whole 6 Lakhs.


What are you guys smoking? Can't you see none of your vehicles are selling! Are you the folks who produced so many legends like GT-R, 350Z, 240SX etc.?


Poor month for the Kwid due to the on-going maintenance at the plant. The Duster facelift is doing pretty decent numbers. It seems like Renault has silently discontinued the Fluence and Koleos in the Indian market, not even a single unit sold in the last 3 months? A positive month for Lodgy though definitely deserves much better numbers. It's a highly capable and reliable product! The Scala and Pulse are screaming for facelifts now!


The Rapid facelift is awaited! Nothing else is working for the manufacturer.


Who are those 5 people who bought Aria? I thought the company has discontinued the MPV now! A promising start of Tiago, hope it improves further. The hatch is an excellent package, Zest! thanks to the boring Dzire, another capable product doing 1500 units only.


Woah! 177 units of Camry sold! Mighty impressive for a 30 lakh car. The new Innova retains it's throne being the best seller and even with a 20 lakh price tag the car MPV outsells all the Compact SUVs, MPVs and SUVs! Now, that's what I call a benchmark product. The Corolla continues to rule the D1 Sedan segment and no one comes even near it!


Nothing much to say about Volkswagen, a good month for the Polo gaining the 3rd Spot. Hope Ameo does some good numbers for the company!

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