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Default Which Indian car would go on and on.

I ideally wanted to start a poll but do not know what to keep in the options field so am not keeping a poll right now.

I would like to know which car according to team-bhpians would qualify for the energiser ad and go On and on inspite of being abused at the hands of its owner and all other adversities it may have to encounter but the car just goes on and on.

According to me it is a battle between the good old maruti 800 and the OHC,with the 800 having a slight edge over its rival.

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Default m800

My vote would be 5 speed M800. I think the Toyota Corolla is also a good contender, but I do not have experience on it.
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Most Marutis I guess.....

And the Santros too..... I have rarely seen a Santro break down.... we have had 2 Santros till now and NOTHING has gone wrong with them *touches wood for luck*

But in the same vein, we have never had any problems with our past 2 Opel Corsas either (German build quality rocks )

But directly on topic, I would say most Marutis (800s. Altos, Balenos, esteems, zens) and Santros...... I

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Why only 800?
In fact all old model marutis like zen, esteem etc would go on and on and on...
I know many zens which has clocked over 1 lac kms and still running strong...

OHC/NHC any honda product will go on and on..Almost 90% Civics in US are run over 1 lac miles and still sell like hot cakes in used can market...that should give you an idea about Honda reliability. I guess there would be similar situation for OHC in India.

Toyota corolla is also known to go the distance ....dont count it out!
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Kindly try and keep it to one or two choices only,i.e. which accordiing to you is the best in India.

oops sorry I think its duracell and not energiser which says go and on.

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Hey guys,
IMHO, its the Old Honda Accord/Mitsubishi Lancer.
I have seen many mitsubishi lancers raced/manhandled by underage kids/tourist taxi drivers and most of them have covered more the 1L km and still feel factory fresh.
When i went to Coorg with family and friends, we were drive around in a 3 lancer and an Octavia and the lancers felt fresher (1L+ km done) then the Octavia (20kkm done). We had this 1km long private road to our hotel and the cars (only lancer) were ripped there and that road included some twisties and hair pin bends.
Thats where my love affair with the car started.
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I dont think ANY car would be able to 'go on and on and.....' with any kind of abuse.....the question really should be which car can put up with the most??
It's not a question that can ever be answered without any ambiguity..

For example, a maruti 800 can probably be driven in 'almost any' gear at 'almost any' speed, whereas, say with an Ikon 1.6, this would be a real strain on the car..However, you could push the Ikon to its limits for a lot longer than the 800 before the engine overheats..so its really hard to say!!! Condition of the car also really matters......

BTW, I've used these two cars in my example purely because I've driven both extensively..I'm not comparing them.I know they're from completely different segments..just trying to get my point across.


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If we talk about engine technology and engine life for indian condition its Toyota, Honda is good but for indian condition if person use car in good and bad roads toyota has edge on all cars since its engine is really robust and trouble free for over 1 lac. KM in ODO.

Toyota Corrolla and Honda Civic scores neck to neck in the battle.

Toyota have understood indian condition slightly better than honda according to me.


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Undoubtedly the Toyota Qualis. Ask my tour operator to endorse this fact. I have seen a qualis that had almost 3,00,000 km and still running.
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IMHO. Any car can go on and on for years. I still see padmini fiats well maintained done over 3.5 lac and even the first suzukis in india in a very good condition.

So i thing it depends how you maintain a car.
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Old 7th October 2006, 20:23   #11
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Ambassador - without doubt
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I have driven both Maruti 800 (1995 model) and Santro (2000, 1 lit). Both are rugged and reliable -- haven't experienced any breakdowns over several years of driving both.

I vote for Santro -- in my opinion, close to the ideal car for Indian road conditions. The Santro is a superb handler (miles ahead of Maruti 800) and cuts through dense traffic like a hot knife through butter -- I haven't seen too many other Indian cars that can switch lanes and make tight overtakes like the Santro. You can park it anywhere and it is a reasonably spacious and comfortable car for a family of four or five. And it has reasonable speed and pick-up -- quite adequate for our highways.

I have also driven the old Fiats and Ambassadors; they may be rugged, but they are not reliable.
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Old 7th October 2006, 21:22   #13
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I agree with MAG. the ambassadors, premier padminis & mahindra vehicles are the true heroes of the long & abusive race of indian driving conditions. not only will they outlast the owner (with a LITTLE care), they are the only vehicles that will negotiate ANY road & ANY sort of adulterated fuel, without too much of a fuss...and i believe it is these are the qualities that make a long lasting vehicle.
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i dont think there is any specific car that can go on and on and on despite being abused....without being maintained. any amount of abuse can be neutralised by spending good money on maintanence. but if we are talking minimum maintenance & maximum abuse & still looking for a long life, then the award goes to the OMNI. there is no other box that can take the abuse & still stand up. just ask the call taxi guys.
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The moment I saw the title of this thread, one name came to my mind. Toyota Qualis.
Personally, one with the highest mileage I have seen is a Fiat Uno petrol with almost 2,40,000Kms done without any major engine trouble. But ofcourse, it could be an exception.
But when it comes to abuse and day after day of manhandling, its undoubtedly the Toyota Qualis.
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