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Default Re: R.I.P. Maruti Ritz

Any parting discounts on the Ritz diesel? RIP tall boy.
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Default Re: R.I.P. Maruti Ritz

Originally Posted by motomaverick View Post
Any parting discounts on the Ritz diesel? RIP tall boy.
The only variants that you would find in the market right now are the LXI & LDI. They are pretty bare bones and do not offer any value for money, except for the taxi fleet, irrespective of the amount of discounts being offered on them.
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Default Re: R.I.P. Maruti Ritz

Own a Ritz VXi from 2011, very practical. Also own a Brio, between the two whenever I need to drive in city Ritz always is practical and has superb noise isolation. Excellent car especially now with an attractive price for prospective second hand buying.

Little skeptical if Ignis will fill in the shoes left by Ritz, does not look to be serving the same vision of a practical city run-about with excellent highway dynamics.

I have driven this car at around 140 KPH on fenced highways with very low road noise creeping in, cant say the same about cars costing much higher than this one. Will wait to see what happens as I might have to part with my Ritz in a year or two.
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Default Re: R.I.P. Maruti Ritz

I own a 2015 Ritz VDI..The reason I had chosen it over its brother was felt smaller, and more menuverable than Swift. Plus to that I was very specific about the India's national engine 1.3 DDIS at Maruti state of tuneing.

So far it is been a excellent drive. Breez to drive in congestes city traffic and not to forget parking in tight spaces. Handling, Performance and of course cost of ownership is been excellent. Just one more underrated capable machine.

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Had this gem of a car for 2 years and 9 months to be precise in which the car clocked 1,07,959 kms before it was sold.

The car was bone stock and totally reliable. Not one mechanical or electrical issue in its life with me. I really miss that car now. Actually I got this car without choice, thanks to the exorbitant waiting period for the car I actually wanted - The Swift. As miles clocked on the odometer, I never regretted the decision of getting the Ritz.

A Small summary of the car:

What I like:

1) Overall design which was unique thanks to caved-in boot lid and Audi-esque front grille. Tall boy design that liberates space vertically too.

2) Nicely packaged interiors with 100% spot on ergonomics for most of the controls inside. Interiors were well screwed together as there were minimal rattles even though it was a Maruti Suzuki.

3) Higher set seating with large size glass area leading to a airy feel. No claustrophobia.

4) 1.3L DDiS in its best state of tune compared to other manufacturers plus the engine is matted to sleek gearbox with a uniquely positioned gear lever that liberated space at the centre.

5) Decent spaced boot for its size.

What I don't Like:

1) When I bought the car, VDi was the top most variant available and that too with no safety features included so it was more of a compromise. No MID or any gadgetry.

2) Low rear seat space.


The night when I took delivery. Standing in my parking lot
Name:  ForumRunner_20161007_024306.png
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Well packaged interiors
Name:  ForumRunner_20161007_024312.png
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The last odometer picture that I had:
Name:  ForumRunner_20161007_023745.png
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Size:  302.0 KB

A highly underrated car with no attention given to it by its own parents which killed itself. What a sad state by Maruti Suzuki India. R. I. P

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Default Re: R.I.P. Maruti Ritz

RIP - Ritz In Peace

Maruti Suzuki Ritz was internationally known as the Suzuki Splash. It was jointly developed by Suzuki Motor Corporation and Adam Opel AG. The name Splash was dropped in India as it was already registered by Ford (though we haven’t seen any Ford Splash yet!). The car was launched in India in the year 2009 and was recently in 2016 Maruti guys decided to discontinue the model in the sub-continent.

Some interesting history about the compact car –

Thanks to Guys @ Auto Punditz for sharing the same. Link to the same: R.I.P - Ritz
Attached Thumbnails
R.I.P. Maruti Ritz-15.jpg  

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Default Re: R.I.P. Maruti Ritz

I'm sad to see the Ritz go without a replacement, but not too sad. This was one of the more practical hatchbacks from Maruti, with a good ride/handling/comfort/looks/space balance. It was a well balanced car, and that was it's greatest strength and also it's weakness. There was nothing that the Ritz particularly excelled at. It was the Maruti hatch that you bought if you wanted something different from the Swift, but wasn't willing to go outside of Maruti. But that was it.

One of the good things it had going was the muscular, squarish front end, but that changed with the mid-life facelift. Although there were umpteen special sticker editions launched to keep up interest and clear stock from time to time, and deals stuck with fleet buyers, it could never hold its own past 2012, after the new Swift was launched. The hatchback game had moved on, while the Ritz hadn't.
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Default Re: R.I.P. Maruti Ritz

The one thing I loved about the Ritz (my last ride before the amaze) was that handy lidded compartment in the middle of the dashboard where I could keep toll receipts, change etc without having it fly away if wind came through an open window.
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Default Re: R.I.P. Maruti Ritz

I knew Maruti will pull the plug but the memories I have with my Vdi will never fade. I purchased in 2011 and covered 46000 kms in my 18 months of hassle free ownership. As my wife was working in Cochin , I used to visit Cochin once every 2 weeks from Bangalore. I cant even remember how much money I spend on tolls. Eventually I had to sell when I moved to US

Few issues I had was with Maruti service cost for the diesel variant ,huge blind spot but got used to it and the OEM tires. I replaced them with Michelin's and the ride quality improved a lot.

Ritz can easily fit into family category hatch , my 2 yr old kid has enough space to jump around in the rear seat , can easily fit 5 medium size person and more points for her luggage carrying capability. Maruti dealers did not market Ritz properly as they were already enjoying steady sales with Wagon-R and Swift

Hope Maruti will introduce a small turbo petrol engine in the new replacement avatar before migrating it to other models. This was the same strategy they adopted while introducing Ritz with the 1.2 K series petrol

I did a few cosmetic mods but nothing with the engine department as I was short of vitamin "M"
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R.I.P. Maruti Ritz-26082011.jpg  

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Default Re: R.I.P. Maruti Ritz

I am still hoping against all the odds that Maruti will come with a rear-lifted Ritz to cater to those who look for a no-nonsense tallboy in the B2 segment.
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Default Re: R.I.P. Maruti Ritz

My 2010 Ritz zxi resting out midway through a 1000 km road trip at Didigul after a sumptuous mutton biryani at Thalappakatti restaurant.

With all guns blazing, did kanyakumari-Madurai in 2.5hrs, with just a 530d and xuv(struggled) to get me in their rear view.
R.I.P. Maruti Ritz-img_0091s.jpg

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Default Re: R.I.P. Maruti Ritz

Couldn't help but share a recent picture of my 2+ year old Zxi. Absolutely love her to the bits. Thought of selling her a few months back and even got a confirmed buyer. However I cancelled in the last minute.

R.I.P. Maruti Ritz-20161114_141922.jpg
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Default Ritz sales figures

Surprisingly sales had picked up in 2016, so wondering whether they should have instead released a Ritz 2.0....not just a simple facelift but a better version after fixing it's eye sore points(E.g. lot of people didn't like the hatch on the back - I liked it though but I am surely minority here.)
Check out the yoy figures shared by Anurag earlier


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Default Re: R.I.P. Maruti Ritz


End of the road for the Ritz. Official announcement from Maruti on Ritz production ending in India both for domestic and export. Could not find this link during search on team-bhp.

Ritz sold 400000 units since 2009. RIP Ritz!
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Default Re: R.I.P. Maruti Ritz

Though I never liked Suzuki (Maruti) as a brand, but Ritz was One of the best car from the stable.
For sure Suzuki's presence in Indian market since early 80's have made a big difference in automotive sector and the customer was exposed to newer technology for commuter transportation. The cars were easy to drive and soft on pocket (then). Some how luxury and sports quotient was absent. (my thoughts). For me Ritz and Ciaz are the cars that were or rather are a step away from the "Kitna deti hai" league of Maruti Suzuki. Top top it, the Fiat Diesel is a boon with optimum pickup.

Ritz for me:
First when I came across an article of Suzuki Splash, I loved the look of the car. The look was stellar (for me) with side crease or lines flowing up, whereas the roof lowering at the rear. Later it was launched in India as Ritz. The name itself was different to us as was the look of the car. Majority of the people did not accept the rear end, but for me it was one good styling aspect to define its presence even when viewed from rear.
A black Ritz was one of the best looking of the lot.

Ritz experience:
One of my cousin (joint family) had a Silver top end - VDi which he used for 3 years and sold it after churning out around 1.45L Kms. Being a business man he would travel a lot with an average run of around 100-120kms per day. Yes he used it as a two wheeler.

After the purchase in 2010, the first thing was to change the tyres to larger Pirelli with larger wall height and wider grip. Stock alloys were kept untouched. The silver exterior with complete Black interior gave an AMG feel. It was fun to drive it in city as well as on highways while playing with gears. It felt as if a football player dodging opponents on a playing ground.

I have fond memories of long distance travels from Pune to Hyderabad, Pune to Aurangabad, Ahmadabad, Ajmer, all separately done and few repeat trips. Pune Mumbai was a regular affair, wherein once we had done two return trips within 10 hours. For me the longest distance traveled at a stretch (non stop) 448kms in around 6 hours from Thane to Ahmadabad which I always love to do repeatedly. Usually traffic is heavy, but if you are lucky, one can enjoy on this stretch as I timed it. The upright seating gave a great feel in such travels considering my 6ft height & heavy body. I never considered it a 5 seater car, rather it was good for 4 average height people.

Even after churning out the kms in such a small time, the car never lagged in pickup, there were no body rattles and neither the suspension gave any thuds. Regular servicing and shell diesel kept its heart clean. The only issue it faced was when one of our driver tried to save it from an idiotic dumper which changed the lane at the speed of 100kms+. Presence of mind and good control shown by our driver averted a total loss and injury to family. The car hit divider due to which Right hand side front suspension and engine chamber got damaged. The car was repaired in a weeks time at Baroda. The feel was no different after which it still clocked another 20k.
The day when my cousin decided to sell it off, as he got a very good offer from his friend, I felt bad. I never wanted to let it go off, but it was his machine.

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