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Default re: Honda WR-V production begins in India. EDIT: Launched at Rs. 7.75 lakh

Honda is not going to price this very very well as we wish.
Honda is not going to load it with lot of features.
Honda may or may not give the 1.5 litre petrol engine.

As much as Honda might wish,people will not see it in isolation from Jazz ( a la Mobilio-BRV)

WRV will either be a dud like BRV or just do average numbers.

There is nothing differentiating (except maybe 1.5 engine),nothing stands out from Jazz in the initial look. Look at Maruti. They have so many hatchbacks and then comes Ignis which is basically the same stuff in such an eyecatching standout package resembling nothing in their stable. Based on reviews and opinions going around, Ignis seems to be another blockbuster.

As Carguynish said in his post above, Honda needs Figo and Ecosport, not Figo and FigoCross. As long as WRV resembles Jazz so much in its looks, people will only see it as Jazz cross despite Honda's wishes.

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Default re: Honda WR-V production begins in India. EDIT: Launched at Rs. 7.75 lakh

Simultaneous to the pics seen in India, Honda WR-V for the very first time reveals its interiors- basically the same as seen in FIT/JAZZ.

Name:  HondaWRVUruguai08774x436.jpg
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Default Scoop Pics! Honda WR-V production begins in India

To be fair enough I think this is the best adaptation of a hatchback and converting into a small SUV. Side profile reminds you that the car is a Jazz but front and rear are totally different. The same was applied for mobilio and Brv but Mobilio's side being totally quirky looked even worse in the Brv.

Now as a prospective Jazz buyer, I am confused whether I should wait for the Wrv or go ahead with the booking of the Jazz which will be delivered to me in mid February. Advantage Wrv is that little extra ground clearance which is a necessity for our roads. Moreover if Wrv cvt comes with the engine start stop and rear arm rests I would seriously start reconsidering my decision.

I need a car for city runabout so I had booked the Jazz but now i am confused again.
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Default re: Honda WR-V production begins in India. EDIT: Launched at Rs. 7.75 lakh

I see WR-V being another dud for Honda. It will come with 1.2L engine and without any of the following features:
- Projector headlamp
- Keyless entry
- Push Start Stop button
- Curtain airbags
- Auto headlamp
- Auto rain sensing wipers

Honda will price it INR 1 to 1.2 lacs above Jazz. Looks like Honda launches new vehicles in India with the intent not to sell it.

Its such a shame that people have such high expectations from Honda and they continue to disappoint us both on pricing and features.
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Default re: Honda WR-V production begins in India. EDIT: Launched at Rs. 7.75 lakh

An attempt of take on the likes of Brezza/EcoSport?

Honda, better price it extremely competitively neglecting the profit margins if you want to have even a slight chance of success for this car.

Your new cars don't have the legacy of City, Civic, Accord! So better price them well, if you want them to sell.
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Originally Posted by CarguyNish View Post
This WR-V won't do well without that 1.5 iVTEC from City. That's a given thing. They haven't launched Flop after Flop, it's due to High Price & Poor Features that Buyers are not walking into thier Showrooms.

I am a Die Hard Fan of Honda. But, the City & Brio are the only Honda's in our garage. I liked Jazz very much but High Price & not so realistic Offers made me to look elsewhere. I bought Baleno despite its light build which I don't like.

Honda needs to make sure that they either price the car well (Any of thier car for that matter) or equip it really well. This combination hasn't been attempted by them.

Flop in the sense that they are not doing commercially well. I am a proud owner of City myself and don't think any other petrol car in the segment come even close to it.

Jazz though not prized abnormally high looses to i20 and Baleno because i20 is a much better product and Baleno is from Maruti stable.

BR-V in my opinion should have been made a simple 5 seater so that its length could have been reduced by an inch or two which would have changed its MPV like side profile significantly. Its head on angle is gorgeous in my opinion.

Honda as per me put in so much effort in wrong places that they are in the end unable to price there product rightly. This WR-V also will be priced atleast 60-80K higher than Jazz with same engine and interior which will make it eat into only Jazz's customer base and not Ecosport's or Brezza's.
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Default re: Honda WR-V production begins in India. EDIT: Launched at Rs. 7.75 lakh

If the car is under 4M, which I think it will be since it is based on Jazz, then it will come with the 1.2L Petrol engine only. Doesn't make sense for Honda to price it out of contention with a bigger engine. And competitors are showing up with 1.2L only barring the Ecosport, hence Honda might follow suit.

Instead of just adding a cladding, Honda seems to have gone for a redesign of the front which is appreciable.

They need to get the turbo engines here soon if the regulation towards 1.2L petrol isn't going change anytime soon.

Advantage Suzuki if they plonk the 1L Boosterjet into S-Cross and Brezza.
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Default re: Honda WR-V production begins in India. EDIT: Launched at Rs. 7.75 lakh

Let's wait and watch what is the customer response to the Honda WR-V. The Honda CR-V is above budget for many and then the Honda BR-V does not feel premium.

Indian customers are willing to pay premium for quality & brand. The Toyota Innova Crysta & Fortuner are good examples where customers are willing to pay for a good product & brand. Honda should get something equivalent. They should consider getting the Honda Vezel to the Indian customers to sit just below the CR-V from a price point. The interiors of the Vezel certainly look more premium.

Until seen in actual cannot comment much on the WR-V. In pictures it looks slightly smaller (than the Hyundai Creta) & and the interiors look like current Jaaz. It could be hard for the WR-V to compete even with Creta sales numbers even with the Honda badge, since it is basically a Jazz crossover and not a true 5-seater SUV.
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Default re: Honda WR-V production begins in India. EDIT: Launched at Rs. 7.75 lakh

Thats a nice looking vehicle, specially doesn't looked cramped like BR-V.

As said by all, will really be a tough competition for the EcoSport and other similar segment cars.

Can your insider source check as to when can the Indian car enthusiast can lay his hands on the new CIVIC Many of us are missing the charisma of the CIVIC.
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Default re: Honda WR-V production begins in India. EDIT: Launched at Rs. 7.75 lakh

What is stopping Honda from bringing HR-V to India? It can be direct competitor to Creta and also can take sales away from Tucson, if properly priced.
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Default re: Honda WR-V production begins in India. EDIT: Launched at Rs. 7.75 lakh

That looks like under 4 m (looking at bumper designs) and it is going to come with 1.2 L petrol engine. Let us see how they are going to position it comparing to current Jazz. Jazz can easily do another 500 units per month if they offer magic seat option in automatic V variant. I'll definitively consider Jazz auto V variant if they do it, even though I do not have plan to change my car in the near future.
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Default re: Honda WR-V production begins in India. EDIT: Launched at Rs. 7.75 lakh

I doubt if WR-V will make a huge difference at Honda. For a brief moment, lets take example of BR-V : It was missing on presence, and also once seated it didn't feel so much SUV as its priced demanded. Compared to it, primary rivals Duster/Creta have that SUV factor radiated once in driver's seat. A relatively commanding driving position, good visibility up front of hood (if the hood is visible, it also adds to ease of driving in congested roads) and SUV stance. BR-V should be a learning curve for Honda.

On similar lines, if WR-V is positioned bang on against Brezza/Ecosport, it does not stand a chance to get handsome numbers for Honda. Jazz should also work as a lesson, its a very nice product just not ale to sell, whereas rivals are clocking exceptional numbers with Baleno still enjoying a waiting list. WR-V is more in Etios Cross league than anything else. WR-V is likely to be priced above Jazz (else it can eat into already struggling Jazz) and that would mean closer to City.

There is a possibility that things could change once look and feel of product are experienced, but I have my own reservations about WR-V and its degree of success. Try harder Honda, focus on Civic, a car which has better brand equity. Can help you get back to "premium" image your pricing has to justify.

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Default re: Honda WR-V production begins in India. EDIT: Launched at Rs. 7.75 lakh

I really don't see the resemblance to the Creta, Duster, Breeza or Ecosport here. This looks like one of the "active" variants of the Jazz hatch at best. So I really doubt that a Creta Breeza or an Ecosport customer would consider this as an alternative.
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Default Re: Honda WR-V (Jazz-based crossover). EDIT: Unveiled!

I guess I must be the only one here who liked, (yes! ) liked the design, especially in white! the maroon looks too flashy.
Maybe what helps is that, if you are in the market for a decently sized car with AT, ground clearance and a proven engine, there just isn't any option other than the ecosport. (I will leave the Creta out as it is horribly overpriced).
Regarding crossovers biting the dust, isn't it always a case of lack of incremental value over the regular hatch that's their downfall? ( in this case, for me at least, the ground clearance contributes immensely to the incremental value. Would've loved a jazz but for that ground clearance...) Enter the wrv(can we have a better name )
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Default Re: Honda WR-V (Jazz-based crossover). EDIT: Unveiled!

This will probably a be a car with the worst visibility (for the driver) among the cars in India. You take a car which has got relatively low seating and fairly high set dashboard, then you raise the edge of the bonnet to give it a SUVish look. Driver will not be able to see the road for at least 15-20 meters ahead.
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