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.anshuman 22nd February 2017 18:55

2017 Honda City Facelift : A Close Look
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The 2017 Honda City Facelift has been launched in India at a price of between Rs. 8.50 - 13.57 lakhs (ex-Delhi). This report will only focus on changes made to the 2017 model. To read the full official review, click here.

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.anshuman 22nd February 2017 18:56

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So, what's new on the outside?

The 2017 Honda City facelift gets a revamped front end. In comparison with the pre-facelift version, the headlamps are a little thicker. The chunky chrome grille from the previous city has been toned down is now sleeker. The air dam and fog lamps housing is much more pronounced now, but the biggest addition however is the LED treatment on the inline headlamps and daytime lights:
Attachment 1611388

The rear end of the car is similar to the earlier model with some minor tweaks. The chrome strip running across the taillamps has been retained, though the lower bumper has been tweaked:
Attachment 1611389

In the side profile, only the new 16 inch diamond cut alloy rims are the only major change. In my opinion these rims look classier than the pre facelift car. Also, note the aggressively scooped out front and rear bumpers:
Attachment 1611391

The biggest feature addition to VX and ZX variants is the LED headlamps. LED DRLs are standard across all the variants:
Attachment 1611393

A look at the long and wide bonnet which is similar to the previous model:
Attachment 1611394

The LED headlamps on VX variant seen in this picture. Headlamps have a total of 3 reflectors. The two on outer side are for low beam and one on inner side is for the high beam. We only had the car with us during the daytime, so we could not test the effectiveness of LED headlamps over halogens:
Attachment 1608790

Even the Fog lamps are of LED type with the similar honeycomb pattern on the housing. Though the housing is smaller as compared to the previous City (reference image):
Attachment 1608791

The DRLs are moderately bright, from a distance they do not look like one continuous strip, the brightness is higher on the sides:
Attachment 1608792

Car parked in shades with DRL's on:
Attachment 1608793

185/55 R16 tyres are shod on these diamond cut alloy rims on top VX and ZX variants:
Attachment 1608795

Only the ZX gets the LED tail lamps and rear license plate LED Lamps. All other variants continue with regular halogen type bulbs:
Attachment 1608789

A look at the regular halogen tail lamps of the VX variant:
Attachment 1608788

Trunk lid rear spoiler with Integrated LED high mounted stop lamp is also available only on the top-end ZX variant:
Attachment 1608805

A closer look at the lower bumper. The previous model had a body-coloured, but this one has a honeycomb pattern which extends to the reflectors on either side:
Attachment 1608800

Reversing camera is mounted above the number plate. Rear license plate LED lamps are only available on ZX variant and not on the VX variant shown in the picture:
Attachment 1608801

Electric sunroof is standard on higher VX and ZX variants. It was available only on the top-end model of the pre-facelift car. The sunroof opens all the way, with the wind deflectors at the front:
Attachment 1608804

The 'City' badge has been moved to the left side of the boot. It replaces the 'Honda' badge from the earlier model and the 'i-VTEC' badge has shifted up on the right side of the boot (reference image):
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No changes in the engine bay:
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A couple of parting shots:
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Attachment 1611392

.anshuman 22nd February 2017 18:56

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So, what's new on the inside?

The dashboard layout remains unchanged, though a major upgrade in the new city is the addition of an infotainment system:
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Steering tilt adjustment is available for all variants, while telescoping adjustment is only available in top two variants, VX and ZX. A button for voice commands has been added to the previously existing phone control buttons (reference image):
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Very little to distinguish VX and ZX variants from inside. Auto headlamps, auto wipers, interior LED roof lights are only available on top end ZX variant. Only the top end ZX gets side and curtain airbags, a total of 6 Airbags in this variant. ABS with EBD and dual front airbags are standard across all the variants:
Attachment 1608759

Engine start/stop button is different from the previous version which looked much better than this one (reference image). The keyless operation is standard on V, VX and ZX variants:
Attachment 1608764

This PU like fake leather finish feels like the back cover of a Samsung Note 3. Only this panel gets the soft touch feel, rest other parts are same as previous car like the top part of dashboard which is still hard to touch:
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The new 17.7 cm infotainment system featuring Mirrorlink, GPS navigation, 1.5 GB internal storage, Wi-Fi, USB receiver support, HDMI in port, dual USB slots, Bluetooth telephony and voice recognition. The touchscreen was responsive to use and layout was easy:
Attachment 1608761

The system in full screen navigation mode:
Attachment 1608762

A close look at the different options on the infotainment system:
Attachment 1608763

The reversing camera comes with 3 views. This is the normal narrow view…
Attachment 1608771

…this is downwards view and…
Attachment 1608772

…this is the wide angle view:
Attachment 1608773

The IRVM has become wider and also, day and night IRVM is standard across all variants. On the other hand, auto dimming IRVM with a frameless design (pictured here) is offered only on the higher VX and ZX variants:
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2 USB port, power socket and the new HDMI input port on the top three variants. Aux-input and single USB port is offered on the S and SV variants:
Attachment 1608770

The boot however gets insulation on the trunk door, which is a welcome addition unlike the one in the earlier model:
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The review car had a full size alloy spare wheel:
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Aditya 22nd February 2017 19:03

Re: 2017 Honda City Facelift : A Close Look
Thread moved from the Assembly Line to the Indian Car Scene. Thanks for sharing!

a4anurag 22nd February 2017 19:03

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With the Facelift launched, I felt that it is better if the differences are highlighted side by side by using images so it better to understand what Honda has done to the car in terms of "face-lift".

I'll be dividing it into 2 parts, broadly:

1. Exteriors

2. Interiors

______________________________ ____________________________________ ___________________________

1. Exteriors:

Front View
Attachment 1611695

Rear View
Attachment 1611725

Side View
Attachment 1611697

Front 3 quarters
Attachment 1611698

Front Grille
Attachment 1611699

Alloy wheel
Attachment 1611700

Fog lamp
Attachment 1611701

Badge Change
Attachment 1611702

Rear bumper
Attachment 1611703

Attachment 1611707

Tail Lights
Attachment 1611704

Boot door insulation
Attachment 1611706

Reverse Camera
Attachment 1611726

************************ *************************

List of changes that I can spot:
  1. Smaller chrome strip in the center;

  2. New front bumper;

  3. New Rear bumper;

  4. Re-designed Headlights;

  5. Differently styled housing for Fog Lamps;

  6. New and better Alloy wheel with a spec tyre;

  7. Boot door Insulation.

a4anurag 22nd February 2017 19:03

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2. Interiors

Attachment 1611709

Steering wheel
Attachment 1611710

Engine Start/Stop Button
Attachment 1611711

Head Unit (I.C.E)
Attachment 1611712

Attachment 1611713

Ports (12V and USB)
Attachment 1611714

Spare Wheel
Attachment 1611715

Rear Camera - Normal view
Attachment 1611716

Rear Camera - Wide Angle view
Attachment 1611717

Rear Camera - Top down view
Attachment 1611718

************************ *************************

List of changes that I can spot:
  1. New Head unit (Larger screen size but looks totally aftermarket)

  2. Hazard switch is now in 'black' colour opposed to red

  3. 2 USB port's instead of 1 and addition of HDMI in place of AUX

  4. Tacky looking start/stop button

  5. Sleek looking Auto-dimming IRVM compared to conventional Manual D/N one

  6. Spare wheel is now Alloy compared to Steel wheel

  7. Larger and clear display (HU) for the rear view camera

************************ *************************

Last but not the least.... The Evolution

Face changes from 1998 to 2017...

4th Gen Honda City Review:

Durango Dude 22nd February 2017 19:27

Re: 2017 Honda City Facelift : A Close Look
One thing I must say, the new City 2017, looks a lot better in flesh than in the photographs. The interiors are sumptuous, seating comfort is great, materials are good. I've asked for a TD tomorrow! We went to showroom to check out the Amaze VX CVT and City V CVT. The Amaze is also good and has high seating but the rear seat squab is a little short and lacks under thigh support as compared to the City, stupid of me to compare both. I think now the VX CVT makes sense.

Leoshashi 22nd February 2017 19:32

Re: 2017 Honda City Facelift : A Close Look
Thanks for the quick yet detailed review. clap:

Hope Honda has ironed out the niggles which the owners of 4th gen city faced. Only then can it justify its 17 lac rupees pricetag to some extent. It'll be interesting to see how market and Maruti reacts to this refresh.


Rajeevraj 22nd February 2017 20:13

Re: 2017 Honda City Facelift : A Close Look
Thanks for the quick review. Did not expect that so quickly. Overall some good additions to a competent car. Good to see stuff like LED Headlamps and 6 airbags come into the segment. On the downside, stuff like ESP and Hill Assist which are available on international variants still do not find a place here. At 17L OTR Bangalore for the top variant, would expect these things also.

Will be very interesting to see how this fares. I think the general consensus is that the upper variants are over priced. Premium pricing is not a new thing and has been seen in the past with cars like the Creta and Innova. But unlike the Creta or the Innova-which do not have a strong competitor, the City has one in the Ciaz, which has been consistently selling more than the City. So would be interesting to see if the face-lifted City can dethrone the Ciaz and regain its crown as the King of the C Segment.

shifu 22nd February 2017 20:16

Re: 2017 Honda City Facelift : A Close Look
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Good, in-depth reviewclap:. I guess adding the pricing information would give the reader complete information.

Btw, is the cover of the USB port broken already in this car?

racer_ash 22nd February 2017 20:16

Re: 2017 Honda City Facelift : A Close Look
The Honda City looks more matured in this face-lift and somehow reminded me of the previous generation city (the one before the one this facelift replaces). That according to me was the most perfectly designed City.

How is the back seat comfort for 3 adults in the new city compared to a Ciaz? I have heard lots of praise for the back seat comfort of the Ciaz and wanted to know if the City is atleast at par.

Durango Dude 22nd February 2017 20:24

Re: 2017 Honda City Facelift : A Close Look

Originally Posted by racer_ash (Post 4151405)
I have heard lots of praise for the back seat comfort of the Ciaz and wanted to know if the City is atleast at par.

I've TDed the Ciaz and sat in the 2017 City, today, I can say the City has the best back seat in the segment: Will comfortably seat 3 adults and has great under thigh support and seniors will find ingress/egress very comfortable. The leather upholstery is luxurious. Ciaz may have a nary advantage in space but City makes up with comfort. You sit a lot high up in the City than the Ciaz.

Mr.Boss 22nd February 2017 20:28

Re: 2017 Honda City Facelift : A Close Look
Major upgrade I see here is the 185 section width tires clap: which was a long pending due (right from the launch of City in India) 175 looked skinny and spoiled the looks of the car (though it might have done it's duty well) But still I wish Honda should have gone for 195 at least.

I have a basic question.
Cars with halogen bulb head lamps were provided with spare bulbs, how do they accommodate with LEDs now? I know LEDs are less likely to fail and have a longer life span than regular halogens, but still placing this question.

I remember some norms regarding the spare bulbs, but couldn't recall. Let me check.

Scorpion 10 22nd February 2017 20:41

Eagerly waiting to see the report card from experts after taking the car for a spin.


Originally Posted by shifu (Post 4151404)
Good, in-depth reviewclap:. I guess adding the pricing information would give the reader complete information.

Btw, is the cover of the USB port broken already in this car?

It’s not inserted properly in the picture. That’s all.

kaviprem 22nd February 2017 20:51

Re: 2017 Honda City Facelift : A Close Look
Ideally, this is how City should have been in the past 2 refreshes. Now, they added those necessary things [in the name of "features"] and asking for a huge premium, I would say.
To begin with the tyre size :)


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