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Default Process of getting a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Guwahati DTO

I’m planning to transfer my car from Guwahati to Mumbai and I intend to change the registration number of my vehicle. I have seen a number of threads where people were discussing/asking if after paying the OTT, one needs to change the registration after a year. It appears that as per the new Maharashtra Motor Vehicles Department website that after one year the registration must be changed.

Source: https://transport.maharashtra.gov.in...ation-mark-RMA

Since it does not specify the option of paying OTT without change of registration as an option, I assume that its not an available option. It says

"If vehicle registered in one state is to be kept or used in other state for the period of more than a year then the vehicle needs to be registered in the latter state new registration number to be assigned. While doing so, the NOC from original registering authority & consent of financier (in case of loan) needed to be furnished."

The violation for "Plying a vehicle with registration mark of other state for more than 12 months" u/S. 47 r/w S. 177 of M.V. Act is Rs. 100 for first offence Rs. 300 for second or subsequent offence." Source: Point 45 of https://transport.maharashtra.gov.in...-and-Penalties

Therefore, I was required to obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the DTO in Guwahati. The following is the process that is followed for obtaining an NOC at DTO in Guwahati. This is for anyone who is interested in knowing the detail process at the DTO in Guwahati. In Assam it is called DTO, whereas, in other states it is called RTO.

Firstly I suggest you go and get the Form 28 (the required form) from the DTO (which was DTO Kamrup (M) for me). The forms are for free (Don’t pay even if they ask) at the enquiry counter. Make sure to take 3 forms. It is available on the Assam DTO website but the format is a little different on the form given at the DTO which is also on a longer (legal size) sheet. Plus some agent informed me that it’s safer to get the form from the DTO.

For getting an NOC from the bank in case you have a loan/hypothecation, there are some Nationalized Banks that dont know the process. I had initially spoken to the SBI Loan Recovery Department and they told me that I would have to transfer my loan from SBI Guwahati to another SBI branch in Mumbai or else pay off the loan. The first option is practically impossible as no bank branch will take over another branch's loan recovery. I spoke to some AGM's and Senior Branch Managers and they said its practically impossible and nobody will agree to take over a loan from another branch unless the loan is in crores or approved by higher authorities which would not happen for small car loans (mine is about 10 lakhs). So initially I was stumped as to what I should do as I couldn't pay and close the loan amount right now.

Fortunately I met a junior officer at my bank (where I have the loan) who told me its a normal process and I don't need to transfer my loan to a Mumbai branch and he will just stamp and sign on the Form 28. Which he did once I gave him the form. It appears that senior bank officials don't know the process because either it doesn't reach their level or they have never dealt with it personally. You will have to submit a copy of the NOC (once approved by DTO) to the bank and also submit a copy of the new registration card once you have changed registration in the other state. Just ensure you don't default in your EMI payments.

The following are the required documents to submit for an NOC from DTO for transferring vehicle to another state for change of registration.

1) Duly filled Form 28 (3 duly filled forms, not copies) with Stamp and sign of Financier (in case of loan from bank/Hypothecation). It may be noted that I got the Form 28 signed and stamped by my bank but the lady at the DTO still asked me for a separate NOC Letter. Nonetheless, I told her the stamp and sign would suffice and she didn’t pursue it.

2) Vehicle Enquiry Report from Police. In the state of Assam, Auto theft is handled by CID so I got my clearance report from CID, Guwahati. It is Rs. 20 for the report. You have to submit a copy of your vehicle Registration card and ID proof.

3) Original Chassis imprint of vehicle (take 3 pencil imprints)

4) Copy of Vehicle Insurance

5) Copy of certificate of registration of vehicle (You will need to show original during verification)

6) Copy of Pollution under control certificate

7) Copy of Identity Proof

I noticed that a the counter, they primarily checked for the Form 28, Consent of Financier, Chassis imprint, Vehicle Enquiry Report and Insurance papers. So I assume those are the mandatory documents but nonetheless get the remaining to be safe.

Now once you have all the documents ready, I suggest you go early because the counters close by 3 pm. And it takes at least 2 hours to complete the entire process. The following is a step by step process of what I had to go through.

1) At the Enquiry counter, tell him your vehicle registration number and he will tell you at which counter you must file your documents. There are different counters depending on your vehicle registration alphabets.

2) When you reach the correct counter (henceforth referred to as Counter A), I suggest you be as polite as ever, because this person is going to be handling your papers and you will be dealing with him/her for the next 2 hours. (Mine was fortunately a sweet and helpful lady and I put forth my charms and manners at 100%)

3) Hand over the documents, she will verify to see if all the documents are there. Once she’s satisfied she will give you a signed chit to go to the file section for you to get your vehicle file (Assuming you are applying here because this is the DTO where you got your vehicle first registered).

4) Go to the file section, hand the chit and once the person finds your file in this disturbing labyrinth of files, he will ask you for your mobile number and then hand you the file.

5) Take the file back to the Counter A. She will then write a list of documents you’ve submitted on a paper/letter, will sign and stamp it and ask you to get this signed by the Motor Vehicles Inspector.

6) Find the Motor Vehicles Inspector Room. There are 4-5 of them, one of the clerks will direct you to one of them who will then go through your documents again and then sign it.

7) Take the singed letter back to Counter A. She will then write some number on the signed letter and ask you to go to the ‘Issue Counter’ to get a number issued for your application.

8) Go to the Issue counter, where the person will note down some details in a register and write a number on all 3 Forms. Then head back to Counter A.

9) At Counter A, she will then ask you to show the letter at the cash counter and make a payment of Rs. 100. Once the payment is made at the cash Counter, keep the payment receipt with you and head back to Counter A.

10) After she sees receipt of payment, she will ask you to go to the room which is next to the Head Assistants room. There you have to submit the letter and all your documents. Depending on the line there, this counter is the longest wait. Once they approve the documents, they will return the file to you and head back to Counter A.

11) She will then ask you to go to the Head Assistants room where there is a woman sitting at a computer, who is possibly a secretary. The Head Assistant is in the room but you don’t have to approach him. Approach the woman at the computer and ask her for a print of the NOC after showing her the letter which by now has multiple numbers and signatures.

12) She will print a copy of the NOC which is one page having 3 slips. Take this back to Counter A.

13) At Counter A, she will stamp and sign the NOC and ask you to take the NOC print to the Motor Vehicle Inspector. Go to the same Inspector and he will sign on the NOC. Take it back to Counter A.

14) At Counter A, she will now tear the NOC into 3 parts. Paste one each on the Form 28 you have submitted. She will keep one, put it in the file with all your documents and keep the file with her.

15) She will then hand you two of the Form 28, with the NOC Print, pasted on the form. She will smile and tell you its done.

This takes about 2 hours or maybe less or more depending on the line at each counter that you have to go to. So whenever she points to the next counter, I suggest you run like the wind to get ahead in line. Grab a bite and carry water because if its during the summer, it is terrible.

All in all, I thought there were too many counters, perhaps to generate employment and cut slow lines, but they got the work done immediately. There was no scope of anyone asking for a bribe to speed things up. Since no signature was required, I suppose it is possible to send someone else to do it or even pay an agent. But rest assured this process gets completed within a day if you have all your documents in place.
Now next step is applying for Registration of my vehicle at Mumbai RTO. Wish me luck!!

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Default Re: Process of getting a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Guwahati DTO

Thread moved from the Assembly Line (The "Assembly Line" Forum section) to the Indian Car Scene. Thanks for sharing!
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