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Old 15th June 2017, 23:06   #61
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Default Re: Which car has the best seats?

Fiat Punto Sports trim - Hyderabad-Bhubaneshwar -22 hrs - 1100kms non stop , I think i could have driven till WB but gotta say its not just the seats, the overall car and specially the suspension contributes a lot.

Renault Duster 2016 facelift AWD -27hrs - Hyderabad-Asansol ,1672 kms ,non stop , seats are more upright although the support feels the same. Arm rest integrated in drivers seat is helpful.

Alto k10 Bangalore -Mumbai , 1000kms ,15hrs , neck pain , super tired, least amout of cushioning. U get what you pay for.

Hyundai Santro Asansol-Darjeeling, 550kms ,14hrs , more comfortable than Alto, I could say at par with Punto.

Body structure of the person driving,Terrain,Suspension, chassis structure, body roll and there are probably billion other variables that decides the long drive comforts of a seat be it the front or rear.

PS : I am referring to the drivers seat for all of the above.

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Default Re: Which car has the best seats?

This is a good topic.

There are only 2 points of direct feedback from your vehicle - steering and seats. I would rate a seat as more important than engine performance.

A low and comfortable seat is the best way to achieve maximum car control. Honda Type II seats are good for crossing continents.

Along with a good seat, a dead pedal for resting your paws also mandatory.

A firm left foot on the dead pedal will give you additional support during hard cornering or braking.
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Old 15th June 2017, 23:54   #63
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I find the front seats of Ritz to be very comfortable on long distance journeys, whether you are driving or as a co-passenger.
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Old 16th June 2017, 07:27   #64
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Punto Abarth has amazing front seats. Good lumber as well as under thigh support. It has a nice cushioning feel to it. The other vehicle that really impressed me with its under thigh support was Creta.

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The front seat of the Storme is really a complete win. Best I've sat in, considering posture, arm rest, leg room, visibility and general comfort.
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Default Re: Which car has the best seats?

I drive a Volvo S60 and the sports seats that it comes with as standard, are supremely comfortable. Better than any other car I have driven till now. I have driven cars from almost all manufacturers whose products fall on the lower side of 1crore and the Volvo trumps all.

I had the first generation Swift as well and it also had really comfortable seats.

Seat comfort is however dependant on the frame of the person. For some, headroom is more important and for some the width of the car. It also depends on where you are sitting. The driver's seat is the best in any car, not specifically because of that round thing in front of you.
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Default Re: Which car has the best seats?

I bet there can be no definitive answer as each person has a distinct seating personality, which is entirely dissimilar to many others. So what is good for one may not necessarily be the same to others.

Given my comfort preferences, I find the Ciaz having the most comfy seats whereas the Verna is less preferred (Perhaps I may have to try out more seating combinations on the Verna to arrive at the sweet spot. But, till then, the Ciaz rules).

I also find the Aria as having very good seats and they fall in second place of preference.

Thirdly, I wish to name the Opel Astra, if discontinued cars are also allowed, else the Ecosport takes the place.
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Default Re: Which car has the best seats?

In my personal experience i20 (2012 facelift) seats are fantastic. Couple of road trips both in i20 and my friend's Swift (2013) got us agreed i20 has best seat between these two. Highway is no brainer for either car, however, city roads and potholes, amount of under-thigh support offered by i20 is noticeably better than Swift. This may not be a popular opinion owing sheer mass of Swifts on the road, it's just fair observation!
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I have not experienced better seats than my Fiesta's bucket seats at the front.
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Default Re: Which car has the best seats?

Giving a slightly different perspective to those who have rated a seat based on their long drive experiences, isn't this also dependent on many other factors one of which is how powerful is your vehicle is and road / traffic conditions amongst others?

To sight an example, a Bombay (Mumbai) to Pune round trip will end up being more tiring for the driver in an Alto as against the driver of say a Honda City. This is purely due to the additional effort required in pushing the Alto to perform as against the Honda City.
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Default Re: Which car has the best seats?

Fiat Uno : We had two Fiat Uno's for a duration of 13+ years. My dad is in all praises of the seat comfort it offered. The longest trip we ever had in our Uno was from Hyd-Ooty back then in 2006 with 6 people on-board and my dad being the sole driver for the whole trip. He says that the seats have the right amount of cushioning and add to that the Uno's suspension setup, it was just spot-on. The XXL Size Sofa-like front seats were just awesome and he still misses those seats and that kind of comfort is only offered by the Ertiga and Hexa which we own. He also mentions that even the lower back support was good despite the absence of Lumbar Support. The only thing which he complained was the absence of adjustable front and rear neck rests. On a whole, he rates our erstwhile Uno's a full 10/10.

Fiat Palio : We had bought a used Palio GTX in 2006. Contrary to our experience from our Uno, my dad wasn't satisfied with the seats in the Palio. They were on the Softer side and he wasn't really comfortable during the long drives and he always complained about the absence of lower back support. Though, he liked the fact that Palio atleast gave him Adjustable neck-rests at the front. His rating is an average 7.5/10.

Fiat Linea : My dad was bored of the Palio and we sold it after we owned it for 3+ years. So, for a Fiatian, One would replace his existing Fiat car with another Fiat car, so as we replaced our Palio with a Linea Emotion Pack MJD. Linea offered everything what my dad craved for. Just like my Uno, the front seats were like those Sofas which we had in our home. The lower back support was spot-on. He even got adjustable neck-rests for all the 5-seats. He even liked the rear seat but my brother and my uncle (add me to that list as well) always complained about about absence of headroom at the rear. For people who are less than 5'9" (like my dad), the rear seat is spot-on, but get a guy who's someone more than the above mentioned height (myself, my brother and my Uncle who's 6'3") they'll definitely complain about the absence of headroom at the back. So,combine the level of comfort provided by the seats and the suspension of the Linea, it was just spot-on. I rate it a Good 9/10.

Ford Figo : The seats are well-cushioned withe adjustable neck-rests at the front. The rear seat is also good. The only thing what we missed were the adjustable neck-rests at the back (I guess Linea is to be blamed here). On a whole a Good 9.5/10.

Maruti Ertiga : These seats made my dad fall in-love with the Ertiga. The seats in the Ertiga made him remember his Uno and guess what, he just booked it without a test-drive. The seats have all the traits which my Uno's seats had. So, will not repeat those points here again. All the seats from all the 3-rows have good level of cushioning on offer and the third row of seats offer more than adequate under-thigh support and the backrest angle is also spot-on. So, my rating is an excellent 10/10 for what it offers.

Tata Nano : The seats in the Nano is nothing much to talk about. It is a beater car which has taken all the abuse. The seats are very thin and are on the softer side. Travelling for longer durations in the Nano can give anyone severe back pains. On the flip-side though, I find it a lot better than the Alto K10 and Alto 800 because of the better space available inside the cabin. Considering the segment, I rate it an average 7/10.

Tata Hexa : They are XXL in size, very well countered and have excellent side and shoulder support. The seat compound, whatever they have used, just works. Plus, adjustable lumbar support rocks!
Add that to the huge space, sun blinds, excellent ride quality and chiller of an AC, and you have a car with genuine A+ comfort levels. My dad has forgot the level of comfort offered by my Uno and this now is his benchmark when it comes of Seat Comfort. Myself and my dad rate it a full 10/10.
Which car has the best seats?-img_0296.jpg

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Honda City has good front seats,I have driven for nearly 14 hours (with breaks) without feeling tired. Front seat support is excelllent
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Default Re: Which car has the best seats?

VW Polo(First gen) : Seat doesn't seem to be long enough, wish it had more support.

Does the current gen has the same seat?

Alto : Decent for its class, not ideal for Highway rides. Longest drive : 140km in just few hours.

Swift : One of the best front seats in its class, forget the rear though. Legroom for the drive could have been better! Longest drive: ~600km from Chennai to ooty.

I20 (version before elite): Haven't driven it much, but felt very roomy and comfortable. Leg space was noticeably better than the swift.

Would love to try Volvo's seats, just by looking at them one could infer the effort they have made to design the best seats in the business.

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Default Re: Which car has the best seats?

The best among what I have experienced so far not in any particular order:

1. Rear seat on a 7 series
2. Rear seat on an E Class
3. Tata Hexa 2nd row captain seats and the driver's seat
4. Reas seat on an Indica Vista
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Default Re: Which car has the best seats?

My Skoda Rapid front seats with the Autoform seat covers feel as if they are meant for the driving enthusiasts and long distance cruisers. They are very comfy and i find the back support to be very good.

On many occasions I have driven more distance (more than 1000 kms) than i had expected at the beginning of the journey and seating comfort is one of the major reasons behind this; in addition to seat adjustment range, rake and reach adjust, engine response, torque, high speed stability and precise steering geometry.

In comparative terms, I didn't find the Toyota Etios front seats anywhere as comfortable as that of the Rapid's seats.

My Honda Brio also offers good seating comfort but is not as good as Rapid.

I don't have enough experience of the rear seats (I am a BHPian) to have an opinion on the seating comfort.
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