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Aditya 6th September 2017 11:30

August 2017 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis


1: Thanks to the team at Auto Punditz for sharing these sales numbers with us!

2: Only cars that sell 500+ units (and thus, the relevant ones) have been included in the gainers & losers chart.

3. These manufacturer-reported sales numbers are factory dispatches to dealerships. They are NOT retail sales figures to end customers.

Aditya 6th September 2017 11:36

Re: August 2017 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Aditya 6th September 2017 11:44

Re: August 2017 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Aditya 6th September 2017 11:54

Re: August 2017 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Aditya 6th September 2017 11:57

Re: August 2017 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis
Thread moved from the Assembly Line to the Indian Car Scene!

aravind.anand 6th September 2017 12:04

Re: August 2017 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis
Holy hell !! 30,000 Dzire's in a month! I admit that the latest generation Dzire is certainly good looking, and has its own strong points. But with sales like this, our streets are soon going to be flooded with these Dzires. There definitely seems to be no way for Hyundai, or anyone else to catch-up with the pace and volumes of Maruti Suzuki in India.
Anyone knows what annual capacity has Maruti planned for the Swift and Dzire sisters? :Shockked:

That shocker apart, most UV sales are on a decline, and seem to be returning to their original sales figures after the spike they had last month due to the GST fiasco.

Second consecutive good month for Endeavour and Hexa with both of them managing above standard figures. While the Compass has had a very good start, and we all know with the production ramp-up being planned, the numbers would surely grow.

Dr.Naren 6th September 2017 12:05

Re: August 2017 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis
Thanks for the report!!

1. Complete dominance by Maruti in compact sedan segment. 30,000 + Dzire shipped from factory and the 2nd best selling competitor Xcent is much behind at just 3.4K.

2. Jeep Compass at 2020 units. FCA has secured it's future till 2020 for sure :D

3. New Verna at 4K plus. Need to see the figures of next few months to appreciate the market response.

4. KUV 100 is struggling. Good that people realised it's KUV not SUV lol:

5. Tiago is going strong. I expected Tigor to perform better in sales.

6. Abarth Punto production has stopped again. Only one person got stung by Scorpion last month!!

RavenAvi 6th September 2017 12:07

Re: August 2017 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis
Thank you for sharing the sales numbers, Addy.

Nearly 31,000 DZires dispatched in the month of August alone? That particular chart has the DZire line blasting through the roof! How popular is the C1-segment sedan in our country today.

Healthy increase in numbers for almost all best-selling SUVs, including the Hexa. Seems like there was a surge (or a scramble) for purchases before the additional cess kicked in. Not for the mighty Fortuner, though.

Interesting days ahead after the 10% hike in cess comes into effect. Will it affect the upcoming festive season sales, or will manufacturers negate it by doling out attractive offers to lure the customers in? Between that and a host of new launches lined up (Nexon, Captur, EcoSport facelift, etc.), let's wait and watch.

mayjay 6th September 2017 12:11

Re: August 2017 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis
In the premium SUV space there seem to be change from the status quo.

Jeep has roared into the Indian market with 2000+ units being shipped. With news of over 10000 bookings, it seems the market will absorb all they can produce.

Endeavour has continued last month's strong shipments with 1000+, whereas Fortuner is down to ~2000 from ~3000 a month ago. People seem to be responding to the value on offer. Lets see if this is a trend or a momentary lapse of reason.

Tucson is moved to ~250 from around 100 a month back, showing better performance for the first time, whereas Tiguan is down to levels at which Tucson usually operates. Guess the customer is finally seeing Tucson as more palatable. Discounts also seem to be on offer for this product, so that is definitely helping.

Karthik Chandra 6th September 2017 12:12

Re: August 2017 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis
~31K Dzires :Shockked:

That's probably the highest any model has managed to sell in a month or has Alto surpassed 30K earlier?

Dzire and Baleno alone have manged to surpass Hyundai's volume.

Creta, Elantra, City, Ciaz, Rapid, Vento have all sustained volumes and hence looks like Verna @ 4779 units has managed to sell without having to eat into other cars.

Jeep has manged to get the ball rolling clap:, should be able to sustain the volumes and grow further as FCA looks to expand dealer network.

Someone got Godzilla home.

Very sad that Chevy won't feature henceforth in the sales chart.

Mad Max 6th September 2017 12:32

Re: August 2017 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis
That DZire line is crazy! But one thing to note - all their other products barring Gypsy and Ciaz, show that overall volumes are down from previous month. I'm guessing a bunch of folks who wanted Baleno or even Ciaz went with the DZire.

Glad to see the Endeavour performing well. What's with Renault not pushing the Kwid!? It's up there at 7k but as a worthy competitor in the A segment, it should be doing much better. Come on, Renault, don't throw in the towel yet.

Glad to see a bunch of Superbs being sold. Anticipating the Skoda numbers to go up in the Octavia with the VRS coming in. Also, the Tiago numbers are good news to Tata. Just looking at that list, I can see they need to rationalize their product portfolio. Why can't Tata see the same?

Udit 6th September 2017 12:37

Re: August 2017 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis
It seems Maruti Suzuki was holding the dzires produced in past months and dispatched them all in August. I don't remember any other car crossing 30k mark in past.

Tata is working hard to get No.3 spot. With the launch of Nexon we can expect that it will reach no.3 very soon. Tiago has done more harm to Kwid than any other car. Kwid is simply overpriced and falls in the price range of Tiago. Renault should work upon their future strategy.

Redi-go has become the bread and butter of Nissan-Datsun now. I won't be surprised if Nissan follows GM and shuts down its operation in India.

The post GST surge in the sales volume of Innova and Fortuner has fallen back to its usual numbers. It may futher go down in upcoming months due to revised GST rates.

Fiat has settled down as an engine maker rather than a car maker in India. No new products, no new updates either.

Hexa, Compass, XUV are neck to neck. No surprises in this segment.

hemanth.anand 6th September 2017 12:44

Re: August 2017 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis
30934 Dzires in August :Shockked:
31 days in August-That's close to 1000 Dzires a day!
2050 Sales outlets-That's an average of more than 15 Dzires a month across all outlets
The Darshini hotel across the street near my home might sell as many idlis for breakfast :D
Every alternate day a Dzire is sold in all sales outlets! So, next target for MS would be 1 Dzire every day across all outlets!
I know most of these Dzires would be cabs; I know these are not actual retail sales and I know they might be stocking up for the festival season. Staggering numbers nonetheless!

Such a huge difference between the market leader at 52% and the next player at 16%!

Apart from Dzire, the most talked about car on this thread would be the Compass. True to its name, the compass is sure pointing northwards!
2020 units this month. I hope and wish they win the long Test and not just end up as fast as a twenty20 cricket match.

And because of the Compass numbers, Fiat owners will be breathing a sigh of relief as the clouds of service centres closing down will get cleared from over their heads.
It's too early to say though but the Fiat numbers increasing to 230 odd from 180 odd last month may be as a result of increased footfall in the showroom because of the Compass.

S.MJet 6th September 2017 12:50

Re: August 2017 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis
Dzire's 31K shipments would be a shock competition. Rest of 12 OEMs together could manage 16314 numbers in the category, little more than 50% of Dzire's numbers.

With these record breaking shipments Maruti has ensured reduced waiting periods to minimize any spillover to competition during the festive season.

In D1 segment Compass has secured second position and going by XUV's last six month average we may see Compass topping D1 segment next month.

Hexa and Endeavour numbers are most probably due to news of 10% Cess increase. They will settle to their average numbers of 1000 and 500 respectively. Though as an auto enthusiast I would want this momentum to continue for them.

manson 6th September 2017 13:12

Re: August 2017 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis
Third straight flat zero sale month for HM-Mitsubishi, wonder what they are upto and how their scant network of dealerships is managing to stay afloat.

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