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Default MDI Air Car - Runs on compressed air

The MDI Air Car - The World´s Cleanest Car.

I see TATA has signed a deal to develop and productionise this car that runs on compressed air...

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Old 14th February 2008, 14:52   #32
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As per BBC news quoting Negre the AIR Car will hit Indian roads within one year and cost around 2lacs.

Source :'Tata-backed air-power car within a year' - Business News - News - MSN India - News
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Old 15th February 2008, 15:39   #33
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I read in World Car fans that this may be launched in 2009 and could be priced around the same price as Nano. Tata to Produce Air-power Car

So is it possible that this engine be ported into the Nano itself?!! It would surely be a knockout punch with respect to fuel economy and OTR pricing!!!
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Old 15th February 2008, 16:10   #34
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is it possible would be the question in many of our mind apart from the veg oil joke.any one has any technical details or process involved in such an engine.
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Old 15th February 2008, 17:13   #35
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I remember seeing a TV program on this. The cars make an awful knocking sound. NVH is going to be a real problem! But then many people will be willing to put up with that if their fuel bill is the price of compressed air. The engine works in a similar way to an internal combustion engine. Compressed air pushes the pistons intead of a fuel-air explosion.
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Old 15th February 2008, 19:07   #36
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why cant they invest in hydrogen powered engine s ?
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Originally Posted by black12rr View Post
why cant they invest in hydrogen powered engine s ?
The problem with hydrogen powered cars is that it is not economical to produce hydrogen with the current available technology.
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Originally Posted by srishiva
Looks really promising. So what are the chances of we driving around in pollution free, cheap to run but ugly (TATA) cars.

Tata cars are anything but ugly. They may not be the cutest things zipping around on our highways, but no way they can be called UGLY.
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Old 25th February 2008, 14:56   #39
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U.S will see these cars on road by late 2009 !! They have licensed Zero Pollution Motors Zero Pollution Motors - Air Car

Length - 13.4 ft
Width - 5.97 ft
Height - 5.74 ft
Seating - 6 seats
Trunk volume - 35 cubic ft
Weight - 1874 lbs
Engine - 6 Cyl.
Power - 75 hp
Max Speed - 96 mph*
Mileage - 106 mpg*
Range - 848 miles (8 gal tank) *
Co2 - 0.158 lbs/mile (at speeds >35mph; zero emissions at <35mph)

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Saw a program on future technologies which do not create any pollution. They shower solar power plants, hybrid propulsions etc and in the end they also showed the Air Car in which it was mentioned that TATA has licensed the technology for India and will soon be rolling out cars.

Now all this is know, so why am I posting again? There is a reason. The air car which everyone has seen, the ugly utility van like prototype is actually a 6 cylinder family van which costs around $10 - 12K. The real looker is a small car which is a 4 cylinder 2 door coupe that carries 3 people (driver at center and passenger seats on either side of driver, like the front seat of an Auto). This costs around US $7000.

What is so special about it? It looks exactly like the Nano in size and shape! I was pretty sure it is Nano until I saw the interior seating layout and a very different dash. After seeing that, I am pretty sure the Nano will eventually get the Compressed air engine and will still sell under 2 lakhs. There is so much resemblance between the 2 door air car prototype and Nano that one could be forgiven for thinking Nano is actually the production version of Air car Prototype.
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Default MDI's fantastic innovation- One that is coming to India

Sooner or later, MDI's air-powered cars are going to set foot on Indian soil. It's amazing to know that it runs on air, and gives us an impression that it will be cheap to run but a lot of confusion exists on the other aspects of this car. This video will clear all your doubts and give you a peek into what the future has in store for automobiles- AIR!!

Get ready to be blown away- MDI's air powered car explained
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Wow! now soon we will have companies selling fresh air, re-energised air, perfumed air , lubricated air , extra dense air etc. for enhancing performance of air cars. Any fellow TBHPian here interested in pooling money to patent the fuel for this air car. Please, join me !!
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Post Tata Motors ---> Air Car

Most of us might know that last year Tata Motors had inked a deal with MDI (FRANCE) for an Air car and I happened to chance upon this link as of today about their plans of the Air Car -- the alternate to fuel.

Tata Motors to introduce Air Car | India Business Blog

Source : track.in and autoblog green

Going back to January this year they announced that it would take around 2 years for this venture to see through and this is the link for the same

Tata Motors: MDI's Air Car "requires nearly two years of work" - AutoblogGreen

Note to Mods: If a similar thread exists please merge this one with the old and as there was an update thought of letting folks here.
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Thumbs up Nano to come with Air Engine

Happend to see this news in today's TOI

Tata has plans to launch nano with the Air ENGINE next year.
This could be huge!!!
They also mentioned the cost of filling would be aroubd 3 $ and you could go up to 200 kms on single recharge!!
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Old 28th July 2008, 10:16   #45
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one more link for the same article..
Tata Motors to introduce Air Car | India Business Blog
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