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Old 4th June 2004, 13:51   #61
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Originally Posted by [b
Quote[/b] ]If only they sold that in a different color, it would be a great buy.
Exactly my thought Rtech

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have any of u guys noticed a diffrnt set of alloys from fiat for the 1.6...i saw a couple of palios with those sexy 6 or 7 spokes....
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Old 4th June 2004, 15:32   #63
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the S10 had different alloys, thick spokes, which seemed to suit the car. The regular 1.6 had 8 soke wheels i think. They look pretty good too IMO.
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Old 9th June 2004, 19:35   #64
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Guys ... PLS help me with modifying my lil baby .. just got her though its been allready used .. just tell me details of the mods and how much they cost u !! Also as to how did the mods enhance the baby .... waiting !!
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Originally Posted by [b
Quote[/b] (speedsatya @ June 04 2004,01:26)]
Originally Posted by [b
Quote[/b] ]the 1.6 is the only car that can replace my mpfi zen .
can any one tell me as to hoiw much fuel efficiency figure can i xpect from a 1.6 .
Satya the 1.6 gives an average of 7 kmpl in a siena with a/c on all the time and a little spirited driving. Expect the palio to give atleat 7.5 becoz of a marginal weight advantage of the hatchback.

Originally Posted by [b
Quote[/b] ]i had got a call from anuroop, they still have a 2002 showroom 1.6 GTX and a Limited Edition one. they are offering 90k and 1.1L discount on it. But does it make sense buying a car thats lying in the showroom for 2 years
One of my pals got his s10 from shaman. The car was lying in the showroom go down for over a year. The paint gloss has dulled just a bit. The tires had hardened becoz of disuse and the fact that they just lie there in the sun. Ask them to change the tires if possible. Also take someone knowlegeable with you to check the engine compartment and all such things.Corrosion can set in when things are not used. And we dont know how it will be maintained for such a long time in a godown.
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Old 29th December 2005, 10:33   #66
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The Fiat India website is up again! Step one in the march towards revival?
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Old 29th December 2005, 12:01   #67
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Originally Posted by airfoil
The Fiat India website is up again! Step one in the march towards revival?
It is up for last couple of months. When they were producing cars, they didn't have website, and when they almost stopped, they had the website. It's all confusing
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Old 30th December 2005, 12:33   #68
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Note from the Admin : Post Deleted. Please do post in full and proper english. Slang / SMS language is not permitted on Team-BHP. Do read the announcements section before proceeding any further
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Old 16th January 2006, 10:59   #69
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Hi, After some search we managed to get my hands on a 2002 Dec GTX (which had only 14K KM on board (Was a company car, sparingly used). The car seems to be in good shape.

I need some advice to find a good place where i can get it serviced. I'm not sure if Sundram is still a good choice. [ Atleast all the GTX owners i have come across seem to get their car serviced sundram (Rajaginagar) ]

I definitely see a lot of mails speaking for the car, which has helped me decide on this one for my brother. Will help if you folks share your ways of maintaining one (for now a stock GTX) to be able to relish its speed/power and help it breathe longer.
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Old 16th January 2006, 14:04   #70
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Just yesterday after the Octy L n K test drive, went to look for a 1.6 Palio.
This is what i found out. Looks amazing from outside, pathetic from the inside.
Now the car was then driven and to my suprise had superb build quality. Though brakes were a question and handling was good too. Car abosorbed all potholes well.
And the best part was the performanc mind blowing. It was very high revving. It reached 6900 RPM in 2nd gear and the noise was nirvana.
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Old 16th January 2006, 14:29   #71
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Palio GTX is an absolutely stunning car... 100 BHP stonking engine! Its a Rocket! Lemme tell ya one thing... everyone who doubts the handling and ride quality of this Fiat... just take it out on the highway first... and tell me one car this side of 8 lakh rupees (Honda City and Lancer included) which is as stable, as unruffled, as effortless as this car is. Remember this car is built like a Rock not tin cans like the Honda City and Lancer... its weighs in at 1080 kgs... more than Lancer and Honda City!
Simply In a class of its own.... till date the best looking small car built in INDIA.

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Old 16th January 2006, 15:01   #72
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The new 1.6 Palio, is it called GTX or Sport? Yesterday I saw this Golden Suffron Palio on Mysore road near Ramanagara. I first noticed it when a KSRTC bus passed it from the left. I made some comment to my wife about a Palio being treated that way by the bus driver. As I got closer, I noticed the distinct 1.6 badge on the back!!! It looked more like GTX than Sport. Therefore I wasn't sure whether it was the new one or the old one. However, the color looked so bright (no fade), it must have been the new one. I too passed it from the left, and couple of 800s passed it too. I sadly nodded my head at the unspirited driving of a GTX, and moved on. I am hoping the driver was doing the running-in, if not I really pity that car.
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I need some advice to find a good place where i can get it serviced. I'm not sure if Sundram is still a good choice. [ Atleast all the GTX owners i have come across seem to get their car serviced sundram (Rajaginagar) ]
Sundaram motors should be ideal for the Palio....They do a good job servicing the Palio here in Madras.

The new 1.6 Palio, is it called GTX or Sport?
Samurai, its called the sport.
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for performance at a price it the ultimate car to buy.

mod it and even the vtec's and lancer's and balenos will be afraid to come near.
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Cool PALIO "Been there, done that" car

Originally Posted by GTO

I think that the Palio offers an outstanding combination of power (100 bhp!), razor sharp handling, comfort (thanks to their world car chassic) and safety (especially the version with ABS + EBD). For a Indian car enthusiast website, it is really surprising that the 100 bhp Palio has yet to find a topic dedicated to it. But then, this is the same story that Fiat India is facing in the marketplace.

Firstly, the 1.6 GTX is available for 4.40 lacs on the road!!! A 100 horses for under 4 1/2 lakhs! Thats really unbelievable. For those who cant stretch their wallets to the City territory, you get the same power output for half the money. It shoots from 0-100 in 11.19 seconds, thats hardly half a second off the regular City 1.5's timing. Put the palio 1.6 through its paces and it will reward you with a top whack of 170km/h. Not bad for a hot hatch that is priced a very little more than a Maruti Zen.

Even the ride and handling factors are amazing, the chassis simply flying over every irregularity that Indian roads have to throw at it. Autocarindia has termed this car as the "best in its class". I have always gone out of my way to speak to 1.6 GTX owners and find out if they are unhappy at all with the car. HOGWASH!!! These guys swear by their steeds and from what I have heard..would not give it up for anything else on the road.

Butttttttttttttttt Fiat has failed miserably in restoring buyer confidence in its Indian operations. The dealership network still sucks and the company has extremely inethical business means. I had called for an orange palio 1.6 GTX from Shaman the other day (for a team-bhp ripping session) and though I was damned impressed with the car, it had rusting brackets all over on the hatch! Is this a company really committed to India? Check out their DEAD website for our country and you will know - Fiat India

Great car, sadly a "not so great" company backing it in our country.

Palio 1.6 GTX is indeed one to be proud of buddy!
High praise indeed, but it's something that's to be experienced to be believed. The little Italian mops up surface glitches like they weren't even there. And even today, this is reason enough to buy this car. while suzuki swift and hyundai getz are just getting started palio has been there done that..the balance between ride and handling for this cars size is amazing...
It's almost five years since we first saw the Palio. Though it's no headturner today, there aren't many cars that look so with-it, five years into their production run. And trust us when we say that it won't be an eyesore even a further five years down the line. If there is one thing the Italians know to do well, apart from pasta, is design cars.Now Fiat hasn't been in the best of health these days. Adding to their woes is their Achilles heel the dealer network, but making a correction with that now TATA having taken matters into their hands MUCH disgusted owners have smethin not to worry about anymre..since frm nw on its TATA palio n dealrships across the nation will service ur car....
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