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View Poll Results: What car you prefer?? - Japanese, German, Korean etc etc
American [Ford, GM, etc etc] 64 7.67%
French [Peugeot, Citroen etc et] 9 1.08%
German [BMW, Merc, etc ] 408 48.92%
Japanese [Toyota, Honda etc] 329 39.45%
Korean [Hyundai, Kia etc etc] 24 2.88%
Voters: 834. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 6th June 2007, 18:19   #331
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I like those American SUVs but back to reality i prefer the Japanese which are more affordable & accessable (even though they call it The Jap Craps)
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Old 6th June 2007, 19:02   #332
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If it is for giving merit points for cars for what they are ment to be. It has to be German all the way.
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Old 24th September 2007, 13:40   #333
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German cars are undoubtly very good. But I prefer cars that I can work upon. Kind of those ordinary sedans that provides lots of potential to modify tuned them. R-34 would be at the top. I believe there's more fun in creating and see your car shaping up. But as reality stands, I could bearly afford to put in a pair of fog lamps for my ikon lol!

Anyway its nice to dream.
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Old 24th September 2007, 16:01   #334
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A german car anyday if you have the funds to feed and take care of them...otherwise the japanese as they are refined,powerful and maitainence free......
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Old 24th September 2007, 23:57   #335
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i would stick with a german car now that i have one for about 1 and a half year.however for pure driving pleasure it has to be the italians although i cant afford one .
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Old 25th September 2007, 19:30   #336
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i go for a japanese car. powerful and reliable.
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Old 26th September 2007, 11:55   #337
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A german car. They are the complete CARS. Japanese cars though very good and practical are basically very good reliable engines, bolted to the chasis, body and wheels to provide reliable transportation.
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Old 3rd October 2007, 10:55   #338
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Germans man! Performance, luxury, status and safety they have it all.
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Old 3rd October 2007, 13:19   #339
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i go with the german cars over the japanese and american cars. german cars are rock solid very reliable and comfortable.fuel economy is also at par with the other cars except the american fuel guzzlers.
owning a varied year range of the mercedes models from 1936 upto 2007 i would say german all the way. skoda and VW also reinforce my view point.
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Old 4th October 2007, 22:41   #340
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its always been the big grand americans for me...
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Old 5th October 2007, 09:31   #341
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This poll misses the Italian marques... may be they would've got my vote if they were in the contention...
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Old 5th October 2007, 14:37   #342
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Default My take

The choice is between the German & the Japanese. The American cars do not even come close. In the US, Honda & Toyota are building cars locally and beating the daylights out of Detroit. That is because the Japanese have adapted to changing times. In a recent study the 12 most fuel efficent cars in the US were found to be Japanese. Fuel efficiency is big in US with gas prices shooting up. Environment is big in the US - enter the Toyota Prius. The American cars have load of electronics as well but somehow the innovations are around comfort rather than efficiency (by and large) and the more expensive models take it to ludicrous levels. In German cars the engineering is rock solid the innvations are around building better cars (I am not saying they are not comfortable, recently had an opportunity to "sit" in a Merc CL 600 - napa leather, space age tecnology, amazing Harman Cardon ICE and a ticker shock of Rs. 1.54 Crs ex showroom). The Japanese have always focussed on Fuel efficiency - not just cars - efficiency is in their blood. And they build for the people. They are good adopters of technogy and but for them many of the advanced features we now enjoy at a reasonable price may have been out of bounds for many of us. They have always been good at commoditizing technology. Hooray for the Japanese.
Now, the German - that is a complex mind - so they build complex cars. They have always been ahead on engineering so the cars are very well engineered. The innovations are relevant and not frivolous. They have also started to use recycleable materials. Safety is paramount (the autobhans have no upper speed limits!). By and large I would say :
For the Americans building a car is about comfort
For the Japanese building a car is about efficiency
For the Germans building a car is about engineering
For me, German is my preference because I like well engineered things. And I love my C-CDI.

BTW, check out Home Page :: Winding Road. The subscription to the EMag is free. Many of the cars they review are a sin to own
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Old 6th October 2007, 17:14   #343
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When you ask for a preference for a car/vehicle then compromises can't be made. A hypothetical question is best answered by a hypothetical answer.

Give me a Beemer anyday; provided I can afford it...
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Old 11th October 2007, 16:15   #344
manavdotcom's Avatar
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German Definately ! after driving Opel Corsa for 4 years.Having Toyota (Jap) now and can surely say german is the best.
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Old 21st November 2007, 16:06   #345
sabret00the's Avatar
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As a 1st car to use as everyday car always a Jap.
As a 2nd car for weekends probably a German..
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