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My wife does not care about cars. For her they are a means of getting from point A to point B and nothing else. They damage the environment and kill people and dogs.

On evening walks i sometimes point out cars to her (parked in our locality ) and ask her to tell me their names. This irritates her very much and i am told quickly to shutup.
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Default re

It's anything from VW that fits into our budget. In general, it is the "badge" that she is looking for.
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My wife doesn't drive much. But she is a big fan of Civic since its launch and we ended up buying the same this year. At the same time she hates ANHC, says it looks more like a horse than a car to her! She however liked NHC. When I had to make a decision on which car to buy between ANHC and Civic, at the showroom, it was she who pushed me for Civic, while I felt ANHC should have been fine.
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BMW, Fiat Punto, Mahindra Logan, Mahindra Scorpio, in that order. Note that all are diesels.
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Women are generally non enthusiastic about anything automotive untill the time comes for a car purchase.

For e.g. my fiance was never interested in cars, never. But as discussions are going around to replace me ageing zen, I get to hear a whole lot of points about various cars and most of them are about the looks.

In hatchbacks she absolutely dislikes tall boys (i10, santro, wagon r, etc.) and fat cars (swift, punto). She likes the old model zen, 800 though.

In sedans she loves the esteem, accent, octavia, civic etc. She doesn't like the SX4 though. Even the OHC is one of her favourites.

In SUV's she loves the Gypsy and the Bolero, but doesn't like the scorpio or the safari.

From all this i could understand that a CAR has to be sleek as per her and an SUV should be butch and tough looking.

Regarding mechanicals, she is only bothered if the car is comfortable, has power windows, good ICE and has a strong AC. After all they are being driven around.
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Originally Posted by mohandas View Post
It's anything from VW that fits into our budget. In general, it is the "badge" that she is looking for.
+1 to this, the looks and the "sleekiness" is what impresses my better half. She is a great fan of all the Indian honda cars (sedans)
When it comes to the small ones she likes the fabia.
She absolutely hates SUVs and threatens to divorce me if I buy one

As far as the features, I explain and she understands it to a certain extent. but then, after five minutes it would've vaporised from her mind.

Cars and my wife don't match.
she might now be writing in a different forum that "Shopping and my hubby don't match"
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My wife doesn't know much about cars, If i say did you see that Merc, she would point to a spark and say is it that one, no the big one, then she would point to a scorpio.
I agree we all were like that long time back, with experience we tend to know more about automobiles.

Now coming to the point, she likes the SX4 the best, why? Because that was the first car we had in mind to buy. But it was going out of my budget and i chose to buy an i20.

Now whenever she spots an SX4 on the roads, then my day is made, she starts cribbing- We should have bought this one by all means, and would start cursing my poor i20 terming it as "junk".
And thats enough for me- we start with cars and end up on our respective in-laws.

Now what does she like in an SX4- it is BIG and thats what matters, and an i20 is like a bug for her. She couldn't stand the idea of paying 6 lakhs + for a bug instead could have bought an 800 for less than half the price.

Then i say have you seen the features on our car, "features" what are they? Why do we need them at all.

And the story continues on every drive.

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My wife is not much interested about cars. But she always share her opinions of cars during long drive (to make me awake). She likes only SWIFT , since her father owns one and make me (no offense please).

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My wifey wouldn't bother looking at people around let alone Cars, until I came into her life!!
But now, she spots exotics and imports well before I do and the best part is she can Identify many if not most.

From what I know, she just Loves the Mini and moreso the Red One. She even wanted to pick up a Red Swift and customize the looks to match a Mini, though she just hates Swift.
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Old 5th August 2010, 22:40   #100
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my wife likes Bently n BMW 7 SERIES in black colour.Till the Time i can buy either of them or both she is satisfied with Honda civic.
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Mine is for Honda CRV any time. She just cant get enough of it. And the reason is simple. She loves to travel with all whom she loves.So a sedan, irrespective of the size, does not fit the bill. That obviously brings SUV's/Crossovers in the fray and there lies the catch.

She just can't stand a Scorpio, Xylo, Safari, Endy and alike. She hate the thought of beeing driven in one of those who ooze nothing but arrogance (sorry, no offence meant to any one its just what she thinks). This is where a CRV scores very very well with her. She likes it's beautiful design and practical space. Just the kind of "class" she likes, she says.

When we were struggling to buy even a proper sedan, and she was the one opposing even the middle ranged ones (read ANHC etc.) she once said if you want to buy a CRV you can I wont stop you. Go figure how would you afford that..these women I tell you
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Interesting thread. For my wife, its the looks of the car that primarily define a good or bad car. She loves the i20 and the VW Polo. However, her absolute fav is the Beetle. When I tell her that its a car not worth its price tag, the response is "Kitti cute hai".
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My better half has only two cars in the list.

Spark : Since she drives one. Reason: it has got those lots of storage space which is used to store anything from water bottles , keys to hand sanitizers.

Audi : No choice on A4/A5 etc. Reason Audi's logo looks cool and Merc is too common .
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My wife likes "Mercedes Benz". I am putting it in apostrophes because it is the name she is obsessed with. She cannot identify a Merc on road, the other day I showed her an SX4 and told her its a Merc, she said "Wow!". Later I found out, someone had told her celebrities go around in Mercedes Benz cars, hence the obsession. (rolling eyes)

Apart from that, she likes all cars that have a boot and dislikes all cars that don't - literally. I once showed her a Honda CRV and said this is what I would like to buy, and she commented that it doesn't have a boot and looks like an Indica (how in the world!!!??). She also thinks Innova is just a slightly bigger WagonR (!).

Get the picture...
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My better half has 2 options too,

either buy a i10 Automatic for her or buy Outlander.

Reasons : i10 auto is good to drive in city (agree with her 100%)
Outlander : Looks good.

All other cars dont qualify.
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