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Old 7th August 2010, 06:47   #121
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My wife likes SUVs in general. Scorpio, Fortuner, Endeavour etc. She is not very keen on CRV, Captiva kind of SUVs.

BTW, she hates sedans. She thinks those are not VFM.

Footnote - my 4 year old son likes Scorpio.
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Old 7th August 2010, 08:29   #122
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I'm not married yet but I'm going around with a girl and she's very fond of the BMW Z4 and Porsche Boxster. Seems to be the convertible-loving kind of ladies. Whenever she sees a Land Cruiser or Pajero she exclaims "wow" but then she's not keen on the brawny SUVs.

And ofcourse she absolutely loves the yellow Lambo Gallardo poster in my room. Thats her dream car for now.
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Old 7th August 2010, 17:56   #123
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Not married yet, but my girlfriend absolutely loves the Beetle and wants to own a pink one, one day!!

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Old 9th August 2010, 11:05   #124
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A conversation with my fiance over phone... few days back. (And that too we hardly discuss cars)

Me : You know, I saw a new Diesel Polo in sky blue, today in my office parking. It was a top-end model and looked awesome because of its paint quality.

Better-Half : Hmmm.... Most people go by the looks of the car rather than technicalities like 3-cylinder and 4 cylinder stuff.

Me : How do you know all this?

Better-Half : Why? What's the fuss?

Me : (silent).

Better-Half : You know, may be the guy bought it as his second car. He must already be having a big car and perhaps did not have space for another big one in his garage. Else, one would have bought a big car for that money.

Me : Stunned. How come you know so much about these things?

Better-Half : Well, I just know.

I guess i cannot wait to marry her, now.
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Old 9th August 2010, 11:17   #125
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After marriage some interesting fight may happen on;

Safari vs Scorpio
Corolla vs Civic
Swift vs Vista

etc... etc... All the best!!
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Old 9th August 2010, 11:28   #126
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Inspired by this thread, I asked my wife about her car preferences over the weekend - here's the response:

She absolutely drools over the CRV. Black in particular. This, according to her is the "best" car worth having in India. However, this is superceded only by a "Land cruiser" (I somehow suspect she likes it only because a certain Mr. Salman Khan is often spotted in one).

When abroad, she goes gaga over a Porsche boxster. Nothing compares!(She's wise enough to realise that Lambos & Ferraris are in a different league so can't be compared).

In general, she likes all 'big' cars - to the extent that an Ikon/Accent is better than a swift or other newgen hatchbacks. Interiors/Comfort/FE/technology, all these factors pale in comparison to size - sedans have 'it', hatchbacks don't. Period.
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Old 9th August 2010, 11:30   #127
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My wife is hell bent on getting a Xylo or Scorpio as our next upgrade. I am not complaining either.
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Old 9th August 2010, 13:23   #128
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Alto :\ - because its so small and easy to manouver. She also likes the Fiat cars for their looks though.
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Old 9th August 2010, 13:34   #129
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Wifeys has inherited my santro, and just loves it(complete FFE and perf filter).She says it oozes attitude,and the noise causes everyone on the road to do a doubletake(its a rarity,you see, for a woman to be driving such a car.)
But future prospects are not very bright for me,neither are they cheap.
She wants,at some point, to own an X6 or a CLS.
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Old 9th August 2010, 17:29   #130
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Well, well, well. My wife loves our Swift. She loves smaller cars as she relates it to being easier to drive in the city. She likes cars in which she can see/know the corners. She's driven quite a few models (large and small) and always seems to prefer the smaller models.

Right after marriage she would tell me that all cars looked the same but is now able to identify most of them. She is particulary interested in the Merc E class as she has been drilled on it as my dream car right from day 1 of marriage.

But the car she absolutley loves and adores, the one she would choose if she could have any car in the world - that would be the old zen.
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Old 9th August 2010, 17:38   #131
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My wife loves Swift a lot. So i settled her for Dzire

Many times my wife likes the cars on road and shows all to me. I always get stunned by her choice but because she likes all big, costly cars only like Audi, BMW, Pajero, CRV & others. I told her that i need to work all three shift to buy that car if we wanted to buy it now
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Old 10th August 2010, 19:15   #132
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My wife just love Esteem and Innova. She enjoy long drives a lot.
Nowdays she has started loving Safari too after reading few threads where Safari was made to Leh-Ledhak.
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Old 12th August 2010, 22:10   #133
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So the most common theme is that most "wives" love SUVs - the bigger the better.

My wife also in the same bracket - but she goes a step further... says her dream car is a Tata Xenon Twincab!

Me:As a family car?
She: Yes, why not

In a congested city like mumbai?
Yes, why not

With Tata's (lack of) reliability?
Yes, why not

And lug around an empty loading bay we wont use?
Yes, why not

Why NOT?

Now over the months, I am also seeing some logic to it, in the sense that I drive around in a City, and hardly ever use THAT boot - so what diff if I had an open-top carrier instead!
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Old 14th August 2010, 13:56   #134
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Well, the question was "What car does your non-auto better half like?".

Now, my half (better, or worse, I haven't figured yet, after just 14 and odd years together) is as non-auto as they come. Lived 6 years in USA, and never cared to get a DL. Came back, took a DL, but never drove. I bought her an old M800 for motivation. Didn't work. Domated the car to her brother.

Now that her credentials of being a 'non-auto' woman thusly established, let me explain her likes/dislikes.

In her view, only a three box sedan could be called a car. Hatchbacks are 'half-cars'. The rest are Jeeps and Vans. Boxier, the better. The only need about comfort is "should not shake" and "enough space to sit".

Then there are crazy quips about specific make/models.

Fiat? I don't like them. They are OLD! (She can think about the Padmini only, even after repeatedly showing her the punto and linea)

Maruti? They are hatchbacks (Even after showing all sedans of MSIL)

Ford/Chevy? I like them. Saw great cars in USA (One reason I could get her approve the Fiesta)

Skoda? I like them, because my brother said it is good. (Yes, the logic is, if the husband said, that must be wrong, and if the brother said, that must be right)

Tata? No way!! They are taxis.

Mahindra? Who? Oh, the Jeep company. I don't like Jeeps.

So, in all likelyhood, we will end up buying another Ford/Chevy next time.

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Old 23rd August 2010, 12:25   #135
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While my better half is mostly non-auto, her criteria while buying a car made me want to hug her.....

"I want a car that can overtake on the highway with the A/C on....." --> and that's how we bought the SX4.
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