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Old 20th December 2007, 21:51   #46
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Hyundai Santro Zipdrive - Feb 2002
Maruti Suzuki Swift DDis - Dec 2007

The Zen MH410 was handed down to me so not new, My first love

Didnt bother with the Santro delivery etc as I was hurt having to part with the zen. So its only with the DDis that I went through the actual exciting "new car" feeling

Glad to be back with Suzie ! Hehheh

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Our first new car, we sold it today.

Yes, the Maruti Suzuki 800 (1996 model, carburreted engine, 1.5L on odo), was sold today for 45k to a local dealer, since it had become a white elephant.

Goodbye my good old M800!

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since i had always driven cars that were previously used by my dad or someone else in my family, my first brand new car experience wasn't that special when i got a honda city in 2005.
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Old 21st December 2007, 17:43   #49
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My first car was the Gypsy King 1.3. It was white with a beigeish hardtop with massive MRF zigmas (cant recollect the sizes) on stock rims. Man, those were the days...!! bling ICE, chicks, pub-hopping, and weeklong getaways I have explored my beautiful country with this vehicle. It used to be personally tuned by Bobby Jayaram for me, and I had some suspension and exhaust mods on it. I did close to 30k kms in one and a half years before i sold it !!

I still regret selling it and will buy another one in the future, as a weekend getaway vehicle. this one i intend to keep for life !

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Old 21st December 2007, 20:42   #50
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my 1st personal new car was
maruti alto lxi - oct 2005
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Old 21st December 2007, 21:59   #51
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My first "new" car was my green face-lift Honda City 1.5EXi that I bought within a month of the face-lifted model being launched!

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Old 21st December 2007, 22:27   #52
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Maruti 800 , November 1999
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Old 22nd December 2007, 03:34   #53
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First new car: FIAT Palio 1.6 bought in 2002, with cash (as in Rs.5 + lakh in two plastic bags!). Was over the moon on that day.

The day I bought my second new car (NHC GXi) did not feel special at all. Perhaps part of the reason was that the car itself was not as good as the Palio.
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Old 22nd December 2007, 06:00   #54
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Well, all I ever managed to buy was a 1967 Standard Herald. Not new, and certainly not shiny. But still my own.

Originally Posted by vipul_singh View Post
First new car: FIAT Palio 1.6 bought in 2002, with cash (as in Rs.5 + lakh in two plastic bags!). Was over the moon on that day.
So that's what the mafia drives in UP! Just kidding, please don't get upset!
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Default Heartbreaker

Not my first but best and most heartbreaking. My 1975 Ford Bronco, four wheel drive, 5.0 Liter V-8 motor, stick shift that could climb walls, ford rivers, go thru snow storms and keep up with almost everything on the road. I had it 3 months. I went out to the curb one morning to get in it to go to work and it was gone, stolen, never to be seen again...except as my avatar. Goodbye, noble steed!...sniff, sniff, sob.

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Old 22nd December 2007, 11:30   #56
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Absolutely love the bronco, dan!
Wish I had stolen it! lol
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Old 22nd December 2007, 12:15   #57
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spanking new VW Jetta 2000 Model. Had to sell it off in a year when i came home. But thats one helluva car. Driven quite a bit of cars japs, americano,german. Still the VW manages to stand out of the crowd. No wonder they call it the Poor Man's BMW/Merc.
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Old 19th August 2009, 18:09   #58
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Default My New Car

To a Petrolhead, the experience of buying his first NEW CAR is always close to his heart. Dont know how a thread that embraces such a wonderful topic went into oblivion for the last 2 years!

Anyway, I'll have to ennumerate 2 experiences here, as the second wont be complete without the description of the first:

My Family's First New Car

It was the summer of 1986, and I was all of 5 years old. My dad had just been promoted as EI Head of the Pharma MNC he worked for. He announced to us (Mom and I) that he would be getting a car from his company. A Hindustan Ambassador, no less.

A car? Our own car? I was too tiny to realize what 2 full grown adults were whooping and hollering about. That night passed in celebration, which interested me more because of the food rather than the subject!

About a month later, the 3 of us were standing at India Automobiles in Dalhousie. A beautiful gleaming cream Mk4 Amby (Petrol Engine) stood before us, and the sales executive was carefully explaining its features to my dad and the company driver. Mom and I stood at a distance, I tightly clutching on to her hand as we marvelled at the big automobile that was to be ours.

Very soon, the driver had his throne, I was on the front passenger seat, and my parents - like royalty - were perched on the rear seats. The car rolled off onto the street and sped off towards home. Hardly a kilometre down the road, the driver asked us to roll up the windows. There was a mysterious black box with vents attached below the main dashboard. The driver turned on some knob and the box started to emanate cool air. This was my first experience of a Car A/c. Yes, dashboards with vents were unheard of in those days - atleast in Ambys.

To cut a long story short, that cream Amby, WNC 5322, served us for 4 more years before we moved to Mumbai. My dad learnt driving in that car.

My First New Car

Forward 22 years. I had booked a Verna CRDI SX ABS in the first week of September 2008, and the dealer had asked for 15 days time to order the car. Timelines were adhered to, registration formalities were done. I insisted on taking delivery on the 27th September 2008.

Evening of the 27th. 4 of us (Mom, Dad, me and my Fiancee) go to the showroom to take delivery. My black car stands resplendent in the middle of the hall. I cant take delivery right now, they say, as the accessories team hasnt finished putting up its wares yet.

I roam around the room like a caged tiger, watching the teflon guys practising their art on the car. My car! Images of 22 years ago flash by in my mind, the little me clutching on to mom's palm, marvelling at the big automobile that is soon to be ours.

Finally the wait ends. At about 7.30 PM, the accessories are put on. Delivery guys hand me the keys. I get into the car and the CRDI engine growls to life. My car! The thought comes back again and again.

Perhaps on cue, the skys open up right at this time. Rains in end September! Its raining cats and dogs as the car launches itself onto the road, headlights piercing through the downpour. The 4 of us are as secured as moths inside a cocoon. Slowly and surely, we drive through the storm.

Upon reaching home, I'm the last to get down. The others rush into the house. But I stand next to the car, oblivious to the downpour that has soaked me completely. Admire the lines of the car, walk around her again and again, touch her body, and finally, FINALLY, lock the doors. My car!
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well it was not only my first car but first ever car in our family, and i called my sister all the way from her sasural to do the pooja, she literally cried on that moment, very emotional time of our family.

it was WagonR Primea Limited Edition, Black Colour, in Oct - 2005.
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Wow, those days.. ! My first new car was bought in 1997. A spanking new Maruti 800 standard, white. Got a Sanden AC retrofitted from the dealer, and drove her out.
Since then we've seen an assortment of Maruties - a Wagon R, a Zen, and a Swift. Then came a Honda Civic, and now a cute little red Chevrolet Spark.
I'll never forget the "new car smell".
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