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Mine was Indica DLS, 14 March 2002, fully loaded from dealer. What a experience it was, got side strip, wheel cover, fog lamps, left side mirror etc from dealer. And in stone blue color with all these, she was looking stunning. GM came out to inspect the car himself, handed over the key to me. I was very surprised and happy that GM did a very detailed inspection of the car.

car was delivered on promised date and time, with 3 changes to the color in 1 week.

Next day at traffic signal, one guy in esteem, rolled down the window, Sardar ji, "Gaddi badi changi hae". Car is very good.

I felt very good about that.

I faced lots of negative comment from friends and colleague, Like " What Indica", its a tractor boss. Its a taxi etc etc.

I was so depressed and confused, it was my hard earned money, when my mother gave me a boost and inspired to go ahead and buy what you like.

Felt very sad when I sold it for SX4, 98K km. my mother was like , car are not meant to be sold back. Required lots convincing job. Here are few parting pics
Name:  DSCN1661.JPG
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What was your first 'new car'?-dscn2017.jpg

Name:  DSCN1662.JPG
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My first new car - purchased from show room - is my Alto LXi.
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Originally Posted by predatorwheelz View Post
To a Petrolhead, the experience of buying his first NEW CAR is always close to his heart. Dont know how a thread that embraces such a wonderful topic went into oblivion for the last 2 years!

Anyway, I'll have to ennumerate 2 experiences here, as the second wont be complete without the description of the first:

My Family's First New Car

It was the summer of 1986, and I was all of 5 years old. My dad had just been promoted as EI Head of the Pharma MNC he worked for. He announced to us (Mom and I) that he would be getting a car from his company. A Hindustan Ambassador, no less.

A car? Our own car? I was too tiny to realize what 2 full grown adults were whooping and hollering about. That night passed in celebration, which interested me more because of the food rather than the subject!

About a month later, the 3 of us were standing at India Automobiles in Dalhousie. A beautiful gleaming cream Mk4 Amby (Petrol Engine) stood before us, and the sales executive was carefully explaining its features to my dad and the company driver. Mom and I stood at a distance, I tightly clutching on to her hand as we marvelled at the big automobile that was to be ours.

Very soon, the driver had his throne, I was on the front passenger seat, and my parents - like royalty - were perched on the rear seats. The car rolled off onto the street and sped off towards home. Hardly a kilometre down the road, the driver asked us to roll up the windows. There was a mysterious black box with vents attached below the main dashboard. The driver turned on some knob and the box started to emanate cool air. This was my first experience of a Car A/c. Yes, dashboards with vents were unheard of in those days - atleast in Ambys.

To cut a long story short, that cream Amby, WNC 5322, served us for 4 more years before we moved to Mumbai. My dad learnt driving in that car.

My First New Car

Forward 22 years. I had booked a Verna CRDI SX ABS in the first week of September 2008, and the dealer had asked for 15 days time to order the car. Timelines were adhered to, registration formalities were done. I insisted on taking delivery on the 27th September 2008.

Evening of the 27th. 4 of us (Mom, Dad, me and my Fiancee) go to the showroom to take delivery. My black car stands resplendent in the middle of the hall. I cant take delivery right now, they say, as the accessories team hasnt finished putting up its wares yet.

I roam around the room like a caged tiger, watching the teflon guys practising their art on the car. My car! Images of 22 years ago flash by in my mind, the little me clutching on to mom's palm, marvelling at the big automobile that is soon to be ours.

Finally the wait ends. At about 7.30 PM, the accessories are put on. Delivery guys hand me the keys. I get into the car and the CRDI engine growls to life. My car! The thought comes back again and again.

Perhaps on cue, the skys open up right at this time. Rains in end September! Its raining cats and dogs as the car launches itself onto the road, headlights piercing through the downpour. The 4 of us are as secured as moths inside a cocoon. Slowly and surely, we drive through the storm.

Upon reaching home, I'm the last to get down. The others rush into the house. But I stand next to the car, oblivious to the downpour that has soaked me completely. Admire the lines of the car, walk around her again and again, touch her body, and finally, FINALLY, lock the doors. My car!
And here are the pics, of our 86 Amby

Name:  scan0008.jpg
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and of my Predator (just after purchase). The house in the background in both pics is ours.

Name:  DSC01319.JPG
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I urge Tbhpians to keep this wonderful thread alive. The euphoria of your first new set of wheels is special. Please share it with us all.
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First some background:

Though I work in the IT industry, I'm also a partner in our family business. The family business is incorporated as a HUF (Hindu Undivided Family) with the my fathers elder brother as the "kartha". With the arrival of my second son, I was planning to buy a car though had not finalized on the brand or the make.

All of a sudden I had to visit Kerala (end 2006) and was sitting in the living room of our ancestoral house when my uncle (kartha) walks in:

My Uncle: What is this I hear about you planning to buy a car?

Me: Yes, Am thinking of it.

Uncle: How much does it cost?

Me (without thinking): Around 4 lakhs

Uncle: Ok here is the check for 4 lakhs. Go buy your car.

Me: (in my mind); Oh S**T should have asked for 8 lakhs at least !

The decison made (along with wifey)was to buy a car outright without going for a futher loan. Wifey prefered a Santo and thus became a proud owner of a Santro XG. its another story that I had to sell the car within 6 months when I had to move to US though.

Yes, the new car smell and feel is something special.
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It was in 1998 that after learning driving on an Amby, a decision was taken to buy a new car. This was era when Zen ruled, Santro was recently launched and so was Uno. There was not much research done and Uno was booked straightway from TVS Motors, Kochi. A month of waiting period made things desperate. I still remember the name of the dealership GM, one Mr Swamy. I used to bug him at least once a day regarding delivery. It was like:

Me: Hello, is that Mr Swamy?
Him: Yes, Mr Kapil, Namaskar.
Me: Mr Swamy, whenever you say namaskar, I hear only CAR, when are you delivering my car?

and so on...

The car has been with me, driven daily, for the last eleven years. Now that time has come to retire her, I really feel how well she has served me, without headaches, through long and short distances, without a complaint.
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It was June 1999 and i was just 10yrs old when we got the delivery of the Indica DLE that was just launched in the market. Before that we had a Premier Padmini , which was bought second hand. The Indica is still running and has done around 50,000km in 10yrs. It's still in good condition as compared to other Indicas you see on road today. And it's only because my dad loves his car and maintains it really nicely.

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First one was Amby...I was too small then.She retired after our Alto came.
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Jan3rd, 2007. I brought home our very first new car: Spark.
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My First New Car
Maruti 800 -Red Color
Bought it in 1993
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M 800 with a/c. Bought in Aug 2004. Pics are in my gallery.
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Feb 2008 was when I got 'my' car bought with my earnings, a Silver SX4
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My first all new car was a 1989 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera Brougham. I'm almost embarrased to type this info now, still harder to digest after all these years.
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Our first car was an Ambassador (pics are in my Gallery) - we brought her second hand, and I still remember the day when dad arrived with her.
She was 1984 make and we brought her in 2000.

Even before we got her in our hands, our house were abuzz with plans to make up her, and the very next day after we brought her, we took her to workshop for a complete checkup, paint change (from dull nonmetallic blue to shiny Black color) and some tinkering work (changed the front indicators from the original MK-IV to the nova type, and did some misc. works) which was followed by complete interior re-vamp.

She came loaded with goodies - Sanden a\c compressor, Desert king blower, 3 pair of horns ( one pair Bosch Horns, one pair Addons and one pair Nikko) Pioneer cassette player with pioneer ovals and amp, Leather seats, radial tyres and she was retrofitted with Matador D304 Diesel engine with floor mounted gear stick. She was quiet a beauty, and we never spared any effort to make sure that she is always at her top health.

Sadly, we had to part with her last year because she was becoming a white elephant, and I brought a Vista TDi to replace her, which technically is, my first 'New' car.
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My first new car is Swift Dzire (6 months old). About the remaining, well depends on how good a job I get after graduating .
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First car in my family is Wagon-R.
Bought on 2003.
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