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Old 18th March 2008, 14:19   #151
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For me #1 will be the Amby on which I learned driving in the late 80s. On that car, the gear lever on the steering column wouldnt budge unless I hang on to it with both hands. Having to keep the horribly hard clutch down during the same time made things worse. And then my master would shout "keep looking ahead on the road, dont try to grope for the clutch pedal" . While on driving trips, I used to request him to give me very bad roads to drive on so that I dont have to change gears often! Both my left leg and left wrist used to pain like hell after this ordeal everyday.

I used to have an Amby of our own at that time, but it was far better. But my driving master never allowed me to drive it until he felt my steering is steady.

#2 would be a Premier Padmini we owned. Though I did not have to struggle too much to get that car moving, once it started it was almost guaranteed to create some trouble. I used to "pray hard" every day before we took it out so that we could avoid a mid-road get together which was very common! Fortunately the weather in Kerala was much milder in those days.
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Old 18th March 2008, 15:22   #152
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I am curious about how many Indica dashers actually own them, or just an experience from a cab.
  • Hard gears, in my experience its as good as any other same segment car.
  • slow pickup, I think its decent for old models and very good for dicor model. You do not race with such cars.
  • Loose statements like, never comfortable, I think some might even not comfortable with H3 while driving.
  • "The car is like a bulldozer", "indica is the smallest version of the truck ", "tata cars are pathetic to drive", "0-60kph in 3 hours flat", "Tokk ages to move", "Any car with Tata logo sucks" : common, this is pure bashing for the sake of posting something. I am interested to know the duration of ownership of Indica with the members who posted such statements.
  • Hard to drive without PS: Yes I agree on that.
  • Interior Sucks : True
I know these all personal opinions but I am bit emotional for loose statements for such good VFM car. Not that TATA gives me money to say that or I have to prove something after driving my Indica for 95K km, but its a fact.
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Old 12th April 2008, 14:23   #153
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Top gear UK rates cityrover(our own indica)to be worst car ever tested by them.
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Old 12th April 2008, 17:55   #154
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It was a funny experience driving Toyota tercel (or some thing along those lines) after driving a Camry. The worst though was the M800 my driving school in Hyderabad provided.
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Old 12th April 2008, 18:08   #155
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I came across a lot of Indica Bashing on this thread.. I have driven one for close to 2 years. Was an early 06 model(new shape, DLS,PS, non-turbo). The seats were comfortable. It had the most comfortable seating capacity for a small car. Clutch was good. Gear change although not butter soft was quite precise and effortless. Power steering was not one to ride home about.(Compared to Wagon R, Santro, Swift). Power and acceleration also was wanting on slopes. The AC was quite effective. She didnt give me any kind of trouble when I had her with me.
I can understand the early models of Indica giving some kind of trouble. But the later generations were really good and good VFM. Yeah Average was lose to 15-16 in city too. Overall I was pretty satisfied with my Indica.. The worst car I have driven was an old 800.
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Old 12th April 2008, 19:12   #156
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Originally Posted by JayD View Post
. Optra is a great car ! I wonder why you find it one among the worst!
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Old 15th April 2008, 17:36   #157
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I learnt driving in a Premier Padmini.
Have driven Amby as well.
My friend had a MM540 that I drove a little bit. The same guy later allowed me to drive his brand new Sumo as well (in 1996/1997)
However, the only time in life I felt 'out of place' was when I test drove a used Tata Sierra (which looked well maintained). The steering was too vague and required frequent corrections.
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Old 15th April 2008, 17:58   #158
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Worst Car that i had driven in my brother's Maruti Omni. I had a good time driving for 30 Kms and never again i dared to touch it.
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Old 15th April 2008, 18:24   #159
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Worst car I've driven is the Chevrolet Aveo rental while I was in the US. I had just gotten my Cali driver's licence and rented the cheapest car on the list (compact segment) It was a disaster from the moment I took in on the freeway. The steering used to keep pulling right and the car wobbled at 40 miles/hr. After driving 10 miles I turned back and demanded a better car and landed up with a fairly new Ford Focus. This one was WAYYY better than the Chevy. That day I learnt you always need to haggle with the rentals to get a better car or you'll end up driving a tin box!
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Old 15th April 2008, 18:53   #160
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Since I love driving any car, there is none that I hate. In the early 90s, the only car accessible to me in Chennai was an old, battered Premier Padmini, belonging to a friend, who fortunately did not know driving. So, I got to drive it once in a while and while the experience was not even remotely comparable to that of driving our M800, I still looked forward to a chance to drive it.

Might not buy/recommend certain brands of cars, but have no issues driving them.
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Old 15th April 2008, 19:09   #161
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hmm.. the good ol' amby, not that i am criticizing, but amby drivers here, would know even the steering lock is a MAJOR pain, brakes - what are they, steering, good enough to cause a seizure, seat position, what is that, i always thought why is my thigh touching the steering!
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Old 16th April 2008, 09:40   #162
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Sureme Baleno, you have expressed just what I think. Put me in the driver's seat of any car, however bad the road. I shall still enjoy driving. I remember driving my father's Morris 8 down Taratolla Road in Calcutta during monsoons with potholes the size of trucks, and I distinctly enjoy having a good time. This car had something like four inches of play in the steering and throttle response used to be a second and a half delayed. But it was still fun. All you need to do is understand how much the car is capable of, and keep within that. There is no worst driver car in my list.
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Old 16th April 2008, 09:49   #163
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Hindustan trekker, and a 5 year old Indica DLS.
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Old 16th April 2008, 12:44   #164
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Didn't like driving the Tata Sumo at all.
Another car I feel uncomfortable is Santro due to the fact that I can't straighten my leg properly. Ok, may it's be because I'm used to low seating position.Another thing is that the ABC pedals are too close to each other for my comfort.Otherwise it's a nice car.
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Old 16th April 2008, 16:15   #165
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For me it has to be the Santro. I remember driving a friend's Santro from Mulshi to Pune and with every corner on the ghat, I felt I would go off the road. Significant body roll. Was also not comfortable with the tall-boy design seating.
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