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Originally Posted by filcord View Post
BTW, Bisleri is still around RS 12/- per litre. Of course one can compare the price of Evian mineral water, imported, but the commonly available water has not really risen in price.

When I learnt to drive, 1973, the price of petrol was around Rs 3 a litre. It had risen from around Rs 1.25 because of the Arab-Israel war and OPEC's cartelisation at that time, I remember my father saying that pretty soon he would not be able to afford keeping a car!
Bisleri used to be sold as Mineral Water earlier. Now it's just packaged drinking water. Coming back to petrol, the lowest I paid was Rs.12 when I was in school. We used to ride a friends RX100. I remember my mom saying that in the 60's when we had a Fiat 600, they used to pay 25 paise for a litre of petrol.
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The lowest I remember is 95p per litre (about the time we went metric). I remember when it went up to Re.1 some people said - Good Rs.20 for 20litres!
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My father always mentions that he used to buy 5 litre petrol for 3 bucks for his Fiat! That was in 1968-70.

In 2003, the cost of unleaded fuel was 33 Rs./litre. The highest I have paid is for XtraPremium for my XETA. It was about 59 Rs./litre in 2007-08.

All are Mumbai prices.
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I recall somewhere between 5.5 and 7 for a liter around '87-88 in A'bad. Its when dad had a bajaj scooter and I would ride in front between his two legs - standing and enjoying the wind in my hair. Ah, those were the days.
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I recall Rs 8.xx a liter for the diesel for our ambassador! When I started my college in 2000 Bajaj Super I recall 30 buck I used to buy 1.x liter petrol with 50 ml oil. and as Takumi-san rightly said "those were the days" !!!
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i remember filling up petrol at 13 or 14 rupees per litre in my 60 cc sunny zip back in 1998.
And top it with a 2.50 rupees ka Castrol 2T oil pounch ( dont remember the name)
It returned my some 35 kmpl.

later the carb developed bigger holes ( explanation given by my mechanic) and the sunny used to give me 28 but boy was it fun twisting the throttle and winning the red light drag races . now i think the carb jets might have upsized on it own

Now i fill up petrol at 44 rupees per litre and my lancer gives me just 9kmpl with ac
but boy it is still fun leaving everyone else behind in the red light drag races.
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My first car was an 1980 amby. In 1998-99 i fitted an isuzu B1 turbo diesel engine and enjoyed the drive. The diesel rate was Rs.9.60 per ltr then, it was as economical as a 2 wheeler.
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Originally Posted by hrag View Post
My father's log book for his 60s / 70s Padmini (he had 2, I remember him telling me) has petrol prices for less than a rupee.
The earliest accurate figure I remember is 8.98 (don't remember if it was Bangalore or Chennai, though). It was 10 for a long time and in my first year of college, 11.12. Remember arguing with a bunk guy to fill 1.08l for Rs 12 (he wanted to fill 1.07l).

In June 2003, petrol in Chennai cost 33.11. Diesel costs that much now!
hrag, fond memories. Those days it was the analog meter (that's what we call it right) which will rotate like the speedometer. Used to fight with the bunk guy that he is only filling 1.5 instead of 1.55
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Originally Posted by leadf00t View Post
i remember filling up petrol at 13 or 14 rupees per litre in my 60 cc sunny zip back in 1998.
I don't think in 1998 petrol was around 13-14Rs/L
Definetely petrol was in the range of 25-30Rs/L in 1998
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the cheapest rate i had paid was Rs.23 / lit in '99.
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I remember paying approximately Rs.10/- for 1.1 which is 1 litre and 1 unit of 2T oil for our TVS 50 some where in the 2nd half of 80's. Thats the lowest in my memory
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I bought my Tata Indica in 99, and Diesel was Rs.10.36 per Ltr. Tankfull was done in around Rs.350. Seems like a joke today. Really miss those times
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At the risk of sounding like an old-timer :

The first time I filled fuel in a bike it was Rs. 5/- p.l.

Of course I was underage then. When I finally was of age, it was 10 bucks a litre. I used to fill half liter in my RX, lol.
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When I first bought my bike (Kawasaki ) petrol was Rs.19.70, in 1993. Diesel was Rs.9 in 1997 when I bought my first car (an Ambassador).Bike used to return about 65 kmpl and the car is used to return about 16 kmpl.

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I think 5 Rs/L. The year was 1994.
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