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been on this road i test drove a optra 1.6 which was later due for delivery in some hours. only reason was that the original test car had gone which some company people to their meetings. or whatever they say. weird but true. mine the tripmeter was working bot 40 kms done on it
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Smile Naming names

Originally Posted by GTO
Since no dealer name is provided, this topic is moved to the
Indian car scene. Its not a review at all.
Oh, but I did provide the dealer name, GTO, -- perhaps only Bangaloreans
have gotten the drift :-). Anyway, the topic is quite general, and not
specific to any particular dealer. So it's better that it was moved back to
the Indian car scene, generating a good discussion,

Originally Posted by meerkat
Well, I can't comment on how honest are either bimal or
mandovi (or rns, or sagar) in this regard, because my experience didn't involve
any of them ;-).
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it looks like this is a given,

most importantly, we must all be careful when accepting those huge discounts on the 'showroom' cars that are available in stock - esp if any team bhp members have test driven them
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Well fortunetely this has never happened to me as i know the dealers well.
Maruti - vitesse
Fiat and ford - Shaman (owner is my sisters friend)
mercedes - sanghi and autohanger
honda - linkway
Good tips however.
Will remember it.
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Angry Avenue Nissan, Chennai(Nandanam) Is Delivering Test Drive Vehicles To Customers!

Just ended a phone conversation with one Mr. Ganesh from Avenue Nissan, Nandanam Chennai. If any of the members over here, or anyone they know are reading this, be warned that if you are buying a car from the above mentioned dealer, the chances that your car was used for giving test drives to prospective customers are pretty high. The following is the conversation I had with the Sales Person(SP) from the showroom. It might be pretty lengthy, but spare some time, and you or someone you know, can be spared this cheating.

I get a call from Mr. Ganesh.

SP - Good Evening Sir, (Intros blah blah), I heard from First Ride that you are looking for a Terrano.

Me - Yes. I've already spoken to another rep from your showroom. He said that he will look at the car's availability, and get back to me. But I haven't received a call yet.

SP - No problem Sir. I will bring a car for test drive. Where do you want to take the test drive Sir?

Me - Sholingnallur. Because I work there. When can you bring it?

SP - Sir Sholingnallur is far away. We can take a test drive only for 70 kms.

(I'm surprised, but still continue the conversation)

Me - I understand Sir, but Sholingnallur is only 15 kms from Nandanam. So even if take a detailed test drive, I'm sure its not going to clock more than 40 kms.

SP - The car has already done 30 kms Sir, and we cannot drive more than 70 kms before delivery. Is it possible to take the test drive any where closer?

(This is where I knew something was fishy! Absolutely irritated by the conversation that followed)

Me - Delivery? To whom?

(SP understands that I've cornered him)

SP - Sorry Sir. To the company only Sir.

Me - You are telling me that you are going to deliver the test drive vehicle back to the company? Do you realise that what you are saying doesn't make sense? You are going to deliver these cars to the customers, aren't you?

SP - No Sir. Company only.

Me - Explain the process then.

SP - Sorry Sir. We will deliver to the customer only Sir.

Me - So you are going to let me test drive a car, and then sell the same car as a new car to a customer who is totally unaware of this?

SP - Sir there is a shortage of vehicles. So we don't have a dedicated test drive vehicles. So all cars we are doing like this only.

Me - Do you think its fair on your part that you are literally selling a test drive car to a customer, who in turn is going to think its a brand new car?

SP - Let me give you an example Sir. When you go and buy a shirt, someone may have already tried it on. So you are not buying a brand new shirt. Its just the same Sir.

Me - When I go and buy a shirt, I'm prepared for the fact that it might have been tried on by someone else. Do you tell the customer that his car has been used for a test drive? Does every customer who enters your showroom, come prepared for the fact that he might get a test drive car?

SP - Sorry Sir.

Me - I'm not asking you to apologise. But do you understand that when someone spends 15L on a car, how much of love they would have for the car? Do you realise the passion that they have for the car? The hard work that they would have put in? And in the end, you people cheat them? Is this the way that you treat your customer?

SP - Its not my problem Sir. But you are getting a test drive no Sir? Then why do you have a problem Sir. Someone else is only going to buy that car Sir. Why are you taking it personally?

Me - How will you feel if you buy a brand new vehicle with your hard-earned money, only to realise later that its been tested/abused by someone else? And you still expect me to buy a car from your showroom? What is the guarantee that you will deliver a new car to me? How can I be sure that my car hasn't been test driven?

SP - Sorry Sir. There is no guarantee for that Sir.

Me - Glad to know that. And its time that some more people know about this. Goodbye!

Now I know that it is not the SP's fault. He's being made to do this by his bosses. But isn't it unfair that they are letting someone else's "brand new" car to be tested by other people? If they have a shortage of TD vehicles, they should give fewer test drives, probably fix appointments so that they can manage with the available vehicles. Just to boost sales, they are using car which will belong to someone else. And that person might never know about it.

I feel its totally unethical to follow this procedure. I would have got my test drive and my problem would have been solved. But this goes way beyond just a test drive. I definitely wouldn't be giving any business to Avenue Nissan. And I hope few others do.
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