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Default Re: Can i Buy a Car in Chennai and register it in UP?

I really have a doubt whether temperory registration without address proof is possible. Best option is to buy in second hand market use it for as long you require & sell it of in chennai itself when the work is over.
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Default Re: Can i Buy a Car in Chennai and register it in UP?

If you buy from TN and try to register it any other state [other than TN], then you will have to pay an entry tax for that state which was 8% of the car's value [subtracting the VAT or whatever taxes are applicable] I am unsure as to how things are today with GST coming into effect.

The two other options which you may explore:

# Buy a pre-owned car in Chennai and sell it off after the usage is over.
# Take an year's lease with any taxi company.
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Default Re: Can i Buy a Car in Chennai and register it in UP?

I have been in a similar scenario when I wanted to buy a car in Delhi but did not have an address proof apart from a lease agreement. Luckily for me, I finally did get it registered on the Delhi address using a few more documents (electricity bill of the landlord, my address on letterhead of my employer).

In your case, you might have 2 options:

1. Go for a Car lease
2. Since you have business in Chennai, you might also be having a bank account in Chennai. A bank passbook of a nationalized bank is also accepted as address proof.
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Default Re: Can i Buy a Car in Chennai and register it in UP?

That is possible. Buy the car, get invoice. They charge GST which eliminates all state taxes (incl. entry tax, state sales tax etc) and negates any local taxes to be paid later on in U.P. or elsewhere. Only GST is paid hence as applicable to the Chennai dealer. The RTO road tax of UP will have to be borne by you however, with registration charges etc in U.P.

You will have to get a transit pass issued by the dealer which has a limited validity. He will record your ownership details in documents and the temporary number plate details (maybe the local RTO is involved here) that will have a TN number in yellow background . And the insurance if done at Chennai is safer, as the car will have to be driven all through. So the transit pass, temporary registration documents and the insurance paper will all be valid to transport your car.

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Default Re: Can i Buy a Car in Chennai and register it in UP?

If you are going to keep the car in Chennai for a short time and then bring it back to UP, why don't you look for a corporate lease car in Chennai? You always buy and register a car in UP, when the requirement in Chennai is over with.
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Default Re: Buy car in state or out of state (Major price difference)

I am buying 2nd hand car in DL/HR for about 20L. I live in Pune (MH) and intend to register and use in Pune. I have been told by agents that RTO tax 5L is payable in Pune. Is there legal way to avoid paying 5L?
Please respond quickly. Thank you.
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Default Re: Buy car in one state register in another state (Registration Procedure)

Hello everyone, I have been a member of Team-BHP for a few years now and have been regularly reading the various articles/ reviews. This is my first post.

I bought a Honda BRV (11 May 18) from Delhi and have got it registered in Pune (24 May 18).
While exploring the methodology for doing the same, I realised that the posts on the site are a bit dated. Now that I have got my registration done, I am updating the procedure I followed for the benefit of all.

During purchase of the car I ensured that
1. The address on the sales invoice for Billing as well as Delivery was the Pune address.
2. The temporary registration obtained from RTO Delhi stated the owners address as the Pune address and the ‘Place where vehicle is to be registered’ indicated “PUNE, MAHARASHTRA”.
3. The insurance certificate also had my Pune address, and place of registration as Pune.

I left Delhi on 16 May. After days halt in Ahmedabad (completed the first servicing in Ahmedabad) I reached Pune in the evening on 18 May 18.

On 19 May (Saturday) I reached RTO Pune (Sangam Bridge).
Registration of new cars is dealt by the RMA section. (Enter the building and turn right into the corridor. It is the first window on the right after the corridor turns 90 deg to the left). I explained the situation to the lady (she was very polite and helpful) at the window and she went through the papers I was carrying (All the papers bore a rubber stamp with signature of the Dealer, except the Temp Regn). They were: -
1. FORM 20 - Application for Registration of a Motor Vehicle. It should have the chassis no stenciled on it. The dealer had done it for me. (Though I was carrying two copies only one was retained by RTO).
2. FORM 21. Certificate of Sale (I had two of them, one was for sale from HONDA to the dealer and the second was for sale from the Dealer to me). Also included were the tax invoices by HONDA and the dealer. Not sure if they are required but RTO retained them.
3. FORM 22. Initial Certificate of Compliance with Pollution, Standards, Safety Standards of Components and Road Worthiness issued by HONDA.
4. Insurance Certificate.
5. Temporary Registration Certificate from Delhi RTO.
6. Photo copy of PAN Card.
7. Photo copy of Aadhar Card (as address proof).
The lady had a look at the papers and requested me to return on Monday. (This was probably since I visited on Saturday).
On Monday morning, the lady entered the details on the system and returned my papers on which she had endorsed a 15-digit number. (She took about 15 min to do this).
I then proceeded to the RTO office at Alandi Road.
It is a big ground with a few sheds. The place undertakes vehicle inspection and license test for two wheelers.
I reached the place around noon and explained the reason for my visit (car bought in Delhi, being registered in Pune and not employing an agent) to the vehicle inspector. He insisted that I get approval from the Deputy RTO, whose office was in a nearby shed.
(The Deputy RTO reaches the place only around 4:00 pm as he goes to some other RTO place during the morning hours.)
After meeting the Deputy RTO, (he expressed surprise as to why the vehicle inspector wanted his approval), he initialed Form 20 and I returned to the vehicle inspector.
The vehicle inspection was cursory, with the inspector having a look at the chassis no only. He had a look at the papers and signed (along with a rubber stamp) page 2 of Form 20. Thereafter an entry was made in a register and I proceeded to the next shed (it is located a few meters away, where the transport vehicles were being inspected). The person in the window made some entries in the system and made a ‘tick mark’ on Form 20. In the adjoining office, I got a rubber stamp affixed next to where the vehicle inspector had signed and returned to the Deputy RTO. He once again had look at all the papers and signed Form 2 (on page 2 where I had affixed the rubber stamp).
Since it was past 5 pm that day (Monday), I had to visit the RTO office (Sangam Bridge) the next day (Tuesday).
This time the lady made some more entries in the system and generated a password. I was then told to pay the taxes and fees online and produce a printed copy of the receipt. (I received a SMS with the amount to be paid, the user id, password and a link to the web page. The amount indicated in the SMS does not include transaction charges and GST, which pop up while making the transaction. Both netbanking and Credit Card transactions are accepted)
I paid the fees and taxes online with my mobile. I received an SMS almost immediately indicating receipt of the money.
(When one gets out of the RTO premises, about 100 meters away to the right are a few vans with agents carrying laptops and printers).
I got a print out of the receipt from one of these vans (Cost me Rs 10 for one printout) and returned to the RTO office to hand over the papers. At this stage, I guess my Regn number should have been issued. However,
the earlier series (probably MH 12 QL) had been exhausted and RTO was in the process of opening the next series (MH 12 QM). They have a two-day gap to enable people to apply for specific numbers. Once the ‘special number’ allocation is completed the series is opened for public.
Hence, I was requested to return with my papers on Thursday at 4 pm.
On Thursday, I handed over the papers to a gentleman in the same office (where the data entry lady is) and left (took all of five minutes, they could have kept the papers on Tuesday itself). On my way home, I got a SMS intimating the Regn No of the car. I downloaded the RC from the website (https://parivahan.gov.in). The original RC will be sent by post to my residential address.

The procedure can be completed in two days. First day get the data entry and vehicle inspection done. Second day pay the fees/ tax and submit the papers.

To summarize, I could purchase a car in Delhi, and register it in Pune without an agent or tout. There was no entry tax/ VAT etc charged.
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