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It was my first car Indica V2 in 3005. It was my second day on the car and took it to off. After I parked, I took a few secs to come out and as I started walking away with my bag, i realised a lot of liquid running on the road from under my car.. I was **** scared as i just happened to speed a little over a speed breaker before as i could not judge it well.

I actually started sweating...my first car, second day and gosh my fuel tank is leaking.. I tried calling the TATA Helpline desperately but it was 8 am ano no one was pickingup.. I naturally touched the liquid and smelt it.. it was fuel..

After i got through in next 15 mins i realised that it was the condensed water from the AC. Its a parking lot so even the water smelt like fuel..

Another incident was when in 2007 i picked my 1 year old daughter from the in laws and packed her in the front passenger seat to meet my wife en route to go for a long weekend to Pune.She was playing with the car remote. I shut her side door and rushed to the driver seat and instantly thought... what if she locks herself and so i almost jump over the front and reach for the handle of my door and ...tuk tuk...she has pressed the big Grey button on the remote key as if she read my mind.. I was so scared ...

My mother in law watching from her balcony and a few mins ago killed me to boredom by repeating instructins of how to drive slow with my daughter with me alone etc etc until my wifew joins us.

The only lucky part was that my daughter palyed a lot with e remote everyday when we walked from the car aprk to out home, so i used to tell her which utton to press etc..

So i asked her to press the ornage button, but she kep t on pressing the orange and the car starte screaming toi toi toi toi toi toi toi..

The second time she pressed the right button to my good luck..

Since then I never handed her the key...when putting her in the car seat..
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Default Missed the step

Going Goa to Mumbai on NH4 in Jun 07. while stopping for lunch on this hot day I was pleasantly surprised to see this shade near this hotel. so headed straight for it and THUD. didn't see the step and a lot of smiles from the people around. Getting it out was an ordeal. see the stone placed as a ramp. It did work. wife and kid . Had to bear with their laughter all the way to Mumbai.
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Default wackiest and nostalgic memories

I got inspired to open this thread after reading Chewbecca's introduction.

Here is a sample.

Got arrested for stealing a Fiat when I was 22 years old. !! sounds weird? read on… I and my uncle were returning home late night after attending a wedding reception. I had a brand new Suzuki motorcycle and my uncle had his good old Fiat that was parked two blocks away from the venue. We decided to exchange our vehicles for 2 days so he handed over the keys to his Fiat and drove off on my bike. I located the Fiat (from the numerous other Fiats parked there) got in the car and drove off, oblivious to the fact that I had stolen someone’s car!!! Now don’t ask me how the keys worked on the wrong car and for that matter, both keys worked!!! (Fiat those days used to have separate keys for door lock and ignition). The rest of the story is predictable and you can imagine how I landed up at the police station the next day.

Do read the rest of his memories here.

http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/introd...ml#post1975746 (Newbie Goes Bananas)

Please share similar experiences you have.

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Default Silly Moments while on the drive

We all have those moments while driving when we get worried/excited/tensed for no rhyme or reason. And after a while we realize how stupid it actually was.

Please post only the ones where at the end you're reaction was "oh-c'mon!" or "you've got to be kidding me" etc. (i.e. no angry ones)

I'd start with mine :

1) I was driving down from Pune to Mumbai to receive my mum at the airport. I'd started from Pune at 4pm. The moment I got into the 1st tunnel, I was wondering if load-shedding had hit the Expressway too. The tunnel lights seemed dim and I was cursing the authorities for such a lapse. By the time I got into the 2nd one, I had the same reaction. Mid-way I happened to brush the hair off my head and that's when I realized I had my sunglasses on; which accounted for the dimness. I burst out into laughter at my own folly.

2) Very recently, as I was driving from BTM to ITPL, just before Silk Board while being stuck in heavy traffic, I realized the clutch was stuck and wouldn't de-press. I panicked real bad. I frantically tried pressing hard and then it came out. This happened twice - but only when I pressed the clutch completely and not slightly less than full. I immediately called Opel Assistance to tell them my problem - the guy said most probably the clutch plate was screwed or the gas would have leaked etc. etc. My thoughts went on the 7k bill it would run upto. I decided to drive till Whitefield Sundaram Motors. I logged on to T-BHP on my cell hoping to post a query asking for immediate advice but I couldn't find the new topic button. I called my dad asking if he'd faced a similar issue. After all his advice, he just asked me to check if the floor mat was obstructing it. I stopped after I crossed HSR and checked it out. Indeed, the clutch was getting stuck while de-pressing in the floor mat. (the car cleaner had just cleaned the mats a day earlier and placed them far too close to the pedals).

Sometimes, problems that seem to threaten the existence of your car seem to be just a momentary lapse of common sense!

Now, let the cats out of their bags.

MODS : Hope this thread is appropriate and in the right section.
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Default re: Driving "Typos"

My first silly experience was with the my bike, some ten years ago. I was doing my engineering then. It was the second day with the bike. A senior asked me to drop him to another hostel block, so he could borrow some notes. So we started. Half way, my bike gave some jerks and when I pressed the clutch, it stopped. And it just did not start, no many how many times I and this senior tried kicking it. Fortunately, we just had to push the bike a little and then there was a slope to reach the other hostel block.

Once the senior guy went to meet his friend, I went to my one classmate's room and asked his help. He got his toolkit and came to the bike. He knelt on the left side of the bike and got up almost immediately and started abusing me for not switching on the fuel.

I never told the actual reason to my senior, until we met in Bangalore (much after his engineering).

Another silly incident with the same bike: someone pointed out to me that my bike's headlight was on. I checked the headlight switch. It was off. So I decided to head to Bajaj authorised service centre, which was some 5 km from the hostel. Two bikers on the way tried telling me that the headlight is on (it was broad daylight). I had to take right turn to enter the service centre, so I switched on the indicator, and then tried to blink the headlight using the 'pass' switch. That's when I found out that the pass switch was stuck. I simply took U-turn and went back to the hostel.

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Default re: Driving "Typos"

Some time in 2005 - in my months old Indica V2 DLX (non-Turbo). Me and a friend of mine are going some place, doing 60 KMPH or so.

Friend wants to change the CD - my CD case is in the glove box, which was locked (The Indica had a lock for the glove box on the dash - I lock it while I park the car at night in the apartment). Friend asks for the key, and I instinctively switch off the engine and take the key out - the car is still moving

The steering is weighing tons, and brake feels heavy too. Even while he is opening the glove box I realize what I did and ask him for the key urgently - and he drops the key in panic, falls somewhere under his seat!

Some how managed to draw to the road-side, and geared down along with the handbrake to stop. Was a real scary experience, thank god the road was empty and I was not doing insane speeds...

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Default re: Driving "Typos"

I have ,in my 800,more than one occassion have slotted the car in second gear instead of reverse causing the car to move forward while my head was turned backward.

The second and reverse gears are on the opposites side of each other hence the confusion.
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Default re: Driving "Typos"

Some nice ones there.
What I did would more aptly be called as a blunder

This happened around 8-9 years back, during graduation years. We went to an evening party at a famous road side dhaba about 15 KMs from our college. I drove a green colored bajaj chetak that I borrowed from a friend of mine for the evening. The scooter did not have a key, but we didn't worry too much about it because we used to park our scooters within eyesight at the dhaba, and anyways vehicle thefts were pretty uncommon in Punjab those days. Of course most of you would be aware that the old gen Bajaj Chetak's didnt require a key for starting, it merely acted as a handle lock.

Later we picked up the bike and returned to the hostel, and I was all the while commenting to my friend sitting behind that somehow this scooter has become a lot more sluggish since we drove it last time. Went to the hostel, parked it nicely and went to sleep.
During classes the next day, met some juniors who I had met at the same venue last night. This is how the conversation went:

Juniors: So sir, did you have a nice time yesterday?
Me: Yeah, I sure did, but why are you guys grinning like idiots?
Juniors: Do you know that you actually drove one of our scooters to the college, and left yours behind?
Turns out, these guys had exactly the same colored Bajaj Chetak, and that too without a key!
When these guys entered the dhaba and were parking their vehicles, they noticed that we had brought along a similar looking scooter too. So when they came out of the Dhaba half an hour behind us and didn't locate their scooter, they panicked big time. Fortunately one of them had the good sense of making two plus two four and figuring what might have happened.

We did not have mobile phones at that time. These guys drove our scooter back to the college, and interchanged the vehicles at my hostel. Me and my friends all the time blissfully ignorant of what we had done.

So now whenever we old friends meet somewhere and recount the old tales, one of my friend usually says pointing to me, "ohh that is nothing, wait till you hear what this genius did!"
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Default re: Driving "Typos"

Originally Posted by avisidhu View Post
Turns out, these guys had exactly the same colored Bajaj Chetak, and that too without a key!
@avisidhu, really funny one. Remembered my hostel days when I used to carry a very worn out key that pretty much started any Luna or TVS mopeds. When my friends used to offer their key in case I wanted one for a loan, I would tell them not to worry since I already had their key. Saw some pretty interesting facial expressions after that.

During my college days, had taken out the 118NE for a spin with a girl alongside. Unfortunately met with a flat tyre after a while. So sheepishly too out the jack, spare tyre with the girl watching. To my dismay, I realized that I had no idea how to fix the jack. I was pretty used to Amby and Fiat, but not the NE. Very soon a mini crowd assembled to help. After several tries on various angles, no one could fix the jack. Finally ate my ego and called dad from a PCO (no mobiles in early nineties). He came on a rickshaw with a big big smile and fixed it.

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Default re: Driving "Typos"

Every time I get into the drivers seat in any other car driven by wife or driver and look for the seat recliner button on the left and not there !!!!!! and it dawns that its on right...opposite to my palio..
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Default re: Driving "Typos"

Here's something that happened with me.

I'm an Activa driver (only gearless licence at 16), and the kind of clothes I wear in summers don't have many pockets, and the two pockets in the pyjamas are not very deep, so I keep my money in the storage area below the Activa seat.

So one summer day, I went to buy some stuff from a shop. When he confirmed he had the stuff I needed, I told him to hold on while I got my money from the Activa. I went outside the shop, and tried inserting the key in the seat lock, and for some reason, it didn't fit. And then a bewildered middle aged man stepped out of the shop and asked me what I was doing. For a moment, I was clueless, and I think for some 10 seconds, I gazed at that man like an idiot, and then it hit me. The Activa I was trying to unlock belonged to that man.
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Default re: Driving "Typos"

Interesting thread:

I had a white maruti 800 in college (very common model and color). We had gone to a restaurant and me and my cousin were talking about something while walking back to the car. So we reach the car, unlock it and I sit in to open the passenger side door. Suddenly I realise something's odd. Turns out that I was in someone else's white maruti 800!

The old maruti keys had worn out to the extent that it was like a master key

Me and my cousin looked around and found that my car was the one next to the one we were sitting in. Felt like thieves if the owner had seen us.

Calmly walked away and sat in our car and drove off laughing our guts out!

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Default re: Driving "Typos"

Just remembered one incident due to Ankush's post. Let me spill it out !

I had gone to the marketplace near the station where finding a parking spot is difficult. Finally I found one beside the Swift. After I went and did purchase the goods I wanted, I came back and tried to open the storage under the seat where I keep my helmet. It was having alignment issues since the past 1 month, so it never used to open on the first attempt. But that day, no matter how much I tried, it didn't open. I and my friend even tried to bang the seat but it didn't open. Then something odd struck me and I saw that the Dio had seat-covers where mine didn't have. Realising my folly, I spotted that there were Dio's on both the side of the Swift and I was trying to open the wrong Dio. I still get teased for that now
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Default re: Driving "Typos"

Originally Posted by prateekm View Post
Just remembered one incident due to Ankush's post. Let me spill it out !
Atleast you didn't have to learn that from the owner....it's much more awkward... :P
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Default re: Driving "Typos"

Now I am very much careful and double check the keys but in past I had tendency to forget keys. Here are few incidence:

- I reached examination center on my bike, when I returned after 3 hour paper I first searched the keys in my pocket and it was not there just then before I would panic I looked at my bike and they key was there that too in ON position and green neutral light ON.

- Went gym one chilly winter morning in my car and forgot the keys inside car. Thought I dropped the key inside gym searched the keys with instructor and other friends there but at last thought struck in mind that I might have forgot it in car, and indeed it was there. Instructor reaction was like "kya yaar...." because he knew he has to take me home now to fetch duplicate keys LOLZ

And now the most funny:

Returned from lab, opened the car door with keys, sat inside and guess wat? keys no where to be found because I left it in door hanging. One friend saw me searching came laughing and shouted "door lock me lagi hai"
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