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Default re: Driving "Typos"

Originally Posted by akshay4587 View Post
Its not with swift,its with all new cars,due to the hydraulic brakes.
Once,in my Bolero,alternator belt broke,and what looked like a brake failure to me,turned out to be a broken belt,brakes would still work,albeit with a lot of force.
Yes you are correct. It is to do with the vacuum booster. In most petrol engine car the vacuum required for the brake booster is provided by the manifold vacuum. Where as in diesel cars it requires a vacuum pump, in your case its belt driven . So when the belt broke, there was no drive to the vacuum pump and you lost the vacuum assist.
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Default re: Driving "Typos"

This is what I heard from my colleague. This group of first time H1B landed in US. Got their shiny Honda's and Toyota's. Few days later, they were going out in two cars, one leading and one following. As they approached a crossing, signal turned red. Driver of leading car stopped bit late after the line (like many do in India). Realising his mistake, he reversed a bit. Bit embarrassed by this, he wanted to zoom ahead after the signal turned green. And he did....only to realise that he has not shifted from earlier Reverse.
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Default re: Driving "Typos"

Speaking of gaffes in the US, I had gone to the DMV in Charlotte (NC) last Friday to get my US license. I have been driving back home for 10 years now and have a clean record except for a dog that suddenly decided to commit suicide in front of my car on the expressway. Cleared the written, vision and signs test in a jiffy and went out for the road test. I had hired a Ford Focus for the test. The test went ok and just at the end, while pulling into the parking lot, I turned left and promptly scraped my right front fender against the tyre of the Buick parked on the right! Turns out I had gotten used to the curved front of my Punto back home and didn't account for the bulk of these stupid American cars! :(

Exchanged details with the Buick owner and then, turned to the DMV examiner and said, "I have failed the test, haven't I?" The examiner looked incredulously at me and said, "You are asking me about the test when you hit someone else's car!!!"

Needless to say, I ran from there ASAP!
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Default re: Driving "Typos"

Talking about yet another driving typo, I was visiting my friend in Cinncinatti during my last trip to US. He had a Hyundai Accent auto and we were planning to drive to nearby place. I offered to reverse the car and get it to the gate.

I engaged the R slot and started taking a left reverse turn but like as usual started seeing the wrong side and hit a car parked behind but some how got away with it. All thanks to the driving habit introduced by the Raj and my lack of presence of mind
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Default re: Driving "Typos"

Here's a true *facepalm* incident we laughed over, when talking of all the holidays with Dad.

Back in the nineties, we're driving to Deolali in the 118 NE. Sure enough, it broke down on the Shahapur ghat section. The mechanical fuel pump had overheated or something. We didn't know and tried every trick in the book.

A little time later, the car started successfully, but the engine was irregular in its running. We couldn't care less and reached Nasik somehow. Spent the entire afternoon with Dad trying to figure out why...no result. Finally, in the evening, we visited a local garage. Genius mechanic sorts it out in a second.

Problem? We'd pull the 'choke' lever in our attempts to start the car, only to forget to push it back in later
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Default Re: Driving "Typos"

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Here's a true *facepalm* incident we laughed over, when talking of all the holidays with Dad.

A little time later, the car started successfully, but the engine was irregular in its running. We couldn't care less and reached Nasik somehow. Spent the entire afternoon with Dad trying to figure out why...no result. Finally, in the evening, we visited a local garage. Genius mechanic sorts it out in a second.

Problem? We'd pull the 'choke' lever in our attempts to start the car, only to forget to push it back in later
I made exact same mistake with my Hunk when it was new, thankfully I figured it out myself I was just 18 at that time and had no real world experience and so I started to panic when the engine was acting strangely.
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Default Re: Driving "Typos"

Here is my contribution to the topic based alternating between two very successful Maruti models - Zen and Swift:

1. Fuel lid and boot release lever: Zen has boot release on the outside and fuel lid release on the inside, while Swift has the opposite. I always get mixed up between the two.

2. Lock/Unlock using key: To lock the driver door using key, it is clockwise in Zen and anti-clockwise in Swift. There were a lot of times we ended up leaving the door unlocked when in a hurry.

3. Petrol/Diesel: Alternating between a petrol Zen, a petrol Swift and a diesel Swift, there were numerous occasions where we stopped in front of the wrong fuel at the pump. Luckily, we've not filled the wrong fuel yet, but even that could happen someday!

4. Handbrake (only in Zen): Handbrake warning lamp won't turn on if it is pulled up just one point and in some cases, we've missed noticing that and drove around for a while.
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Default Re: Driving "Typos"

My case is just the opposite what has been shared till now-

I learnt driving on 4-speed M800. I was a complete novice when I got to drive a Accent CRDi for 200+ kms on the highway with the car's driver sitting in the passenger seat. The smooth engine and the torque available coupled with smooth traffic-less road meant I was doing 80-100kmph pretty soon. That is when the driver reminded me to engage the 5th gear (I was in the 4th gear till then for quite some distance). I tried but shifted into 3rd (the smooth short shifts of the Hyundai was "alienware" for me). Finally the driver engaged the 5th while I pressed the clutch. After quite a few 5th-3rd misadventures, I learnt the 'art' of engaging the 5th gear that day. Probably because of the modern CRDi engine, the car sustained my torture.

Another case during my college days, when a friend borrowed another friend's old Bajaj 4s champion for some 5-10 mins work. We gave him the keys and were busy with some project work. About 45 mins later, done with our work, we realized our friend hadn't returned. We were worried if some mishap had happened. I went out only to see the friend trying to start the bike, for the past 1 hour. Reaching there, I realized the engine kill switch was in OFF position all the while and he had killed himself trying to kick start the bike.

Another incident involving our neighbor. He was an old man who used to ride a Bajaj scooter. One day, his scooter refused to start and he borrowed a HH Street. He kicked the bike into life and slotted the gear. He wringed the accelerator a bit too much and panicked. Frantically looking for the clutch to control the bike, he pulled the front brake hard and put his legs down. But since he was still holding the accelerator the bike dragged on slowly. The bike slowly and finally hit a wall to stop but not before it had dragged him a good 40 ft. (I was a small kid then, watching from the balcony).

My grandfather had bought the first M800 5-speed in our city, graduating from his Padmini. He was visiting us the very next day. Since our car was the facelifted carb 4-speed and he was showing all the new features of the car to my dad and me. He described how silent the MPFi engine was and how it didn't need accelerator input while starting. To show it, he started the car while we all were standing outside the car. The car jerked, sprang to life, crawled 10 ft, jumped a 8 inch high flower bed and gently crashed into the wall, all the while my grandfather was running holding the driver door and shouting "hey hey hey....". Apparently, he had kept the car in 1st gear and hadn't applied the handbrake (his old habit with his Padmini).

Apart from this, I open/close the rear power window 4/10 times while wanting to open the front ones.

My dad has driven around quite a bit with the handbrake engaged. He once drove ~30 kms on a flat rear tyre. When some people tried to intimate him, he brushed them off saying it's a radial tyre.

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Default Re: Driving "Typos"

I had a couple of "durrrrrrrrrrrrr" moments in the new Benz. The gear lever is where the indicator switch on the Verna is.. I suppose you can imagine the panic of switching into Neutral when you actually want to indicate left. Cue the "NO NO NO STUPID THING ARGH" for the first couple of days.

Got used to it, then came home to the Verna, and whaddya know, immediately indicated right trying to switch down to Drive.
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I was riding my ThunderBird in city at night and on seeing zero opposite traffic, I wanted to use the high beams. When I did, the engine died instantly and the light remained.. Stopped, was pondering what it could be and it struck me..
I used my right thumb instead of the left and hit the ignition kill switch instead :banghead:
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Default Re: Driving "Typos"

Originally Posted by deadguy25 View Post
WHy do 99% of the people in any industry confuse driving and riding? I am sure most of us would have heard or colleagues say "I am going for a ride in his car" or "I went for a ride in his\her car" .

Is riding and driving such a difficult thing for people to comprehend and differentiate?
I know this is ancient, but I couldn't resist !

Technically, they are right. As long as they are not the ones driving, they did, infact, go for a ride in the car.

You take a ride in the bus or train. You don't drive or pilot em.

Oh and for my typo, I've been riding bike since I was 18 and sometime when I'm walking on the street and hear a honk or engine noise from behind, I instinctively look at where my mirrors would usually be!

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Default Re: Driving "Typos"

For me the most memorable typo is forgetting to release the hand-brake lever , and then wondering why is the car feeling reluctant with throttle input.

Oh and another one. When my Father-In-Law traded up his old M800 for an Alto, I drove from Kolkata Airport to Chinsurah once , and only went up to 4th gear!
For some reason, the fact that I was driving an Alto which has 5 gears never registered in my mind. Only when I reached home, he quipped, that I was very careful with his car - and that's when I realized the blooper!

Last edited by joybhowmik : 29th October 2014 at 18:58. Reason: added another incident.
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Default Re: Driving "Typos"

Few things.

1. Drove my then new Indica with the hand break on for around 5-10 kms all the way wondering why on earth has the pick up gone so bad.
2. The first time I drove a friends Alto, I did not know how to operate the wiper at the faster modes. It was raining pretty heavily and this guy was tired and hence was sleeping, and for a distance of 25kms, I kept pulling the wiper stalk for that swipe with water, finally when he woke up and saw me doing it, he told me how to use those stalks. I was worried of breaking them.
3. On my new car, my kid has the habit of rolling the side windows up and down using the power window switch, so once I had locked this and forgot about it. Washed the car couple of times and was surprised to find water on the seats, only to realize after few days that I had locked the windows without fully rolling up the glass.
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Default Re: Driving "Typos"

The 4rth and 5th gear ratios are almost identical in my Innova so on the expressway many times I'm stuck on 120 thinking why the car is not accelerating and why so much vibration only to be told by the co-passengers why aren't you shifting to fifth!
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Default Re: Driving "Typos"

forgetting to pull the handbrake off completely and then realizing it after a while is a thing that happened to me quite a few times.
I also once tried to pull away from a signal in 3rg gear when i was learning. Was stuck there for 5 minutes before realizing what was my mistake.
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