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Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Ain't no driving typo worse than this Baleno that's stuck bang in the center! The owner didn't pay heed to any warnings, one of his wheels was in the air. Sorry about the poor picture quality.

Seesaw Baleno:
Looks scary - how on earth did that happen and who tried to warn him?
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Interesting thread :-) My 'driving' typos

* Wiper and indicator stalks (courtesy driving the Matiz for a long while) - funnily, it never happened when I moved to the Matiz from the 800. But its happened after moving to my Lancer (on both the cars).

* After driving a 6-speed MT Passat for ~3000km, I found myself slotting down for 6th in my 5-speed MT Lancer on the highway a couple of times - only to land in 4th and protests from the transmission ;-)

* A couple of times, while turning around the car (K-turn), forgot to change gear from reverse to 1st or vice-versa (concentrating more on the obstacles in front/rear), luckily avoided banging into something (did get a bumper scratch once)

* Opening the trunk instead of the fuel lid (and vice-versa once or twice as well) with the internal levers in my car

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Old 12th November 2008, 14:48   #78
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These are the typos that I usually repeat:

1). When I'm in a hurry, I often forget to switch from reverse to first after taking reverse.
2). Switching on the wiper for indicators
3). Opening the trunk instead of the fuel lid
4). Opening left-side read window instead of left-side front window
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Old 12th November 2008, 19:01   #79
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I've had several gaffes..

1> This happened once... pressed the break instead of the accelerator when trying to go from a green light.

2> I usually coast into signals in neutral, now if the signal changes before i come to a complete stop, i sometimes forget to engage the gear.
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Old 12th November 2008, 20:07   #80
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My typos,

I drive during nights ( a lot) so when i am out in the day time i tend to switch on the head lights.

Pressing the break pedal of a normal bike instead of breaks (used to ride a bullet)

and offcourse the most common - turning the vipers on instead of headlight ( Corsa and Verna)
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Old 12th November 2008, 23:38   #81
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Many a time I put the wiper while knowing and unknowingly. I tried to move my right hand to do some thing and touches the wiper Button.
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Old 17th November 2008, 19:18   #82
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Long time been here...

My usual typo...
Walking upto the drivers door even when we decide to take my friends car and he is driving...

Many a times I have pressed lock key on my car's remote, after getting out of somebody else's car

I search for lift ring while shifting to reverse in my wife's Swift, like my petra.
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Old 17th November 2008, 22:46   #83
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Man, they just don't stop coming. You will find this story hard to believe:

Back during the boston days, there was a Mr. Sameer Thakkar in our university (owner of a certain dry fruits store) who owned a Mitsubishi Eclipse. Nice guy, but incredibly absent minded. He was just way too careless for his own good.

So, Mr. Thakkar comes home one evening and parks his Eclipse (manual transmission) near his apartment in Windsor Village. It was winter, and the evening dark & cold. His parking spot was on an incline, steep too, and you have to carefully walk back down to the apartment complex. Black ice is dangerously slippery. Sameer parks his car alright, but in his typically absent-minded state of mind, forgets to engage the handbrake. Or put the car in gear.

He gets out of the car and starts walking toward the apartment complex (with the back of his car behind him). Guess what? He was barely a couple of meters away and the Eclipse starts rolling back, knocks him down (face first), drives over him and gets stuck. Man! He was in a state of shock and understandably didn't know what hit him. Unfortunately, it was a while before someone realised what happened, and called for help. He was injured pretty bad too, spent a coupla days in the hospital with broken bones et all.

Ain't no driving typo worse than this one. Sometimes, its the simplest things one can overlook!

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A similar incident happened to a friend's dad once, his maruti gypsy rolled over his foot.
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Old 18th November 2008, 11:50   #85
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Switching on the headlights even in broad daylight before you move.
Worst thing is people sitting in the rear seats trying to get off the car as soon as the car comes to a halt or even when the car is just about to stop, without bothering to unlock and pulling the lever, thereby damaging the door locks. This has happened many a times with my in my car and I had to replace my rear door locks twice.
I have forgotten my keys in the car and have frantically traced back the entire path I took at my campus till the car hunting for my keys and then find my car door open without having to unlock and there it is the key is right where it was in the ignition
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Old 18th November 2008, 12:51   #86
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Happens while driving at night.

Park the car,pick up all the stuff(keys,HU faceplate ,wallet etc) and prepare to leave when i head the long Beep. Then realize that i have left the headlights on. How helpful of Mitsubishi to do that . Used to happen in my M800 also. Left the car parked with headlights on only to be reminded by someone else later on. Thankfully never left it all night to get a drained battery the next day.

I normally ride my Caliber which has all down shift pattern. when riding any other bike(pulsars , HH's with different shift pattern) spiritedly, end up shifting down a gear only to hear the engine screaming in high revs and get a huge jolt forward. and then get a whack on my head from the bike owner.
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Default Alto owners will understand

Swithching the AC on and off is now second nature for Alto owners . I was driving my old bike after a long time. As soon as I started going up a flyover my left index finger lifted to turn off the AC button which wasnt there!
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this is definetely the funniest post i've ever read,but we all share the same DNA so here's one that i remember although it happened more than a year ago.... doesnt fit a typical driving 'typo' but related none the less

i had just returned from a long drive and had gotten so accustomed at looking at the ORVM that after reaching home when i was walking on the road i actually looked at the non existent ORVM while trying to cross the road
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Stopping at a green signal...
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After parking my car, I try to open the house door with the remote key that is still in the hand

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