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Old 14th December 2008, 01:18   #16
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You are right about the SX4, its indeed derived from a crossover SUV, Sedici.

I will top the list with both skodas. Superb and Fabia.

I somewhat feel that previous generation boxy looks were somewhat lot better than the current Koreanish look.
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Old 14th December 2008, 13:01   #17
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10th: NEW HONDA ACCORD: Busy design, but has superb road presence in white/black. Like its rear, though the sides are a tad too 'creased' for me.

9th: TATA INDICA VISTA: Doesn't excite at all, though IMHO, its not bad looking per se.

8th: TATA SUMO GRANDE: Like it! macho and tough, like its been carved out of one block of steel.

7th: HYUNDAI VERNA: Front/Sides are ok. The rear is super fugly.

6th: HYUNDAI i10: like it. Cheeky and fresh.

5th: MARUTI SX-4: fugly rear again.

4th: TATA INDIGO: bad! ok front. bad rear. horrid looking in profile.

3rd: MARUTI SWIFT DEZIRE: The king of bad lookers! But know what, I've no clue how I would have done the job better if i were given a design brief to add a boot to the Swift!

2nd: NEW MERCEDES-BENZ C-CLASS: looks nice in flesh! but yes, liked the simplicity of the old C better.

1st: MARUTI A-STAR: like it!!
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Old 14th December 2008, 13:39   #18
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Okay guys,

Due to too many frowns at my inclusion of the New Honda Accord (with its heavily borrowed design cues) and the New Mercedes-Benz C-Class (you cannot take any car and brand it as a Merc by slapping on the grille and the star on it!), have finally decided to take these ladies out of the list and replace them with some better suited candidates. So how about:

10th: NEW TOYOTA CAMRY: Fussy front and rear - literally half of the shell is body-colored plastic bumpers. Not my idea of beauty.

2nd: TOYOTA COROLLA ALTIS: The front is annoyingly unpleasant. The earlier car was so much better. Interiors disappointing too.
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Old 14th December 2008, 14:28   #19
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Default Here Goes My list:

5. Sumo Grande: Aren't the front and the real lights too small in proportion to the whole car!
4. BMW X3: Well the cars dynamics are great but the design seems a bit..well confused
3. Zen Estilo: Where was maruti's common sense when they replace the old zen with this cheap wagon-r remake.
2.Swift Dzire: very funny looking sedan, swift hatchback looks a million times better than the elongated version.
1. Tata Indica Vista: Looks SUV from the front, reva from the wheels and Nano from the back. common design elements idea of Tata for their Line up makes matter worse!
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Old 14th December 2008, 15:02   #20
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10th: NEW HONDA ACCORD: i love it, its look much more expensive!

9th: TATA INDICA VISTA: in my opinion, it looks very good except for the puny tyres.

8th: TATA SUMO GRANDE: just 1 word: ugly

7th: HYUNDAI VERNA: a white verna with dark tints and cool alloys will look awesome.

6th: HYUNDAI i10: it seems to be the best looking car in its segment for me!

5th: MARUTI SX-4: not mind blowing looks but not bad either.

4th: TATA INDIGO: yes, definitely looks very bad, for me, a logan looks better... even the indigo XL fails to impress me.


2nd: NEW MERCEDES-BENZ C-CLASS: could have been much better, look at the 3 series and A4...

1st: MARUTI A-STAR: looks damn cheap.

instead of the accord, vista, verna and i10, i'll like to add the logan, zen estilo, wagonR and versa...
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Old 14th December 2008, 19:01   #21
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Thumbs up

10th: NEW HONDA ACCORD: Looks like someone took it and added aftermarket body kits + cheapo chrome handles...

9th: TATA INDICA VISTA: Good looking, but -change the tyres


7th: HYUNDAI VERNA: Always hated hyundai 4 their looks, this was usual

6th: HYUNDAI i10: wudnt take it if someone threw in for free

5th: MARUTI SX-4: Dhobi Ka kutta, Na ghar ka na ghat ka

4th: TATA INDIGO: Not as bad, can take the looks


2nd: NEW MERCEDES-BENZ C-CLASS: Always hated mercs, this one helped me more

1st: MARUTI A-STAR: When i saw for the first time, looked like some cheap chinese copy..

Then there are more....
Zen Estilo-huge design and marketing blunder, ruined the Zen Name
Hyundai Santro[All Designs]- Hated those then and hate them now...
the ugly bug eyed lamps, the tall boy looks, hated just everything
Alto- please dont mind, but i hate this too....

my fav design till date..
[please dont laugh this]
I love the maruti 800
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Old 15th December 2008, 01:43   #22
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What rubbish... the new C is one of the best designs I've seen out of Mercedes in a few years. I'm not sure from what angle it looks ugly. Infact I find the Bangle Butted 3 series to be a sad looker.
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Old 15th December 2008, 01:50   #23
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my list-
1. maruti suzuki a-star
2. maruti suzuki zen estilo
3. hyundai tucson
4. tata sumo grande
5. maruti suzuki dzire
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Old 15th December 2008, 04:23   #24
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i personally think Mercedes C Class looks good, Classic - i mean by that no aggressive looks.
1.Sonalika Rhino RX
2.Maruti Suzuki Dzire
3.Maruti Suzuki A-star
4.Maruti Suzuki Zen estilo
5.Tata Indigo

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Old 15th December 2008, 07:54   #25
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Any one forgot The Rhino?? Why don't we change the thread title to ugliest cars in India ??
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Old 15th December 2008, 11:26   #26
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Originally Posted by LOVE HER(ALD)! View Post
Due to too many frowns at my inclusion of the New Honda Accord (with its heavily borrowed design cues) and the New Mercedes-Benz C-Class (you cannot take any car and brand it as a Merc by slapping on the grille and the star on it!), have finally decided to take these ladies out of the list
Don't be sorry. Especially the C-Class deviated much from the design philosophy of MBs of the past. It looks like a Bangled c-Class. Some may like it, but I hate it!!
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Old 15th December 2008, 11:34   #27
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Ok so I'm not being biased towards the car cause i own it, but to be honest I dont see how a verna can be considered an ugly looking car! Agreed that the front grill is the only poor thing, but overall its a far better looking car then the sx4, logan, old honda city and quite a lot of other ones. As someone mentioend, if not an alloy upgrade, a general wheel base upgrade would do wonders to the looks of this car!
And the honda accord ugly? No way man. I have always been a big big fan of the accord, and personally i think the new accord is the classiest thing going around right now, despite it being "large".
When you have cars like the indigo with its variants named after shirt sizes, the a star (that looks like a fish with its life being squeezed out) and the versa (cant believe the bachans advertised it) going around, dont think that the accord, verna and the i10 deserve to have their names on this list. Oh, and how can I forget the spark! What were they thinking???

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Old 15th December 2008, 12:01   #28
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Good thoughtful note! Accord is good, however I agree with you that it should have been on its own instead of looking like borrowed cuts and curves.
Absolutely agree with Grande, Swift, Dezire, A*(without any *in it), verna, santro & SX4(nothing masucline about it except the ads)
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Old 16th December 2008, 00:38   #29
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I hear you, love herald, I hear ya! I have been pretty vocal in lambasting the looks of (some of) the new breed of cars. Simply put, safety / space / practicality / unique identity requirements have taken their toll on truly classic designs. Compare the E39 5 series to the E60 or the W220 / W140 S Class to the current. Heck, lower down the food chain, compare the stance of the OHC to the NHC! Or take the new Accord as an example....I wouldn't call it ugly as you have; in fact the car does have presence (especially in white!). But the overall design looks very busy and very un-Honda!

My list of ugly Indian cars:

1. Outgoing NHC : Hands down winner of the ugly crown. One of the worst lookers on what turned out to be a pretty successful car.

2. Sumo Grande : Rear end looks like a straight lift out of a toy shop. Front & side are pretty nice though.

3. Swift Dzire : Worst rear design so far on a modern Indian sedan.

4. Fabia : The front end looks disgusting...more of a confusion between a mature car & a small hatch. The rest of the car is pretty good looking though.

5. Logan : Mr. Plain Jane. Doesn't look like the car had any designer involvement, whether in the interiors or on the outside. Very cheap looking sedan.

6. Wagon-R, Versa & Estilo : I know that these cars score on urban practicality, especially the Wagon-R, but all three are just plain ugly.

From the cars on your list, I actually like the look of the A-Star & the Vista. The Merc C-Class, well, doesn't look like a Benz from the rear. But it is a decent looker alright.
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Old 16th December 2008, 06:10   #30
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Originally Posted by pras.oct25 View Post
I dont see how a verna can be considered an ugly looking car!
I would agree there. I find the Verna looking very smart. I guess it's a question of beauty lying in the eyes of the beholder.
I agree with GTO that latest international safety standards where for example your front bumper has to be safe for pedestrians is killing the looks of cars. But then matured societies take safety very seriously and it's good that globalisation is forcing us to be safe.
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