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View Poll Results: Minimum age:
16 years 73 26.74%
17 years 10 3.66%
18 years (As per current law) 131 47.99%
21 years! 59 21.61%
Voters: 273. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 31st May 2005, 15:22   #61
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When I was 16, I used to curse the Indian system for making me wait till 18. Looking back and considering the newer more powerful cars available, 18 sounds just right.

18 + supervision for a while; and things can get even better.

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Old 31st May 2005, 19:10   #62
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I voted for 18 because I feel its the correct age and the person also is quite mature and responsible at that age.
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Old 31st May 2005, 20:58   #63
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Any age mentioned here would be fine ONLY if the Driver Education System is properly put in place before DOLING out the License for money or otherwise.

I agree with this quote,
There is no doubt that 16-20 year olds have car control. In fact they have much better car-control and reflexes than some middle aged women who learn to drive when they are 35+ that we see meandering on the roads. The problem is the lack of maturity and rash driving.

The most glaring thing here in India is that even authorities have not mentioned or made provisions to teach some comprehensive knowledge about DRIVING. Many of us dont even know what not to do. [Learning traffic signs and some sections of law is not enough.]

I get pissed off when 20 somethings drive Qualis/Sumo in bangalore for BPO transportation with no regard to any other road users. [Bashed one guy also] They have no education whatsoever on either Courtesy or Driving.

If any of you have the Power to bring in a change, please do so. [I dont have the power currently, but trying something towards that!]

Bottomline: DRIVER EDUCATION, Minus personal EGO.

BTW, I rode bajaj scooter on NH for 300kms the very next day I got LL. 18yrs+1day. 2 decades later, I shudder at the thought. But the roads were empty and bigger by todays standards. [I was ]

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Old 1st June 2005, 19:53   #64
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I think in India we should be allowed to start driving at the age of 16 but only as a leasrner to drive around town then get a full fledged license once we are 18!
wat do you guys think about it???
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Old 1st June 2005, 21:42   #65
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hey guys
see because of some guys all the guys below 18 do not get to drive. All teenagers arent harsh or irresponsible drivers many drivers are responsible too. Its just in the mentality not that teenagers dont have brains and do rash driving. I have seen many adults also driving harsh and as if it were their own road. So guys its no use blaming in all the teenagers.
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Old 4th June 2005, 01:31   #66
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Thumbs up 18 it is

it is right it should be 18 as below that age the isnt viable to drive
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Old 4th June 2005, 10:26   #67
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i got my license at 16..but im in the US though....i remember when my cousin back in india got his license at 18 and got his bike, he was preety excited. Im only 19 now, still a youngin , but been driving for about 3 years almost now.
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Old 4th June 2005, 10:58   #68
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In todays times specially in metros and big cities exposure and awareness for driving is high hence 16 is acceptable age. But when it comes to law we need to keep in mind it will be for the whole country, and specially in smaller cities or semi rural areas, many may be not have grown up that mature by the age of 16 to handle the issue. Hence 18 is correct as a law for the entire country.
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Old 8th January 2008, 16:23   #69
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Thumbs up

Now bringing back this 2 and half year old thread back to life for writing a story (may be boring to teens here) but please do read it before you start driving/riding.

I feel few ideas mentioned in this thread should be really implemented.
  • 3 Phase License System
    • Learner1 @ 16Yrs With Supervision and a written test on rules
    • Learner2 Without Supervision with practical road / simulator test
    • Finally permanent license after strict theory test (though boring) and practical test
    and make it corruption free which we can never hope in India in near future.
  • Age Limits may be set based on CC/Bhp the motor vehicle has
  • In addition the point system should be implemented as well and if possible have a system like when a driver gets 5 points his driving license be canceled and a huge fine be charged and should go through entire process of obtaining a driving license again.
Coming to under aged driving, this can be curbed if the above system be followed if by any chance. Also i agree that the alertness and care the underage driver take is more than the one having legally driving age, there may be other risks involved like other morons on the road (may be having license and not under aged) and other factors may possess problems to the under aged driver and other road users.

Originally Posted by Story as promised above
I know of an incident where my friend who was then 16 or 17 was using his 110CC motorbike in his locality itself when some moron came to his way and he was unable to stop the motorbike though at a speed of less than 30 Kmph and hit a pedestrian as his bike skidded on sand resulting in a fracture of the leg of the pedestrian. A FIR was booked and the issue was settled when my friend (of course his father) had to shell out 25K to the victim and stupid shameless corrupt cops inside the police station and still the case went on for 3 to 6 months and was dismissed at court and he had to pay again a fine of 1000 rupees to court besides other bribes in court premises to other stupids. A real costly mistake there was riding his bike without a license (even LL). Another was he called 108 (EMRI.IN) helpline and helped in shifting the pedestrian to hospital instead of fleeing from the spot (which would have been better when we talk on cost wise and then calling the ambulance to do the job)
Morals Learned :
  • Never drive/ride a automobile without valid license (even without Learning License). How desperate you may be first get a learning license and then touch the keys. Let it be car or bike or whatever which needs a license to drive.
  • If you hit someone, make sure you first you get away from scene (where there is a mob) and then when you reach a distance where you are sure you and victim will be safe dial the emergency number
  • Also if the accident doesn't involve any physical harm to any party, AVOID cops (Don't hope/pray/expect you would see a good Samaritan to help you / do his duty)
  • I don't mean under aged driver will have such an experience but still. Please follow all road rules (at least for being a member / visitor of T-Bhp).
@Those who recently obtained their permanent licenses: Please post your experiences and do provide a link here or by PM to me. Thanks

@mods: Please edit this post if you think anything is not proper.

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Old 8th January 2008, 17:34   #70
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Nice points there, TDreamer!

Our country should choose one of the best international laws for driving and apply in our country with necessary (very much unavoidable only) changes to it in accordance to our driving conditions. This would be more better. Ain't it?
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Old 8th January 2008, 18:27   #71
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A 30 minute documentary on road safety and some real life incidents where people got affected due to lack of awareness of road safety and rules must be mandatory to view for everyone who applies for a license!
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Old 8th January 2008, 18:34   #72
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but in all cases

18 seems to be the right age considering the mental preparedness and maturity needed for being a good driver.

and i'm talking for the masses as there can be some exceptional kids being good and sensible drivers.
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Old 8th January 2008, 18:43   #73
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dirving a car is not just about having the knowledge enough to drive a car,one must understand its also something one must be in position to be liable about and responsible

so knowledge,can come at any age
but being responsible is indeed a matter of age, so in my opinion 18 is just right
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Old 8th January 2008, 18:56   #74
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the age should be reduced to 16 but the test should be made much harder. from what i hear its a piece of cake. the us driving test is pretty hard.
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Old 8th January 2008, 19:14   #75
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I have voted for 18. IMO, it is the right age. 18 is an important age in one's life. 18 is when you become a "major". 18 is when most people enter graduation college. 18 is when you have the right to vote. Also, since you become a major at 18, you will be responsible for your actions.

But I suggest one improvement to the RTO. Whatever age it is, make the driving test very very strict.
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