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Default Re: If you could go back in time, will you buy the same car ?

1956 Fiat - Thank you dad for buying and retaining it.
1998 - Cielo GLX AT - Bought my first car Preowned for 1/3th the price sold to the first owned for just 2.5 year old vehicle. Though Daewoo closed down did not face any problems in service for most of the earlier years. Introduced to me to the high end of the Indian market then (only the Merc E Class existed higher than this then.) Was Driving an AT vehicle with Airbags etc, much before this stuff caught on in India. YES would do it again.
2001 - Safari -YES FOR SURE- First new car, Drove it for 10 years and 175,000 kms and it served me very very well and was driven in very bad conditions and it coped up with it as only a safari can do. Yes there were niggles but those did not matter in the overall picture. It again was at the top end of products this side of the Mercedes while I owned it. YES, YES, YES
2007 - Skoda Laura L&K DSG AT - NO - The issues with Skoda and Laura DSG etc, came to light only post this one. I faced a lot of issues with the vehicle and they cost a fair bit. Sold it after 6 years for 1/3rd the price of 13L I picked it up for. I would have said yes if I had picked it up for less but a 19L vehicle picked up for 13L when less than 2 years old should have been a lot more reliable. It though did introduce me to features and Interior quality that I today just cannot do without. SKODA service was not too bad it was just about OK for me. But NO.
2010 - TATA Aria - NO - Drove it for 2.5 years and 65,000 kms before returning to TATA. The Service Support from TATA was very good, and the vehicle was and is the best SUV / Crossover this side of 25L in my view. Comfortable and feature laden, but a sales dud that depreciated so fast and is not reliable enough is not the best Idea. Mine was a lemon and spent too many days in the service centre. TATA is considering a vehicle even more accomplished then the Aria and I just might yet again be in the front of the line for it.
2013 - Ford Ecosport AT. Early days still am at 25,000 kms but as of now it is a YES, but am not happy with Ford Service in general. Felt TATA was better.
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Default Re: If you could go back in time, will you buy the same car ?

1998 Premier Padmini - Our first car - Bought used -> Well, It was a lovely car of that age. I may go for it as a 'classic' car in future only if I have plenty of parking space.

2001 Maruti 800 - Our first 'new' car -> Used it for 6 years/50,000 KMs. It was one heck of a car. We never intended to sell it but had to because of it being the non-ac variant. Since it is no longer in production, I will not go for a used one but surely if Maruti continued production in future, I would have surely bought it.

2007 WagonR - Still using it - 8.5 years - 55,000 KMs on the ODO. I am sure Maruti will not discontinue 'WagonR' model anytime soon in future. Will surely go for it - especially the CNG model.

2011 Honda City - Still using it - 5 years - 35,000 Kms on the ODO. Just like WagonR, I am also sure neither Honda will ever discontinue 'City' model in future. Will most probably replace my current City with a 'City' only

So all in all, yes I would love to go for the same car even if will go back in time, or in future also.
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Ford Classic 1.6: A hell yes! This car has truly exceeded our expectations and overall we are happy with Ford service. Just returned from a long pleasurable trip which convinced me to write this. The engine, the suspension, the steering, the ride, the stability, and the build make this one great car, in fact one of the greatest ones to land on our shores. People who have spent time with the car are bound to agree. Unfortunately, companies don't make cars like these anymore. But, if given a choice, I won't hesitate from buying this gem if someone invents a time machine someday and takes me back in time. To hell with people who call her "outdated."


P.S: TooFun became ours on the 1st of May, 2015 and this story is sure to continue.
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Default Re: If you could go back in time, will you buy the same car ?

I had bought a Palio Stile 1.2 in 2007, If I were to go back in time, yes I would would have bought the Palio, but the Palio Stile 1.6 Sport . Back then I had to be content with 1.2 since dad didn't want me to spend the additional 40k-50k, but I thought it was definitely worth the price.

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No doubts ,no choices,no dilemmas - my all time favourite W124 Mercedes E 250d/300d.
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Default Re: If you could go back in time, will you buy the same car ?

My previous 2 cars were the Swift and Ertiga. If I can go back in time, I would definitely buy the Swift (hypothetically), but not the Ertiga. Nothing wrong with the quality or reliability of the product per se, but the engine is not suited for a 7 seater. Currently own a Lodgy, and as my signature says, in a couple of years I might go in for the Lodgy again if the current scenario prevails.

As an aside, I will never buy another hatchback or sedan or crossover. The convenience of an MPV has spoilt me since my Ertiga days and henceforth it'll always be a 7/8 seater MPV or 7 seater SUV with rear AC as standard.
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Default Re: If you could go back in time, will you buy the same car ?

1998 - Omni: Felt so bad, on my father booking the vehicle. He had taken us to a AutoExpo and showed us the Matiz. And then wen't ahead and booked the Omni. I fell like crying on even as I write this :(

2008 - Alto: Probably Yes, test drove the spark, and Felt Alto was better. We already had a 2007 Alto at home, which was sturdier than what we got. All in all a decent car. My father still drives it.

2010 - Figo Petrol: 'YES', loved the car. Me n my Wife, have had countless miles of fun in it. 60K Km, and we sold it

2015 - Polo Diesel: Currently owning. Feeling good about it. But, cannot erase Figo memories yet.

Two wheelers:
2000 - Bajaj Saffire. 'NO', Drove really well for the intial few years, but was so problematic towards the end. But there were no other good scooters. Dio, Activa came later.

2004 - Wind 125. 'MAYBE'. Was my first earning. But would probably have bought a Pulsar instead. Had to sell it off, as the breaks were not enough in Bangalore traffic in 2011.

2011 - FZ. 'YES'. Love it. Just that the service guy wants to replace every part when I go to him
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Default Re: If you could go back in time, will you buy the same car ?

Definitely the Zen, but not Eon as the low ground clearance is totally killing it.
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Default Re: If you could go back in time, will you buy the same car ?

2007 Fiesta - Yes, Still miss it. My first car which had Lovely handling and eargasmic engine note. Low mileage and high running costs when petrol in Bangalore touched Rs.75 forced me to sell it in 2013 after 6 wonderful years!

2013 Optra Magnum - No. Brilliant car, absolutely underrated and probably the best <12L car. Great ride, decent handling, good brakes with discs all around and Nuclear engine power which could smoke anything till a German Executive Saloon. However had a major downside and it was incredibly incompetent Chevrolet Service center which made me swear never to buy a Chevy again and ultimately sold in 2014.

2014 - XUV5OO AWD - Yes! A million times Yes!! This is the best all rounder this side of 30L. Great care by Mahindra service, tons of features, great engine, looks, surprisingly good handling for its size and its sheer cruising ability over any kind of surface in comfort and silence is what I am really happy about. Can commute 60kms in horrible Bangalore traffic and can do 1200 kms in a day on highways with equal ease!
The recent rains here in Bangalore with ridiculous traffic in some of the most truly terrible roads with standing water and unknown pothole depth, make me glad I am in my XUV than almost any other car I see on the road.
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Default Re: If you could go back in time, will you buy the same car ?

The 1989 Premier Padmini- Oh Yes! All the systems never worked all the time, but that car had a grace that it quite never lost, till we scrapped her in 2007.
The 2007 Alto-Yes
The 2012-Nissan Sunny (D)-Probably not, great space but that's just about it. To speak nothing of the "sterling" after sales service!
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Default Re: If you could go back in time, will you buy the same car ?

Originally Posted by .anshuman View Post
  • 2000 Accent 1.5 GLS: No, I made a mistake here. I should have picked a Ford Ikon 1.6.
  • 2002 Indica DLS: Yes, the only Diesel options were Uno and Indica. This car served me well for 5 years and 150,000kms.
  • 2006 Elantra CRDi: Yes, this is one car i want to buy again, even if it is available now.
  • 2008 Swift VDi ABS: Yes, Only if a ZDi version is available and rattles are sorted out.
  • 2009 Punto M-Jet EP: Yes, I love this car except the cost cutting and After sales support.
Revisiting the same question 5 years later, of the current cars i have in Garage.

Mahindra XUV-500 AWD: Yes, Excellent VFM, just the crossover i want. I think i made a good choice and I plan to keep the XUV for few more years.

Laura CR TDI DSG: Yes, but in a better trim variant, L&K would have been even better. 5 years and 80k kms later, still drives like a new car. Was a good choice.
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Default Re: If you could go back in time, will you buy the same car ?

Well I've only owned Swift diesel (prev-gen) so far and I would absolutely buy this car again. I'd not buy the current-gen but definitely the previous one.

The turbo kick is addictive, one of the best in-gear accelerations and a car that's made me do Jaisalmer in one day along with Spiti and Lahaul terrain so I'd buy it over and over again if I had the same budget next time also.

What one misses out on is definitely the lack of features (say compared to an i20) but I somewhat like cars raw. Rattling is definitely one area that gets the better of me at times but nothing that my ICE system can't subdue.
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2006 - Indica Xeta, our family's first car, I would never pick a Tata car again. I should had gone for santro
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Default Re: If you could go back in time, will you buy the same car ?

2006 Honda Civic 2.0 (in Bangkok): Yes I would still pick this car up in a heartbeat. Too many memories attached to it.

2011: TATA Manza (In Patna): We still have it and yes I would not mind buying this car again. It is one of the more comfortable cars we have owned and family loves this one.

2011: Mahindra Xylo D2(In patna): We sold this one. It was supremely comfortable. Would I buy it again? Surely would but with the bigger mHawk engine.

2011: Toyota Innova V (in Delhi): I would like this one a lot. Most comfortable cruiser below 120 kph. Loved every bit. Would prefer this over the Xylo. Sold.

2011: Hyundai i10 Automatic: No. I would not buy this same car again. That gearbox is not worth it. I regret not getting a Brio or anything else at that time. Needless to say, car is sold.

2014 Maruti Suzuki Ertiga: Mixed feelings about this. But I think I would not buy this car again. Yes its a competent MPV but it is small and that engine is really small to extract any sort of fun. But then it is VFM and is kind of comfortable. Hence my comment is reserved for this now. It is our daily driver.
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Default Re: If you could go back in time, will you buy the same car ?

Ambassador (sold in 1993-4!) : Of Course. {I am still looking for the buyer who purchased from us. Had to sell it off due to unavoidable circumstances. I will buy from him again (today & in Past), If I track him.}

Safari - 2010: Of course. But will buy it earlier of the time I originally purchased it.

Aria - 2014: Yes.

We had a Premier Padmini for a very short time. Not sure of owning it again. Hadn't driven it much.

Esteem - 1996: Hell yes. That is the reason it is still with us.

Off topic: My parents say I could open a museum with my affection to old things (our old cars specially).

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