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Good topic.
I had a privilege of owning various cars across segments over the years, some among them are still missed today, others well are easily forgotten!

1984- Maruti 800 old model, imported from Japan, yes, I would buy it again, it was a complete sports car & utterly reliable which goes without saying.
1986-Maruti Van, was good for the times, dearth of options.
1988-Maruti 800, again good then.
1990- maruti 800, could one fault it then!
1992-Contessa, drive was supremely comfortable, but overall forgettable!
1994-Esteem, Yes it was luxury then.
1994-Maruti 800, hell Yes, its still with me & going great guns.
1996-Zen, good hatch for the times, probably Yes.
1996-Opel Astra- Total no, was comfortable, but expensive maintenance.
1997-Gypsy, oh Yes, I miss it the most, can buy it today too.
1997-Cielo-complete No, good ride though, otherwise nothing else!
1999-Honda City 1.3, No, felt underpowered.
2001-Honda City 1.5, Yes, ultimate car, even saved my life!
2002-Fiat Palio petrol, No, though was good to drive, etc. but niggles & maintenance costs were a complete bummer.
2003-Ford Ikon- No, good drivers car, but again mechanical failures, expensive maintenance put me off.
2004-Corolla- No, good overall car, but not a drivers car & suspension/ride poor.
2006-Innova-Yes, awesome space, practicality.
2008-Swift Vdi- Yes, ultimate fuel efficiency, good handling.

I haven't gone too back to the Ambassador's/Fiat era!
But amazingly now in the present, I am unable to find suitable cars to buy!

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If I had the same budget as I had then, yes, I'd buy the same car again. If I had more moolah, I'd buy something else.
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Current cars:
Accent Viva CRDi: A big YES. Value for money, good FE, decent space, easy to drive and own, great highway cruiser. No major maintenance issues.
Swift ZXi: Maybe. Would have preferred a Swift ZDi, but MUL doesn't make one.

Past cars:
Morris 8 (1948): Yes. I learnt to drive on one. Good city runabout. Lightweight controls and fun to drive. I loved the way the front windshield could be lifted up at the turn of a lever. Rock solid machine. Just get me a supply of 4.50x19 tyres.
Ambassador Mark 2 (1972): No. Family car with some mods. Still have it in Kolkata, has been dieselised. Tried driving it last month, but the clutch and steering are beyond my muscle power.
Amby Mark 4 (1982): Ditto.
Premier Padmini (1973): No. Rust was a big problem, so was reliability.
M-800 1985 (old model): Yes. No need to explain.
M-800 1996 (new shape): Yes. Ditto.
Zen LX (1996): Maybe. Would have preferred it with PS (LXi). Great little car. MUL never had a PS option then.
Indica v2 DLS: No. Never. Perpetual reliability and servicing issues. No fun to drive. Noisy, lacked road manners. Tailpipe smoke was always an issue.

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At the point in time we bought our cars, if we ever go back in time, we will buy the same cars.
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Originally Posted by 1100D View Post
At the point in time we bought our cars, if we ever go back in time, we will buy the same cars.
He is talking retrospectically not theoretically. And I'm sure you know it too!
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I would answer this thread in terms of buying the same vehicle again back at the same time.

1989 Bajaj Super 150(bought in 1996):
YES, because there was no other choice for Rs 6,000/- in as good a condition. Sold it in 2001 for Rs 3,500/- after having my share of fun. Would have like more FE, but dirt cheap to maintain.

2005 Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTS-i (UG 2):
YES, No other bike gave that combination of low asking price (kick start, wire spoke wheel version like mine), fuel economy and performance within the city. The best I could afford with my first job. Still with me and will probably remain for a long time.

2008 Palio Multijet:
SO FAR, YES. I got the car when I needed it, not six months later.I got it at the price I could afford with the features I needed. And the maintenance is not busting my bank account either.

If the Indica Vista would have come 6 months earlier and initial owners would not have those niggles, if the Swift LDi was better equipped, if the Ikon TDCi was around, if the Swift VDi had a better back seat and less waiting, If, If, If.......
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2004: Palio 1.2 - No, should have gone for 1.6
2005: Baleno - yes, over and over again...
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Fiat 1992 - No - Never found a good Mechanic
Maruti Zen 2001 - Yes - Very good quality and comfort with milage
Hyundai Accent 2003 - Yes - Good comfort
Hyundai Santro Xing 2006 - Yes - Good Milage and ease of repairs
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M800 Yes
Esteem VX Yes
Fiat Palio Petrol 1.2 Nv Simply no why? Actually one major problem of the timing belt which had worn out and screwd up my cam shaft(atleast this is what my mech said)
came to 12k for repair's
2)PATHETIC MILEAGE i barely get 9 in the city w/o ac that is with ac i struggle to get 7-8
3)Service and the major factor actually In Bangalore Very Few places to get fiat serviced.. and if you find a service place and after that they do a pathetic job .

Toyota Qualis any day baby
Toyota Innova same as above
Toyota Camry Love to buy this car again and again and again ^_^
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Default My Vehicles

1st - Bajaj M50 - Bought in 1990 learned to drive two wheelers on this one. In that era n family condition Yes would have bought that again.
2nd Bajaj Super - Second scooter that dad bought after selling his M50. Would have again bought that. But yes also could have bought the Chetak.
3rd Bajaj Classic - Super was gifted to one of the family friends and Bajaj Classic was bought. Will not buy it again due to lack of spare parts availability and lot of plastics used. The same year we also got our first car - Maruti Omni
4th Maruti Omni - First family car bought. Fond memories on this one. Will buy it again. VFM and only thing that we could afford and also big enough for my family of 6 then. Used this car for 5 years.
5th Hero Honda CBZ - 2000 in the last year of college just before the final exams bought this beast. Was so much in love with it that did not concentrate on my studies. Will I buy it again. Yes not other bike then was a status symbol like this bike.
6th Maruti Omni - Bought a new one again in the year 2001. Liked it very much and easy to drive nature. Also many of my outstation trips were done on this one. Hence Yes will buy it again
7th Bajaj Pulsar 180 classic - CBZ is stolen on first day of my job in Mar 2001. Get insurance money but did not buy any bike as wanted the new pulsar which would be launced in the month of Nov. Waited patitenly and bought 180 classic. Will I buy it agan. No. THe problems that I had with the gearbox and the bike was a very huge let down for me.
8th:- 2003 First gen Pulsar DTSi 180. Loved the refinement on the bike over the previous pulsar 180. Was really out of this world for me and lot lesser issues as compared to the older brother. Sold of the old one before buying this new bike. Will I buy it agian. Yes. definetly except if there could have been a better product than pulsar. ZMA was out of reach then
9th 2004 Second gen Dtsi pulsar with Mag wheels. Bajaj gives shocks buy releasing the new Pulsar 180 black edition with mag wheels. Sold of my old DTSi and get the new black pulsar. Will I buy it. Yes
10th Avenger 2005. First crusier bike bought for long distances and also specifically for the low height as my brother can then use it with his liliput GF. Will I buy it. Yes. Still own it. Longest tenure till date for any bike that I have owned.
11th Tata Indica DLG - Bought it in the year 2005. Sold of Omni and for the first time there was a change and wanted something which was more safe than Omni. Hence went for Indica DLG. A workhorse with lot of quality issues but a very fuel efficient engine. Served the purpose extremely well. Will I buy it again. No. But would have surely gone for the turbo which came at the last quarter of 2005. Better engine, more powerful and still the same kind of fuel economy.
12th Bought a second hand Maruti Esteem AT 2001 year model in 2006. Nice car with ample power and ease of driving but with high fuel consumption. Sold it off in 2007. Will I buy it No.
13th - Puslar DTS-Fi - bought 220 with the money that I got from the Esteem deal. Was very happy with the bike when I bought but the niggling problems that I had has left real bad taste in my mouth. Will I buy it. No if the R15 was available then or the exact date of release of R15 was available then I would have waited for it.
14th Maruti Baleno - bought 2006 VXi model with climate control in 2008. Very happy with the car. The way it drives and the power is really awesome. Will I buy it again. Yes very much. I love this car.
15th :- Waiting for my beast. One day want to buy Safari 2.2 as I am really in love with that vehicle too. So my next purchase should be this. Wait for an update.

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Great thread.

99-Matiz SD - dad's car, still running reliably. Great FE, best of class looks, max space, great on long drives. Yes for sure.

2003-Lancer GLXi - classic elegant looks (still better than most cars in C and D segment today), comfortable ride, ergonomic driver seating/controls etc, best of class suspension (that's really tough on bad roads), Rattle resistant. Definitely buy again. Planning to keep it for 2-3 years more.

And dad's 1986 M800 - all Jap. For sure, the best car in its time.
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Hindsight provides new eyes --Wayne W. Dyer, You'll See It When You Believe It
They also say that hindsight would have been nicer if it were available earlier! That said, my Swift's been working for me well enough that I would buy it again if I went back in time.
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Interesting thread!
Well first the indica. Surprise, surprise I would buy it again. Why? Well considering if I had the same amount of money, the only car in my budget is an indica in the oil burners. So don't have choice here.
Next comes the Tata Safari. Well to be honest no. The first 10,000kms have been a pain with one break down, 4x4 failure, Injector failure, thermostat failure, suspension issues, brake issues...... I hope these are the last, but if I could call myself up from now to the past, I would tell myself, don't buy the safari!
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Originally Posted by 1100D View Post
At the point in time we bought our cars, if we ever go back in time, we will buy the same cars.
Thats the logic

I would love to get back to my Esteem no matter when.
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2003: Bajaj Caliber : A definite 'Yes'. It was a wonderful bike with 60+ mileage and a quiet engine and still running fine without any trouble.

2006: Estilo : 'Yes' again. I knew exactly why I was buying the car even amidst all the talk here and nothing has changed since. No trouble with 15k+ on odo and mileage of 14 in City and 18 on highways.
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