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Old 4th February 2009, 08:55   #46
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Early 80s - Premier Padmini (Learned driving in that car in 2005, but my dad gave away the car to our relative in a village as no one was using the car much post 2004, i regret that decision though, had i joined team-bhp earlier and known more about that car, i would have used it around. My dad even changed the gear lever which was attached to the steering wheel to a normal gear lever found in new cars these days so that i'd drive around. )

1986- Ambassador - Yes :P . It was bought a year before i was born and my dad loved it. Used to go in it my school for nearly 12 yrs.

2006 : Bajaj Avenger DTSi - NO. I made a mistake of buying the bike immediately after having a TD. I should have checked out the pulsar. Even though it made few heads turn around, it is difficult ride it in traffic.

Will be buying a R15 in 4 or 5 months.
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I'll only comment on the vehicles that I have bought.
1996 Contessa 1.8 - Hell yeah. Been a great touring companion over the years. Has also held up pretty well. There have been problems, but, nothing serious or too expensive.
1998 Suzuki Shogun - Yes. The best 2 Stroke bike ever sold in India.
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2000 Daewoo Matiz- No. While I was extremely happy with certain aspects, it was really short on power and could not tackle rough roads. I wished I had purched the Zen or Santro at that time

2003 NHC - No, car was a let down in terms of driving experience and abilty to take on bad roads.

2005 ford Fusion - Yes. Other than the slightly stiff ride and dull mouse gray interiors, this car was great in terms of driving and utility.

2005 Forester (used) - Yes. Absolutely.
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Old 4th February 2009, 10:36   #49
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Verna CRDi - 2008 model - A definite yes.
DZire VDi - 2008 model - No(No problem with car, dont like looks and built quality. But has a amazing bulletproof diesel engine) would prefer Linea.
Innova - 2008 model - YES, with eyes closed.
Scorpio - 2003 model - No for its ride quality and comfort, great engine and good for city, highway and bit of offroading.
M800 - 2003 model - This is our 4th 800 in family, but its dated now.
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Dec '99-M800: Yes would buy it in the same color(exotic green).
my only option then was zen(which i liked too but my mom was
learning indian driving and wouldn't want to have bend those
smooth curves )
Dec '08-fiesta 1.6:Yes and surely yes.the after service or parts cost wont let
me down.its just awesoem to drive.
my other option would be ANHC but its unwantedly expensive
and just plain sexy to see(i prefer sporty looks)
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Old 4th February 2009, 10:56   #51
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The title of the thread is actually "Did you buy the wrong car?"

Originally Posted by neoranjit
I would love to get back to my Esteem no matter when.
You're free to use mine whenever you want,buddy.
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In reverse chronological order:
08' Hyundai i10 Kappa: Mostly does what it is supposed to do. Though people say it is overpriced, but there is nothing which comes close even today. Yes, for sure.
07' Safari 3.0: No way! If I could do back in time, perhaps an Innova would've been better.
http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/long-t...highlight=sold (Sold my Safari (3.0): Why?)
01' Matiz: My first car! I like it, but, would've been great had I bought the AC version. If I had known that Daewoo was going down the ditch, might have got a Santro.
'00 Yamaha RX-135: Yes!
'93 Hero Puch: No way!
http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/motorb...ml#post1129000 (Which was your first bike?)
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Old 4th February 2009, 11:16   #53
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2005 Ikon Flair- Yes, as it was pleasure driving it for so many years in fact overall being with it was a nice experience and No - to try something different this time.

2008 Altis M/T- No - My first preference would be to buy an SUV but as there is yet no good one at this price range I would go with Altis A/T, as I am doing mostly in city and the FE of A/T seems to be good enough.
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Old 4th February 2009, 11:21   #54
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Nice thread, Eddy. And like you, I would love to own an Omni for the same reason - passenger capacity. If only it was a wee bit more safe.

My answer w.r.t to the car I bought with my money would be both Yes and No - quoting from the LongTermReview of my car on tbhp.
Originally Posted by supremeBaleno
If I had an Undo option ...
Re-winding back by 2 years, would I buy the Baleno again if I were in the market for a new car ?

Yes, if I were specifically looking at a C-segmenter.

No, if I were just looking at a car which will be the only one I intend to have and use as an allrounder.
Reasons :
1. I usually drive solo or with my wife or carpool partner. In the past 2 years, I did not really use the rear seat or the boot much and hence feel that a small car would have served my purpose adequately. Ofcourse highway driving would not have been the fun it was with the Baleno.

2. I believe in the maxim "Bigger the city, smaller should be your car". Our cities with heavy traffic, all sorts of contraptions on the road, limited or nil parking space etc, call for smaller cars.
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Old 4th February 2009, 11:22   #55
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2005 Wagon R : NO never again, never again Maruti, for those stupid rattling issues and lack of build quality.

Second hand Ford Ikon 1.8 Diesel : NO Big mistake of my life though i enjoyed the ride like anything.

2008 Optra Magnum TCDI : YES and NO yes because i love Magnum No because i wanted to buy SUV.
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Old 4th February 2009, 11:31   #56
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Opels: Not sure of the years but I got the Astra early in it's launch & the Corsa 1.6 was one of the first few in Bombay. Both served well for their times, made our love for Germans even stronger. My dad had the standard 2000 back in the day and loved it's solid feel and gadgetry, since opel was german he soon got blind faith in the brand. The corsa 1.6 was really fun to drive too. No regrets on either.

Qualis: My family loved it so much that we bought one and sold it at 50k kms and bought another one.

'03 Accord: My personal fav, since it was my 18th birthday gift. Sadly it's on it's way out. Has been a part of some of the best days of my life.

'04 Endeavour: Has served well till now, not as promblematic as I expected it to be. Built very well and strong. We currently have two in the family, in the process of replacing one of the them for the new version. But gonna hang on to the other until the Fortuner is here because the suspension of the Endeavour is pretty bad !

'07 BMW 525d: I love it more and more each day. But if i had to get it again, i'd probably get more of my moneys worth since the 525d is replaced with the 530d ! But i'm not complaining, the power is still pretty bloody insane.

'09 Altis: Just got it, too early to comment. But I'm happy for what it's worth.
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Old 4th February 2009, 11:47   #57
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my dad's 1987 Omni: Hell No!!
1997 M800: Yes. I learned my driving in this car and it was a good cruiser in those times.
1998 OHC 1.5: Yes, Yes and more Yes. Still running like a dream.
2003 Santro Xing: Yes its a peppy car for city driving and ages well.
2004 Suzuki Alto: NO. Car is underpowered and pathetic build quality.
2005 Octavia vRS: Hell Yes
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I missed the most important car to be mentioned on my list. THE C-CLASS: HELL NO !!
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1989, Bajaj Priya - Yes, I learnt riding on this and was a very nice scooter. Comfortable and Nimble.

1996 - Bajaj Sunny Zip - Hell Yes! My first meeting with "joyride and fun". The color was charcoal black. Probably the best vehicle I have ever owned. Was with me till 2002 when I had to sell her in scrap because I had lost my vehicle documents and the vehicle had a GA registration. Engine was in MINT condition. Will always regret selling it.

2005, Maruti Suzuki Zen - Still with us and running strong after 45,000 kms. Amazing ride. Cute, Nimble with great steering and over all a feel good factor.

2008, HH Hunk - Yet to complete a year but I am happy with the bike. Consistent mileage of 45 KMPL and good A**. In black, combined with a black helmet and me in shorts, she gets more glances from the fairer sex than probably a Beemer!!!
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It is a mixed bag

1985: Sportif moped. My father actually bought this and was one of the worst decisions we had ever made. It was totally unsuited to Indian conditions and I actually had an experience of the handlebar coming loose in my hand. Luckily the other side was still attached and I was able to stop in time. We got rid of it in 1988.

1996: Kawasaki 4S (sold in 2004): I was split between this and HH Splendor, went for the Bajaj only because HH had a 3 month waiting period. It gave me good service but I had no takers when I wanted to sell it. Finally ended up donating it to a NGO

2003: Pulsar 180 I still own it but I feel that I should have gone for a 150 instead. I don't use the power of the 180 in the city and if I was to try and sell it, I think it would not be easy.

2004: Santro Xing I was torn between this and a Baleno, went for the Santro because we felt it is a better bet for the narrow streets of Mangalore. I regret this decision each time I go for a highway drive.
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