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Old 28th March 2009, 13:25   #316
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Hi Skoda corporate,

I want to buy skoda superb in near future.
But reading after all this, i need to hear skoda side so that i can judge who is right or wrong. After that, i will make my mind to own skoda car.
As you have suggested in your post to call customer care about further clarification, i have called the tele no but i heard the tape of "this tele no is out of service". I have not mailed my query yet but you can take this post as official query.
please, pm me if you want to share skoda side in this case with future customer.

BTY, you have not introduced yourself. As this is car forum, just curious about new member, what do you drive? skoda?
Do share your experience about the car, handling, after sales service etc[ You can share this with new thread].
Do read on board rules and enjoy the forum.

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Old 28th March 2009, 13:39   #317
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Been following both the threads closely.

Did my bit by forwarding both links to a couple of contacts who were looking at a Fabia and the Superb. Not sure if they would be too keen now.

Harish, we are with you mate.
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Old 28th March 2009, 13:56   #318
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Skoda just slipped a hundred positions in my regard list.
I used to admire Skoda cars, because of their engineering and all, but then.
who cares if you cant value your customers, you cars are worth nothing.

To say the least, I will not, never, ever buy a Skoda or advice any of my nearer and dearer ones to buy them. Skoda you just lost a few customers.

On a lighter note.The only grouse I'll ever have is to do away with the Lamborghini brand. But then again Ferrari is still making better cars.
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Old 28th March 2009, 14:17   #319
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Well I just revised my potential buy list for this year:

Fabia who?

Fight on Harish, God bless!
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Old 28th March 2009, 18:01   #320
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Ha, when i first read this post, i thought what if someone does the same thing to them as numerous maharaja's did to Rolls-Royce, made them the official municipal garbage collecting vehicles. Anyways, I dont even think Scoda would think much about it, because the way they are addressing everything seems that it(the car is questiion) was infact designed to be a garbage collecting vehicle until someone had the bright idea of building a cab over it and mint some extra money.

I wonder why they never get their lessons right. The Scoda, according to what i heard, is basically a derivative of the golf platform ,which the last yrs Fiat Palio also shares, along with the same motor(without the turbo ofcourse). Now Fiat did a horrible death as far as customer support is concerned. They finally gave up and handed the sales and support duties to Tata. Now if this for Scoda, being part of the same group, was'nt a good lesson to learn from, i wonder what is? Firstly, they have a hugely overpriced vehicle, that franckly, does'nt even come close, in terms of either manufacturing quality and service, to the other brands its priced against. They have never tried to upgrade their product, whereas even their better selling competitors have( but its the same story everywhere in India, "why fix something that aint broke". Well actually, the Indian customers have the highest tendency to be taken for a ride, and that too knowingly, and we would later still be standing with their Bu##s pointed towards the sales guys. But thanks to this post, i can see the attitude changing). They have never heard of anything that sounds like after sales support and service.

We can go on and on about numerous other things, but it makes me wonder what excatly are they made of, when they have been though a very damaging lesson(Fiat), and still care nuts about it?

And hats off to you, Harish. You're the MAN.
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Old 28th March 2009, 19:29   #321
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I wonder how many of us are really going to recommend Skoda to our friends and family members after this episode!!

My guess is Zilch!!

Kudos to your spirit, keep fighting man!!

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Old 28th March 2009, 19:57   #322
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Originally Posted by Skoda Corporate View Post
I have been advised to inform you that the hosting or publishing of such information (which , does not represent all of the facts) would instigate both Team-BHP as well as the various users in the ongoing court case.
Really, Does discussing ones ordeal against law. And moreover, its an ongoing court case and discussing it is not forbidden.

Buddy, Only 4 posts till now and you are threating members. You would have been Banned by now, but t-Bhp wants members to express the truth, so you are still here. Democracy is our right. No time and this case would be in TV too. Harish, Skoda should pay you the damages and penalty too. Your case is strong and i pray you win.

T-Bhp, I have full faith and belief on the members and the posts that are hosted on this forum. Truth wins. Anytime, Everytime. Thanks for bringing it to light.
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Old 28th March 2009, 20:40   #323
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To be honest, I do not when it is going to be, but the Fabia and i20 were lined up in my view as equally potential next car, at least in terms of desire, if not actuality.

The Fabia has faded out of that picture.
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Old 28th March 2009, 20:50   #324
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@Team Skoda:
If the matter was in the first court what you say about matter being sub-judice is correct. Now the matter is in appeal so no new facts are likely to emerge and harm your appeal. So quit hiding behind the skirt of your lawyers or show us how good you are but for legalese.

The first court has given decision so you can share with us your grounds of appeal. At least we will have more balanced picture instead of getting only Harish's spewing half the picture.

I do not own a Skoda but just today morning I successfully dissuaded a friend from buying one solely on the basis of this thread (and also some other negatives I had heard).
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Old 28th March 2009, 21:02   #325
Team-BHP Support
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Cross-posting from here (Team-BHP stands for the TRUTH. But Skoda wants to “instigate” Team-BHP and its users!), only to clarify.

Originally Posted by extreme_torque View Post
What raises my suspicion is the customer care Id given by the scorporate?
Originally Posted by Ym-enjn View Post
May be it is the right time for the real Skoda India and real Meghna to make IDs on T-Bhp and ask our mods to remove all the post from the fake ID from "Skoda Corporate"
The Team-BHP Support can confirm that the userid "Skoda Corporate" is an actual Skoda representative. The email address associated with the account (and a confirmed one at that) is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx@skoda-auto.co.in.

I only have this to say : Skoda, realise your follies and make up. It's never too late. Anyone can stay stuck in their arrogance and ego; however, it takes a big person to admit his / her mistakes, apologise and make up. While your behaviour so far has taken our expectations of Skoda India to the lowest possible levels (way below that of even Peugeot who cheated Indian customers of booking deposits), this community would love to be pleasantly surprised.

There, I've just given you a PR 101 lesson.

Lastly, as long as the userid "Skoda Corporate" adheres to all of Team-BHP's rules, it will be allowed full access & posting rights to this community. Team-BHP remains a transparent level-playing field for all concerned. You've said an awful lot yesterday, what's with the sudden silence?
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Originally Posted by GTO View Post
You've said an awful lot yesterday, what's with the sudden silence?
It seems Skoda corporate works only 5 days a week. Today is Saturday.
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Old 28th March 2009, 21:25   #327
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If Skoda wants to take the came up a notch by threatening team-bhp and it's community, I suggest we organize a protest outside Skoda dealerships. I am sure we can organize atleast 100 people in each of the major metros. I think that should bring in some news Cameras.

I think we ought to remind Skoda Corporate about a person called Gandhiji who is sometimes also known as the Father of Our nation. He stood up to a corporate even more powerful than Skoda called the British Empire.

I cannot beleive that they wouldn't just not settle this case in the interest of their reputation. Skoda may have got here first but the competetion is bulding up and the Indian Consumers are become more aware that their marketing strategy of palming away old Checkoslovakian models as premium cars will last only so long..

I would like to go on record that if they initiate legal action against team-bhp and it's members, I will be the first to contribute to team-bhp's legal defense fund. Frankly I have nothing personal against Skoda, but I hate it when the big guy tries to intimidate.

Skoda Corporate. Trying to fight a single unhappy consumer is one thing. Waging war against thousands of educated Indian auto enthusiasts is not an advisable option.

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Old 28th March 2009, 22:34   #328
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I have started to let all my friends in India know about this thread. Also going to post it on the other desi forums in US and Canada. I dont have anything against the company personally nor have I ever owned a Skoda but reading about this mans plight and the arrogance by the Skoda rep on the forum pretty much sums up things. If there is a Facebook page please post the link.

I cant help but think of a recent successful protest by some enterprising ladies on facebook who sent 'something' pink as a sign of protest. Hmm what can we send skoda......how about a book on pr?
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Old 28th March 2009, 22:44   #329
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Well, I am rather shocked by the info found here and related threads. I owned an Octavia and then a Laura, and had no issues with Skoda dealership (Marikar Cochin). The service was comparatively expensive in comparison with Corolla/ Civic, and some parts were exorbitantly priced.

But I had an uncomfortable experience with the Octavia's battery. It packed up with just 20k on the odo, and the workshop said I'll have to replace the alternator. I found a new battery from an independent battery dealer, and saved thousands. There was nothing wrong with the alternator. The dealer workshop warned me of starter trouble, but the battery I bought was an exact match to the OE battery, so I had no issues with the starter either for the next few months I kept the car. Other than this incident, I had no issues with either the cars or the dealer.

But hearing all that has been said here, and going through the supporting evidence, I am aghast at the poor light Skoda finds itself in. Hope they take corrective action immediately.

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Originally Posted by GS300 View Post
To re-emphasis a point that may have appeared in some of the posts below, I believe that more than arrogance or lack of customer focus, what we are looking at here is INCOMPETENCE!
I strongly believe this is not INCOMPETANCE. This is related to Intentions, Attitude, Approach, Integrity, Principles, Ethics.

One wicket is down (Shut Down). The 2nd bigger wicket must fall.


Originally Posted by GTO View Post
I only have this to say : Skoda, realise your follies and make up. It's never too late.
No, Its already too late. There is no way they are getting away this time with all these.

One wicket is down. 2nd bigger wicket must fall

6 decades back, people of India ran a movement "Simon Go Back" & forced Simon & then English Empire to go back.

This movement is nothing but "Simon (Skoda) Go Back" & I'll keep on repeating this signature in all my posts

Note from the Team-BHP Support Team: Please use the "edit" button if posting within 15 minutes of the first post, instead of creating another back-to-back post

Also use "Multi Quote" option for quoting Multiple posts.

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