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Default Re: The "JD Power Study" Thread

Happened to see how the survey is being conducted (one of my friend was interviewed for 2016 IQS survey) and I must say most of the customers are unaware of certain part of questionnaires and blindly give YES/NO
Seeing the PPH figures fluctuating every year earlier I had a thought that companies are really working on the customer feedback, but now I doubt the same
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Default Re: The "JD Power Study" Thread

JD Power results for 2017 are out.

Surprise, surprise!
RE seems to have topped the charts in Dealership experience in 2 wheelers!

Usual suspects (Toyota, MSIL) are at the top of charts for 4 wheelers.
Usual suspects (Fiat, Chevrolet) are at the bottom.

The Second surprise is that, Mahindra top the sales satisfaction!

Here are the results:

The "JD Power Study" Thread-jdpower1.jpg

The "JD Power Study" Thread-jdpower2.jpg

The "JD Power Study" Thread-jd3.jpg

The "JD Power Study" Thread-jdpowe4.jpg

Source: http://india.jdpower.com/industry/automotive-in
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Post Re: The "JD Power Study" Thread

Tried making a table out of the dependability awards for the last 5 years and this is what it looks like.

The "JD Power Study" Thread-screen-shot-20171016-3.19.14-pm.png

Some observations.
  • The king of entry compact - Maruti Suzuki Alto 800. Right from the time, the entry compact segment was started by JD Power, the Alto rules that space. It is for a reason that we find them doing duty as taxis in the tough terrains like Manali.
  • The upper compact is owned by the Honda Brio since its inception.
  • Premium compact is dominated by VW/Skoda group in the form of VW Polo and Skoda Fabia. The Hyundai i20 and Ford Figo also had a chance once each.
  • Entry Midsize sedan is owned by the Toyota Etios since its inception except for the first year when it lost to the Swift Dzire.
  • Midsize sedan is Honda City's with a few exceptions in the form of Skoda Rapid and Maruti SX4. The niggles reported for the City manufactured in the recent years should start showing its effect on the rating in an year or 2 since JD Dependability study is done on 3 year old vehicles meaning the 2017 study is done on vehicles manufactured in 2014.
  • MUV/MPV - Toyota Innova rules
  • SUV - Toyota Fortuner rules in both the years it was considered for the award. I'm not sure as to why it was not considered for the study in 2015,2016 and 2017.
  • From a brand perspective, the 3 Japanese brands - Toyota, Honda and Maruti dominates in the dependability aspect. VW/Skoda seems to be performing decently as well even with their horrible service centers. In whichever segments they got a chance to compete with, they did perform decently. Talks a lot about the engineering quality of the products made by VW/Skoda.

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Default Re: The "JD Power Study" Thread

The 2017 India Customer Service Index (Mass Market) Study, by J D Power released today.


The "JD Power Study" Thread-2017_india_csi__1.jpg

Breaking news : Maruti has been dethroned from the Top Slot after 17 Long years!

Hyundai's efforts have finally paid off!

Study is based on responses from 7,878 new-vehicle owners who purchased their vehicle between May 2015 and August 2016.

Now in its 21st year, the study measures new-vehicle owner satisfaction with the after-sales service process by examining dealership performance in five factors (listed in order of importance): service quality; vehicle pick-up; service advisor; service facility; and service initiation.
A comparative over last year's report:-

Name:  Csi rank comp.jpg
Views: 1038
Size:  41.0 KB

Big surprise is Honda dropping 6 ranks and Tata just 1 step away from the top rank!

What is happening with the legendary Toyota service?

Let the discussions begin

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Default Re: The "JD Power Study" Thread

This cannot be true as Tata has scored above industry average and is in Top 3 list. Actually Tata's and Maruti's score is same (893).

Good show by Hyundai. Looking at the recent service issue reported by BHPian about Nexa service issue, Maruti needs to work hard to retain their leadership. In the same video we can see many related videos showing Maruti A S S issues. They are becoming too big to manage. Even number of Nexa dealerships itself outnumber many other brands.

Surprised to see Ford and Toyota rankings. I thought they are much better comparing to others who scored low.

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Default Hyundai tops JD Power after-sales customer satisfaction study

Hyundai has come out on top in the " After Sales Satisfaction study" among mass market brands conducted by the Global Market Research firm J D Power.

Hyundai has, for the first time, scored the highest in the Indian Customer service Index with a score of 923 & has put Maruti Suzuki India & Tata Motors to second position at a score of 893.

Link to this article http://www.livemint.com/Industry/kLi...tion-stud.html

Even Toyota, which prides itself on the after sales service dept, ranks much lower.

It has been proved once again that everyone else is catching up , quick & fast on the service parameter, with the leader Maruti Suzuki & also goes to prove that sheer no.s, in this case, service centers, does not mean much.

Hyndai was always there , high on after sales service but the surprise package is Tata Motors & in many many threads across forums have been bashed left & right for lousy service levels.

Also, fellow members will do well to remember a very recent case of gross ineptitude in the servicing of a certain Maruti Baleno.
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Default Re: Hyundai tops JD Power after-sales customer satisfaction study

It seems that Maruti Suzuki has not paid JD Power it's dues this year. I always believed that Maruti after sales was not the best, not was it the cheapest. Hyundai was as good if not better. I was amazed as each year Maruti took the winner's trophy. Hence, I lost all respect for the ratings since then.
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Default Re: Hyundai tops JD Power after-sales customer satisfaction study

What is EVEN MORE SURPRISING is that TATA ranked 2nd.

I am with carma on this though, in India atleast, I dont trust any company's after sales service.
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Default Re: Hyundai tops JD Power after-sales customer satisfaction study

Having owned Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, Ford, Renault, Chevrolet & Mahindra products in the family, all I can say about such rankings is they're utter BS.

In a country with laughable consumer protections, customer service & support is a direct function of the competence/integrity of the single person or team directly attending you, and each and every company out there is solely focused on making as much money as possible off every trusting simpleton that walks in the door.

Maruti & Hyundai cars are also some of the most expensive 'common man' cars to maintain (in their respective segments), myths to the contrary notwithstanding.

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Default Re: The "JD Power Study" Thread

Extremely well deserved by Hyundai. Got my first service done for the Hyundai Verna today and the service at Advaith Hyundai Bangalore was phenomenal. Top notch service at Advaith Hyundai. Looks like any worries about moving from Maruti to Hyundai were ill-founded. Hyundai is awesome with service and Advaith Hyundai Bannerghatta surely are raising the bar on customer service
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Default Re: The "JD Power Study" Thread

Few additional key findings of the study:
  • Overall satisfaction for this segment has decreased marginally from last year by 3 points (877 vs. 880, respectively). Among the factors, the greatest decrease (-3 points) is in service initiation, service advisor and service facility.
  • Almost one-fourth (24%) of customers indicate that they remained at the dealership throughout the entire service visit.Among these customers, 58% say they were provided six or more amenities by the dealerships, compared with 34% last year—an increase of 24 percentage points year over year. Such amenities include refreshment counters, internet access, televisions and mobile charging points.

One-fourth of the customers remaining present during the entire service visit is a telling indicator of the auto service standards. Imagine the total loss of productive time. Personally I haven't seen any other owners waiting at the service stations whenever I have stayed around. The quality of waiting lounges have improved though.
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Default Re: The "JD Power Study" Thread

Initially most ASS provide competent servicing. It is only after four or so years that you start to see their true colors. Happened with Maruti and Honda to me. Most Hyundai owners in my circle complain that the maintenance expense is high after a few years.
This is why I don't trust this survey, picking random 100 people can't be very accurate.
The ASS I trust the most is Toyota, though I would still prefer a reputed garage and a trusty mechanic than any ASS.
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Default Re: The "JD Power Study" Thread

I don't think we can read too much into the rankings. With the huge spread and size of our car buying market, these inferences can be taken as 'directional' at max.

That said, good to see Tata near the top. It is inline with the recent experiences of BHPians owning Tata cars at home.

And I am wondering whether the huge volume Maruti is churning out each month is taking a toll on its service infrastructure. The number of cars turning up for service will be huge considering they move half the number of cars sold each month.
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