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Originally Posted by CliffHanger View Post
Everything looks good in paper, but how well it has been implemented or getting implemented remains to be seen
+1 to this. My Palio was in the workshop for more than 3 weeks late last year, for an accident job, just because FIAPL couldn't deliver a front cross member and fog lamp covers to the ASC. Mr.Kodalkar didn't even bother to acknowledge my email or answer my calls, let alone resolve the issue. Same with Mr.CEO of FIAPL. In the end, I'd to request BU Bhandari to do some jugaad and make do with repairing the existing parts; else I wouldn't have got my car back till now! If this is the state in Pune, and that too for non-critical parts, I shudder to think what the situation must be elsewhere.

Also, apart from the above accident job, the less said about my scheduled service and running repairs experiences over almost 3 years of Palio ownership, the better.

As far as the poll goes, I wouldn't read too much into it 'cause BHPians don't constitute even 10% of actual Fiat owners out there. If it were accurate, the resale value of Fiats would have inched up at least a bit by now; after all, it's been quite a while since the Tata-Fiat JV took shape.

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I had similar discussions with Mr.Bhatia and Mangesh at Pune. And the 9 points Vinay has listed pretty much sums up those discussions.

I think Fiat is going step by step here. I agree with the pre-sales thing. But post-sales is a more important issue than pre-sales according to Fiat.

Good thing here is the initiative and the approach. Let's keep our fingers crossed.
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What a great initiative from FIAT.

FIAT looks very serious in improving on its image and service.
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Originally Posted by Ajay_J View Post
I don't understand the need of this. According to a poll on this forum, service "meets" the expectation mostly. Probably somebody can send a link to them of the thread so that they should stop taking such unnecessary initiative.
Why do you have a problem with someone giving you something extra? Is it that you want things to be bad. They are already quite good. Nothing wrong in wanting to improve further.

Originally Posted by mkh View Post
They should make more effort on making people aware of these efforts and focus big time
They MUST improve on pre-sales- the FIRST impression matters. Till now i have not heard from a single friend who asked for a TD at their location and it happened. Not all people will go to the showroom for a TD
Customers need great cars, FIAT has them, hope they can work on this and give the best support
I asked for a TD of the Linea when I went to the showroom. Just as the car was ready I got a urgent phone call and had to leave. The next day I got a call asking if I was free. When I asked why, they said they wanted to send the TD car home. Since I was busy I asked for the car the next day. They sent the car to my place for the TD.
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Good to see these points being spoken about, Have to admit Fiat's open minded approach about this and the fact that they have understood the reasons behind the failures in India before, needs to be appreciated.

Having said that, and as most of the members have already pointed out, pre-sales is as important as post-sales.

I have observed that most of the showrooms are over crowded and are absolutely chaotic(esp is Bangalore) and there is absolutely no management. Reason behind so much crowd, People coming for Tata PLUS people coming for Fiat into the same showroom. It is going to be lot better if Fiat goes independent. What say ?
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I still believe that FIAT will do well if it opens its own service stations, instead of doing that inside a Tata centre.

maybe sales can happen in TATA showrooms as opening new showrooms will require a huge investment due to real estate prices.

but service can be separate as you can set them up in the outskirts. if FIAT does that i guess they will see atleast a 2-fold increase in sales.
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this is a good initiative by FIAT. i hope this will be implemented properly and will benefit the customers.

Also it would be great if FIAT can start their own sales/service centers atleast in major cities
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To illustrate my experience, a couple of months ago, after my regular service at Concorde Motors Bangalore, i was offered to purchase the RSA for my 2.5 year old Adventure. I lapped it up not knowing how soon i would need it.

One month after i purchased the RSA (at a very nominal amount), i was on the way to Tirupati with my family and a couple of other friends in other cars. About 40 kms before the Tirupati ghat starts, my accelerator cable snapped. My heart sank, till i realised i had taken the RSA. It was around 8:30 pm. I called the Fiat RSA Toll free number, within 3 rings a gentleman took the details of the car and my coordinates. He promised a call back in 15 minutes. In 15 minutes i got a call from them again along with a mechanic - a 3 way conference call - me, call centre and a local mechanic somewhere close by. In less than 1.5 hours, the mechanic lands up at my location between 2 remote towns, checks the problem and assures me that he would come back with a replacement cable. By 11 pm, the mechanic was back with a "Bajaj scooter gear cable", used his ingenuity, fixed the accelerator cable completely to my satisfaction. It took him almost 45 minutes to fix the cable but the job was done. He asked me to take a test drive and assured me it wont require a replacement for the next 40k kms. I was thrilled by the service and felt proud of Fiat service.

I drove up the ghats to Tirupati later that night, in time before the gates closed etc and drove back to Bangalore the next day. I got the cable checked with Concorde on return, and they gave me a replacement OEM fiat cable, and asked me to keep it in the car, and indicated that there is no need for a change. After that the car has done atleast 7000 kms, and 1 service, without any problem whatsover.

I think Fiat is getting their act together with the RSA and i have only good things to say. This experience has given me the confidence to believe that all their efforts are genuine. It might take some more time to sensitise the dealerships, but it is happening. and Fiat is listening and taking feedback very constructively.

Vinay Sambaragimath

Originally Posted by comfortablynumb View Post
+1 to this. My Palio was in the workshop for more than 3 weeks late last year, for an accident job, just because FIAPL couldn't deliver a front cross member and fog lamp covers to the ASC.
If it were accurate, the resale value of Fiats would have inched up at least a bit by now; after all, it's been quite a while since the Tata-Fiat JV took shape.

Vikram, all changes being done by Fiat as indicated in my earlier post has happened in the last 6 months. Prior to that is history and we need to see if things on the ground really change over the next 6 months.

Vinay Sambaragimath

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Originally Posted by vinay_ss View Post
Vikram, all changes being done by Fiat as indicated in my earlier post has happened in the last 6 months. Prior to that is history and we need to see if things on the ground really change over the next 6 months.
The experience I've narrated happened in November '09. Does that qualify as coming under "the last 6 months"? Also, do you mean to say that sending a simple acknowledgment to an email from a customer (forget making the part available) can be done only in a specific time frame, or only if a whole list of To-Dos is implemented first?

Anyway, this is my last post on the subject. You think Fiat's great and I don't - to each his own - let's leave it at that. At the end of the day, the market will decide whether or not the company is a success. If Fiat sincerely does even half of the things you've listed, then it'll make a comeback; if it's just paying lip service to being customer focused, then we all know how that will turn out.


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My experience with Fiat has be a mixed bag so far. On the 1st road trip to kerala. The back window got jammed and a stop gap solution was done at the concorde motors in cochi. This was pretty good because the window got jammed on a sat evening and RSA gave us the name and number of the advisor that we needed to talk to, who came on a sunday and resolved our issue. They couldn't fix the entire issue because the spare part was not available at cochi.
Back in bangalore during the 1st service we informed the advisor about the jammed window and he promised that he would call us back in 5 days or so after the spare part is delivered. after nearly 10 days we placed a call and found out our advisor was on leave. then we called the spare parts and various people in concorde and there was no response. eventually my father went one day to give everyone a firing in concorde(hosur road) and after being refered to 1 person to another, finally the manager or the head of the departement who was in a meeting came to the rescue and went to the spare part department and checked himself and found the motor that was ordered by our advisor. basically the part came on time however our advisor was on a long leave and failed to inform someone about it....
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One can be a "paper tiger" or an execution specialist.

I think Fiat/ Tata needs seriously to focus hard and get the latter part going for them.

they need to realize that customers are fickle people who, if unhappy for ANY reason, will simply vote with their feet and wallets in favour of competition.
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I had been to Fiat First check-up camp.

The staff was courteous and friendly. I was handed over a "Fiat branded" box of tissue papers.

They asked me to wait for a couple of minutes as a FTA Linea and Palio was already on the ramp. There were a couple of Lineas and Puntos in the queue ahead of me. The waiting time kept on extending as one of the Linea had some major problems (thanks to an accident it had met a couple of days back). After waiting for almost 40 minutes, my beauty was on the ramp. They checked fluids.. topped up brake oil, windshield washer fluid (read: water). A quick look at the underbody of the car. No major issues. Tires OK. Right indicator bulb replaced (Paid 40 INR). The car was washed and cleaned from inside. And I was set to go back home.

Throughout the process I was standing by the car and can confirm they did a pretty decent job. The dealer staff was very courteous and offered Sandwiches and "cutting chai" occasionally.

I spoke with the CRM and he told me that they had expected max 10/15 cars for the camp whereas by 1 PM there were 30. So they were totally overwhelmed by the response.

Met a gentleman who had a Medium Grey MJD Punto E+ and guess what??? he didn't have a clue about Blue&Me. So gave him a quick demo of pairing, calling etc. He was so happy and thankful for showing him how to select "Playlists"... How to disable repeat/shuffle mode etc.

All in all it was a very good event. I walked out smiling and wondering about all the horror stories I read/heard about Fiat's A.S.S.

A big round of applause for Fiat!!!
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The experiences shared bodes well for Fiat. With the competition hotting up, these practices are now necessary rather than sufficient.
All in all, well done Fiat!
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Had been to the service camp in Kochi on March 07, 2010. It was at Concorde, Nettoor. They took over 3 hours to just check the car, and give it a water wash. No complaints were being looked into (I had some about noise from the front brakes and rattling from the front dashboard). They said this is just a check up and we don't "clear" complaints here. Saw quite some unhappy customers around - all unhappy on spares availability.

While the free check ups are a good idea, FIAT seriously needs to pull up their socks on the spares issue. For every single part you need to go behind them, and stay waiting for 3-4 days on an average.

Saw one customer whose Right ORVM assembly broke off (after it swiped with some other vehicle). Concorde did not have the assembly in stock - the customer gave a piece of his mind to the SA, and asked him if they buy back cars. The unhappiness was evident on the customers' face, and he opened regretted getting a FIAT. Being a FIAT customer myself, I somewhat agree with his stance. While the car is an amazing product, the aftersales is far from being good.
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The Background:

A Leyland decides to kiss my dearest Palio leaving my Palio in a pretty bad state. Both the RHS doors are badly damaged. A prompt call to concorde Hyderabad confirms that the doors are not in stock and upon placing an order Fiat dispatches the doors in 3 days flat. Sounds impressive .. Read on

One of the RHS Rear door was damaged with dents and the ASC concorde in this case asks me to use the same door after getting it dented. I agree and upon later checks, notice the door fully rusted and substandard. Escalate it to concorde and I am promised that they would look into the issue. 10 days pass and nothing happens. Call Mangesh and immediately I am offered backup from Fiat and have been asked to send them an email. I Do so and I receive no response. Call up fiat again and to my surprise I have been informed that the go ahead already has been given to provide me with a replacement door. People at Fiat were busy with Punto 1.2 Dynamic/ emotion launches and the fiat care program so could not follow up on emails from the customers but the background job have been processed. From this episode I could gather

1. Fiat is responsive and promptly forwards the matters to the corncerned ASC'
2. ASC / Tata management then calls the customers to enquire on the issue and take corrective actions
3. If the ASC does not take corrective action, Fiat Service head (mangesh) personally calls the ASC to find out what the issue is and where the delay is.
4. Tata ASC places a VOR (if it's not a fast moving part) and the part is dispatched with amazing speed.

At the end, the customer gains. I am telling this out of my experience loosing my daily commute car for good part of 1 month and this delay is solely due to the inefficient people at Tata ASC and not because of fiat.

Another notable point is with respect to the Linea. we own a Linea in the immediate family and when the car was taken for it's first service, we have been informed that there was a clutch design change in the new linea's and if our car does not have the updated design'ed clutch they would replace it. I was bowled. Lot of manufacturers advertise but personally speaking Fiat also does all that is promised in the warranty book and does something extra. I have 4 such instances from 2005 where Fiat extended assistance to me even when the ASC's brushed their hands off.

I would park my money on a Fiat car again

P.S: I am just a ordinary guy

Best Regards
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