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Old 7th November 2009, 13:09   #16
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When I was looking out for a top end sedan recently, these are the features I felt the car had to have.

Atleast 6 airbags
GOOD amount of headroom+legroom
150+ BHP
Parking Sensors which look neat.. should be well integrated into the car
Big Trunk. (500+ liters)
Well designed interiors
Automatic Trans..+ paddle shifts
Better rear seat ride than my current civic
Good sound system
Steering mounted controls, tyre pressure monitoring
height adjustable, lumbar support.
electrically folding, heated, auto dimming, ORVMs/ self dimming IRVM.
cooled glovebox

Most of these features are standard on D seg cars...
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Old 8th November 2009, 16:57   #17
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Currently i own an alto and the features i need in my next car would be
1. Power windows (i am bugged up asking my wifey to roll over the other window for cross ventilation)
2. Central locking
3. Rear wipers
4. ABS
5. Steering mounted audio controls
6. Cold storage for cool drinks
7. Proper hand rest on the doors
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Though features are nice to have, I'm not someone who puts a lot of priority to them. I look more for depth of engineering, power, reliability, all-roundedness, braking (very particular about brakes), driving experience and character.

I could care less about parking sensors & bluetooth. Give me the must-haves and I'm happy (again, as long as the car scores in the areas mentioned in previous paragraph). A related post from another thread.

Throw in memory seats + mirrors + steering also if you want. iPod integration is a MUST-HAVE for me. No more. The point is, all the features I've listed are old school, perfected and very easy to get 10 year reliability out of. I really don't need 1000 sensors in my car (one of which tells me that my windscreen wash fluid is low, I can check myself thank you), four zone climate control (never even used dual zone in my C220), rain sensing wipers (I always override with manual controls), auto headlamps (ditto), parking sensors (never needed them in any car I've parked, including many S Class'), the equivalent of 30 computers in my car (S Class) or fiber optic cables!

A relevant post I'd made in Ajmats awesome thread (Impact of electronics on reliability)

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Of what is essential:

1. Power windows
2. Central Locking (But I get autocop in all my cars anyways)
3. Power Steering
4. ABS (Especially with the kind of power cars are putting out now)
5. Traction Control
6. Airbags
7. Power mirrors
8. ECM (Whose only responsibility is maintaining efficient combustion and of course, the check engine light)

A really loaded audio system and a sun-roof would be great.

Everything else is hog-wash. Its just a luxury car maker's way of justifying the high price ( "But Dahling my friend has it in her Accord...how come your Mercedes doesnt offer too much more!!" ).

Made that post 5 years back. Stand is nearly the same today.
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Old 8th November 2009, 17:16   #19
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Originally Posted by shatrughna View Post
Here is my wishlist that I wouldnt compromise- for my next car after 3 years
1. Ground clearance minimum 200 mm
3. All round discs
4. Tiptronic - AT & paddle shifts, 4X4 with LSD, elctric on the fly mech.
5. Bi-Xenons
7. 7 Seater
8. All round parking / hazard sensors
9. Nav system, mobile phone connectivity with bluetooth, MID all integrated.
10. SRS airbags etc of course.
11. Keyless entry, start / stop.
12. NVD ( IR devise or something at least for blind spots)
14. Panaromic Sunroof/ Moonroof
15. Excellent ACC & Music system with SD card, USB, DVD etc.
16. Steering mounted controls, tyre pressure monitoring
17. height adjustable, lumbar support.
18. electrically folding ( independent) , heated, auto dimming, ORVMs/ self dimming IRVM.
19. Auto levelling suspension/ at least the one that can be raised.
20. At least capable of doing a 200kmph.
21. Multi / bi fuel at least eg. 1. Petrol/ CNG/LPG / Electric 2. Diesel/ Biodiesel/ Partly electric like microhybrid.
22. Collision preventing system/ radar based auto brakes/ warning system.

Features are from Touareg, Outlander, Xtrail, Captiva, 7 series, Superb/Passat. Currently the nearest match is Outlander. Aspiring for Touareg though. I am sure one or the other manufacturer will be adding all these together. Hoping Mahindra is listening.

skoda yeti is the vehicle for you! although it may not have all these features but it would cover most from the list i think!
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Old 8th November 2009, 17:59   #20
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1. What will be the must have features in their cars if they buy/replace today?
Ans: Safety - ABS, at least 2 airbags, 3 point seat belts

2. If one already had a budget in mind would he/she stretch the budget to accommodate the features?
Ans: below 8.5 lakhs

3. If the budget cannot be stretched if he/she would go down a segment to get the features or forgo some of the features to stay in the segment. For example, Ritz with ABS is more than 4.5 lakhs but A-Star with ABS & Airbags is less that 4.3 lakhs. Will you come down to A-Star from Ritz to be within budget and have ABS?
Ans: Yes
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Old 8th November 2009, 18:45   #21
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I would love a Cross-over. Something like X6.
Features I would like to have are:
1. Curtain Airbags.
2. Traction Control.
3. ESP.
4. Auto transmission.
5. Captain seats allround.
6. Probably a Hydrogen Engine.

By the way some pics of BMW-X6 and Hydrogen Engine which I shot at BMW welt,Munich.
Attached Thumbnails
The Must Have Features in Your Next Car-img_0329.jpg  

The Must Have Features in Your Next Car-img_0341.jpg  

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Old 8th November 2009, 19:13   #22
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  1. A/C.
  2. PS.
  3. ICE.
(We have a bare-bone 800 now.)
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Old 8th November 2009, 19:27   #23
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Thumbs up

This'll be the feature requirement for my next car, most probably a premium hatch.
- Power windows
- Central Locking
- Power Steering
- Electric ORVM's
- Rear window wiper

- ABS (Especially with the kind of power cars are putting out now)
- Airbags
- Audio controls on steering wheel (Safety feature for me cos I fiddle with the stereo so much it's not safe)
- well Spec'd wheels/tyres
- Preferably disc brakes on all wheels

And power, as much of it as possible, doesn't matter if its petrol or diesel, it should be 100+ bhp.

Well, given my requirements, it's no surprise i'm still looking for such a hatch to come about.

Originally Posted by darklord View Post
  1. A/C.
  2. PS.
  3. ICE.
(We have a bare-bone 800 now.)
darklordbhai, thoda aur wish karo

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Originally Posted by gomzi View Post
darklordbhai, thoda aur wish karo
Oh the Dark Lord prefers to apparate than drive
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My present car has Airbags, ABS + EBD + BA and I would obviously want each of these in my next car. Apart from these, I would definitely look forward to the following

1. All round Discs
2. ESP + TCS
3. At least a 5 speed Automatic Transmission + Cruise Control (With proper dead pedal)
4. Retractable ORVM with Turn Indicators
5. Navigation System
6. MID with Tyre pressure indicator
7. Minimum GC of 190 mm
8. Automatic Climate Control
9. Glove box with Cooler
10. Rain sensing wipers and Auto-headlights
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Old 8th November 2009, 20:14   #26
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in my case the next SUV that I buy hopefully should have the following:
BIG wish-list but not placed here in any particular order.
1. Tyre pressure sensors
2. Reversing sensors + camera
3. seats should give great lower back support, neck support, under thigh support and the vehicle should provide good legroom in both front and rear seats. (Head restraints should be of top quality and the seats should be body hugging for greater "in-seat stability."
4. Turbo charged Crdi type or better tech Diesel engine with first class low end torque + the engine should be around 2 - 3 litres in Cubic Capacity and should develop about 180 BHP. (Top mounted Turbo Charger would be preferable.)
5. 4x4 with low and high ratios (LSD if possible)
6. Hopefully hill descent control system
7. ABS
8. Driver, Passengers and Side Curtain Airbags + vehicle should come with with impact resistant beams. crumple zones for safety. (best available Euro NCAP rating would be fine.)
9. ac and heater
10.cycle rack (at rear possibly and detachable)
11.5 seater capability with enough luggage space (expandable to 7 seater in case of emergency)
12.powerful fog lamps
13.xenon or good quality white light headlamps with adjustment capability.
14. good alloys shod with all terrain tyres - 16-17 inch wheels would be ideal with tube-less and "run-flat" tyres. (A full size spare is also necessary, this being India).
15. when going through puddles the water should NOT splash on the bonnet and windscreen
16. Heavy duty tow hook (just in case)
17. rear wiper and de-fogger/de-mister
18. electrically operated ORVMs with anti reflective treatment and low/ zero vibration
19. GPS and Sat Nav (built in)
20. Burglar proof locking and alarm system with vehicle immobilizer
21. Seat and Steering adjuster (height/tilt)
22.Good upholstery
23.Compact proportions to manage in Urban situations as well as off road adventure holidays.
24.Independently sprung suspension for comfort with high level of wheel articulation while going off the main roads.
25. High ground clearance to take all the bad roads easily.
26. Vehicle should have great stability around corners and a wide footprint for such stability.
27.Decent FE and maintenance + good after sales service with easy spares availability.
28. Car Telephone (Satellite technology based)
29. Reasonable In Car Entertainment which is a good Stereo setup + a DVD screen.
30. Self adjusting seat belts + seat memory.
31. Luggage restraint system so that bags and such dont move about in the rear.
32. Completely split and foldable (lie-flat) rear seats to increase luggage bay area to the maximum.
33. Vehicle shouldnt have problems with cold start in case one wants to drive to the Himalayas!
34. Power to Weight ratio should be tops - the vehicle will probably weigh about 2.5 tons give or take.
35. All this should be made available at about 15-16 lacs On The Road Bangalore!
36. Forgot earlier but the Fuel Tank and Vehicle under-body should come with solid protection for those off road adventures.
37. Should be able to fit a Winch (Optional) in Front
38. Should also be able to convert to a Snorkel system for Wading about in water if one wants.
39. Remote Engine Start feature (from a distance of about 30 metres)+ Keyless entry would be lovely.
40. Fuel Tank capacity should be about 60-80 litres of Diesel (coupled with good FE this will mean less stops for refuelling).
41. Plenty of spaces and receptacles and cubby-holes all over the place for ease.
Hence, it looks like the choice would be the new Mahindra World SUV if it has about 90% of these things OR Skoda Yeti which may very well come with all this and possibly more.
I know this sounds a bit greedy and so on but there is no harm having a Wish List!


having big dreams are a great way to help one set proper goals and work towards the same.

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An absolute must have in my next car - Automatic Transmission.
the Mumbai traffic. Need to save my left leg.
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1. Power
2. Power
3. Handling
4. Handling
5. Handling
6. Handling
7. Ride Quality
8. ABS
9. Airbags
10. Discs

Sorry, but the intangibles(especially 2,3,4) are deal makers/breakers for me.

I don't give a pig's snout to automatic vipers/headlamps/Transmission.
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1) A tank like build, which will allow me not to worry about scratches and dings.

2) A diesel engine with plenty of torque.

3) A road presence that will permit me to give a hair raising experience to bikes/autos/cabs.
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Well, I currently own a NHC GXI so the next car which I buy should have the following:

1. POWERFUL engine
2. ABS
3. Airbags
4. Automatic Transmission
5. Xenons
6. Sunroof
7. Armrest for the drivers seat.
8. Decent legroom/headroom
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