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Default Maruti phasing out 800?

From the news report here, it seems like the case.

Anyone knows more about this? Is the news credible? In any case, 800 will surely be missed when its phased out. It changed the whole Automotive scene in India.

Maruti 800 Sales to be discontinued in 13 cities -chairman

Mods, please merge if a thread already exists on this.
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Well, the 800 hardly sells in the big metros anyways. It's current sales are majorly from the semi-urban regions. Plus, Maruti has successfully repositioned the Alto to take over the 800's mantle. Today, the Alto sells 5X - 6X the Maruti 800 month after month. The Alto also proves that the Indian hatch buyer looks for value, and not just the lowest price.

This is just the start of the end for the Maruti 800. An iconic car in the Indian context, but your time is up pal. Adios!
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The good ol' 800 has soldiered on for a long time now,in fact too long a time!
Yes,this news is indeed credible.Its curtains for India's Beetle then!
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Old 13th February 2010, 03:14   #4
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Maruti 800 I still like it for its good FE and small size to zip in cities. I wish if Suzuki could ever think of upgrading M800 with new K series engine and give it heavy sheet metal, broad rubber, ABS, PS, all power package etc and then put in bracket of small size with premium price just like the bettle and Fiat 500. I belive even then it would not cross 4-5 lack range.
When VW, Fiat can make something great then why can not our M800 be turned out like that. It has always been a practical car.
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Maruti will not get new engine for maruti 800 and be phas out 800 in 2015

read more here
Maruti Suzuki M800 won’t get new engine and dua to phase out from 13 cities | SUZUKI FAN
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The phase out of Maruti 800 in 13 cities which will opt for the E-IV norms is confirmed. These cities include Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Kanpur, Ahmedabad, Surat and Agra. Apart from these and 2 more, One can buy and register the car where BS-3 is still prevalent.
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Old 13th February 2010, 09:16   #7
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I saw in today's newspaper that they will actually be phasing out the 800 as it has to support the new emission norms. But cannot believe the newspaper all the time though.
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Originally Posted by AyAn! View Post
Its curtains for India's Beetle then!
After 10 years Maruti may launch a "New 800" like the "New Beetle" and sell it at a high price.
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Man, I was in 10th when I had heard this for the first time. Now I have over 6 years of work experience and have become a married man. I am sure they would pull the plug when my kids arrive!
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guys, really need to salute this car !
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Old 13th February 2010, 10:46   #11
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Finally, something old is on its way out to make way for the new (here i mean new generations of the same car!! lol)

yes, a brilliant car in its prime.. a status symbol at one point of time.. grew up with 3 different ones in the family... learnt to drive on one, was the first car I drove to college.. was the first car I took my first road trip in...

Mum's first car was a 2nd hand 800.. she liked it so much, that dad got her a new one later on!! then she progressed to a zen and now the verna, but she still wishes she had a car as small as that..

My grandfather had the good old SS80DX for over 20 odd years before he moved onto a Wagon R.. My uncle had a red SS80DX in Mumbai for over 20 odd years as well before he moved onto bigger stuff.. and the common thread for them was the awesomeness of the small car and its engine!!

But, it has lost its charm amongst all the new cars out there and on the pricing front was the cheapest till the Nano came in..

Wonder what the roads will look like with fewer of them over a period of time and more Nano's in its place..
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Old 13th February 2010, 15:35   #12
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The Maruti 800 is the Sachin Tendulkar of the Indian automotive scene. It was also Sachin's first car. 27 years is along time for a model to be in production. This iconic little car has become a part of India's automotive history like no other. They would pull the plug on it by the time E IV norms kick in in the rest of India, if not earlier. After Nano, Suzuki realised that they actually need a replacement for the 800. So now they are planning to shoehorn a YP3 engine into the Alto and sell it at or below the 800's price.

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Time to say good bye to the beloved 800. There was a time when it was even regarded as a luxury to own one. When my dad bought this one in the 80s it was a dream come true. I proudly declared to all my friends. People wouldn't believe that the 800 costs less than the amby at that time. It did have it's own niggling problems. Doors would rattle if someone shuts the door fast. Couple of unexpected breakdowns. But still it proved to be a great car for it's price and we used it extensively within and outside city.
Today the car looks so puny it is better to be laid to rest.

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Well, I am sure lots of Indians are going to be nostalgic like me about M800!! Sure it was a status symbol in the family to own the very first red ones and it was an extremely faithful animal!

My first 4 wheeler(purchased with my own money!) in India was also an M800-a milky white one!! I have done lots of outside city and highway driving in the White Angel. I was so much attached to the car that the I have always taken the same registration number(barring the series, obviously!) to carry my first car's legacy on with my future cars.

Great vehicle for India, turned the automobile revolution on! Time to rest in all the pride!
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its about time! No doubt 800 was an iconic car. Most middle class in 90s owned one. A great car of its times.

But then it was getting too long in the tooth and the car should have been pulled by the market a long time back. Anyway, better late than never.
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