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Default Here are mine in descending order of looks.

Here are mine in descending order of looks.

Chevy SRV - Just brings a wow for its sporty look.

Punto - Looks the best from the side angle, with some real road presence.

Fabia - No doubt it was the best looking untill the Punto arrived.

Jazz - Good sporty looks.

Polo - A Nice bland of european style.

i20 - Thou is feature rich Hyundai could have made it more beautiful.

Palio - A very sleek design, typical european look.

i10 - A good stylish city hatch

Figo - Thou looks dated but has the good looks.

Alto - A very neat executive look, I bet if Maruti brings a bigger Alto and launches as a premium hatch it will do wonders.

Getz - A decent proportionate looking car.

Vista - Neutral looks.

Swift - Fat and bulging looks, they should have made the wheelbase a little longer, to make it proportionate.

Estillo - Tall boy designs dont go well with small cars.

Astar - Front could have been designed better.

Ritz - What were they thinking when they designed the rear.

WagonR - Small rectangular box (read mini mini mini bus) on wheels.
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My take, 10 of the best looking hatchbacks available in India right now :
1 : Punto
2 : Polo
3 : Swift
4 : i20
5 : Beat
6 : Palio
7 : Figo
8 : Ritz
9 : i10
10 : Spark
Attached Thumbnails
Ranking of hatchbacks in India Based on looks.-vw_polo_20.jpg  

Ranking of hatchbacks in India Based on looks.-dsc05178.jpg  

Ranking of hatchbacks in India Based on looks.-2010_chevrolet_beat_india.jpg  

Ranking of hatchbacks in India Based on looks.-fordfigo.jpg  

Attached Images
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Here is my list
1. Polo
2. Punto
3. Swift
4. Beat
5. Figo
6. i20
7. Fabia
8. Optra SRV
9. i10
10. Jazz
11. Old Palio

A-star, Ritz, Estilo, Wagon R, Santro, Indica Vista, Spark - Disqualified

My take on worst looking hatches
1. Estilo
2. A-Star
3. Indica Vista
4. Santro
5. Alto
6. Wagon R
7. Spark
8. Micra
9. 800
10. Modified Palio
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Default The Good and the Bad looking hatchbacks (by Manufacturer)

Well here is my subjective list on the good and bad looking hatchbacks on sale (or have been sold) in India, by manufacturer:

The Good:

Optra SRV: Wish they had priced this car lower, would have loved to see more on the roads. Looks especially good with larger alloys and a body kit.
Spark: A Matiz, innit? but still, cute enough to woo the ladies.
Beat: Well, not exactly pretty, but quite brash, and all the better for it.
The Bad:
Aveo U-VA:
Looked avergage when it came out. No facelift means it looks even worse today. Having 'Saif' the monkey endorse it was the final nail in its coffin.


The Good:
Matiz: Well, when there was only the Santro to go against it in 2000, it looked like the prom queen in comparison.

The Good:
Original Palio: What a breath of fresh air when it was launched! And those crystal head lamps... those alloys... a well maintained one still looks the business today.
Punto: One of the most beautiful cars in the world... 'nuf said.
The Bad:
Palio Stile:
Oh why did the facelift look worst than the original. The headlamps lost the sleek look, and the tail lamps now look like bread boxes.

The Good:
Sure, it is based on the older Fiesta hatch, and yes, it is a bit plain jane. But spec one with RS-mod WRC alloys and a rear spoiler, and see miss-girl next door turn into sex kitten.

The Good:

Jazz: Nice edgy details and sharp creases, the Jazz is a really good looking car. Shame about the price, though.

The Good:
Santro Xing:
Only for the reason that the facelift turned those vomit inducing looks of the original into something palatable.
i20: A Hyundai for Europe? Yes Please. Does it look good. Yes again.
The Bad:
Original Santro: Probably the ugliest car ever to have been sold in India. Looked like a frog which had constipation and diarrhoea at the same time. Finding one of the roads today still induces the same feeling.
i10: No, its not bad by any means. It's just too common with no personality, the headlamps are too small and squinty, and the tail lamps too fat.

The Good:
Original 'Jellybean' Zen: It was cute many years ago and it is still cute not. Uet mod it properly and it looks like a proper little pocket rocket.

2003-06 WagonR:The clear-lens headlamps and tail lamps transformed it from an ugly van... to well, a nice, well defined unpretentious hatchback.

Swift: People still debate about the looks, but this is one of the best looking Marutis ever. And the most mod-friendly hatch today.

Original 800:
Looks dinky and boxy.... but if you really concentrate, it looks like the shrunken cousin of the Lancia Delta Integrale... how cool is that.

The Bad:
They made an ammmmmaaazzziiinnnngggg.... concept, and then proceeded to make it look like a stray mongrel. Proof that Mautir's internal styling department is a bit c**p.

Facelifted Old Zen: More proof that Maruti's internal styling dept. is c**p.

Estilo: Not unpretentious like a WagonR, not cute like a Spark, it was stuck in no-mans land.

Original WagonR: Ok this one was definitely a not stylish box.
Ritz: Not bad looking, but a bit oddball, especially from the rear.

The Bad:
Ohhh.... its sooo... small, its sooo... cuttteeeee... No, it isn't.

The Bad:
Corsa Sail:
The propositions were all wrong, the colour schemes, even more so.

The Good:
Well, it wasn't slinky, brash or even very beautiful, but the Fabia is very European, very solid, and very elegant.

The Good:
Only for the reason, that in Yellow, it looks like a Pikachu.
The Bad:
Well... ummm... I just don't like it, ok?
Indica Vista: Tried to cope the hugeeeeeee Head Lamps like a Peugeot, and looked ugly like a Peugeot. The tiny boot also looked disproportionate compared to the massive front end.

The Good:
Very European, solid and stylish, with a very sharp looking front end and butch, sleek stance.
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IMO, the most important is only the podium finishers. In that sense,

The Best 3:
1. Fiat Grande Punto (Wow, turns heads anywhere anytime)
2. Hyundai i20 (Looks awesome with those creases and curves)
3. Honda Jazz (Sporty chiseled looks)

The Worst 3:
1. Maruti-Suzuki Ritz (The worst rear I have seen for a long time)
2. Maruti-Suzuki A-Star (Again the rear & the profile spoils the party)
3. Maruti-Suzuki Zen Estilo (The least said the better)

The above is strictly my opinion & no offense is meant to owners of the above 3 cars.
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For me, the Best Looking Hatchbacks would be:-

1. Maruti Suzuki Swift :- So what if the design is a bit old, This baby still looks the best of the lot to me.
2. FIAT Punto :- This Baby can put some Top Fashion models to shame.
3. VW Polo:- Clean design, just can't go wrong.
4. Hyundai i20:- Again, the design is good with clean lines and that bulgy back .
5. Maruti Suzuki Ritz:- Looks Good, New Design.
6. Maruti Suzuki WagonR:- All generations, The best practical hatch.
7. Chevy Spark:- Very Cute Baby.
8. Ford Figo:- Clean design, Could have been better.
9. Skoda Fabia:- Looks clean and smooth.
10. Maruti Suzuki Zen(Jelly Bean):- I would have rated this in top 5, had it still been in production.
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These are cars which make my head turn (180 deg if needed):
Black punto
Yellow, Black,Formula red on the old Palio - Makes me hate the lucky driver!
Black i20

These cars also make my head turn , to avoid looking at them:
..oh and

Any other hatchback goes unnoticed unless i bang into them.
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1. Punto
2. Palio (Retro)
3. SRV
4. Beat
5. Fabia
6. i20
7. Polo
8. Jazz
9. Matiz
10. Swift

Not bad, may look nice on second look:
WagonR (Retro)

Estilo (what were they thinking?)
New WagonR (blue eyed)
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1. i10
2. Punto
3. Polo
4. Figo
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My Take
1. Polo
2. Punto
3. I20
4. Getz
5. I10
6. Swift
7. Beat
8. Figo
9. Jazz
10. Fabia
11. Ritz
12. U-Va
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1. Optra SRV
2. Punto/Polo
3. Palio 1.6 GTX
4. i20
5. Zen Ist generation
6. i10/Swift

Tha's my list. The 1st gen ZEN is a true minimalist (actually zen) design IMO.

EDIT: Worst looking?
3. Santro
2. A-star
1. Estilo

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My call:

1. Punto
2. Polo / SRV
3. Nissan Micra
4. I20
5. Palio
6. Fabia
7. Alto
8. Ritz
9. Figo
10. Swift
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For me it is this way:

<10 cm gap>
<20 cm gap>
i10, i20
<20 cm gap>
The rest except Maruti's new launches starting with the Swift
<a gap of about a kilometer>
Maruti's new launches starting with the Swift

Feel like throwing up everytime I see a Maruti hatchback on the road. As this happens too often, I have developed a see through vision when it comes to the horrors that Maruti churns out.

P.S. Kidding. Not about the rankings though.
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This thread badly needs a poll.
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Originally Posted by Jayabusa View Post
This thread badly needs a poll.
A poll won't help since this involves multiple choices.
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