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View Poll Results: Would you still buy a Diesel car?
Yes 527 45.16%
No 551 47.22%
Don't Know 89 7.63%
Voters: 1167. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 30th June 2010, 17:45   #31
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I created this thread, i have not yet voted because i don't have an answer. I love both the Diesels and Petrols.

I like the stress free power delivery and bundles of torque in the diesel, it perfectly suits my driving style. A smooth torquey diesel with some 6-7 speed autobox is the perfect combo for me.

When it comes to sheer pleasure of driving i love Petrols much more than the Diesels. The smoothness, engine note and ability to revv is custom made for an enthusiast. A crisp manual box and high revving petrol with peaky power delivery is pure Nirvana.

Its the TSi engine found in Laura, Passat and Superb which i think provides the best of both worlds, it has Diesel like torque from low down that stretches to topend to ashame best of the Engines from the competition. The day i drove a Superb TSi on expressway, i virtually had a TSi hangover that lasted over a week and to make the matter worse some time later i got an opportunity to lay my hands on Laura TSi with manual transmission, this is the best drivers car this side of a Bimmer. All this car needs is tire+rim upgrade.

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Diesel engines are inherently more fuel efficient, hence you consume lesser fuel per kilometer. By that logic alone I think they make sense - even if the price of the two fuels is at par.

And we now have negligible sulphur content in diesel not to mention that diesel engines are clean burning & improving every day.

As for maintenence cost, diesels have a longer life any which way, so by the time you have an engine re-done, you have already made a substantial saving

So diesel it is !

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Old 30th June 2010, 17:47   #33
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Originally Posted by kpbhatt View Post
I would still buy a diesel. the fuel burns cleaner
Sorry to disappoint everyone who's been saying this but a well maintained petrol engine will burn more cleanly than a diesel engine. It's not to do with the engine but the fuel itself. A well maintained petrol engine will produce only CO2 and a little CO and some other gases (no sulphur stuff). A diesel produces lot of sulphur stuff and other suspended particulates. Even the new BS4 diesel has sulphur content of 50ppm (US & Europe are at 15ppm - source TOI) while BS3 is at 350ppm. So at least in India this doesn't hold true.

The CO2 part can be taken care by planting more trees. What do you do about sulphur?
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Old 30th June 2010, 18:24   #34
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I voted yes for Diesel if the choice is between Turbocharged Diesel V/s Naturally Aspirated Petrol, but given an of option of Turbocharged Petrol like Laura TSI or Feat TJet etc. It's a big NO for me.
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Old 30th June 2010, 18:37   #35
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If I were to buy a vehicle today, it would be a diesel irrespective of whether it costs as much as patrol. The reasons for it would be:
- Nice torque available at low RPM
- Almost as refined as petrols today
- Better fuel efficiency

The higher initial cost of acquisition would get offset by higher resale cost
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Old 30th June 2010, 18:52   #36
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Voted for Diesel, for the driveability and stress-free delivery of torque from lower RPM. Diesels are more enjoyable on highways once you are in the turbo band, for similar spec'd car. Add future possibilities of running on Bio-Diesel and you are more ready to handle the impact of oil scarcity

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Old 30th June 2010, 19:04   #37
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Originally Posted by sukeshs View Post
Voted No, assuming that the price difference in the cars continue to be as they are now. The difference in mileage would be compensated by initial price difference.

I also love the free revving nature of petrol engines. As of the turbo rush, I am sure we will start seeing the turbo boosted petrol engines more in the future.
@sukeshs: in future anything can happen. please opine on the current scenario.
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Old 30th June 2010, 19:05   #38
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Voted Don't Know; Reason? I'm a person who buys things based on need, so Petrol or Diesel, price doesn't matter, provided I've the necessity. Even if Diesel car is cheaper but the fuel itself becomes expensive, due to deregulisation, but if it meets my demands, I would still consider the Diesel car.
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Old 30th June 2010, 20:09   #39
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This is the way I look at things: If you clock high miles per month, then diesel is for you.
If you need outright performance from your ride, petrol is the one for you.
Quite a few people have said that diesels last longer. This is debatable. Sure the taxi Innova's we have on our roads have clocked more than 100k kms. But I also thought that diesels tend do become noisy and mis-fire much quicker than petrol. But then again, I have never owned one so am not an expert. Petrol engines are more reliable though. That is why the army trucks run on petrol as well is what i was told. But on the contrary taxi fleet companies use diesel engine cars to ferry people around. Now this is truly confusing and contradictory.
But coming back to the topic, since I am comfortable with petrol engines, I think I would most probably stick to them.
PS: Voted Don't know as its a dilema

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I have a diesel car and a petrol car. I loooove the diesel car when it comes to filling in the fuel, but I loooooove driving the petrol car much more than the diesel.
So voted for petrol.
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Old 30th June 2010, 20:59   #41
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Originally Posted by specialist1968 View Post
Never. Diesels have a narrow power band, be it crdi or vgt or anything. Petrols have a linear power delivery with a flat torque curve which we can depend upon at times of emergency (for eg. overtaking). The power surge after turbo lag is some times confusing, as it does not kick in in a linear fashion. Further more, the NVH levels also make a difference.

I accept everything but for the overtaking.

Drive a Swift D and petrol back to back and you will never return to petrol.For that matter even santro the overtaking is not a breeze after 80kmph in it.

If not the swiftD try scorpio ,verna etc ,Its just my comment and not an argument


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Driveablity with lesser gear change DIESEL!
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Petrol for me...I would love a turbo-petrol motor in my Bolero; Mostly for the noise any petrol motor makes!
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Fuel price doesn't bother me. Refined fuel does. So I would go for a petrol driven mill anyday. A CRDi would make things confusing though.
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Originally Posted by .anshuman View Post
Just for comparison I am posting some ARAI FE figures of some cars.

Ritz Petrol - 17.70
Ritz Diesel- 21.10

Punto 1.2 Petrol-15.20
Punto 1.4 Petrol-13.80
Punto Multijet-19.90

Laura TSi Petrol-13.37
Laura TDi CR MT-20.04
The figure speaks!! Diesel all the way !!

Originally Posted by kiren View Post
Incase diesel prices are de-regulated, prices for diesel cars & its taxes also has to come down. I will never buy a diesel car if the fuel prices & the cars mileage is same.
In this case its petrol.

Voted for Diesel.
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