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View Poll Results: Would you still buy a Diesel car?
Yes 527 45.16%
No 551 47.22%
Don't Know 89 7.63%
Voters: 1167. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 30th June 2010, 22:52   #46
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A European diesel powerplant - definitely.
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Old 30th June 2010, 22:54   #47
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My personal preference would be Petrol

in my opinion..

Petrol engines are much more peppy, i simply love the quick acceleration
Petrol engines are friendlier to environment than diesel engines
Petrol cars would probably be cheaper than diesel cars
Petrol cars are closing the gap in FE with diesel cars
Petrol cars are less noisy than diesel cars

More over my use of the car would be maximum 1000-1500KM per month on an average. if i exclude the outstation trips, it falls to 700-800 KM avg p.m.

only when my avg mileage crosses 2000 KM p.m + i employ a driver, i might think about diesel cars.
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Old 30th June 2010, 23:00   #48
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@Mods-- By mistake i voted for diesel,
sorry to be so enthusiastic,

a petrol head for life
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Old 30th June 2010, 23:10   #49
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Originally Posted by rajushank84 View Post
It depends on the engines in question. For example, if I am going for Swift or Ritz I would choose petrol. But if I were going for Figo or Vista, I would choose diesel. It depends on which version (petrol or diesel) is performing better, in that particular model.
+1 to it, it all depends on which petrol/diesel engine it is. Figo D was miles ahead of a Figo 1.2, thus I went for it even though my running was much lesser. Moreover I simply love the low end torque of diesels so voted YES.
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Old 30th June 2010, 23:20   #50
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going off topic here, but how much will diesel increase by if it is not subsidized?
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Old 30th June 2010, 23:44   #51
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Still diesel, because it offers more mileage per liter.
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Old 1st July 2010, 01:47   #52
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Originally Posted by vinaydas View Post
going off topic here, but how much will diesel increase by if it is not subsidized?
In most countries they are priced pretty closely. But I remember reading somewhere that to meet the global market pricing, Diesel would have to go up by just 80 paise (after the recent hike of Rs. 2). This, of course, is apart from any tax hikes.

Can anyone confirm the tax breakup (% wise) for Petrol and Diesel?
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Old 1st July 2010, 01:47   #53
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My question is, with Government of India considering de-regularisation of Diesel prices meaning the Diesel is expected to cost close to Petrol just like in other countries, Would you still buy a diesel car? Be it for the additional torque or Fuel Efficiency.
Even when prices are de-regularized, taxes will still differ. IMO, expect taxes on diesel to remain approx Rs 10-12/- less than on petrol, keeping the difference between the 2 fuels to roughly Rs 10.

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Old 1st July 2010, 04:03   #54
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Fuel prices doesn't matter to me, turbocharged vehicle does. Currently there is no turbocharged petrol I can afford, So its diesel for me!
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Old 1st July 2010, 04:29   #55
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My way is Petrol as I like to rev hard and like good pickup.
Diesel vehicles were basically meant for high torque applications like agriculture , hauling loads etc. Nowadays diesel technology has advanced to a great extent its been put to all class of vehicles and it is performing very well.
However I still feel petrol engine beats diesel in terms of refinement and NHV.

I agree that diesel engine last much longer than petrol, however maintenance cost in the long run tips the scale in favor of petrol. These days diesel engines are far too complex and too costly if a repair comes in. Petrol by basic design is much simpler and easy on wallet in case of a fix.

Coming to cost of ownership , I think a petrol engine converted to LPG/CNG performs quite well w.r.t. fuel economy. The initial purchase cost for petrol based vehicle is significantly lower than diesel and conversion to gas is quite simple. I feel it is the best ways to go forward its relatively cheaper, efficient and environmentally friendlier than both petrol & diesel.
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Old 1st July 2010, 07:38   #56
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http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/indian...diesel-16.html (The financial Truth: Petrol vs Diesel)
Please read post #226 in above mentioned thread for diesel deregulation
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Old 1st July 2010, 10:55   #57
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Have been following this thread from the start and from reading all the inputs here, I think it boils down to these:
1. Performance (torque, smoothness etc)
2. Cost (mileage, cost of fuel etc).
It does not look like the actual fuel has much to do here because I'm guessing if an engine meets you requirement in the top two irrespective of the fuel, one would go for it

Originally Posted by ph03n!x View Post
Can anyone confirm the tax breakup (% wise) for Petrol and Diesel?
I do not know the exact %, but petrol is taxed more than diesel in India.
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Old 1st July 2010, 17:22   #58
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Irespective of the cost of diesel, I would buy a diesel car only if Im clocking 1200+ kms every month. Beacause whatever the price of diesel, why pay a premium unneccessarily.
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Old 1st July 2010, 18:07   #59
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Petrol is a much cleaner and better alternative to diesel. Of-course the polluting aspect of diesel can be reduced by matching it to the right engine, but petrol is much better. I believe the de-regularisation of the diesel prices may change the fuel scene in India. If diesel prices catch up with petrol prices, I think a majority of people will switch to petrol because of the cleaner ride.
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Old 1st July 2010, 18:24   #60
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I went for a diesel car last year for three main reasons -

1. I was curious about the technology and drivability.
2. The better mileage (18 v 12 in my case for diesel vs petrol)
3. The price differential further boosts the effective mileage by say 20%

If the price were to be the same as petrol, having sated my curiosity, I would probably go for a petrol car next. The diesel engine has great things going for it, but personally I like petrol engines more from a driving experience perspective, and the noise is also nicer I can forgo the mileage difference - in fact in the case of Swift, that has also narrowed down a lot.
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