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View Poll Results: Would you still buy a Diesel car?
Yes 527 45.16%
No 551 47.22%
Don't Know 89 7.63%
Voters: 1167. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 2nd July 2010, 13:41   #76
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Honestly, even at current rates of Diesel it is VFM only for people who clock some good miles per month. In case Diesel becomes as much as petrol, one perimeter goes out of the window and we will have to clock almost double the number of miles to justify the VFM tag. Hence i honestly do not see the Diesel rates changing too much coz else companies like Maruti who sell maximum diesels will be worst hit. I really think they have enough muscle to stop this from happening.

As far as driving goes, I guess it mostly depends on what car each of us has. As I can see clearly, most of us have said they like Diesel's driving character when they have one and vise-versa for Petrol. I guess its like an arranged marriage where you learn to love someone once you know you have to. But the decision to get hitched is taken with the head, just like most diesels here and everywhere are chosen coz it mostly 'seems' more VFM.

What I am saying is this - Forget DDIS or Multijet...forget Duratec or k series.... if you were standing in front of two cars without knowing anything else but that one is petrol and one is diesel, which will you pick up first for a TD? Me, I would surely go for the petrol as there are more chances of it being better to drive than the other way around.
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Old 2nd July 2010, 13:50   #77
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Originally Posted by classicselva View Post

Also i was under the impression that diesel burns completely and pollutes less than petrol. Experts view please.
As far as pollution is concerned, neither are better. Diesels produce more of NOx and particulates, while petrols produce more of COx.

Comfort is subjective matter.
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Originally Posted by classicselva View Post
I am struck struck struck

I booked a diesel car mid version, thinking of savings. Now with the de-regulation, i am feeling i should have gone with petrol top end version.

Also i was under the impression that diesel burns completely and pollutes less than petrol. Experts view please.

STILL voting for Diesel, as i feel more comfort in driving diesel car than a petrol

Boss, diesel is not de-regulated, and de-regulation at current rates will only add 3 Rs to the cost. There will still be a 10-15 Rs price differential which is not due to subsidy but different rates of duties and taxes between Petrol and Diesel. I don't think the govt will be in any hurry to narrow the tax gap, as, if they do so, inflation will shoot up much worse than it already is and the govt will collapse.
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Old 2nd July 2010, 13:58   #79
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50 % of the population buys diesel cars just because of the cheaper fuel rates.The extra little efficiency over petrol is just a added bonus for them.

Half a dozen of my friends who don't even cover 600kms in a month have bought diesel hatches. Every time i ask them why ? And they say diesel is cheaper.

So for Me & those Half dozen of my friends it would be a BIG NO. We no longer would buy diesel cars if the diesel prices go as high as gasoline

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Old 2nd July 2010, 14:00   #80
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I don't think the diesel car segment will be as attractive once the prices are de-regularized unless one plans to use it for a longer period of time because the time required to offset the extra cost of diesel cars will be higher.
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Originally Posted by ph03n!x View Post
Agreed. But please get me a Turbo Charged Petrol under 6 or 7 lakhs with ~100 BHP - and I shall gladly get rid of my Getz CRDi
That is the catch!

Polo 1,2 TSi waiting,
the poll isn't about cost of vehicle, measure both engines in equal terms,

both engines should either be turbocharged or not, which would you pick?
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As this thread is getting hotter and hotter.. any inputs on the below

1. Any time line on when the de-regulation will happen?
2. If de-regulation happens and dielse prices reaches that of petrol, what will be the impact of inflation. I hope diesel will never reach petrol price in India.
3. Funny yet, will the trucks and buses run in petrol..as the said "low maintenance" petrol engines.
4. Will the diesel car manufacturers take it up with government?
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Default Only applies to Diesel

Originally Posted by kiren View Post
Incase diesel prices are de-regulated, prices for diesel cars & its taxes also has to come down. I will never buy a diesel car if the fuel prices & the cars mileage is same.
Only applies to Diesel
If de-regularised, the price recommendation still needs to go through the Oil Ministry before being implemented in the bunks
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Default Diesel all the way:

Let us look at all the cars in the Indian market which have petrol and diesel engines side by side.

Small cars and small sedans:

1. Ford - The Ikon and Figo (1.2/1.3 P and 1.4 D) Diesel more powerful and efficient (1.6P is a different ball game)
2. Hyundai - Verna (1.6P and 1.5D) Diesel more powerful and efficient, smaller diesel engine
3. Hyundai - i20 (1.2/1/4P and 1.4D) Dont know about 1.4P, but 1.4D>1.2P
4. Hyundai Accent - (1.5P and 1.5D) Diesel
5. Maruti - Swift /Ritz/Dzire (1.2/1.3P and 1.3D) Diesel
6. Skoda fabia (1.2/1.4 P and 1.4D) Diesel minus 1.4P which is not sold anymore
7. Indica/Indigo/Marina/Vista (I got to be kidding, sorry)
8. Chevy Optra ( and 2.0D) Diesel

Conclusion: Primarily diesels are more fuel efficient and powerful, and in cars like Verna, smaller diesel 1.5 is more powerful and efficient than a bigger 1.6 petrol

SUVs/MUVs - diesel all the way.
1. Tata Safari (2.1P and 2.2D) Diesel (petrol was just - a dodo)
2. Mahindra Scorpio (2.1P and 2.6D) Diesel
3 Toyota Innova (2.0P and 2.5D) Diesel

Bigger Sedans:
1. Hyundai Sonata (2.4P and 2.4D) Dont know
2. Skoda Octavia (1.8P and 1.9D) Petrol for power, diesel for mileage
3. Skoda Laura (havent driven)

All german vehicles - be it a merc, or a beemer, or an audi - almost all diesels are more powerful than petrols, be it in pickup, roll ons and mileage

Final bit:
Honda had never designed a diesel engine for quite some time. but they had recently done so. their engine gave 18 kmpl on the accord and was much more powerful than a similarly sized petrol.

I guess it depends on the car that you are buying. I am the jeeper SUV type myself. For my preference in cars, its diesel all the way.

Disclaimer- pardon me if I got the engine sizes wrong.. writing from the mind

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Default Efficiency

For me efficiency is the key so id still stick with the diesel.
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In the UK Diesel cars outsell petrol now, despite the prices being almost the same. The fuel efficiency and driveability benefits aside modern diesels also pollute a lot less than their petrol counterparts.

But the biggest drawback in India is the the huge mark ups manufacturers have on Diesel variants. The Govt. should intervene and help promote more efficient technology!!
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this is probably the fastest growing thread.

well I am sure I would buy a diesel vehicle if and only it is atleast 50% more efficient than it's petrol counter part.
Inspite of the high maintenance cost of a diesel car, less pleasure of driving one, it still makes more economical sense to me even if it costs about one lac rupees more than the petrol version.

i got a run of minimum 100 kms on the highway. no petrol car will give fuel efficiency of the diesel car.

though instead of waiting for 2.5-3 years for extra ROI, i will have to wait one extra year.
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Originally Posted by hkborah View Post
4. Hyundai Accent - (1.5P and 1.5D) Diesel
Does the Accent has a diesel under its hood?
It had, no longer available i believe.

5. Maruti - Swift /Ritz/Dzire (1.2/1.3P and 1.3D) Diesel
Petrol is faster.

3 Toyota Innova (2.0P and 2.5D) Diesel
Sant2 has a petrol Innova i believe, let him speak over here.

3. Skoda Laura (havent driven)
Turbo-charged petrol vs Turbo charged diesel?

Still Ferrari/Lambo/Aston Martins are to come up with chest thumping diesel and i really wonder why?

to the point--I know turbo charged petrols aren't available and at some places especially in the case of Verna the difference is too significant to ignore and if i have to buy a Verna, i too might(yup might) go for the diesel.

I don't think it is fair to compare a turbo diesel to a normal aspirated petrol engine. non-availability of turbos,low price of diesel, unwillingness to shift the 'box8 tilts the preference towards diesel.

*I would do end-less shifting in my one and only car during commutes so that i would enjoy it on weekends, few would fall for 'torque' and compromise as it is less cumbersome for commuting,
to each his own.

@MODS-- i have by mistake voted for "yes", please do the needful,

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Originally Posted by MileCruncher View Post
@ Redliner: Diesel Engines are more efficient and less polluting per Litre CC.
And in Europe even though Diesel is more expensive, people still them because of higher mileage, better driveability and less polluting vehicle.

The pollution in diesel is caused by the sulphur content and with BS-III/BS-IV fuel being ULSD, polluting diesel vehicles are things of past. Black smoke of diesel also come from enlarged nozzle or clogged air filter

OH Yes, I'll still buy a diesel
Love diesels - have been driving diesels for the past 10+ years!!
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Old 2nd July 2010, 19:24   #90
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If the price of Diesel matches Petrol - expect inflation to go through the roof.

It just wont happen. There will be a substantial difference always.
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