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Old 2nd September 2010, 18:19   #31
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i believe it looks horrendous. while showcasing indian art isn't a bad thing, i think Maruti should've not kept it so in-your-face. it might have been ok if it were more subtle.
while on that note though, if you imagine the dual color without the graphics, it does look wicked!

all in all, there isn't really anything put into this limited edition- on features or esthetics.
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Old 2nd September 2010, 19:15   #32
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Is this a new shade for the Swift? Never seen it before.
Any more info? What is the interior shade? Is it the standard grey or has MS gone beige again.

I feel minus the decal, plus some alloys, this would look good in white (just like all other non-limited edition swifts! ). Camel upholstery would add to the look!!

EDIT: Had a second look at the pics. Seems like there are leather(??) inserts on the door pads. One good thing is leather color is not the standard beige! This color looks nice.

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Old 2nd September 2010, 20:23   #33
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That looks horrible. I kinda like the colour but they just spoiled it by pasting the stickers. MSIL should learn from TATA on how to release good looking anniversary editions.
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Old 2nd September 2010, 20:40   #34
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Looks like a paanwala car, maruti must be off their rocker. Suddenly reminds me of the movie title 'The Gods must be crazy'.

It also might be a signal for the new Swift launch, usually these jiggles are to clear stock.
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Old 3rd September 2010, 00:17   #35
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OMG! what have the done to the Swift? The stickering is all over the body. I guess there was no need to paint at all!

The Ritz Genus now makes so much sense.
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Old 5th September 2010, 12:56   #36
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Default Limited Edition Swift - One Million Edition

The new limited edition Maruti Swift will be available in a special Goldsmith Black color and will carry an array of new generation comfort, style and entertainment features including splendid graphics, luxurious leather seats, special integrated stereo with USB and speakers, cushions, an artistic decal on the exteriors and foot-mats. The new Swift model has been branded as the Swift One Million Edition.

He also added that the interiors of the Swift One Million Edition have aesthetics of a commemorative edition and the new features and the characteristic body graphics together complement the sporty character of the Swift. According to him, the company is confident that this special edition will bring pride to the select owners who get to possess it.

The all new Swift One Million Edition is available in petrol version and carries a price tag of Rs. 483,079 (ex-showroom, Delhi).

Source: Auto News India - Maruti Swift Limited Edition launched in India | CarDekho.com

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Old 5th September 2010, 12:58   #37
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there is already a thread on this! so you missed the train by quite some time
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Old 5th September 2010, 13:00   #38
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Originally Posted by anilisanil View Post
there is already a thread on this! so you missed the train by quite some time
Where is that thread?
Could you point it to me.

I would like to board that train.....

Found it. Here it is > http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/indian...d-edition.html (Maruti launches Swift Limited edition)

Requesting mods to please delete of merge this thread.

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Old 5th September 2010, 13:07   #39
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wheelcaps? they should gave given alloys
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Old 5th September 2010, 13:24   #40
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If it would be launched somewhere around diwali then this color could blend in IMO or maybe Maruti could've put some diyas around it too.

The problem I think is that without any upgrade to alloys, wider tyres or a body kit this color doesn't bring out the best in swift. Also, are they again going to beige-fy the interiors like they did with the glam edition? I hope not.
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Old 5th September 2010, 15:22   #41
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Looking at the graphics, it appears MSIL wants to create a hatred among swift lovers for this aging beauty, so that they can bring focus on new swift that is launched world wide.
Any ways I wonder if Mr Mayank thinks that guys who drive diesel are immortals and do not require any safety. I believe instead of launching entering swift into league of ugly cars, they could have:
1) launched swift ZDI loaded with features like in ZXI.
2) Reduce waiting period.
3) Improved quality (rattling sounds) in their cars.
4) Thrown some discounts.
5) came up with new sober colors in swift just like in Ritz.
6) Improved the Tyre quality and size instead of rubber bands in existing ones.
7) provided an option on good integrated audio systems for existing owners at a cheap price.
8) Instead of horrifying the exteriors with freaky horror designs, they could have launched it with light colored , sober interiors as this is where driver spends most of his time.
9) Tweaked the suspension to suit mount everests and marina trenches on our roads.
10) Driver height adjust, powerful lights and horns or rear wipers that may not be fitted from market would have been more welcomed.
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Old 5th September 2010, 15:40   #42
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Special edition . What were they (Maruti) thinking when they put on that vinyl on the car !. The algae color IMHO is weird, but that may just be my opinion. The special edition should have sported bigger tyres / better alloys or something like airbags - just to show that the manufacturer cares !.

Also - if this is the special edition, then what was the "Glam" version all about ?. Trying to exhaust inventory eh ?

Anywho - looking forward to the new '11 version of the beloved Swift !.
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Old 5th September 2010, 20:23   #43
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Is this a joke? That is easily one of the most atrocious looking cars I have seen.
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Old 6th September 2010, 10:02   #44
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Wow, the color and the horrible graphics really show off the ugly, ugly wheelcaps. Why is it that Maruti can never make wheelcaps look good? The leather seats look like they will bleed if cut, and moo if sat on. Did they have to make it flesh-coloured?

The Ritz special edition was far better. No wash/wipe and no alloys? They should take lessons from Tata on how to make limited editions. Anyone seen the Vista Anniversary edition? Now that was a real limited edition.

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Originally Posted by sidindica View Post
Presenting swift limited edition. Hideous on the outside. Pics from ACI website.
i dont want to be seen driving one of these, even for a free ride!

nice way to clear stock lying in the yard before the 2011 model hits india.
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