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Old 5th January 2008, 10:44   #91
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being an electronics student i always looked into field of automotive electronics with much interest.i have always been amazed by electronic gadgets like idrive,radar guided cruise control etc,but now going to end up with IT..... but may be in future....
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Old 5th January 2008, 12:44   #92
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I really long to be active in Motorsports. The bug bit me as soon as I could reach the pedals with my feet. That was a long time ago, and some amateur events and a Raid-de-Himalaya later, I long for a career in motorsports. Although I am a hardcore investment banker (love OTM - love playing with Other People's Money), Motorsports is very close to my heart. And a stupid decision to participate in the 8th Raid de Himalaya in 2006 only fuelled the fire in me. Its becoming hard day by day to stay away. Watch out people, as soon as I am able to save enough, I'll be knocking on the doors of the right guys for a full rally-prepared gypsy. I hope it will be soon. Hurray!!

PS: I am looking forward to be a part of the service crew for a leading driver for some of the events here up north before I take the plunge.

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Old 14th February 2008, 23:30   #93
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like most of us here i get immense satisfaction driving a car. my dream is to become a auto journalist giving a totally unbiased view of the car i am driving. by doing this i will get to drive machines i have only driven in video games. hope my dream turns into reality. will work hard to get there.
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Old 15th February 2008, 01:51   #94
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Well ishotmydog,
could you please ellaborate on how you plan to get there.
It will help inspire others like yourself. Me also
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Old 15th February 2008, 13:09   #95
Awaiting Email Confirmation
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Well I happen to be an electrical engineer with an MBA. I have always dreamt of being in a job that makes me use my hands, enen though I am not into this industry, i would surely love to be in it some day.

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Old 29th February 2008, 19:47   #96
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First of all feels really nice reading about all your dreams and ambitions and those who did indeed get a chance to work in their field of choice A hearty Congrats to them - It's a joy unparalleled To indulge in you passion and get paid for it.

Now something about me - I have a bachelor's degree in Computer applications and as a natural course would had gone for a master's in the same if my dad would have had his way. But then I wanted to do something on my own so started developing websites and softwares(still in progress) after all one does need to have a fat Bank balance to own a Ferrari or any exotica for that matter. Things didn't go as planned and I was sitting jobless at home..

But one fine day my Dad told me that there's an opening for a sales executive at a new Maruti Dealership coming up in pune and whether I would be interested ? I wasted no time in making a decision and went to the interview the very next day. To my surprise my interview lasted for 10 mins and only one question did matter - Are you pursuing this as a hobby or as a passion ? -- That question nailed it.

Life works in strange ways and sometimes powerful thoughts do become reality. I must say I'm really happy right now as far as things are shaping up for me. I hope I would get to learn a lot. The only downside is the remuneration - 5k Gross and incentives.
Buying a used palio with that kind of earnings in not possible.

For now it's just Dream On for me.
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Old 4th March 2008, 11:44   #97
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Hi All,

Read the posts and good to know abt the ethu we have when the subject of cars comes into the range of our ears.

Well, I want to start a Car Mod Shop and I have been planning on it for years. I read some of you want to do the same. I have been crazy abt cars for ever. From toys, scale models to getting one of my dream cars, I always wanted to do some mods on cars. My experiment car is my M800 ... a old horse kept in perfect shape ...still giving 22kmpl on highways and around 18kmpl in the city.

Have lots of ideas for it ..want to change it's looks completely in a good way. Have done research on it , got sketches/photos etc.. Anyways, have been thinking of setting up a biz on car mods, but need guys with passion who can work on engines/electricals/interiors/ Car designers etc.... Let's hope we can get together and make the dream come true.

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Old 4th March 2008, 13:41   #98
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So far I am lucky enough to be able to work(play) within the performance arena of the automotive world. I'm new to this forum and there is a very little intro to what I do here:

http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/introd...9-new-guy.html (New guy)
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It's good to know an experienced person in this field. I have been thinking abt tweaking my Beamer for a long time but as I am in a job that requires 10-12 hours of work , haven't been able to dedicate much time.I ahve been watching 'Pimp my ride' and 'Overhauling' for years .. and have some DVD's of them, been palying games wherein you build a car from scratch for years and still love it.

Probably will take some advice from car freaks TBHPians and You on performance parts and mods sometime. Hope I am able to start a biz on my own with car crazy guys who have expertise in each area of car mod/tweaking.

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Old 4th March 2008, 19:26   #100
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Originally Posted by inder_s1 View Post
been palying games wherein you build a car from scratch for years and still love it.

Slightly off topic but

Hey can u tell some games where you can build a car from scratch? I also would love to play such games.. modding capacities of most nfs's seems inadequate
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Old 4th March 2008, 20:55   #101
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Hi Meghan,

Gearhead Garage was one such game.... I stilll have the old version which is couple of year's old and want a new one.. which has some new car models etc.. Must try for guys who want to understand diff parts of the car ....

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Old 7th March 2008, 21:50   #102
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Well I was interested on cars and bikes right from my childhood ...wanted to do Automobile engineering.. but life had other plans for me. I did my software engineering and though I cannot change fields now I sincerely hope that I will at least open a automobile accessory shop when i retire.
Congrats to those who are already have an automotive career..
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Old 7th March 2008, 22:14   #103
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Interested a lot in Bikes & Cars, would love to open a Multi Speciality & Multi Brand Car Service Area (Multi Floored).

Would also like to have a Night shift in the Service where the client can drop the car in the evening an dtake the delivery next day morning...........

Which makes everyone's life easier to give the vehicle after work in the evening and collect it before going to work in the morning.

How is the idea guys?????
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Old 13th March 2008, 16:27   #104
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Thumbs up its a passion!!!

seven and a half years in the automotive industry ....

Diesel EMS --> Tractors.. HCVs / LCVs .. Gensets ...escalators ...
Gasoline EMS --> Bikes / small Cars ....
crash dynamics and safety systems --> Super luxury cars .. Vans. . cross overs ... sedans ...

Automotive Industry is... bread ... butter ...blood.... more importantly PASSION ...

Drives an i10 and a hyundai fan ... :-)
rages an 800 and loves wife .. :-)
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Old 14th March 2008, 00:18   #105
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Default A career to please myself

Maybe being in the IT industry career planning is almost taken care of..but speak of a passion and its always automotive.Given a chance my ideal career would be to mess around with heavy brutes with big diesels at their hearts and silly manual trannies.A typical days job would call for removing, dismantle, cleaning, checking for tolerances, re-calibrating, replacing and putting them back...and hey thats not all.After the messy work, taking theses big beasts for a test ride.The real remuneration lies when you get results as you desired days before planning to do the job.And theres still some work to be done..Guess it sounds crazy but thats some career I would have rather taken up being an mechanical engineer and an auto (read diesel fanatic) since when I was 3-4 ? I learnt to drive at 3-4 on a Dodge Fargo truck.Tie clad laptop carrying 14 hour-day starts with project management estimation telecon review meeting KT sessions sucks....
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