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Old 1st April 2009, 10:44   #136
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What I do not like about my Lancer:
- Underpowered: The 4g15 engine was never meant to be a powerhouse, and it isn't. My biggest grouse with the car.
- Front seats: Sorely lacks lumbar, thigh, side & neck support. Big problem, especially for someone like me who has back problems.
- Squeaks & rattles: Not surprising, given that the car is pushing 9 years and it runs on bad Kolkata roads on a stiff suspension & low profile tyres.
- Poor Mitsubishi A.S.S: Not related to the car directly, but part of the bigger picture. Pathetic service hurts in the long run.

I took care of some of the other issues while restoring the car:
- Plain jane interiors: got the dash and door panels painted in a black/gray combo, some of the plastic parts painted in a chrome/aluminum colour, and upholstered the interiors in leather/art leather. Interiors look great now.
- Very basic OE ICE: Needed a major upgrade, and got it
- Poor headlights: Upgraded to new stock headlights with 90/100 bulbs (+ relay) - very happy with the results.
- Skinny & poor stock tyres: Wider and better rubber has greatly enhanced the looks along with the handling and braking.
- Poor OE brakes: Upgrading to EBC Greenstuff brake pads has given the car plenty of stopping power.

That's it actually. I love the car, and don't have many problems with it. The objective now is to try and eliminate the existing concerns listed at the top - whatever that takes
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Alto 0.8 lt
1. underpowered engine. same maruti 800 5 speed engine with heavy body on it.
2. put on the ac and you feel the alto is pulling a truck.
3. the rear suspension becomes soft and then bouncy.

PROS: a very reliable car, which will never fail or stop anywhere. solid quality and the best electronics.
AC is very powerful and keeps you cool in the hot summers. Handling is the best i have seen in small cars. rip it right and left it never looses its track.

Indica: diesel
1. i will get tired if i start speaking about this so its better i keep mum.

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Old 15th April 2009, 21:12   #138
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what i dont like about my-

Scorpio 2.2 mHAWK:
* rear seat legroom not the best.
* bouncy ride at the rear.
* no AC vents for the third row.
* too much of gear lever vibration in third gear.

Innova 2.5 D-4D:
*not at all good to drive when compared to my safari & scorpio.
* jerky acceleration.
* flimsy body panel & pathetic paint quality.
* poor visibility from driver's seat, again when compared to the scorpio & safari.

Safari 2.2 VTT:
* engine is unresponsive at low rpm.
* poor quality interiors.
* reliabilty issues, niggling issues always present.
* not the best built SUV, too much of squeaking & rattling inside the cabin.
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Old 15th April 2009, 23:18   #139
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What i don't like about my,

Opel Corsa 1.4L:
> Sluggish acceleration.
>low FE.

Honda CR-V 2.4L
> no OTR capability .
>low FE.
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Old 29th April 2009, 17:04   #140
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Ford Ikon Flair (1.3)
1) Seating position: I find it too low, although it is comfortable.
2) Low ground clearance: I fear the times when the car is fully loaded with 4+ people.
3) AC thermostat: Discussed elsewhere, due to unreliable diverter valve, AC thermostat is not useable (hot air comes if used in any position other than full cold).
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Old 29th April 2009, 19:25   #141
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Forced to drive the car like a madman. That is all
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Old 3rd May 2009, 08:37   #142
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1) Maruti Zen:
I hated the low ground clearance. Even a pebble on the road will hit the under carriage.

2) Honda City 1.5 Exi 2001:
I am not sure but I think is also popularly called OHC. I feel the driving position of the car is made for short people. At 6 feet a lot of times I feel my legs are touching the steering!

3) Toyota 4Runner:
The seats are barely off the floor. Practically useless third row seats! Excellent off roading capabilities makes up for it though.
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Old 4th May 2009, 02:53   #143
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Just two things I really don't like about my baleno:

1) the bland rear which makes the otherwise gracefull design look imbalanced and ugly. (though the stock spoiler sorts it out a bit).

2) The dashboard, not because its grey (unlike the beige that is very popular) but because it looks like an Alto's dashboard, albeit in size XL. Also the dials do not offer digital odo/trip considering that at the time I bought the Baleno, even 800 had digital stuff.

That is it I guess.
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Old 4th May 2009, 13:13   #144
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Maruti 800 (1996) Restored 2009 - Planning to go in for CAI & FFE very shortly

  1. Reliable (Any Terrain)
  2. Excellent FE (21 on Highway, 17-18 City)
  3. Sufficient Power
  1. Inefficient Brakes
  2. Limitation with Suspension
  3. Rattles a lot
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MODS: It's a small one but would make a world of a difference if you could correct the title to: "FREE FLOW EXHAUSTS..." from the current 'Free Flaw exhausts...".
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Originally Posted by netchef View Post
MODS: It's a small one but would make a world of a difference if you could correct the title to: "FREE FLOW EXHAUSTS..." from the current 'Free Flaw exhausts...".
See the first post on this thread.
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Old 4th May 2009, 19:05   #147
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Originally Posted by srishiva View Post
See the first post on this thread.
srishiva: Entirely my mistake, Sir. Thanks for pointing it out.
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Old 9th May 2009, 06:43   #148
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Okay... here it goes for my Hyundai Accent GLE

1. Ride Quality not great.
2. Build quality and the way the doors shut is so Korean.
3. Lot of in-cabin noise, so insulation could have been better.
4. Engine is decent but not very inspiring to drive.
5. Plastics could have been better.
6. Lacking various small things like height adjustable seat belts, digital clock, .. etc.
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Old 14th May 2009, 23:42   #149
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Santro GLS 2008.

What i like:

Turning radius
A Lot, Lot better than alto
1.1L engine makes enough power to drive around 4+1 passengers.
Head lights and tail lamps(+spolier's LED), They're pretty powerful
The paint gloss which is still in existence even after a year.

What i don't like.

Old interiors
Boring instrument cluster
Bumpy rear suspension.
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Old 20th July 2009, 19:14   #150
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Default Chevrolet Spark LT


1. Not much boot space
2. OEM MRF Tubeless tyres - horrible
3. Silver finish on front DS door is of very poor quality - in the sense that it looked good new, but has started disappearing very quickly
4. Under thigh support for tallish and above people is inadequate (6' and above)
5. Day/Night mirror is not really useful as it needs adjustment when switched to night, else one will see a dim view of the rear seats/parcel tray
6. No OEM music system (Grrr... the new Music version has a nice looking setup, although I hate the outside graphics)
7. bit of a gap between 1st and 2nd gears, 1st being quite short

Hmm.. this is not really a problem, but the accessories people couldn't get the steering off to get it leather wrapped :(

Love my car, though
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