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View Poll Results: Has the Ritz lived up to its Glitz?
Yes 129 46.24%
No 129 46.24%
Can't Say 21 7.53%
Voters: 279. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 20th March 2011, 15:37   #16
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Default Re: Has the Ritz lived up to its Glitz?

3 of my driving lessons at MDS were in the Ritz. I never felt for a moment that I wanted to own this car. but then I was still practicing basic moves and did not get a real feel of it I guess. It was a diesel.

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Default Re: Has the Ritz lived up to its Glitz?

I voted for yes. There was mixed response from people when the car was actually launched, some liked its look while some not. But still when it comes Swift versus Ritz, swift is clear winner. Ritz is a practical car with good design and a refreshment for those who are bored with lots of swift on Indian roads. Option of diesel engine makes sure that this car will sell and wont be a flop.
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Default Re: Has the Ritz lived up to its Glitz?

Why I would prefer Swift over Ritz?
  • Drives and Handles much better
  • Looks Much better
Why Ritz over Swift?
  • Spacious
  • Easy to get in and out
  • Ride is better than the swift.
I guess Indians prefer the 1st two more.
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Default Re: Has the Ritz lived up to its Glitz?

I think I have been bitten by the Ritz bug, just can't stop thinking about buying one, but I love my Amby too, just don't know what to do, even if I buy one I can't seem to decide weather in Petrol or Diesel.

I still fail to understand why the Swift outsells the Ritz, when Swift is cramped, less easy to get in and out, has a rattel prone history, and is a much older design, when one can buy a car with the same engine options, then why does one not want the newer and better alternative.

In the month of Jan 2011, I was being offered 35k off on the Petrol and 30k off on the Diesel Ritz, wonder what's the disconts going on now.

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Default Re: Has the Ritz lived up to its Glitz?

Originally Posted by dhanushs View Post
I guess Indians prefer the 1st two more.
I firmly believe Indians go with what they see. They have spotted so many Swifts that they can't get it out of their heads and the Swift D's resale coupled with offers on Ritz D and no offers on Ritz P isn't helping either.

Your opinion on both the Cars are spot-on
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Old 20th March 2011, 16:55   #21
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Default Re: Has the Ritz lived up to its Glitz?

I keep coming back to this thread to check on the poll.
Wow its such tight battle between yes and no. But somehow yes just manages to nudge ahead even if its just by one vote. Real nail biting stuff. Lol.
Also i think we indians are very no wait extremely councious about resale values, and i guess the swift is a clear winner in that department.
Though many of us are changing for the better now. Its still a long way before we get resale value out of our heads.
I faced the same dillemma in 2000 whn i had to decide between the matiz and santro. Ofcourse i went with the heart and ended up with my silver matiz. And believe me still happy i did.
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Default Re: Has the Ritz lived up to its Glitz?

I own ritz since last one year.I feel in spite of all good features,the overall response to Ritz sales is not good.

Reasons can be:
  1. Indians are not very keen to change the mindset.
  2. Too much discussion has gone into 'rear' Looks
  3. Bouncy handling
  4. Not much modifications are available compared to Swift
  5. Mileage problems(IMHO...I am getting only 10kmpl)
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Default Re: Has the Ritz lived up to its Glitz?

For me, when I was making a decision to upgrade from my Santro back in October, the i10 was the sensible choice... I get to stay with the same service centre, and I actually preferred the build quality of the i10... but I too felt that the i10 was too cramped for my taste, and went for a TD of the Ritz. Booked the Genus limited edition the next day... people are slowly getting over its quirky looks, and it makes a lot of sense as a city performer... the AC is chilling, the boot space is adequate and it really kicks up in the 3rd gear when you need to overtake those pesky heavy vehicles on the road...
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Default Re: Has the Ritz lived up to its Glitz?

People go by market popularity more than anythingelse. In general Marutis do well because of it's popularity even when there is a formidable product from a competitor. This holds good particularly in the hatchback segment.
When Ritz was launched, it already had an immensely popular Maruti product well established in the market over the past 4 years (Swift launched in 2005 while Ritz launched in 2009) and the uniqueness of Maruti was no differentiator. This resulted in Ritz getting overshadowed by it's elder brother.
Except for looks (which is anyway subjective) Ritz is actually a practical alternative to the Swift. Majority of the car buying public actually needs a practical car over a Sporty one the enthusiasts prefer. But still majority choose the Swift simply because of it's popularity.

To avoid ambiguity let me put a disclaimer that I am a Ritz Vdi owner myself and I chose Ritz because of the following reasons-

Ride in Ritz was better than Swift. Being a sedate driver I preferred ride over handling. This was also the reason why I didn't worry about 0-100 timing difference either.
Rear leg-room felt better than Swift because of the height.
Interiors were better in the Ritz.
Swift was everywhere and became too familiar which made me look at an alternative.
To me Ritz looked perfectly fine. My wife was initially against it because of the rear design but the design grew on her and we went ahead with the booking.

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Wink Re: Has the Ritz lived up to its Glitz?

Slowly but surely, people are beginning to appreciate the practicality factor of the Ritz. Our family was initially totally against the Ritz, but after sitting in the car, we were all smitten by it.

Once you sit inside the car, it will change your perception about the car totally. Till the time people sit in the Ritz, they mostly comment on the odd shape. But get inside, and its a different world in there, and it is one of the ergonomically best cars available today. And of course, the K-Series engine is a gem, just floor the accelerator and you get the same kind of adrenaline rush that you experienced in the VTEC OHC!
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Default Re: Has the Ritz lived up to its Glitz?

Originally Posted by aaggoswami View Post
1) Voted for Yes.

2) The numbers represent only haft the story. Considering that the powertrain is shared with the hugely successful Swift, its rather good that the car is selling to the tune of 6000 units.

Most of the Ritz sold are petrol and the story is exactly different for Swift IIRC ( correct me if I am wrong ).

Next thing is overlap. There is huge and upto some extent unthinkable overlap in the small car range in Maruti stable. Maruti has time and again stated that they are not worried about one of its product being no.1 in sales chart. Even with cannibalization of sales of one model by another ( from Maruti range only ), if overall sales are higher, MS is happy. I think Ritz exactly did that.

3) I agree that if look are a bit more digestible specially the rear end, Ritz would sell more, but its more than a good package.

I rate Ritz higher than i10 in terms of ride quality, handling and motors. Moreover, maintenance is also a bit cheaper ( from ACI ).

Ritz is one of the most under rated cars in the small car segment along with Beat IMO.


I voted yes!

along with all the above points, it is the fastest to sell 50000 units in India. That is some achievement in itself!

the 1.2 liter k series engine, and the driving position make the ritz an awesome ride any day!
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Default Re: Has the Ritz lived up to its Glitz?

I hated the rear of the Ritz and do so even now---Maruti has messed up big time. The Swift looks great to me even now.

However, after I drove my cousin's petrol Ritz last year, I was floored by the K12 engine---it felt so much better than the Waggie I own. The interior also looked great, but for that matter, even the Swift has good interiors compared to the Waggie I own.

If I had to decide today, I'd go for the Swift with the K12 engine.
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Default Re: Has the Ritz lived up to its Glitz?

Originally Posted by siddharthp View Post
[*]Mileage problems(IMHO...I am getting only 10kmpl)
Siddharth, some thing is really wrong with your car. I get a steady 14-15 in Hyd City Traffic. I am using the VXI ABS, and the mileage is with the AC on.

I am not an expert but 10 is too little, its as bad as the punto


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Default Re: Has the Ritz lived up to its Glitz?

I voted Yes.
I may be biased. i own a Ritz Zxi. But i also own a Swift Zxi, so i feel i can make a fair comparison.
i bought the Ritz in Aug'10. The Swift is Oct'05 model, 1.3L. The difference between both is not much. Looks are subjective. The Ritz has grown on us quietly. We had the Wagon R earlier and its like a deja vu on the Ritz!
Swift is older. Ritz is newer and better put together.
Swift handles beautifully and Ritz is also not too bad, but one step behind the Swift.
The 1.3L petrol in the swift has horrible low end torque. The 1.2L on the Ritz is a revelation. I have driven both on the highway and mighty impressed with the K series engine.
Ritz interiors are better than Swift.

Overall, Ritz is a practical version of the swift. Ritz does not compromise anything offered on the swift,but gives that much extra like easier ingress and egress, better engine etc.

I am loving every moment of my Ritz.
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Default Re: Has the Ritz lived up to its Glitz?

Wow, excellent feedback, comrades on wheels. The voting is closer than I had expected and it has been nearly tied throughout the poll so far.

The reason why I started this thread and poll is NOT to dispute the capabilities of the Ritz. Most of us -- whether we voted "Yes", "No" or "Can't Say" on the poll -- largely agree that the Ritz is a great car because it...

* Has two great engines.
* Has great cabin space.
* Has great driver visibility.
* Is overall a superior product to even the great Swift.
* Other commendable features.

As such, I tend to believe that many may be voting in favour of the Ritz because they like the car and most of those voting "No" may be doing so for the opposite reason. But that was NOT my intention to have the poll. The discussion that I wanted to provoke is this -- Has the Ritz lived up to its expectations?

Somehow, I am inclined to believe that the Ritz has not lived up to its glitz, despite having so much to offer. I sincerely think Maruti may have expected better sales of the Ritz, considering that it had packed the car with all the goodies -- a tall-bodied hatch (easy ingress and egress), two great engine options, more spacious cabin than the Swift and above all, a Maruti label. If the Swift could set Maruti's cash registers ringing so loud, what stopped the Ritz from doing the same?

Somewhere down the line, something did not quite click for the Ritz. Somehow, I don't think Maruti had 6000-odd sales for the Ritz in mind, especially when the Swift was netting in sales of around 11,000, its main rival, the I10, was hovering around the 15,000 mark. Why, even the more expensive hatch, I20, has generally witnessed better sales than that of the Ritz. It appears that in the clash of the premium Tall Body Hatches, the I10 seems to have easily won the battle in sales so far. I don't think Maruti would have expected its top-notch hatch to be second-best to its arch-rival.

Going by the fact that Indians love tall-body hatches, I personally feel that the Ritz should easily have had at least 9000-10,000 sales, if not more. It's that good a car. Period.

PS: For the record, I really like the Ritz, but I voted "no" in the poll.

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