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Right, It turns out that trip to town stanbs cancelled, so here's the report:

Revvhead lands in Chennai on friday (28th) all geared up for practice & geting some improvement in speed.
Its pretty hot. In fact its so hot that Siva advises not to start practice till at least 3 Pm.

This time revvhead has smartened up and instyead of trying to drive around and force the car has realised that setup is possible ( Last time i wasnt aware about how much one could change on the car ) and vital.
I've also been driving laps in my head during my time in bombay trying to figure out how to do better

I go out, and the dreaded wheel scoring sound arrives from the first turn!!!
OMG Not again! I come back into the pits. Get that sorted. It does not return for the entire weekend!! Thank God.That one is sorted

I go out again, and have Massive oversteer. I coame back in again and complain about that!
Siva has Manik sort that that one out.
Siva then tells me to get on track and not return for another 5 laps unless i go and break something!!

I get going, and put in 5 pretty decent laps, and come in to see how good or bad i'm doing.I've done a 1.19.0 !!!! I'm zapped. I cant believe it! My fastest laps last time were 1.20's with one freak 1:19.5
To top that 3 othe rlaps were in 1.19's and one ina 1.20.
I'm damn thrilled.

I get going again and put in a few laps and come back in to check, Siva comes running and demands a treat. I've put in a 1:18.6!!
My aim was to somehow break into the 1.18's in the weekend and somehow i've done it.I'. just too thrilled
anyway, i head out and the engine starts to splutter though a corner or two and the problem goes away?????
and then i have a few lock ups etc and the engine spluters again.
I come in, I'm low on fuel

Siva suggests we do the wheel alignments and balance the car.
I say i want to do more laps as i havent done many yet,so he speeds it up.
The alignement is done, the corner weights are balanced and off i go.
The car is now handling really great.
I do an out lap and check, its neat
i start speeding up, the car is feeling reallly good
I now decide to push. Midway through the loop the car just dies on me
nothing will revive it.
The the car is wheeled back to the garage, it turns out the timing belt broke. nothing terminal on the engine thank god.
Unfortunately it cant be fixed before sundown, so thats the end of practice.
I've eonly put in 25 laps which 10-15 were really but i managed some good speed in those so i'm very pleased about that
Its time for the hotel and and nice relaxing dip in the pool.
Tomorrows raceday and i need to carry this newfound pace there.
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Congratulations Revv..
See the dropping 2KG's helped...lol

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Originally Posted by Revvhead
.....As regards the weight, Kept my word & dropped 2 K's in two weeks!!
The first thing that Both Karun & Siva said when i entered the WSRF pit was that i'd actually lost weight.......
Steady there old boy..... Eat like a man, as they say...
I don't wanna be the only one grumbling about weight at the next round

Sure you didn't cut your hair? That could account for the 2 kgs

Hope you had fun...I can't wait for the race reports
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Its coming to raceday Saturday
Problemo- My right wrist is really acting up, pulling out a tendonitis injury
i got at work on it using my splint and the ointment and
got on with it.

It was a Hot day. It turns out its the hottest day in Madras in 33 years
believe me, i can feel it. Its insane

Anyway, practice starts and i'm on fire- I clock a 1:18.0 Flat. Wow. I'm getting faster.
i take it easy on second practice where suddenly i find that the brakes go all funny
Turns out the brake bias has all changes, one nut got loose and either thecar didnt slow or only the left braked hard
That is attended to before qualifying starts.
But the whole feel of the brakes has bloody chaged completely. crap.
Anyway i clock a 1:18.9 or so in Q, and make it to tenth on the grib. My best Q result so far-
But here's the additional info & catch- The Q system has been changed- Its now You run Q and then the Top 8 positions are reversed for the secomd race. So the Guy who qualified 8th gets Pole for the second race
(This was done, it mix it up and get the young guns & leaders to learn overtaking etc )
Also 5 prople have dropped out for this weekend, mostly those people who were around my race pace or the pace that i was reaching.
So now, all i have in front of me are peopel who lap 1:14 & 1:15's!!!
Plus a couple of 1:18's. The competiotion has become much tougher!! Damn!

The race starts and i get a decent sart, i think i make one or two places.
There are a couple of spinners and i find myself chasing Yellow Car which had Q'd 8th.I'm lining him up for a pass, but being patient.
while i'm doing this- #25 passes me (yes on the straight again!!)
I follow, i know yellow brakes early into C2 so i'm ready- But 25 is not!
He has to stamp on the brakes and his car steps out, the door is open for me and i go down the inside, Suddenly Mid corner 25 turnms into me and i find myself without a wheel!! End of race./ I Curse 25 soundly - he's had no damage and is happily racing away! It was a racing incident of course, but needless.
Ajay Kini wins the race again, followed within inches by Saran. I got to watch that battle- i was super close, couldnt slide a piece of paper between them
and was impressed at how clean they managed to keep and not take each other out, despite a coupleof paint exchanges into C2. Superb Stuff

I speak to #25 after the race, He apologises earnestly, says that he didnt realise i was there etc. I say Cool man, apology accepetd, Coz it was not intentional. wasnt the smartest Move, But not intentional.

My Car is fixed for race Two, Its blazing hot, One of the drivers gets like a heatstroke and throws up!!!!!! Due to the heat por something and then B.lack rainclouds come in.
Karun gives us wet racing instructions

Th3e race starts there are drops on my helmet.
As it starts, the it begins to rain a bit. No idea what pace to keep, but i follow the pace of the bunch ahead of me.
I wonder hoe to tackle the last corner, I watch the guys ahead and eneter at the the same speed as them and halway thru, find my self rotating, the grip has gone and I've blown it.I catch the car and resume, but the buch has gone.
I'm at a loss at what speed to drive- i think i drive it a bit too slowly, the track then dries up and i start pushing a bit, but the midfield bunch has gone
I was too conservative post spin! It starts drizzling again, I hope it will slow the others doiwn and i can catch them, but i dont. I check my mirrors and there's no one close behing me. Oh i also see that yellow car who had pole had befriended the barrier on the final corner arund lap 2/3. some others have also gone. I decide to back off and brink the machine, home as there's no pressure from behind.
That earns me another 7th place.
So that was the day one unfortunate DNF when i was running strongly and car was set up real nice and one 7th, but not a very impressive seventh.
Spinning on the final corner cost me a good fun racing battle if nothing else.
thats the day.
The heat returns to torment us all

i catch up with Sideways who goes totally out of his way to come and pick me up and drop me back.
He's a cool guy and has been extremely helpful. Thanks man!!
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Yo Mods! My thread name modification request please- For Favor
Muchas gracias
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U came to chennai twice and U didn't meet me.

I'm totally unhappy. :(

Congratulations on ur racing step, though !
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Sorry My man,
will do that the next round!
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