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Old 23rd April 2006, 21:30   #31
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congrats to wolf for the second place in prostock upto 1600..... car sounded loud and rockin!
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Have loadsss of pics n videos.. videos will take time cuz have to do some work on it (taken frm handycam so gotta stream n then cut etc etc).. Will post soon.. will post videos if ppl really want..
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Old 23rd April 2006, 21:47   #33
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Wink Pics please

Congratulations guys form your efforts which paid off quite well.

Thanx Shridhar for the pics and the wheelie vid.

Now guys would you please hurry up and post more pics as soon as possible it will be highly appreciated. Please guys post them asap and yeah barbar post the vids ill appreciate them
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Old 23rd April 2006, 21:58   #34
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Hey a great weekend ( I am at work as I type), well thanks guys for the support and lemme clear one small doubt the esteem belongs to my mech Vasu and I am in the process of building one, however the 2 of us have been at it this car for over a year now and it is good fun it paid off. (Missed the compitition though)

Some really amazing builds this time around:
1) The Supra
2) Jitu's ride
3) Ashu's B-Zen done by Raj
4) Cincla's Dolly
5) Leela's turbo B-Zen

Hey Mclaren, I just managed to get a better launch on the VTEC and trust me though it was a practise run it made my day

And Congrats Jitu and Wolf for the great runs.
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Old 23rd April 2006, 22:04   #35
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congrats jitu and psycho for the wins
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So uncle when is the party??.....am feeling real nice and happy that the esteem kicked ***.Congrats to U and vasu anna.

@FordROcam: bro ur vtec is awesome..moves like mad..COngrats

@WOLFIE:Bro i know ur a wolf..but i think ur vtec howls better than u...Congrats.
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Old 23rd April 2006, 23:37   #37
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congrats to the vtec jr. (wolf) as well.

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Old 24th April 2006, 04:02   #38
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Firstly congrats to Keshav (psycho) and Vasu for their efforts put on the esteem and for the results they obtained, Wolf, FordRocam....

About the speed run itself...

Day 1:

Had made plans to go to the speed run with Amitoj and his Goldie, met him at about 9:30am (after making him wait for sometime), had a lovely drive to Jakkur ( 3rd gear 120, 4th gear 150, couldnt put to 5th due to traffic ). Reached the venue at about 10am to find that they were still putting up the banners. Amitoj called up Rahul ( Mclaren1885 ) and found out that Rahul and Anush were still in the garage ( which we passed by n the way ) doing up the car and would reach the venue after sometime.

After a long wait, announcement was made that the practice session of the indian bikes would start, we were disappointed at the speeds they were going at and the horrible sound they were making ( sounded like mosquitos ). Bullets too having a drag.....

Called up Rahul again and found out they were on their way.... they reached the venue after sometime and Anush told Amitoj that he would come out of the pit area as we werent allowed there... we waited and waited and still kept waiting but no response from them... in the meanwhile, the practice runs for the pro stock cars had started, was pretty good except for a few who didnt perform well... an Indigo Marina in a drag !!!???

Apart from the drags that were taking place, other source of entertainment was the Activa and Dio guys who were doing their stunts... they ecen secceeded in inspiring others to perform stunts on their bikes and cars... heard they were chased away by the cops later...

It was getting very bugging since no one met up with us and there really wasnt much action either... Amitoj who had come to a speed run for the first time was getting bored too, so we left at around 1:30pm. on the way back an Ikon 1.6 guy was embarrased by Goldie.

Have captured most of the action ( drags ) on my handycam, will need some to post it...( practice only, i wasnt there for the finals ).

some pics that i took with my N70...

Amitoj's Goldie. check out the 195's it runs on.

pic taken for the rims.

this guy was entering while we were exiting.

saw this one on the ring road while returning.

have about 20 mins of vid... will post it later.

PS : sorry for the long post, didnt think it'll get so long.... was not getting sleep anyways. lol.

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Old 24th April 2006, 04:08   #39
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Day 2 :

Knew today would be exiting at the speed run so planned with friends that we'll leave by 11am to the venue... was ready by 11 and theose Buggers turned up at 1:30pm and above that said they wanted to have lunch as we wouldnt get anything to eat there, so we ate on the way. while we were eating, we got a call telling us that the event was almost over. had food and left, a little further and got another call confirming that all was over.

Crossed hebbal flyover and saw the participants and other cars returning ( saw the pug, a few Busa's along with a few SBK's ) so we too thought of returning when we called on a friend who was taking part and found out that he had one his event, so thought we'll go meet him, congtatulate him and check his ride which was supposed to be a surprise to us.

Reached the venue by 3:30pm, left the car outside ( left the handycam inside the car ) and walked in. as we entered we saw a Supra ( white ), checked the car upclose, saw it leave and went to the pit area to find our friend waiting for us. congratulated him and saw his ride ( V-Tec ). upon asking him who he raced, he said LEELA !!! and beat him.... great news.

checked other cars ther including the one ( Zen ) that lost to the supra by a narrow margin ( awesome car ), while the car was revving the whole enging bay was shaking... left to home to catch F1 live only to find out that star sports wasnt coming at my house...
Missed todays events at the speed run, missed F1...
got some pics on my N70....

The Supra

245/45 Z R18

My friend checking out the car that beat Leela.

Madhu and his tuner giving the thumbs up after beating Leela's car.

obsreve closely and you can see the Nos switch.

the Nos itself.

The car that lost to the Supra by a whisker

Other Cars

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Old 24th April 2006, 04:51   #40
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Congrats Jitu n Psycho!!

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ya i also saw them! they were quite rash..but one thing, this time the security was too much and its bad that they dint let people on either side of the track...there was absolutely no place and had to roast in the sun to catch a glimpse of the drag!
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Old 24th April 2006, 10:20   #42
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Thumbs down

This time the drag was horrible for me. no space at ALL. I mean, what do they expect us to do. one thing fer sure, too much discipline spoilt the cake. The host of this drag was damn cheap. They could have efficiently utilised both sides of the drag. THE SPIRIT OF THE DRAG WAS TOTALLY LOST. I MEAN SERIOUSLY, THIS IS NOT AN EVENT WHERE DISCIPLINE IS OF THE ESSENCE. LOSERS MAN.
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Old 24th April 2006, 10:56   #43
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Default Thanks a Lot !!!

A big thanks to Psycho & his team, mclaren,v1p3r,anoop for all the help & support, GTO for lending me his gtech pro for launch practice,Mad Monkey,Rtech,2L8,xtreme power,viper, for all that crazy test run we did & other team mates who were involved directly or indirectly.
Had a real good time in banglore seen some amazing cars & got to meet other tbhp ians nitrous,wolf,shantanu,aggr anush,wheelieboy, forgive me if i missed out some one. I had a proper launch this time though i still need to improve a lot more on my reaction time it was around 1.2sec since for final results they add r.t as well,managed to clock 14.3 in foreign open category & took second place had a chance to win in unrestricted category as well but due to my R.T i missed that marginally.
but at end of the day i was satisfied that my run was better than mumbai & banglore being at high alititude the timing is supposed to be slower than mumbai.
congrats wolf & vasu for winning in their category.

Some amazing rides i saw
Psyco's 8V esteem gave a tough competion to Leelas Vtec
Cincla's Dolly ran off the track spinning, coming back on track & still clocks 15.xx.
Zen with Turbocharged Baleno engine pulling in 13.xx
ZX 12R clocking 10.117
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Old 24th April 2006, 11:30   #44
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These small vids were taken after the event... taken from N70, mp4 format.

Video of the Supra ( 12 mb, 3 mins )
taken by my friend... certain other things too have been taken as he forgot to pause while not recording... but worth watching it for its sound...


The Zen that lost to the supra by a whisker... ( 900 kb )... check out its launch.


The V-Tec... Revving... ( 690 kb )


vids of day 1 ( practice session ), like i said are in my handycam, will need some time to upload them...
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Hi Guys...
I was unable to attend the drag as i had some important conf calls to attend in the office .
I reached the venue on day 1 at around 4:00 pm. the race was over but i met the guys there and some new tbhpiians also.. Ankit (babur on tbhp)

Heard Wolf did good timing... congrats bro..and v1p3r and mclaren also did prety good timings though they did not have the time to practise and run the car before the drag as the car was ready only around 11 am on the day of speedrun... so the only practise they had was on the way to the venue... congrats anyways... i know next run stuart your car will be completely ready..

Psycho / Vasu... congrats on the run and a party is pending...
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