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Default 2013 Delhi F1 photo essay - The Fat Cat and Junior go to "The Races"

The Fat Cat and Junior were going to the races!!

This would be my son's second F1 but he does not remember the first - Bahrain 2007. He was 5, and Kimi and Massa were driving for Ferrari.

This one he would remember for the rest of his life. As say every picture tells a story so let me tell this story in pictures.

As preparation my son downloaded a 2013 F1 driver's spotter guide from here

The Fat Cat and son at Buddh. Pic taken by a friend we made at the track, thanks Aashish Kulkarni!
Attachment 1160456

This sweet 26 year old assisted us in getting seats at the Buddh. Thank you Reuben George, Mercedes.
Attachment 1160457

..and some of his colleagues & other auto journalists
Attachment 1160460

"When I grow up I want to be an F1 car"
Attachment 1160458

Three Musketeers? Three Blind Mice? No! Three men at Buddh!
Attachment 1160459

How I wish I had the view these guys were having
Attachment 1160461

It was just not his weekend, and driving into Webber's rear end put an end to the rest of it.
Attachment 1160462

Look Ma, no Massa
Attachment 1160463

The one guy you do NOT want to give racing advice to
Attachment 1160464

Formula 1 still needs more fans in India - this was the crowd for the Q2 and Q3 sessions.
Attachment 1160465

You don't know it, Nico, but you are going to come second tomorrow as well (end of Q3, Nico finishes 2nd)
Attachment 1160466

Go Nico Go
Attachment 1160467

Hamilton after Q3: "I am done with fooling around, we all know Vettel's gonna win anyway"
Attachment 1160468

Mercedes finishes Q3 with positions 2 and 3!
Attachment 1160469

Vettel waves...
Attachment 1160471

...and Webber strategizes
Attachment 1160470

The King of good times!
Attachment 1160472

Suddenly Alonso went missing...wonder what went through the minds of these guys?
Attachment 1160473
I ain't joking, all the drivers were in their cars with umbrellas protecting them and Fernando just ups and goes.

A legend is interviewed
Attachment 1160475

Niki Lauda again
Attachment 1160476

and yet again
Attachment 1160477
The only person who could have upstaged Niki, if he was alive, would have been "El Maestro" himself.

I bet he must be thinking "I wish they'd let me drive"
Attachment 1160478

"maybe if I ask Stefano nicely"
Attachment 1160479

"oh well, maybe I should ask Mclaren"
Attachment 1160480
I swear, I could see a tear in ol' Niki's eyes as he walked past the waiting Ferrari - waiting for Alonso

Hey look!!! no Red Lights!!!
Attachment 1160474

Try doing this at 300 kmph!
Attachment 1160482

40 laps before the gear box failed, Vettel was lucky not to suffer from Webber's gremlins
Attachment 1160483

Qué pasa Señor Massa? Will you please let "The Ham" pass?
Attachment 1160484

From the pits to the Podium, congratulations Romain!
Attachment 1160485

Nico saving Mercedes the blushes
Attachment 1160486

Force India's Paul Di Resta just was not able to keep the pace
Attachment 1160487

and with 3 laps left to go...
Attachment 1160488

...Kimi is still intent on blazing the track
Attachment 1160489

but it was too little too late. The result was a foregone conclusion. Poor Fernando I thought as streams of ABBA went through my head.
"Though we never thought that we could lose, There's no regret, If I had to do the same again I would, my friend, Fernando"
Attachment 1160490
Better luck next year, Ferrari.

and Vettel jumped through the railings
Attachment 1160491

Attachment 1160492

Attachment 1160493

and Hungry Heidi - minus some rubber - was rolled away
Attachment 1160494

Attachment 1160495

Vettel, Nico and Romain celebrate
Attachment 1160496

Attachment 1160497

Attachment 1160498

Attachment 1160499

Attachment 1160500

Attachment 1160501

Vettel lets Romain bathe him in bubbly - after being not allowed to drink water for 20 laps that must have felt good.
Attachment 1160502

In a show of sportsmanship Nico and Romain lift Vettel on their shoulders
Attachment 1160503

David Coulthard interviews Vettel
Attachment 1160504

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Default Re: 2013 Delhi F1 photo essay - The Fat Cat and Junior go to "The Races"

Thread moved from the Assembly Line (The "Assembly Line" Forum section) to Motorsports. Thanks for sharing!
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