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View Poll Results: Would you pay Rs 150 as enterance to watch the Speedrun?
Yes, very happily 74 78.72%
Ok, although i feel its rather expensive 11 11.70%
No, its too much money to spend on Speedrun 1 1.06%
No, it should be a free event to propogate motorsport 8 8.51%
Voters: 94. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 23rd February 2005, 11:05   #16
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Originally Posted by Rtech
How would charging people make up for a lack of proper crowd control?
Hey Rtech,

I was just assuming that a large number of people who showed up there were the kind who just showed up and watched because they had nothing else to do and becoz there was some tamasha happening, and probably wouldnt have come if there was an entry cost. (However this is the impression i got as, as you know i wasnt there).

So by "crowd control" i meant the reduction of people and specifically the people who had no clue what was going on and were just there for timepass.

I agree, maybe 150/- is too little.... but i chose that price coz i didnt want to make it very expensive for the people who are interested but cannot afford more than that yknow...

I also considered differently priced passes, but i kept the poll simple.

Gordon, nice diagram, what software did u make that on btw?

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Old 23rd February 2005, 12:19   #17
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Rehaan, what I meant to say was that even if there were porper stands and tickets sold etc., the problem was that there are just too many access points for the slum dwellers etc to get close to the track.

This problem can only be solved by shifting to a safer venue, ideally one with a perimeter wall and only one or two entry points. However, in Mumbai, that is easier said than done.
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Old 23rd February 2005, 12:23   #18
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Even I wouldn't mind paying 150/- if they provide better security, unwanted crowd control.
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Old 23rd February 2005, 12:26   #19
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i dont mind paying this much or may be more than this if it would be properly organised and there is a nice seating arrangement with shade and a proper view of the drag strip
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Old 24th February 2005, 00:10   #20
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Cool same here...

same here dudes....
if it was better organised...
better security....
wudnt mind at all...
gues everyone will say the same thing....
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Old 24th February 2005, 00:54   #21
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Default Oh ya Definately

Oh Boy,
I would pay even double the amount if they are willing to use tthe money for the betterment of the sport and Sport lovers. Atleast then they can keep out the large crowds who just come there as they have nuthin better to do on a sat-sun. It will help organise things to a great extent.
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Old 24th February 2005, 01:56   #22
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i would pay 1000bux for a 2day pass.
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Old 24th February 2005, 01:58   #23
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Exclamation anytime.....

paying for an event like this once a year is a very good deal ,
i really would not mind
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Old 24th February 2005, 04:04   #24
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Default Speed Run 2005

As somebody who was there on Sunday (missed Sat coz of a buncha meetings), I found the entire event over hyped & badly organized.

The cars were nice, but my view sucked (I was positioned near the on-ramp to the sea-link). I was also appalled by the locals who were there just to screw around (one arsewipe yelled "dhoom! dhoom" every time a bike made the run) & break the barricades & mess around with the security & the cops, the chick on the PA was doing a lousy job, & the runs were too far apart.

What they should do, is :
1. Make the event for the elite few - charge at least a grand for a day's pass.
2. Change the system from a two car run to a four car run.
3. Mount mics along the track so that all can hear the cars running through the quarter mile, & not just faint echoes picked up at the starting line.
4. Employ distributed sound throughout the venue to ensure that the engines are heard (after all, that's what we're there for, remember!).
5. More money could also be generated by selling off stalls / space to car mod guys & parts / automobile companies.
6. Open the area up for the VIP visitors (2grand a pass at least) to interact with the car owners & drivers.

Point 6 would seriously help the sport by ensuring that the enthusiasts had access to view the vehicles up close, & to interact with the people who actually bought / created them.

Finally, they should introduce speed limits & ban rash driving / riding off the track during the event (it seems that the big boys on their 'busas have this dirty habit of trashing their lives along with their rides during the event... remember Timmy Shah anyone, & also the poor guy who ended up in hospital on Sunday? ).

The key is to ensure that just the people who care & enjoy this continue to do so for a price (quite small, IMHO) & keep the damn fool menials off the track where they can be run over.
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Old 24th February 2005, 09:41   #25
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Also guarantee the quality of cars running - I would be miffed seeing only M 800 dragging
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Old 24th February 2005, 09:48   #26
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Definitely, but then we car buffs should be allowed to also get up close with the machines. I was really sad when I was not allowed to go beside the cars on Sunday.
boo hoo hoo..........
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Old 24th February 2005, 10:22   #27
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def would be ready to pay that amt....didnt get the passes even though i wanted to buy them!!!!!!
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Old 24th February 2005, 13:35   #28
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I really don't think a 4 car drag instead of a 2 car drag is a great idea..
But about having mics along the track would be fantastic..
And about paying money for entry, well definetly i'd pay.... Come on this is once a yr event and its worth putting in some money if it helps us have a better event....

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Old 24th February 2005, 15:28   #29
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i wouldnt pay - coz even after paying it wud be the same old scene with people running around and causing attacks to participants - as Rtech says the venue is too damn big for any kind of security to be fool proof .

paying for tickets will definetly not be a sure shot cure for the (in)security !

better watch the tamasha for free !

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Old 26th February 2005, 03:31   #30
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Well,to get straight to the point,150rs is too less for 2 days of action packed fun.It should be in the range of 500-1000 for 2 days.
Any lay man can afford 150rs,as he will be spendin that much or maybe more during weekends on desi daru,movies etc etc.So they rather pay 150rs down here and get to see some cars,some wannabe 'dhoom' bikes,do sum eve-teasing and obviously drill their eyes on female spectators.
To filter this kind of crowd,one needs to keep an high amount which these guys cant afford,or probably would think twice before paying up.
If you want quality,pay the price for it....else just take it the way it comes.Simple.

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