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View Poll Results: Would you pay Rs 150 as enterance to watch the Speedrun?
Yes, very happily 74 78.72%
Ok, although i feel its rather expensive 11 11.70%
No, its too much money to spend on Speedrun 1 1.06%
No, it should be a free event to propogate motorsport 8 8.51%
Voters: 94. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 26th February 2005, 11:37   #31
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150 is pretty ok not 500-1000...which does not justify....many enthusiasts will miss out if the tickets are so high....and who would want to pay for a event which is managed by morons like hugama ,...saw a hungama guy actually abusing the spectators...and the ppl who were abused didnt look like sadak chaps...they were decent looking guys and gals....and this hugama guy is abusing them with all the possible words.....150- 200 ok but not 1000.
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Old 23rd March 2005, 02:11   #32
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i wouldnt mind paying a bit over 150 also as long as the event is well managed and the people organising the event should WANT to organize it.
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Old 23rd March 2005, 06:38   #33
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What they should do, is :
1. Make the event for the elite few - charge at least a grand for a day's pass.

Totally agree, hiking the price of the passes will keep the non enthuiasts away, the ones who just come to check out the crowd gawk and ogle at the chicks and be a nuisance by hollering $**T!!!

2. Change the system from a two car run to a four car run.

Nah! A drag is a drag, and a drag is run between just two machines.

3. Mount mics along the track so that all can hear the cars running through the quarter mile, & not just faint echoes picked up at the starting line.

This is definately one that should be done no matter what...afterall thats music to our ears....something we are there for!!! True to the next point you made aswell!!

4. Employ distributed sound throughout the venue to ensure that the engines are heard (after all, that's what we're there for, remember!).


5. More money could also be generated by selling off stalls / space to car mod guys & parts / automobile companies.

Good idea. Should be put forward!

6. Open the area up for the VIP visitors (2grand a pass at least) to interact with the car owners & drivers.
Point 6 would seriously help the sport by ensuring that the enthusiasts had access to view the vehicles up close, & to interact with the people who actually bought / created them.

Think the 1K passes should justify us meeting/seeing the vehicle owners/vehicles.....dont you think so??

Finally, they should introduce speed limits & ban rash driving / riding off the track during the event (it seems that the big boys on their 'busas have this dirty habit of trashing their lives along with their rides during the event... remember Timmy Shah anyone, & also the poor guy who ended up in hospital on Sunday? ).

By the way.....it's Timir Shah..... A close family friend....

The key is to ensure that just the people who care & enjoy this continue to do so for a price (quite small, IMHO) & keep the damn fool menials off the track where they can be run over.
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Old 23rd March 2005, 10:18   #34
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Guess 1 grand shud be enuf to meet the owners n cars

Mics thru the entire thing shud be seriously considered

I guess .. the best way to go about the entire thing would be to catch up wid some good event management firm like Wizcraft ( DNA is too big for this) n likes
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Old 12th July 2005, 17:00   #35
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Default unexpected crowd

even i agree with the other members of bhp that the fee system is nice idea overall to control the unwanted people at the speedrun
i was in the press section and there came few people to stand at the same position and had a little argument with them.
hopefully the cops resolve the problem at that time eventhough the security this year was better than 2003speedrun in mumbai but starting with this kind of arrangement will solve the problem hope to have a nice speedrun this time.
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Old 12th July 2005, 17:35   #36
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if its the same venue ,i wouldnt pay anything.the run off area is so less.

if its some other place like the juhu airport,i wouldnt mind paying 150rs.

Finally, they should introduce speed limits & ban rash driving / riding off the track during the event (it seems that the big boys on their 'busas have this dirty habit of trashing their lives along with their rides during the event... remember Timmy Shah anyone, & also the poor guy who ended up in hospital on Sunday

Whatever happened to timmy shah was very unfortunate an dhe was not speeding at all.

but the sardar who crashed his bike was an a-hole.it was becasue of his stupidity that he crashed.
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Old 12th July 2005, 20:00   #37
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I think the admission should be free...kind of like the woodstock concerts...
Its not a question of money ( a movie ticket + refreshments cost as much)
But the free nature of the event...symbolic

Entry may be restricted by issuing passes.
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Old 12th July 2005, 20:13   #38
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oh yea i wudnt mind paying150 to watch it !
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Old 12th July 2005, 20:33   #39
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Thumbs up

I would not mind paying any amount of money provided there is...
1. Good organisation/event management,security et all, too much spoken about it already.
2. Exclusive access to view/interact witht the cars/car owners.
3. Food counters...more importantly enough of them so that one should not have to wait for a millenium(read:a lot of time)

apart from this if there were a few 'eye candies'(read: pit babes) strewn around it would do it for me!

PS: Gordy ...Neat diagram there
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Old 12th July 2005, 20:56   #40
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Originally Posted by comfortablywacky
PS: Gordy ...Neat diagram there
Thanks comfortablywacky. Anyways, I don't think this whole discussion is going to make any change in the next Speedrun. If there is indeed a change, then good for everyone. Just pour in the replies and hope that Autocar spots this topic and learns a thing or two.
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Old 12th July 2005, 22:38   #41
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Who is paying for event organization right now? I mean it takes money and people to put up the event. Is it ACI or sponsors?

I like the idea of different levels Rs.1000, 500 and 250 based on seating position. Problem solved. That money can also go towards prize money that will encourage more participants.
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Old 13th July 2005, 00:07   #42
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I get a pass every year but even so 150 is a very good deal
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Old 13th July 2005, 00:29   #43
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Well just a few points here

Some of you have suggested really high prices for the passes to keep the riff-raff out

Today you are a motor enthusiast, what made you that? Something on TV, someones car on the road? a Friends car??

Price the tickets so high, and you will have killed a few to be enthusiasts, who would have come away from the run saying -cool, man i gotta try that stuff.

Dont be that elitist, You may be able to afford a 1000 buck pass, but a school/college kid who loves cars even more than you cant spend his entire months pocket money on one pass for one day you know!!

By pricing it out of average joe, how are you gonna popularise mtorsport, part of what the speed run is all about.

As suggested you can have different levels of prices- for passes if thats the way you wanna go and have the free section beyond that
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Old 13th July 2005, 00:50   #44
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Old 13th July 2005, 10:42   #45
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150 bucks is not expensive for someone who has a car or a bike.
cmon man we fill 150 bucks ka petrol.. 150 bucks is ok !!
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